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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An electrifying expeireince

Gosh, I am becoming worthless as teets on a boar hog. I havent posted in so long I am not even sure what I missed.

I guess I have just been busy. And tired. BR's truck is still at the shop. I dont even think its been moved. It wouldnt be a big deal, but the problems its having have been going on since the day we got it back from being rebuilt. If anyone knows why a newly rebuilt engine would have a miss in it, run hot as a pistol in just a few minutes of sitting idle, not start in cold weather, and get 1/2 the gas milage that it used to, please let me know.

Speaking of trucks. Yesterday I had to run about a dozen erronds.. BUT first I had to wait on BR to get ready to go to work. He didnt go till around 3. I had to be in town at a PTA meeting at 5 and so that left me a very short time to run around town and make my trip into walgreens. I had to go. I have some coupons that were going to expire.

Well, I started my erronds and one of them was the post office. When I pulled up I realized that I didnt have my key chain with the clicker thingy that locks my doors. Usually I leave my key in the ignition and just tote around the key that has the fob thingy. That way if I do place my key in an undisclosed location (its the Dick Cheney model of key rings) I can always drive off. Well, since my keys were in an undisclosed location (wonder if CNN could find them?) I was having to rely on the key in the ignition. I went to turn it off.

Have you ever grabbed an electric fence? If you havent I highly recommend it. Everyone should do it at least once in their life. One time we were putting in an electric fence and BR finaly got done. Then he tried to test it. He couldnt get a spark. So he fiddled a little more. It was one of those 'weed cutters'. meaning that it has a surge that runs through it and if a weed gets next to it, it will eventually cut it off.
anyway, He was convinved it wasnt working. So he hollered at me. I went out and reached down and touched it.
Yep, it worked.
He asked if I was sure.
Belive me, there is no mistaking having the crap shocked out of you. I grew up with electric fences. And we used to dare each other to touch them. I dont really like being shocked, but as a rancher sometimes you have to take one for the team. So testing an electric fence is not something I relish, but I can handle it.
So he tried to arc off it again with the screwdriver.
It was a no go.
So I reached down and touched it again.
Still working.
He again expressed his disbelief. and he touched it. He said it was NOT working.
So for a third time I reached down. This time I laid my hand on it. I swear it threw me back 2 feet.
So he reached down and touched it. then he laid his hand on it. Then he told me that I was loosing my mind.
Now there are a few things in this world that BR hates more than anything. Being shocked and snakes are two of them.

So I reached down and latched on. I grabbed hold an once I stopped glowing, I told him that INDEED it was working. Just fine.
He then reached down and grabbed it. and held it for a few minutes.
He cant fake this.
I refused to grab it again. So we racked our brains on what was wrong.
About 10 minutes later BR relized something.
He was wearing boots. and I was barefoot, standing on concrete. I was grounding and he wasnt.

ANYWAY, back to the PO. I reached up and turned the key off, remembering to pull it out. and it shocked the living daylights outa me. Shocked me so bad that I couldnt close my thumb. or hold anyting.
It hurt the entire time I was going into the Post office, standing in line, and paying for my stuff.

I went back out and was trying to phyce myself back up to turning on the truck, I was going to take it to the guy who is fixing BR's truck. or not fixing it, depending on how you look at it.

I finally convinced myself I could turn the key.
and right as I reachd for it, my cell phone started to vibrate on my hip. I am not sure how I managed to not pee all over myself. I think I was too shocked for it to happen. Honestly.

But I did turn the key. and it didnt shock me. BUT my hand still hurt and I didnt want this to happen again.
So I made a beeline for the mechanics.

I jumped out and told him what happened. He was leaving, but checked on it anyway. He was on the phone with someone asking if they knew what was wrong. Turns out it was a Ford Tech.
Come to find out, my truck is known to do this. There is nothing metal on the inside, I had schootched across the seat and have on rubber shoes. Plus, the key was half pulled out and I must have touched that. And it was raining out. Nasty and wet.

ALl I can say is its a good thing I didnt have a pacemaker.

Oh and I did try to get back at BR for that awful day where he kept making me shock myself.

He and his brother were working on an electric fence at his house. They had both been kneeling in the wet grass and working on it. Then I heard Luke ask BR how they would know it was working. BR said "we will get michelle to check it. She doesnt mind the shock and will do it for us."

SO I decided to play a little trick on them. They called me and told me to touch it and make sure it was working. I reached out and touched it.
I told them NOPE.
they tried to arc it again. It arc'd. They couldnt imagine why it didnt shock me. I asked them if it would arc, why were they calling me out there. come to find out they just wanted to watch me shock myself.

Anyway, I told them no, they arc'd it again. So I touched it again. They were confused. It was still arcing. SO this time I grabbed hold. TOld them I swore it wasnt working.
I said "y'all try it, Its not working"
so one of them touched it. It shocked the crap outa him.
This made them mad, but I said, "well I cant feel it" and grabbed hold again. And I'll be damned if I didnt lean against a fence post. It shocked the living crap otu o me.

School starts on Monday, But for me its been going strong for a few weeks. I have had about 5 PTA meetings in the last week or so. And I typed the first newletter tonight. I am actually supposed to be getting it online right now. But you see I am a little busy.
I still have to make a few signs. and then I have to work all day Thursday, its open house.
I also had a slight misunderstanding with a member on one of the boards today. That took up most of the day.

Tomorrow the boys need their heads peeled, And I have to get the last of my stuff together for Thursday.

Of course I am having to stay up. Its already 2:30, but I know the minute I go to sleep BR will call for me to cme and get him. yesterday it was about 3am that he finished up.

I have also been doing this couponing thing real serious.
In 2 trips to walmart and 2 trips to Walgreens this week alone I spent 335.
and I saved 398.24 This was for things I needed. And use. And was saved with coupons and price matching. I still spent quite a bit, way more than I wanted to. But, I got well over 50% for free. I didnt realize how well I did until I did the math right then. I knew I had some pretty decent trips. BUT not that good.

So the next time you are in line behind someone with coupons,and start to get upset. Just imagine. They are possibly saving over 1/2 their grocery bill. And if tat idiot can do it. You can too.

I think I am going to go to bed. I am tired, and still have alot ot get done before shcool starts. including making that peach jelly that I was supposed to make 5 days ago. I already boiled down the peaches, but I put them in the freezer. With all the rain I cant make jelly. It wont set.