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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

3 times 103 = Frazzled

All last week Matt off and on would get a headache, and a low grade fever. I fiqured he was fighting off a sinus infection. Lord knows Bow and I are. Then he got well. Some days Rayley would complain of a headache, but she would get better, adn then on Saturday Brett got a high fever and a headache. I chalked it up to all the excitement, the late night and possibly the same sinus infection I had diagnosed the other two with .. And they have had semi stuffy noses.

Well yesterday he was a little better. Not 100%, but enough to fight with everyone and want to help me pick peas.

Yesterday my grandfather called me, he had gotten shots in his back and couldnt pick any peas. THere was a mess in the garden so would I come and pick them. I said yes, and started to gather up the kids. I was waiting on my sister in law to get here. SHe works at a vets office and was bringing me some flea pills for the dogs. I finally decided to leave her a note and go on over. We would possibly even be done before she got here.
ABout that time the bottom fell out. It started to rain and thunder and lighting. MY grandfather called and said to not worry about it, I could pick them this morning. I told him no, I would pick them, the rain was already slacking off. Then I got ahold of my sister in law and told her I would just drive to her house and get my flea dope.

We started to the pea patch and it started to rain pretty hard again, so I decided to drive to my sister in laws and get that stuff first. These summer storms dont last very long. I went over there and she asked the kids if they wanted to stay. They did. So off I went to pick the peas.

My grandfather was going to come out and 'show' me how to pick them. Now I have had pea patches on my own, and he taught me a LONG time ago how to pick peas. I went out and it had quit raining, so I was able to pick a good mess. More than enough for dinner. My uncle has been weeding it. ANd there were a few patches of bull nettle. But I saw them before I hit them and managed to avoid them. The fire ants were pretty bad. I hate them things. Then on the last row, I had picked the last pea, was stepping away and managed to find a 3 inch tall bull nettle plant with 2 leaves on it. It brushed right over the top of my foot. ANd stung like the dickens.

I have heard this crap has healing properties. I reckon if you were dying of a gun shot wound to the stomache, all alone, on the open prarie, with no shade in a 110* heat, sun beating down on you, days to live till you turn septic and died a slow and awful death and didnt have another bullet to put your self out of your misery, crawlin into a pile of this God Forsaken hell on earth would take your mind off the gaping wound attracting ants and buzzards and blow flies in your gut.

But honestly, I'd just rather wallow in my own self pitty and slowly chew off my arm to hasten the bleeding to death.

Anyway, When the kids got back home Rayley came in and about 4 minutes later came into the living room screaming bloody murder about her hip. It was hurting, and it was killing her, and she was dying. SHe kept trying to ball up and I couldnt understand her. Usually she talks better than some adults, but not when she is in hysterics. I told her to show me where, of course Brett was right on top of us. Trying to doctor her too. She showed us her rib cage. I am not sure why she thinks this is her hip, but she is determined it is, and there was no setting her strait. I asked if it was inside. NO, it was outside, BRett kept trying to examine her for bruises. I kept trying to find out if she had fallen at Amanda's or here. Maybe it was a broken rib, or if it was on the inside appendicitous. But she kept saying no. She was in my lap, and I kept trying to straiten her out, I fiqure its a stich in her side. I can remember getting those. and just writhing in pain. My grandmother would always tell me they were growing pains. I can remember getting so mad at her and telling her that I didnt want to grow, I would rather be short all my life, that they hurt and it wasnt worth it. I guess she was right, and all my fit throwin did get me my way. I am short. Not bad short, but 5 foot 2 inches. when I wear cowboy boots. But I add a few inches by teasing up my hair.

Anyway, she finally settled down. She wasnt really crying along with all this screaming and writhing, but tears were running down her face. I know it hurt. I made her pull her arm up strait and push. She couldnt do that it made it hurt worse. She kept telling me she was sorry for whining, and she didnt want to hurt no more, and could I please give her some meds, and she would be a good girl if I would make it quit.

Belive me, I would LOVE to have a magic wand and grant her wish.

Anyway, once it stopped hurting she sat in my lap for a few more minutes and I thought she felt a little warm, but chalked it up to the screaming and crying, and kicking and fighting. Brett was still playing nursemaid. He is mean as hell to his siblings but if one of them is hurt or sick its almost impossible to actually Doctor them myself with him sticking his nose in it.

