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Friday, July 11, 2008

Just an update

Todays post is below this one, but I had to update.

I just went to get comfy and lay down and brushed up against Bow. I honeslty jerked my foot away. I took his temp under his arm and its 101.6. I gave him some motrin and will have to call the Dr in the morning. I know its his day off, but I will have to do something. I had hoped it would skip him. But I am afraid that when the kids were out playing the other day and moved him away from my thermocell skeeter killer it might have been all the chance the blood suckers needed. He wasnt moved for long, but I guess it was long enough.

Of course since he is ALWAAYS teething it could be that.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

absolute confinement day 2

I was sitting here and had JUST got Bow to sleep in my lap. Not a deep sleep. He doesnt do those, but the 'will sleep as long as I am still and dont have to pee' sleep.
Well Rayley came in freaking out and freezing to death. SHe had on a tutu and I told one of the boys to go and get her some PJ's. He got her all dressed and she crawled up beside me.

She started jabbering about nothing, and everything. QUoting movie lines. Singing songs, making crap up.
"aint no gas in it"
"are a pee pee and a weinie the same thing?"
"ARLIS!, I am gona light your britches on fire!"
"mom, bows lookin at me"
"Give me 2 steps,"
"do you fear death?" thanks to Davey Jones
"mom Bow's touching me"
I tried to take her temp once, I put it in her mouth, told her to shut up and keep it under her tounge. she was literly NOT capable of doing that.
Then when it finaly beeped (102.4) and I went to put it up she said "now under my pit" I told her we didnt need to do it 'under her pit' "well my pit hurts too!"
Then she was back to talkin nonsense.
"I am a little teapot, cause london bridge is falling down"
"mom -- Bow's Looking at me AND touching me!"
"a little comanche squaw, Haw Haw Haw"
singing "dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?dont you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me"
" why cant Bow walk yet?"
"applebee's --- GEt it together baby"
"Just a swingin"
a very LOUD burp, followed by "better out than in I always say" in her best Shrek Voice
"I dont want Bow to grow up"
"mom, if you aint cleaning house and doing laundry are you burnin daylight? IS it okay for daddy to sleep all day? or is he burning daylight? and since he works at night is that burning moonlight? I dont think John Wayne worked at night, he was a cowboy, they dnt work at night. Cause the horses cant see in the dark. How does daddy see in the dark?or is it not dark where daddy works?"
"I'm waiting on the rinse cycle --do you MIND?"
and if while she was singing or quoting something the boys walked through and said it with her she would say "drinks! you owe me a soda"

I was starting to think she was hollucinating. She didnt have a fever, or it was low grade, but it wasnt time for more meds. She would hold coversations with her fingers, tell Bow to quit talking to her like that. Just never shut up. Then she starts telling me that there is a red monster in the house. I was sitting here on the computer, trying to ignore her inane rambilings, and she just got louder and louder. Not scared. Just agervated.
"there is no monster in the house"
"YES there is. See, see, its red!"
"rayley, we have went over this, there is NO red monsters, or blue ones, or yellow ones"
"MOOOOM, I SWear to you, there is a RED monster in the house. Its coming closer"
"rayley, quit, you are going to scare yourself"
then she got hysterical, liek she does when I run the vacuum cleaner "MOM its coming closer, its gona get BOW! get him off the floor!! It can fly, it goes to the ceiling and then the walls, OH no! its in the fish tank NOW!!"
"rayley, settle down. Bow is fine. Close your eyes. I wont let a monster get you, and the fish love to eat monsters, thats why we have them"
"ITS gone now."

THen I had to listen to her talk for another 5 minutes.
"Mom, you need to bry that" durning a nutrisystem commercial
"if you can make grape jelly, and apple jelly and cranberry jelly why wont you make pea jelly?"
"will you make me some peas?"
"what we have here is a failure to communicate"
"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when sky's are... .when sky's are... greeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy"
"I broketed your toy"
"bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gona do? whatcha gona do when they come for you?"
"next time the boys are mean to me can you underarrested them?"
"we dont rent pigs"
"You gona eat your cornbread?"
"dont say watch to me. dont you EVER say the word watch to me. If you have to say it you better call it a little clock"

Then she started again.
"Mom, the monster is back"
"tell it to go away unless it wants to do laundry"
"really mom, dont you ever listen to reason?" (this from a 4 year old)
"nope" I am really starting to wonder if she has a higher fever than I think. Or her brain is swelling or something.
"mom, I swear, if that red monster eats me, I will never forgive you."
"well, it would cut down on the laundry"
"rayley, seriously, be quiet."
"well now its on the door, will you at least get up and open the door and let it out so Duke can eat it?"
"NO, I wnt get up. I am busy"
"well fine, I will get up and go and open the stupid door, but dont you get mad when I catch on fire cause I opened the door" (I think she got the catch on fire thing cause I told them they were not allowed outside, they were already burning up with fever and that would make it worse and set them back)
she climbed down, and as she was walking towards the door she started screaming
I asked her what was on her?
"fine, if it will shut you up, come here and I will get it off."
"oh its gone now. but he isnt at the door any more either"
"then sit down and SHUT UP!"
she did.
"well crud, its back on the door"
I looked over there. come to find out there was a 'red monster' on the door, and it COULD fly.
Apparently BRett had found his daddy's old headlight, the one with only the red LED beam that works anymore, and was shining it on these walls to screw with her.

