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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today I had to be at the school at 7:30. we had a 'coffee with the superentendant' meeting. He wants to get support to build new schools. It was an informative meeting. And I really belive that he listed to me when I was talking about the kids at least being able to wear jeans. I dont mind the polo shirts. I dont like anyone telling my kids that they dont dress good enough, but I can compromise.

He does sound like a pretty down to earth guy. and to be honest. NOONE has ever came in and asked questions or asked for input before.

But I will blog about all that later.

When I left there I had an appointment with the dentist. Now I dread going to the Dentist. But my dentist is a sweetheart. Matt is a little in love with her, and I have known her all her life. Her daddy was my vet. He is one of the best men I know.

I went in and told her I had one tooth that was just flaking off. It was right in front. And showed her the 3 in the back on bottom that were either broken in half or worse. They took Xrays and she pointed out a few more cavities. We decided to do just the front tooth today.

I dont do shots well. I can give blood all day long, but stick something in me and I cant take it. She is so sweet. The whole time she is telling me she is sorry. And she is honest. She will tell you its gona hurt. LOL

Once we were waiting for the numb to get there, the assistant started trying to match. She kept getting differnt colors. She even called for a second opinion. I asked her if she didnt just have a coffee and nicotine color.

One time I was in, getting the OTHER front tooth done, and when she got done doing it, she wasnt happy with the color adn redid it! I have always thought that was very nice. Concidering I dont have perfect white teeth. They have so many 'white' fillings that they are hard to match, plus, they are stained slightly.

So, she went to drilling the tooth. I fiqure she had to drill out at least a quarter of the bottom and side. It amazed me that it started breaking while I was flossing, yet she had a 3hp grider with a drill bit on it with 60 grit paper and was vibrating my whole head and it didnt break off more.

Then all of a sudden something popped off and went flying behind her. It was the cord to the drill. She said she was done with it anyway.

I guess thats a good thing. Then she got a finer grit and went back to drillin. I couldnt see a whole lot, I had my eyes closed. Now usually I will go to sleep while she is working on me. seriously. I mean, I have 4 kids, dental work (once the shot is over) is pretty painless and laying down with out a kid on me, talking to me or poking me in the head, is a good chance for a quick nap. But today I was wide awake.

Of course I couldnt see cause they put this bright light in your face, I think its so you dont open your eyes and stare at them. I am sure they make some funny faces.

She kept calling for 'cure' and peeling stuff off. I dont have a clue how it all works, like I said I try to sleep most times, other times I am so blinded that it doesnt matter.

I just wish that you could get your teeth done with out your nose going numb. It was PLUMB up to the top of my nose.

Once I was done, I got the privledge of paying. TWo and a quarter is what the receptionist told me (another girl I went to school with). and the cavities in the back will be 310.00 when I go back in a few weeks.

when I left I went and got Bow. I looked in the mirror to see my new tooth and realized I had an elvis snear going on. SO not only was I numb from my lip to the bridge of my nose, I had a lopsided smile that made me look sinister or like I had just had a stroke.

But I went to rescue Martha anyway. When I called her this morning and asked her to let Rayley come to daycare for a few hours so I could go to the meeting she said that was fine. I told her that I was going to the school and Lowes but was going to cancle the dentist, since I didnt have a babysitter for Bow. She said to leave him. I didnt fiqure it would work, but the other workers started saying they wanted him to stay too. So I did. well when I showed back up, she was toting him, and he looked pitiful. He looked sick, had a runny nose and was just so dejected looking. She said he didnt play at all. and told me that "he is NOT a day care baby!" Oh well. LOL

But I really dont think he felt good. he clung to me the whole time I talked to her.

Then I headed to the library. I couldnt find the book I needed, the card catalog was on computer now and both were taken and I couldnt get anyone to wait on me because they were in the back watching a TV. Now I know why the last sticker on my card was like 04.
Finally I got help, got the book I wanted and started up front. Again, they were in the back. I just wanted to check out and ask about another book. It wasnt on the shelf, and I wanted to know if they could interlibrary borrow it. She just looked real fast, said "we aint got it" and told me they were due back sometime next month. walking away.

HA. I'll teach her. I will bring these back ON TIME, so they dont get a single nickle of my money! Poor Bow had ALMOST fallen asleep on the way over. Martha had said he was soo tired, he kept nodding off, but he would wake himself back up.

THen I had a mystery shop at the local hardware store. Of course Bow DID fall asleep while we on our way there.
I walked all around the store, inspecting, looking for names, the normal snoopy stuff. and true to form, everyone I passed smiled. well, I would smile back. and then they would get this look of pure pity. and it dawned on me. I was doing the elvis snear/stroke victem smile... CRAP! Next time I want a sticker that says "I was good at the dentist" so folks wont think I am a seriel killer or something. I mean my whole face was numb, the bridge of my nose which made that one eye feel kinda wonky too. So if I get that sticker that says "I was a big girl at the dentist" or "shhhhh my tooth is asleep" then folks will know. Cause you dont walk by people in Texas and not smile.

No, I am serious.

really. and yes, EVERY PERSON. you are walking down an isle and someone is coming towards you, you smile a big smile and nod your head, or say "how ya doin today?"
or "how's it goin?"

Its just the way it is. and its a HUGE habit. I cant NOT do it. I can be talking to my kids in my devil voice, words clipped, anger dripping off, threatning to dismember them limb from limb and explaining the process in gorey detail, so mad that steam is coming out of my ears, but if I pass someone I will smile and nod my head. offerin up a 'how do' . Its just what you do in a polite society. To be 'that person' who doesnt smile is .... just awful. and its not people you know. If you KNOW them then you ask about their momma, or thier kids. or if the rumor was true and they ARE getting a divorce.. (just kidding. well not really... LOL) and you expect to spend at least 5 minutes talking. if not more.

So, to have to make myself NOT smile, I just felt awful. I felt like I was being the rudest person in the store. Next time I need my sticker...

And the pity looks were NOTHING compared to the "well aint you just hoity toity, too good to give a howdo" looks... those just cut right through you.

OH and I also needed one of them stickers that said "tooth under construction, no hot/cold foods for 3 hours" or "no sucking on straws for 3 hours" or "Tooth pulled, NO eating" Cause I never can remember the rules. ....

Once we got home Bow was not real happy. He really does feel bad I think. and I hate it. He came in here and sat in my lap, then all of a sudden, he got down, went and got in my bed, pulled up the covers and laid down So I got a pillow and brought it back in here and covered him up. He finally went to sleep.

Then about 45 minutes later, he woke up, slid off the couch, and left the room. I got up to follow. he was in my bed, and grunted at me, then patted the pillow that was left. So I laid down with him.

He went right back to sleep. I really am convinced he doesnt feel well. But no fever.

Of course he eventually woke up, and I was trying to cook supper. So he stood under me and screamed the whole time. Once the kids got home he played with them.

But when BR came home he ran strait to him and WOULD NOT get down. BR even had to change out of his uniform while holding the kid. I refrained from saying " FUN AINT IT? "

Rayley got to stay at Daycare all day. She just thinks that she is sooo big when she does that.

Now she is asking me question after question. I swear this girl is wound up tighter than an 8 day clock.

And because Matts homework this week was a short story about a girl with a trantula, both boys spent 2 hours BEGGING me for one. Then when that didnt work, they switched to a snake. I am NOT buying a reptile, and there are VERY Few things in this life that will make me commit murder but a spider is one of the things that will. And honestly, if one day the only thing between me and a spider was one of my adorable and loving children, whom I have pledged to give my life for, I would push them towards it and run like hell.