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Thursday, July 10, 2008

absolute confinement day 2

I was sitting here and had JUST got Bow to sleep in my lap. Not a deep sleep. He doesnt do those, but the 'will sleep as long as I am still and dont have to pee' sleep.
Well Rayley came in freaking out and freezing to death. SHe had on a tutu and I told one of the boys to go and get her some PJ's. He got her all dressed and she crawled up beside me.

She started jabbering about nothing, and everything. QUoting movie lines. Singing songs, making crap up.
"aint no gas in it"
"are a pee pee and a weinie the same thing?"
"ARLIS!, I am gona light your britches on fire!"
"mom, bows lookin at me"
"Give me 2 steps,"
"do you fear death?" thanks to Davey Jones
"mom Bow's touching me"
I tried to take her temp once, I put it in her mouth, told her to shut up and keep it under her tounge. she was literly NOT capable of doing that.
Then when it finaly beeped (102.4) and I went to put it up she said "now under my pit" I told her we didnt need to do it 'under her pit' "well my pit hurts too!"
Then she was back to talkin nonsense.
"I am a little teapot, cause london bridge is falling down"
"mom -- Bow's Looking at me AND touching me!"
"a little comanche squaw, Haw Haw Haw"
singing "dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?dont you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me"
" why cant Bow walk yet?"
"applebee's --- GEt it together baby"
"Just a swingin"
a very LOUD burp, followed by "better out than in I always say" in her best Shrek Voice
"I dont want Bow to grow up"
"mom, if you aint cleaning house and doing laundry are you burnin daylight? IS it okay for daddy to sleep all day? or is he burning daylight? and since he works at night is that burning moonlight? I dont think John Wayne worked at night, he was a cowboy, they dnt work at night. Cause the horses cant see in the dark. How does daddy see in the dark?or is it not dark where daddy works?"
"I'm waiting on the rinse cycle --do you MIND?"
and if while she was singing or quoting something the boys walked through and said it with her she would say "drinks! you owe me a soda"

I was starting to think she was hollucinating. She didnt have a fever, or it was low grade, but it wasnt time for more meds. She would hold coversations with her fingers, tell Bow to quit talking to her like that. Just never shut up. Then she starts telling me that there is a red monster in the house. I was sitting here on the computer, trying to ignore her inane rambilings, and she just got louder and louder. Not scared. Just agervated.
"there is no monster in the house"
"YES there is. See, see, its red!"
"rayley, we have went over this, there is NO red monsters, or blue ones, or yellow ones"
"MOOOOM, I SWear to you, there is a RED monster in the house. Its coming closer"
"rayley, quit, you are going to scare yourself"
then she got hysterical, liek she does when I run the vacuum cleaner "MOM its coming closer, its gona get BOW! get him off the floor!! It can fly, it goes to the ceiling and then the walls, OH no! its in the fish tank NOW!!"
"rayley, settle down. Bow is fine. Close your eyes. I wont let a monster get you, and the fish love to eat monsters, thats why we have them"
"ITS gone now."

THen I had to listen to her talk for another 5 minutes.
"Mom, you need to bry that" durning a nutrisystem commercial
"if you can make grape jelly, and apple jelly and cranberry jelly why wont you make pea jelly?"
"will you make me some peas?"
"what we have here is a failure to communicate"
"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when sky's are... .when sky's are... greeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy"
"I broketed your toy"
"bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gona do? whatcha gona do when they come for you?"
"next time the boys are mean to me can you underarrested them?"
"we dont rent pigs"
"You gona eat your cornbread?"
"dont say watch to me. dont you EVER say the word watch to me. If you have to say it you better call it a little clock"

Then she started again.
"Mom, the monster is back"
"tell it to go away unless it wants to do laundry"
"really mom, dont you ever listen to reason?" (this from a 4 year old)
"nope" I am really starting to wonder if she has a higher fever than I think. Or her brain is swelling or something.
"mom, I swear, if that red monster eats me, I will never forgive you."
"well, it would cut down on the laundry"
"rayley, seriously, be quiet."
"well now its on the door, will you at least get up and open the door and let it out so Duke can eat it?"
"NO, I wnt get up. I am busy"
"well fine, I will get up and go and open the stupid door, but dont you get mad when I catch on fire cause I opened the door" (I think she got the catch on fire thing cause I told them they were not allowed outside, they were already burning up with fever and that would make it worse and set them back)
she climbed down, and as she was walking towards the door she started screaming
I asked her what was on her?
"fine, if it will shut you up, come here and I will get it off."
"oh its gone now. but he isnt at the door any more either"
"then sit down and SHUT UP!"
she did.
"well crud, its back on the door"
I looked over there. come to find out there was a 'red monster' on the door, and it COULD fly.
Apparently BRett had found his daddy's old headlight, the one with only the red LED beam that works anymore, and was shining it on these walls to screw with her.