Matt came through here once with a camoflauge jacket on, the minute he woke up this morning, he got dressed in boots, belt, jeans and a shirt. Now he has on a jacket. I told him to take it off. Getting Hot meant inside or out. "But we are playing hide and go seak, I dont want them to find me"

Since I dont have tree's and bushes in the house, I am pretty sure he will stick out like a sore thumb. I told him to glue some toys on him, wear lots of dirty clothes and lay on the floor. They'd never find him.

For lunch Brett wanted a can of cranberry sauce. I kid you not. Matt saw him eating it and asked where the chicken dressin was. I todl him I didnt make any. He said that wasnt fair. He wanted some, that cranberry sauce had made him crave it.

Then after more dope and eating they got into my CD's. I had to take away Tim Wilson, they LOVED Church League Softball though... ACK! They found Rodney Carrington, luckily they didnt put that one in. I had to take away Kid Rock, decided against Poisen, Aerosmith, Nickelback, merideth brooks, and about a dozen other comedy CD's. I left them with old country, some new country, zztop, Jerry CLowers, Jeff Foxworthy, and about 50 more. Rayley ran though when a rather rowdy Hank Williams Jr was on and started playing air guitar. when the song was over she informed me that she wanted to start doing pagents again. I sooo dont want to start doing pagents again. Oh I love them, and the Miss Fall Fest is taking appications right now. but she never will win. I refuse to allow her to wear makeup, fake hair or fake teeth. And thats what they do. She LOVES doing them. She thinks its a way to be a princess for real, for a day. but when she started pretending to be shy and wouldnt walk on stage anymore I told her that we would quit. I still have all her dresses. that she has outgrown, I never paid more than 20.00 for one of them, and some ofthem are 500.00 dresses. for a freakin baby. Some people are dumb as dirt.

Of course this year at the fall fest pagent they want the girls to have a catagory where they dress up as a disney princess. That would mean making a fancy coustume. I am jsut so not into that. I could. But making halloween costumes is about as far as I like to go. And being blonde she would have to be cinderella. Of course this would REALLY be right up her alley. She loves to pretend to be cinderella.

Sorry, I got off track there.
Today has been... fun. I guess is the word for it.

We had about 4 fist fights. Rayley won 2. Bow won one (rayley always quits when he grabs hair) and the one between the boys was a draw. It got down and dirty. I finally had to sit on Brett. These boys aint got no quit in them. They were both so cranky and tired. This infection is really wiping them out. They usually only really fight when they get real tired. I am not even sure how it started. I think one was laughing at the other one. But they were throwing down. With Rayley right in the middle trying to referee. I was on the phone when it started. Anytime I get on the phone their idiot button gets pushed. or their hungry button.

They did have some loving brotherly moments. They played dice for a while. I am not sure what they were using as currency, but there was lots of trash talk going on.

At one point Bow got up in my lap, he was ready for a nap. Since Rayley wouldnt let him sleep the last time. He crawled up and I was sitting on the end of the couch, kinda in a fetal position, him nursing. Matt came over and laid his head on my hip. I was lovin on him, he had just had some medicane cause his fever went back up to 102.1. When Brett found out he was sick he started to baby him. He had just been trying to choke him to death in the kitchen floor. Now he was offering him popcicles, sprite, all kinda of stuff. He actually rubbed his back till He fell asleep. Then Bow fell asleep and Lastly my hip fell asleep. It hurt so bad to stay inthat one position. I kept thinking I wouldnt make it another 2 minutes.

I finally had to wake them up so I could go pick peas. And I had 3 stops to make at relatives houes. Once we got home they were pretty beat. I wouldnt let them get out at all. I made them sit in the cool truck the whole time. They were not happy about that.

It didnt take long after I got them home before they were going to bed. It has really been sapping their energy. But I think sleeping is best for them anyway. I know it is for me.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Strait Jacket, here I come!

6am this morning. BR woke me up. Rayley was burning up again. I had just doped them up at 1am. He told me that Rayley and Brett were both awake. at 6am. They are NEVER awake even with me threatening them with water and pulling them out of bed by their feet.

