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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Strait Jacket, here I come!

6am this morning. BR woke me up. Rayley was burning up again. I had just doped them up at 1am. He told me that Rayley and Brett were both awake. at 6am. They are NEVER awake even with me threatening them with water and pulling them out of bed by their feet.

My cousin called me back that I had called yesterday. He works nights at the hospital. I had called to find out if there was a virus going around that they could have caught. Mostly I wanted him to tell me that it wasnt West Nile. He said that I should go ahead and take them in to the doctor, that altough he hadnt seen anything like it lately, it didnt mean it wasnt one. So I started trying to find an appointment. There is a clinic in town where I really like the Doctors, but they charge 125.00 per kid, plus labs. And wont combine appointments. it was a 375.00 price tag to just walk in. And you know they will want to run tests. So I called my old stand by. Dr Popejoy. He has been around 100 years. I am pretty sure he helped to deliver my mom. But at least he doesnt try to take blood from a turnip. He looked them over, felt thier joints, took their temps, talked to them and asked what all hurt and what didnt. He asked them what they had been doing, where they had been, and what they had been playing with. If we had any ticks, fleas, skeeters, etc. No to the ticks, yes to the fleas and skeeters.

Skeeters cause you have no choice. They are just everywhere. Fleas, well... they too are everywhere. And everyone we know has animals. And there are new kittens at my moms, they play with them all the time, we have dogs, My inlaws have dogs. And we have these damn sand fleas. They live IN the sand. PLUS possums, squirrels, skunks, deer, they all carry fleas, and we have them ALL over the woods.

We have been really lucky about ticks so far this year. But all these bugs are just a part of country living. We cant get away from them, we can just lessen being attacked with sprays and contraptions.

Anyway, He said that he had 2 cases of the same thing last week, Just high fevers and headaches, sore throats and general achyness. He said it was a mosquito borne illness, possibly a flea borne one, but he was betting on skeeters. Basicly they have west nile. he gave them an antibiotic and told me to keep them in the house for about 4 or 5 days. NOT to let them get bit again this week, perferably not ever, but for sure not this week. He said it will run its course, if they puke at all to call him imediatly, but right now there is nothing else to do. Just watch them and dont let them get hot or such.

I honestly dont know how in the hell I am going to deal with them all week. Inside.

Brett is still doing okay, not great, I had to go today and help my grandfather fix my moms water, and then pick peas. Brett was bound and determined that he felt great and wanted to help me. just begging. SO when I was about 10 minutes from being done I finally relented. It wasnt 5 minutes he was walking down the row towards the mule. I asked where he was going. He said that he was going to check those peas. I told him to just wait for me, I'd be there in a second. "well, I think I am gona go get the mule started for you" I told him I didnt need the mule started, and finaly he admited that he was not feeling well. he wanted to go and sit down.
I went ahead and took him back to the truck, turned on the AC and told him to sit still.

I am worried about them. This can be a bad thing. But I am sure since they are healthy and active it will be okay. Its just scary. And can turn ugly quickly. Especially with such small bodies.

Between doses of meds they are great. About an hour and a half after they get their meds they are bouncing off the walls. Then by hour 3 to 3 and ahalf they are getting tired and cranky.

At the look on my face Dr Popejoy told me, "just keep them in, let them play video games or something".. "give them lots of popcicles, koolaide, gatorade, anything they will eat or drink"

They dont have video games. They are down to about 4 movies, cause everytime I find a case or movie in their rooms I take it away and tell them I am throwing it away. I have 3 or 4 stacks about a foot tall each in my room. They miss the movies, but with a fwe more on the shelf they dont miss them too much. I cant wait to get the last of the movies. That will prove my point. Its actually taken longer to collect them all then I thought it would. They caught on pretty quick, but still screw up often and loose a movie.

and anything they will eat or drink? ACK! They really will be climbing the walls!

ANyway, I am sure my next few days will be fun filled and quite an adventure. Oh well, at least the door will stay shut. :)


Dot said...

What an awful way to start summer vacation. Glad to see Bow is not sick. I will put your family in my prayers. I really enjoy your blog.

maidto5 said...

Thank you Dot, I really appriciate the prayers! I am praying he doesnt get sick either.

And thank you for reading, I love to hear from people who enjoy it. And even those who dont. ;) LOL

Kimmy2303 said...

Goodsness, I have gotten behind. You have been one busy lady! Hope your children feel better soon and that it doesnt take a second morgage to make it happen!

Tara said...

Oh that sucks! I hope they recover quickly and perfectly. I'll be thinking of all of you. Is Bow sick too?

Tara said...

Never mind me... being myself as usual, I see above where dot says Bow is not sick so... I probably read it and just forgot- that fast.

maidto5 said...

Thank you kimmy, heck, I am behind!LOL I am sure they will mend, they are too mean for anything to keep them down long! :)

Thank you Tara. And heck, with my wrighting there is no doubt you should be confused by the time you get done :)