Matt came through here once with a camoflauge jacket on, the minute he woke up this morning, he got dressed in boots, belt, jeans and a shirt. Now he has on a jacket. I told him to take it off. Getting Hot meant inside or out. "But we are playing hide and go seak, I dont want them to find me"

Since I dont have tree's and bushes in the house, I am pretty sure he will stick out like a sore thumb. I told him to glue some toys on him, wear lots of dirty clothes and lay on the floor. They'd never find him.

For lunch Brett wanted a can of cranberry sauce. I kid you not. Matt saw him eating it and asked where the chicken dressin was. I todl him I didnt make any. He said that wasnt fair. He wanted some, that cranberry sauce had made him crave it.

Then after more dope and eating they got into my CD's. I had to take away Tim Wilson, they LOVED Church League Softball though... ACK! They found Rodney Carrington, luckily they didnt put that one in. I had to take away Kid Rock, decided against Poisen, Aerosmith, Nickelback, merideth brooks, and about a dozen other comedy CD's. I left them with old country, some new country, zztop, Jerry CLowers, Jeff Foxworthy, and about 50 more. Rayley ran though when a rather rowdy Hank Williams Jr was on and started playing air guitar. when the song was over she informed me that she wanted to start doing pagents again. I sooo dont want to start doing pagents again. Oh I love them, and the Miss Fall Fest is taking appications right now. but she never will win. I refuse to allow her to wear makeup, fake hair or fake teeth. And thats what they do. She LOVES doing them. She thinks its a way to be a princess for real, for a day. but when she started pretending to be shy and wouldnt walk on stage anymore I told her that we would quit. I still have all her dresses. that she has outgrown, I never paid more than 20.00 for one of them, and some ofthem are 500.00 dresses. for a freakin baby. Some people are dumb as dirt.

Of course this year at the fall fest pagent they want the girls to have a catagory where they dress up as a disney princess. That would mean making a fancy coustume. I am jsut so not into that. I could. But making halloween costumes is about as far as I like to go. And being blonde she would have to be cinderella. Of course this would REALLY be right up her alley. She loves to pretend to be cinderella.

Sorry, I got off track there.
Today has been... fun. I guess is the word for it.

We had about 4 fist fights. Rayley won 2. Bow won one (rayley always quits when he grabs hair) and the one between the boys was a draw. It got down and dirty. I finally had to sit on Brett. These boys aint got no quit in them. They were both so cranky and tired. This infection is really wiping them out. They usually only really fight when they get real tired. I am not even sure how it started. I think one was laughing at the other one. But they were throwing down. With Rayley right in the middle trying to referee. I was on the phone when it started. Anytime I get on the phone their idiot button gets pushed. or their hungry button.

They did have some loving brotherly moments. They played dice for a while. I am not sure what they were using as currency, but there was lots of trash talk going on.

At one point Bow got up in my lap, he was ready for a nap. Since Rayley wouldnt let him sleep the last time. He crawled up and I was sitting on the end of the couch, kinda in a fetal position, him nursing. Matt came over and laid his head on my hip. I was lovin on him, he had just had some medicane cause his fever went back up to 102.1. When Brett found out he was sick he started to baby him. He had just been trying to choke him to death in the kitchen floor. Now he was offering him popcicles, sprite, all kinda of stuff. He actually rubbed his back till He fell asleep. Then Bow fell asleep and Lastly my hip fell asleep. It hurt so bad to stay inthat one position. I kept thinking I wouldnt make it another 2 minutes.

I finally had to wake them up so I could go pick peas. And I had 3 stops to make at relatives houes. Once we got home they were pretty beat. I wouldnt let them get out at all. I made them sit in the cool truck the whole time. They were not happy about that.

It didnt take long after I got them home before they were going to bed. It has really been sapping their energy. But I think sleeping is best for them anyway. I know it is for me.


Tara said...

LOL Saige always quits when he gets the hair... I so wish he had some so I could yank it back and show the little bugger what it feels like.

maidto5 said...

I know what you mean!! Brett and Matt needed hair cuts the other day and he even got their hair, they wanted it cut RIGHT THEN!! LOL