My cousin called me back that I had called yesterday. He works nights at the hospital. I had called to find out if there was a virus going around that they could have caught. Mostly I wanted him to tell me that it wasnt West Nile. He said that I should go ahead and take them in to the doctor, that altough he hadnt seen anything like it lately, it didnt mean it wasnt one. So I started trying to find an appointment. There is a clinic in town where I really like the Doctors, but they charge 125.00 per kid, plus labs. And wont combine appointments. it was a 375.00 price tag to just walk in. And you know they will want to run tests. So I called my old stand by. Dr Popejoy. He has been around 100 years. I am pretty sure he helped to deliver my mom. But at least he doesnt try to take blood from a turnip. He looked them over, felt thier joints, took their temps, talked to them and asked what all hurt and what didnt. He asked them what they had been doing, where they had been, and what they had been playing with. If we had any ticks, fleas, skeeters, etc. No to the ticks, yes to the fleas and skeeters.

Skeeters cause you have no choice. They are just everywhere. Fleas, well... they too are everywhere. And everyone we know has animals. And there are new kittens at my moms, they play with them all the time, we have dogs, My inlaws have dogs. And we have these damn sand fleas. They live IN the sand. PLUS possums, squirrels, skunks, deer, they all carry fleas, and we have them ALL over the woods.

We have been really lucky about ticks so far this year. But all these bugs are just a part of country living. We cant get away from them, we can just lessen being attacked with sprays and contraptions.

Anyway, He said that he had 2 cases of the same thing last week, Just high fevers and headaches, sore throats and general achyness. He said it was a mosquito borne illness, possibly a flea borne one, but he was betting on skeeters. Basicly they have west nile. he gave them an antibiotic and told me to keep them in the house for about 4 or 5 days. NOT to let them get bit again this week, perferably not ever, but for sure not this week. He said it will run its course, if they puke at all to call him imediatly, but right now there is nothing else to do. Just watch them and dont let them get hot or such.

I honestly dont know how in the hell I am going to deal with them all week. Inside.

Brett is still doing okay, not great, I had to go today and help my grandfather fix my moms water, and then pick peas. Brett was bound and determined that he felt great and wanted to help me. just begging. SO when I was about 10 minutes from being done I finally relented. It wasnt 5 minutes he was walking down the row towards the mule. I asked where he was going. He said that he was going to check those peas. I told him to just wait for me, I'd be there in a second. "well, I think I am gona go get the mule started for you" I told him I didnt need the mule started, and finaly he admited that he was not feeling well. he wanted to go and sit down.
I went ahead and took him back to the truck, turned on the AC and told him to sit still.

I am worried about them. This can be a bad thing. But I am sure since they are healthy and active it will be okay. Its just scary. And can turn ugly quickly. Especially with such small bodies.

Between doses of meds they are great. About an hour and a half after they get their meds they are bouncing off the walls. Then by hour 3 to 3 and ahalf they are getting tired and cranky.

At the look on my face Dr Popejoy told me, "just keep them in, let them play video games or something".. "give them lots of popcicles, koolaide, gatorade, anything they will eat or drink"

They dont have video games. They are down to about 4 movies, cause everytime I find a case or movie in their rooms I take it away and tell them I am throwing it away. I have 3 or 4 stacks about a foot tall each in my room. They miss the movies, but with a fwe more on the shelf they dont miss them too much. I cant wait to get the last of the movies. That will prove my point. Its actually taken longer to collect them all then I thought it would. They caught on pretty quick, but still screw up often and loose a movie.

and anything they will eat or drink? ACK! They really will be climbing the walls!

ANyway, I am sure my next few days will be fun filled and quite an adventure. Oh well, at least the door will stay shut. :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

3 times 103 = Frazzled

All last week Matt off and on would get a headache, and a low grade fever. I fiqured he was fighting off a sinus infection. Lord knows Bow and I are. Then he got well. Some days Rayley would complain of a headache, but she would get better, adn then on Saturday Brett got a high fever and a headache. I chalked it up to all the excitement, the late night and possibly the same sinus infection I had diagnosed the other two with .. And they have had semi stuffy noses.

Well yesterday he was a little better. Not 100%, but enough to fight with everyone and want to help me pick peas.

Yesterday my grandfather called me, he had gotten shots in his back and couldnt pick any peas. THere was a mess in the garden so would I come and pick them. I said yes, and started to gather up the kids. I was waiting on my sister in law to get here. SHe works at a vets office and was bringing me some flea pills for the dogs. I finally decided to leave her a note and go on over. We would possibly even be done before she got here.
ABout that time the bottom fell out. It started to rain and thunder and lighting. MY grandfather called and said to not worry about it, I could pick them this morning. I told him no, I would pick them, the rain was already slacking off. Then I got ahold of my sister in law and told her I would just drive to her house and get my flea dope.

