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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ahhh I love mornings...


Baby wakes up at 5:15,
start nursing and doze back off
Alarm at 5:30 which wakes up baby
hit snooze, resume nursing, doze off
Alarm at 5:40, hit snooze and doze back off
Baby wakes up 1 minute before alarm goes back off.
hit snooze, resume nursing and off we go again.
Then the cat starts caterwallin at the top of her lungs and the dog starts wanting out.
I get up, go holler at the boys ( I cant walk in their room any more, their dad has decided that making them clean their room is somehow cruel... stepping on toys is cruel.. for me and the toy.. )
My morning child jumps up and starts getting ready. He has a field trip today and cant wait. The eldest on the other hand pretends to be asleep. Not until I head off with a wet rag does he get up.
And lands DIRECTLY on a heater vent in the living room. He thinks he can just sit there all morning I reckon.... Like his clothes are gona fly out of the closet and come to him.
I have to tell him to go get dressed. and then I can tell: Its gona be one of THOSE mornings...
The morning when I have to tell each child at least twice, every thing they have to do. LITERLY!
"Put on a shirt"
" no a WARM shirt."
" Tuck in your shirt, "
" where is your belt?"
(Our schools have rules about tucking in your shirts and wearing a belt with your pants. I am so glad!, Mine actually wore a belt everyday of their school lives. TILL this rule, now the eldest cant seem to remember to wear one.. )
"are you going to wear pants today? "
Matt is actually dressing himself this morning, excitement will go a long way to getting a kid ready for school, but Brett is just dragging.
"you might want to put on socks BEFORE the shoes"
"Did you brush your teeth?"
"Go get your lunch"
"Tie your shoes"
"Put on a belt"
"I thought I told you to wear a WARM shirt"
"oh hell, never mind, freeze your arms off. at least then you cant hit your brother."
By now I need a Dr Pepper, so off I go to get it.
and all hell breaks loose between the sweet children I have raised. Apparently Matt had laid out his socks and Brett had stolen them. I DID see Matt lay out his socks last night, so I know they were there. See at night we go through this ritual except backwards. I tell them to go get some socks, boots, backpacks, jackets, belts,etc and lay them right here in the living room.
I asked Matt to please just find him another pair.
Now back to getting dressed,
"Where is your lunch?"
"did you brush your teeth?"
"please put on your jacket, your ride will be here in a minute"
"DOnt wake back up your brother, I know you love him, but you only WANT to love on him when he is asleep!, try doing it when he is awake, crying and I am elbow deep in soap suds!"
"why did you change shirts?" "yes I KNOW its cold outside, which is why I told you to put on a warm shirt to start with"
"well fine, but tuck it in"
"why would you take off your belt to change shirts?"
"Find your jacket again"
"put your jacket on before the backpack"
"did you brush your teeth"
"is your lunch in your back pack?"
"please let the dog in before she tears down the screendoor"
"who's lunch is this? I thought you just said it was in your backpack"
"no I wont turn the heater up just so you can sit on the vent"

Finally I get them both dressed, settled down and waiting on their ride. I get Bow back to sleep and I sit down on the couch.
I really hate mornings, but honestly, 6:30 is a great time.. its when they have to walk out the door reguardless of their state of dress, cleanlines, or preparedness.
and if i am lucky Princess Rayley and precious Bow are back to sleep or have never woken up.
Sometimes I even get to go back to sleep for an hour or so. Till Rayley wakes me up hungry...

Of course I knew this morning was gona be a doozy. Last night was a fight. Brett had forgotten to bring his agenda to school for 2 days, so the minute he ran in the door he ran passed me with out so much as a HELLO and was muttering something about "email". I went imediatly and check the addy his teacher has... YEP! He came out of his room and said "here it is! I knew it was there! " UMMMMM HELLO! if you KNEW it was there, WHY didnt you take it to school? I swear kids thought process' (or lack there of!) blow my mind... AND I am blonde!

I asked each boy for homework, (2nd and 3rd grade) well they had to go to the bathroom, and needed something to drink, and Rayley was excited to see them. PLUS Bow was alseep, so they HAD to love on him!
I got them settled in, told Brett to start his Taks homework and did matts spelling words. Still asking where his folder is so I can sign it.
This reminds him of a note for his field trip. And then he asks if he can make his lunch. Okay, we make lunches EVERY NIGHT! And they whine...
I sign everything, Write Bretts teacher and try to keep him on task, all the while redressing the drama queen in her tutu so she can watch Barbie and the nutcracker or 12 dancing princess' or something. I throw together something for supper and then check Bretts homework. Since noone likes supper I tell them to go play for 2 hours before bathtime and reading. They start to whine cause they have to read and bathe and cant play. I need a stiff drink. BUT so does Bow, so I give up.

of course the phone has rang 5 times in the hour they were home. Nothing important, just BS'ing with family. Its an amazing thing, this phone. I have never seen an invention that has the ability to make a childs world fall apart, make them hungry, make them remember something they forgot to ask you 3 weeks ago, makes them need love, or makes them hate each other and start a fist fight quite as reliably as a phone. Or at least the one at my house.

I even ignore the bouncing on the bed for 45 minutes. Till the fish start hiding because they think the wall behind their tank is gona cave in.

which reminds me... they still havent discovered the crawfish they found and brought home and threw in the crab tank became supper a few nights ago. I am not sure how this will play out. When Rayley discovered it she asked if we could have Crawfish for supper, I tried to explain that its not crawfish season yet, and I couldnt buy any. Next thing I know she is dressed in a sparkiling evening dress and pink mudboots, headed out to find some more.. They might decide to play the drama card and get upset cause he is gone. OR they might decide the crabs need mudbugs in their diet and bring in more than I want in a fish tank!

Either way, its time to start a new day. The Princess of Criesalot will be up soon and a major melt down is expected, I am out of cereal.

Is 7:30 too early for a nap?
oh and here comes the dog with a belt in her mouth.. gee, I just cant belive I forgot to remind that poor overworked child to put it on!

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