She got down and went back to playing. Matt came through and climbed up in my lap. He is getting so big. My grandfather told me that he was at his house the other day and todl him "I weigh more than Brett". and that he was so proud. My grandfather said he had that sly grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye. For once he had outdone Brett.

of course he weighs 60.3 and Brett weighed 59.7. but he did win the race. LOL

Anyway, he was warm. So I took his temp. He always runs a 99 temp. I dread when he fiqures out the school will not let you stay with anything over 98. He will be coming home all the time. My brother in law was the same way, and he did. Once he learned there was no stopping him. He had 101.2 So I doped him up.

Rayley came back through and told me her head hurt. I really didnt want to give her any meds, incase the stich in her side wasnt just a stitch and was something worse. I didnt want tylonal to mask it.
And so I reached down and hugged her. She was burning up. I had just been holding her 10 minutes before, and although a little warm, she was nothing like this. I took her temp. 103.4
I doped up everyone. And about that time Rayley went to throw her medicane cup in the sink. SHe got another stich in her side. She hit the floor screaming and crying. I got her and held her till it was over. Still not convinced it was a muscle, or a charlie horse. But she swore it wasnt on the inside. She swears its on the outside. And she swore she had used the bathroom today.

Once they went to bed I was able to get some sleep. I needed to shell those pea's but just didnt have the energy.

This morning I woke up with Rayley beside me, telling me she wanted to sleep with me. It was already time to wake up so I asked her what she wanted for breakfast ( cause usually thats all she wants, breakfast, RIGHT THEN) She said she didnt want to eat, she just wanted to lay beside me. I knew she didnt feel good. and sure enough, fever was back and in the 102 range. I doped her back up, then went and felt Matt. Same thing. BRett was fine.

I got started on lunch, I had to shell all those peas and cut up the pork loin into pork chops before I could cook them. Rayley wanted to help me shell peas. so I let her. Bow will be finding peas on the floor for months to come.

She even went and took a nap. She NEVER naps.

Then this evening I took temps, back up to 103.4. Matt was 101.8. His is low grade, hers is getting high. Again with the meds and I reckon I will call the Doctor tomorrow. That should be a nice fat bill to go with the water and electric this month. And I know it would be cheaper with insurance, but, what about those months I would be paying in 500.00 and not using it? We just cant afford the stuff. Of course if this turns out to be west nile, the bills could mount up. LOL.

I also was talking to my sister in law today and she mentioned that Rayley was saying her side hurt yesterday, but that she hadnt fallen. She said that she had tears but wasnt freaking out. I told her I thought it was side stiches, and that she had gotten a few bad ones last night. She said that made sense, she remembered getting them and they were awful. I dont know how old I was when I used to get them, I was sure I was in school, but I might have started off pretty young. I just know that they were the worst pain I could imagine. 10 times worse than a charlie horse in your leg. I just wonder if puttin ivory soap under her bed would stop them, like it does charlie horses?

all night long, well all afternoon and night I have had all 4 kids piled on me, Matt cause he is sick and needs mommy, He just puts his head on my leg and lays there. Bow, cause he is a little brat and needs to bite mommy, He doesnt sit still, he pulls, and pushes, and bounces, and flips, and flops. I swear this kid will wear you out in less than 10 minutes. I have family members who dont like to hold him because he wont sit still. He never does. He will worry you to death.
But if it wasnt bad enough that I had the furnace I gave birth to on my leg (even when I had his fever down he is HOT), I had Bow in my lap and Then Rayley. She needed in my lap too. and she was SOOO hot. I honestly stripped down to a muscle shirt and shorts ( and I never sleep in anything but a T shirt and long pajama bottoms or sweats), just becuase I want to be COLD at some point today. She was sooo hot and making me sweat. But she needed mommy too. And then Brett. He just wanted where all the other kids were I reckon. But I let them watch TV in here today, and sat between them all, trying to keep Bow from pulling out every hair on their heads, making him LEAVE their noses and lips, and to stop headbutting them. Not to mention him biting one if they sat still and fell asleep. He is just as honery as he can be.

I hate that all my babies are sick, Even Brett didnt feel real hot today. There were times that something happened that at any other time would have him all beside hisself. But today he just ignored everything. Even when I forgot he was helping me cook and did the peas myself.

I have doped them all one last time, and put them infront of a movie in Rayley's room. She wont stay down though. The tylonal makes her hyper.

Now tomorrow I have to go to town cause I am out of fever reducer for kids. I have enough for a dose in the morning. For each one. I need to buy stock in the kids medicane industry. Thank GOd for Equate.


Tara said...

I hope they are all feeling better and you manage to avoid it.

maidto5 said...

ME too!! And since its mosquito born, I guess I willhave to start spraying down too. which I hate. But I do use my thermocell. I LOVE that thing! It really does work.