We started to the pea patch and it started to rain pretty hard again, so I decided to drive to my sister in laws and get that stuff first. These summer storms dont last very long. I went over there and she asked the kids if they wanted to stay. They did. So off I went to pick the peas.

My grandfather was going to come out and 'show' me how to pick them. Now I have had pea patches on my own, and he taught me a LONG time ago how to pick peas. I went out and it had quit raining, so I was able to pick a good mess. More than enough for dinner. My uncle has been weeding it. ANd there were a few patches of bull nettle. But I saw them before I hit them and managed to avoid them. The fire ants were pretty bad. I hate them things. Then on the last row, I had picked the last pea, was stepping away and managed to find a 3 inch tall bull nettle plant with 2 leaves on it. It brushed right over the top of my foot. ANd stung like the dickens.

I have heard this crap has healing properties. I reckon if you were dying of a gun shot wound to the stomache, all alone, on the open prarie, with no shade in a 110* heat, sun beating down on you, days to live till you turn septic and died a slow and awful death and didnt have another bullet to put your self out of your misery, crawlin into a pile of this God Forsaken hell on earth would take your mind off the gaping wound attracting ants and buzzards and blow flies in your gut.

But honestly, I'd just rather wallow in my own self pitty and slowly chew off my arm to hasten the bleeding to death.

Anyway, When the kids got back home Rayley came in and about 4 minutes later came into the living room screaming bloody murder about her hip. It was hurting, and it was killing her, and she was dying. SHe kept trying to ball up and I couldnt understand her. Usually she talks better than some adults, but not when she is in hysterics. I told her to show me where, of course Brett was right on top of us. Trying to doctor her too. She showed us her rib cage. I am not sure why she thinks this is her hip, but she is determined it is, and there was no setting her strait. I asked if it was inside. NO, it was outside, BRett kept trying to examine her for bruises. I kept trying to find out if she had fallen at Amanda's or here. Maybe it was a broken rib, or if it was on the inside appendicitous. But she kept saying no. She was in my lap, and I kept trying to straiten her out, I fiqure its a stich in her side. I can remember getting those. and just writhing in pain. My grandmother would always tell me they were growing pains. I can remember getting so mad at her and telling her that I didnt want to grow, I would rather be short all my life, that they hurt and it wasnt worth it. I guess she was right, and all my fit throwin did get me my way. I am short. Not bad short, but 5 foot 2 inches. when I wear cowboy boots. But I add a few inches by teasing up my hair.

Anyway, she finally settled down. She wasnt really crying along with all this screaming and writhing, but tears were running down her face. I know it hurt. I made her pull her arm up strait and push. She couldnt do that it made it hurt worse. She kept telling me she was sorry for whining, and she didnt want to hurt no more, and could I please give her some meds, and she would be a good girl if I would make it quit.

Belive me, I would LOVE to have a magic wand and grant her wish.

Anyway, once it stopped hurting she sat in my lap for a few more minutes and I thought she felt a little warm, but chalked it up to the screaming and crying, and kicking and fighting. Brett was still playing nursemaid. He is mean as hell to his siblings but if one of them is hurt or sick its almost impossible to actually Doctor them myself with him sticking his nose in it.

She got down and went back to playing. Matt came through and climbed up in my lap. He is getting so big. My grandfather told me that he was at his house the other day and todl him "I weigh more than Brett". and that he was so proud. My grandfather said he had that sly grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye. For once he had outdone Brett.

of course he weighs 60.3 and Brett weighed 59.7. but he did win the race. LOL

Anyway, he was warm. So I took his temp. He always runs a 99 temp. I dread when he fiqures out the school will not let you stay with anything over 98. He will be coming home all the time. My brother in law was the same way, and he did. Once he learned there was no stopping him. He had 101.2 So I doped him up.

Rayley came back through and told me her head hurt. I really didnt want to give her any meds, incase the stich in her side wasnt just a stitch and was something worse. I didnt want tylonal to mask it.
And so I reached down and hugged her. She was burning up. I had just been holding her 10 minutes before, and although a little warm, she was nothing like this. I took her temp. 103.4
I doped up everyone. And about that time Rayley went to throw her medicane cup in the sink. SHe got another stich in her side. She hit the floor screaming and crying. I got her and held her till it was over. Still not convinced it was a muscle, or a charlie horse. But she swore it wasnt on the inside. She swears its on the outside. And she swore she had used the bathroom today.

Once they went to bed I was able to get some sleep. I needed to shell those pea's but just didnt have the energy.

This morning I woke up with Rayley beside me, telling me she wanted to sleep with me. It was already time to wake up so I asked her what she wanted for breakfast ( cause usually thats all she wants, breakfast, RIGHT THEN) She said she didnt want to eat, she just wanted to lay beside me. I knew she didnt feel good. and sure enough, fever was back and in the 102 range. I doped her back up, then went and felt Matt. Same thing. BRett was fine.

