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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

John Frieda he aint!!

Last night started out as any other monday night.
HOMEWORK!, and fighting about homework.
Them doing the homework, then me checking the homework and making them REDO the homework.

We got report cards last week. A's and Bs'. EXCEPT the middle son, he had all A's. except handwriting. once again he got a U.. 2nd grade and already he writes like a doctor. only less legible...
I have made him rewrite every peice of paper that comes into this house, till I can read it. or his head starts nodding so badly that he is in danger of stabbing himself in the eye with his pencil.

I have begged the teacher for help, sometimes he has to rewrite stuff, but most times she grades what he turns in.
I begged her to take away recess, send home writing help, what ever it took.

Anyway, while he was rewriting his spelling words 10 times each and the eldest was adding together coins for math homework, we managed to have a normal evening.

That is until my eldest, buzz cut child decided to help his 3 year old sister in her quest for princessdom... she needed curls. this is the only child I never had indegestion with, she was born bald. we had to glue bows in her hair with KY jelly. I have a hat collection that is amazing for an infant girl!
We had finished supper and Matt, the middle son, was still working to advance to DR legiblity in his handwriting, when we told Brett to start his bath. This is when our night went down hill...

Well the princess came out and asked for help getting the rat tail comb out of her hair. From what we understand Brett 'the eldest' was trying to curl the hair, got to a tough spot and tried to get it out. He ended up wrapping it around and around the comb. This poor child has a chin length bob that is just adorable. And this was wound TIGHT as a drum against her temple. She has such thin hair, and its whiteish blonde.

Hubby tried to untangle it, he couldnt. I tried for EVER to untangle it, no go. I tried to remove each hair individualy. NOPE.

In desperation I called my cousins wife. She is a hairdresser. and over we went. (THANK GOD for family!!) I was hoping she had some magical hairdresser solution so we didnt have to cut her hair. Unfortunatly her first words were 'oh, you were right, they did good on this one'

NOT the words I wanted to hear!

BUT the good news was, she was able to cut it in a way that brought her length in the back to the length of the bangs. She cut a real cute cap cut and you can hardly tell!

I am so thankful for her being there. I would have wacked it off and tried to fix around it. She was able to cut at it and into it cause she knew what she was doing!

So we managed to aviod a major fashion mishap and I got home in time to watch the State of the Union address!! WHOO-HOO!!

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