I got started on lunch, I had to shell all those peas and cut up the pork loin into pork chops before I could cook them. Rayley wanted to help me shell peas. so I let her. Bow will be finding peas on the floor for months to come.

She even went and took a nap. She NEVER naps.

Then this evening I took temps, back up to 103.4. Matt was 101.8. His is low grade, hers is getting high. Again with the meds and I reckon I will call the Doctor tomorrow. That should be a nice fat bill to go with the water and electric this month. And I know it would be cheaper with insurance, but, what about those months I would be paying in 500.00 and not using it? We just cant afford the stuff. Of course if this turns out to be west nile, the bills could mount up. LOL.

I also was talking to my sister in law today and she mentioned that Rayley was saying her side hurt yesterday, but that she hadnt fallen. She said that she had tears but wasnt freaking out. I told her I thought it was side stiches, and that she had gotten a few bad ones last night. She said that made sense, she remembered getting them and they were awful. I dont know how old I was when I used to get them, I was sure I was in school, but I might have started off pretty young. I just know that they were the worst pain I could imagine. 10 times worse than a charlie horse in your leg. I just wonder if puttin ivory soap under her bed would stop them, like it does charlie horses?

all night long, well all afternoon and night I have had all 4 kids piled on me, Matt cause he is sick and needs mommy, He just puts his head on my leg and lays there. Bow, cause he is a little brat and needs to bite mommy, He doesnt sit still, he pulls, and pushes, and bounces, and flips, and flops. I swear this kid will wear you out in less than 10 minutes. I have family members who dont like to hold him because he wont sit still. He never does. He will worry you to death.
But if it wasnt bad enough that I had the furnace I gave birth to on my leg (even when I had his fever down he is HOT), I had Bow in my lap and Then Rayley. She needed in my lap too. and she was SOOO hot. I honestly stripped down to a muscle shirt and shorts ( and I never sleep in anything but a T shirt and long pajama bottoms or sweats), just becuase I want to be COLD at some point today. She was sooo hot and making me sweat. But she needed mommy too. And then Brett. He just wanted where all the other kids were I reckon. But I let them watch TV in here today, and sat between them all, trying to keep Bow from pulling out every hair on their heads, making him LEAVE their noses and lips, and to stop headbutting them. Not to mention him biting one if they sat still and fell asleep. He is just as honery as he can be.

I hate that all my babies are sick, Even Brett didnt feel real hot today. There were times that something happened that at any other time would have him all beside hisself. But today he just ignored everything. Even when I forgot he was helping me cook and did the peas myself.

I have doped them all one last time, and put them infront of a movie in Rayley's room. She wont stay down though. The tylonal makes her hyper.

Now tomorrow I have to go to town cause I am out of fever reducer for kids. I have enough for a dose in the morning. For each one. I need to buy stock in the kids medicane industry. Thank GOd for Equate.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Let Freedom RING

I couldnt blog last night cause honestly, I was just so tired.

We had alot of fun. I have decided though that I want to do a fireworks stand next year. I live on the corner of a busy intersection, there isnt a stand for MILES around me and I want to have one. I fiqure if I can save a few grand before Christmas I can do it. Now I just have to find the money. LOL Its not expensive to get into. And you make a freakin killin. Heck, on my family alone I could make a fortune. I swear, these Byerly's are like a kid in a candy store at a fireworks stand!

Hmmm... wonder if I can get a small buisness loan to do it?? Anyone know? Can a married, white female get a SBL? with crappy credit? LOL

Lets see, yesterday they kids woke up and instead of Rayleys first words being "mom, is it cereal time yet? I'm hungry" they were "can we pop fireworks yet?"

I had spent 2 days cleaning up the yard, all week recleaning the house, got ALL the laundry done, the kitchen and livingroom were spotless when I went to bed Friday night and after the house was awake for an hour, I had about 3 hours worth of work to do.

I went out adn made sure the yard was still decent, BR was going to have to bushhog the little bit of grass before everyone got here, and before I could set up the tent thingy.

The kids and I moved all the patio furniture. we dont have a patio, but do have the furniture. LOL

We moved it over by the house, I made sure there was nothing hidden in the 2 foot tall weeds he was going to mow down and recleaned the house. I moved the trucks way off, Last time the grass was that tall and he bushhogged up there he found one of the kids metal toy trailers, I was sitting between my 2 trucks (his was not here-- thank God cause its shorter than both of mine) in a lawn chair and he hit that 6 inch long metal toy. It richoched off the old black truck, went about 6 inches over my head and hit my BRAND NEW WHITE doully. It didnt do much, just left some green paint on it. Maybe a little scratch, but my pregnant self like to have had a heartattack. I didnt want another repeat of that! LOL

When he woke up he went out and got started, his brother was going to cme and get the tractor to fix a hole in his driveway when he got done so we didnt have much time, which was fine, We had to get cooking.

I was standing out there by the glass topped patio table, its a real nice set, the chairs are sooo nice. well the table is kinda crappy, not real sturdy, but its not bad. I have always wanted a set, but we had to have one when we were living in the travel trailer. There wasnt room in there to turn around, so most days we would eat outside on the patio furniture. We even had a little gazebo thing that went over it with skeeter netting. That got killed during the huricanne that never was though. But we had wrapped the glass up and put it in the storage building before we left to evacuate.

Anyway, I was standing out there waiting on him to get the spot mowed that I was going to put up the tent thingy. On his first pass through a 8 inch peice of 4 x 4 got caught by the bushhog and came flying right at me. it missed me by inches and missed the table by less than that. it went directly under it, between the glass top and the middle braces, glanced off the porch and came to rest a foot from me.

I couldnt belive it. I was amazed. The chances of it not hitting me, the most accident prone person I know, or the table, were astronomical.

He got all that done and only tore up the peice of 4 X 4 that was hidden in the grass and a rope the boys had left outside. I reckon they were roping some peices of firewood at some point and left it out there. Oh well. Live and learn. He did manage to see one of their bows before he sent it into the land of plastic smitherine peices.

Once all that was done we came in and he started his apple pie and decided to use his dutch oven to make an apple dump cake. We also prepared the Pork Ribs and I got all the fixins together for Tuna Fish sandwiches.

Since noone ws going to show up till late in the afternoon we had some time. We ate and watched TV. And every 5 minutes had to tell Rayley the fireworks would be LATER. when it was dark. Then it dawned on her, she goes to bed before dark. This upset her to no end. I still make the kids go and lay down at 8:30. Mostly for my own sanity. they dont always go to sleep then, but at least they are not in here bouncing on me.

We told her that she would get to stay up late and see the fireworks. We promised.

He went out to get his fires started, and had to find his firering. He had let it get overgrown with weeds. Once he got those going we all just went outside to wait on everyone to get here. There wasnt anything else to do, and the kids being outside meant they were not INSIDE messing up the clean house.

All I had left was the tater salad, so I went ahead and peeled the taters, then brough them in to boil. The kids rode their bikes and played, and Bow sat in his excersaucer thing and just enjoyed life.

I had gotten the table moved back, unfurled the umbrella to dislodge any nasty insects that always seem to take up residece in thre and got the tent all set up, That was fun. Matt and Brett are not tall enough to lock the legs into place. And I have a bad spot on one of the edges, its twisted from a storm we had when we were using it for baseball one time. So you have to be careful. I just Thank God everytime I am able to use it again. I dont want to have to buy another one.

We were sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine and not sweating too much, when all of a sudden we started to hear thunder. and there was a dark black cloud over behind us. This had happened the last 3 days, and not a drop of rain had fallen here. the day before BR had called cause he was 9 miles down the road unloading a load and it was raining cats and dogs. He wanted me and Brett to go out and cover up some wood so he had it dry to cook with.

We had went out and faught the wind to get it covered and it never even tried to rain. But boy did the wind blow.

Anyway, we were sitting there, hoping it didnt come close to us tongiht when all of a sudden a gust of wind hit. BR was tending his pit and the fire he had going in the firering to cook with the dutch oven. so I told Matt to stand at a corner and hold it while I sent Brett to get some tent stakes we had. He came back and about that time the wind really started to gust, it like to took Matt AND the tent off with it. we all got up and decided to rotate the tent thing so that the bad place wasnt taking the brunt of the wind. Trying to explain to an 8 and a 9 year old that we were all going to pick up a leg and walk in a circle and move this end to that side was like tryin to convince a mule that a bit wont hurt them. It was only a 20% chance of rain, much less than yesterday, and so we just wanted to secure it for the wind gusts we would get while the cloud was around us.

About the time we all got a corner and were walking, another gust came up. Since BR and I were standing with our backs to the wind and holding on the tent didnt go anywhere, but it sure wanted to. And it picked up the umbrella that was in the table and pulled it out of the cirle. Breaking the glass top as it went. The umbrella hit RIGHT between 2 windows, there is about a 10 inch wall between 2 windows and that is where it hit. God was watching out for us.

Now that table has been through countless storms. More than you can imagine. I have been sitting here and seen that umbrella picked up and carried off and had to run outside and chase it plumb into the horse pasture. And catching a 6 foot tall umbrella that is flippin end over end seemingly chasing the horses (or at least in their minds it was) is not fun or easy.

I dont know WHY, on this particular day, at this time it had to break my table. but it shattered it into a thousand peices.

We got the tent turned, and were going to stake it down, but it started to let loose a little rain. The kids started going into hysterics. They just knew that with Rain there would be no food (there might not be if it puts out the fire in the pit and the fire ring), no fireworks (well, I aint gona sit in the pourin rain to watch them...) and their lives would be ruined. I hollered at Brett to get Bow and go inside, and BR and I got the top off the frame. The wind could catch it and send it flying and we would be screwed, since the wind was blowing everything INTO the house.

BR and I got the top off,and covered up all the chairs that I had spent the last hour making the kids go find with it. I swear, I told them to go and get all the fold up chairs out of the storage building, they would come back iwth one chair. Not one each. both boys walking and the unlucky one totin a chair.

I knew I would need not only those that go with the patio furniture, but all the fold up chairs we had for everyone.

We didnt manage to get in before the rain hit. So we came in and changed shirts and watched some stuff we had on the DVR. There was no satilite.

It rained about 20 minutes and stopped. That was it, clear skys and lots of skeeters were all that was left. Luckily I have a skeeter killer thing. If you dont have a thermocell yet, I recommend one. These things are heaven sent. A gift from God.

We went back out and began to survey the damage. The fires seemed okay, he had lost 200 degree's in the pit, but he got it stoked back up pretty quickly, I was able to get the chairs uncovered and all but mine were dry, somehow mine got uncovered by the wind.

He hadnt put his cake out there yet he was still getting the coals made. Cause you have to hang it over a fire and put coals on top of it. (hence the 'oven' part of dutch oven.. otherwise it would be a stove)

The kids imediatly found the mud. And BR and I started surveying the glass. I think I said a thousand peices earlier. I was wrong. A million is more like it. It was a 6 foot long table at least . And was at least 3 feet wide. no sliver of glass was more than 1/2 the size of your pinkie nail.

He went and got the shovel and got about 8 shovelfuls up. and I was picking it up peice by peice. there were some slivers that would stick in your hands. and you didnt know they were there except you were bleeding. It only got in one of the chairs. But I never could get it out. and its all in the grass. I dont know how I am going to get it up. But I will have to. The kids play out there all the time. And the dogs, and ME. I am forever going barefoot. But even if you walk on it with shoes on you will track it into the house.

I guess I will have to vacuum it up. That should be cute, Vacumming the dirt.

BR's brother Luke and Amanda were the first to get here. Luke had been roading the tractor home and decided to stop off at thier moms and bushhog a pasture. BR had told him to just keep the tractor till he was through with it. He had no use for it for at least a week. But Luke had decided to bring it home. And since they only live about 6 miles away he just drove it over there. Well when the rain hit he was bushhogging and so he had to get clean dry clothes. He said that by the time he started he was so wet he just went on ahead and kept going. Since he was already wet.

My trucks were still down the lane, so they just parked around them. Once Suzie showed up and then BR's other brother Toby we were about to eat. And had a line of vehicles that was making it look like a Redneck convention. Nothin but Trucks. Luke actually drives a jeep, but his wife has a real vehicle and since he drove the tractor home she drove her truck. But we had 6 big old 4 wheel drive trucks that were lining my driveway. Not jacked up, KC lights on the roof and every metal peice a differnt color trucks, but all nice, newer Big OLD kick ass trucks. It looked pretty good. Well, aside from Suzies' Its a GMC. But at least its a 4X4.

ANyway. We sat around and visited for a while, BR finished up the ribs, boudan and the cake. I got the tater salad done (with some help, cause 1/2 way through it Bow decided he had to be held NOW.) and almost forgot about the beans. But once we got it all cooked and came in to eat it was getting close to dark. My inlaws showed up and we finished up supper.

We did have the shock of our lives when Bow was crawling around at one point. He went past Toby, the baby brother, and fell down. Toby picked him up. and held him. Luke got video. This is the same one who wont even hand me a diaper for fear that needing them are contagious. with the first 3 kids I have caught him at some point sitting and threw a kid into his lap. Just to screw with his head and take a picture. With this one he has gotten smarter and wont sit still if I am around. I swear I thought he was going to throw Brett back at me when I did it with him. And I promise it crossed his mind. He wasnt exactly comfertable looking, and threatened Bow with in an inch of his life if he puked, pooped, peed, or touched him.

After we were able to pick our jaws back up off the floor we all traipsed outside to get the show on the road. TOby and Luke were the official fire starters, and this time we all decided to sit at the edge of the tent thing, with them about 25 feet away, hopeing that no morter rounds went awry and ended up under our chairs again. This has happened a few times. It will wake you up. Thats for sure.

But we forgot to move the trucks back up to the house. My inlaws had parked down between the others out there, so we had another big ole 4 wheel drive out there. Luke and Toby were using the truck directly in front of mine as a table to set the stuff on, Toby's was across from mine and then there was a space with the tractor a little in front of Toby'. They were set up about 10 feet between the two trucks. The fireworks were beautiful. Better than I have ever seen. Cars that were passing by were honking and they were high enough that people could see them for quite a ways. Especially since we are on the highest hill in these parts.
The tent really came in handy too. You could hear the peices raining down on it. At first I wasnt sitting under it, till the first firework went off and I was watching it, and a peice came strait down and hit me in the eye. It was a pretty big peice, and smarted a little. So I schootched back.

Luke had bought the kids about 50 roman candles, so they were getting Amanda to light them and aiming at the trees. This time noone shot towards the 'fire starters' in years past at least one of the kids would turn at some point and point that way. I have always thought making them run for cover was just part of it. Since they have always managed to shoot a morter round under our chairs. Idiots.

This time they did have 2 that went haywire, but they managed to make it through the spot between Toby's truck and the tractor and into the pasture.

Bow really wasnt interested in the fireworks. He did like seeing the small ones the kids set off. Those little flamer ones. But before long he went to sleep. No amount of bangs, or pops, or bright lights could keep him awake. He never even jumped. And he hasnt been around them since New Years, when he was a little over a month old.

Once we did all the big fireworks, Luke and Rayley went to really doing the Roman Candles. She LOVES those things. And I swear, everytime the fifth ball would shoot out both of them would stand there and wait. It was like it suprised them each time that there was only 5 in them. Suzie brought out some kid fireworks, cars that are supposed to drive, a train, a penguin that shoots out flames. All kinds of crap. Since we are on a dirt patch the cars really didnt do much spinning and driving, but every once in a while one would get a purchase and take off. It would go towards a kid every time. I swear, more than one of us laughed till we almost pee'd our pants. And I really think that Luke had more fun with those than he did the adult fire works.

Once everyone left we just came in, the outside clean up could wait. I had a kitchen to pick up that looked like a tornado hit it. BR helped and it didnt take too long. But there were literly enough plates to fill up the dishwasher. I had to wash everything else by hand.

Oh and those watermelons we had. Just one of them 35 pound plus monsters filled up a VERY large roaster pan when I gutted it. No rine at all, just peices of watermelon.

About 5 minutes into the cleaning Brett showed up in the kitchen. He said he didnt feel well. So I went to hug him. I had just hugged 10 minutes before and nothing was wrong. But now he was burning up and he said he had a headache. I gave him some meds and told him to lay down.

BR went to check on them about 10 minutes later. both boys were in their own beds, and Rayley was in hers. This NEVEr happens. The boys sleep in her floor with her when they dont have to get up for school. But less than 15 minutes after we came in the house, all 3 kids were out like lights. Even Bow never woke up when I laid him down. and he NEVER sleeps through a position change. NEVER.

I had to go out to BR's truck when I was done with the kitchen. He had some super glue that I needed. I had backed mine up to the front bumper of his this morning, and for some reason the kids had parked their bikes between the two. I reckon cause there were 7 trucks parked everywhere and they fiqured anywhere else and they might get smashed. well I was holding on to my tailgate and briskly walking, trying to avoid their bikes in the moonlight. There is no light out there. and I hit that damn trailer hitch. Square on the knee. I went down like a ton of bricks. Then it stopped hurting. YOu know, when you hit something so hard it DOESNT hurt that you are going to be sore tomorrow! Sure enough, it wasnt very long and the feeling came back. I HATE drop hitches. HATE them. And I still had to walk all the way back to the house.

Off and on today BRett felt bad. His fever came back tonight in full force, I hope he doesnt get what ever it is he has, worse than Matt had it last week. for about 4 or 5 days he would get an awful headache and a fever and then after a nap and some meds he would feel better. I expect Rayley will have it next week, and then BR. maybe throw Bow in there somewhere, and by the begining of August I should be down with it.

Today we went out and cleaned up a little more. put up all the chairs and ate left overs. and watermelon. LOTS of watermelon! I called Luke and Amanda around 10 and asked them to come over and help us get rid of some of the left overs. Amanda asked me if I had seen my truck yet. I told her no. I hadnt, why? She said hers (after driving home last night) was COVERED in gun powder and peices of cardboard. When I went out and drove to the store today to get the paper I could see all the debris. There was VERY little white showing. I really should have washed it off. But since today was a 35% chance of rain, I could see the cloud, blacker than yesterdays, and letting God wash it was a much better idea than me getting out there and doing it. Plus I was already seeing the lightning and the Thunder was rolling in. Not to mention if I do it, I will be inspecting it, and any scratches will stick out like a sore thumb. agervating me.

I asked everyone else if their trucks faired as well. It seems they did. They were just all waiting on the rain to wash them off. The rain that NEVER freakin happened. Instead all we got was dirt devils in the yard.

But all in all, we had a really good 4th. BBQ, Apple Pie, watermelon, Family, Fireworks, Freedom and a Freak accident. ALl Typical around here.