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Friday, March 28, 2008

the reason I am insane

Sometimes my kids amaze me. Truely amaze me. Other times they scare me.
Today we were sitting here with the TV muted and a commercial came on. Brett looks over and says "turn it up, thats the pipps!"

How many 9 year olds do you know that could identify the freakin pipps?? heck, unless they are singing I cant usually identify them.

Anyway, we had ball practice today. It wasnt till 7 so we just sat around all day and waited.

Yesterday I got Bretts schedule and wrote it on the calender along with Matts. Brett has 14 games, Matt has 18
3 of them are at the same time.
4 are within 30 minutes of each other
18 are nights when only one plays
2 are what I concider 'perfect nights' (where Matt plays with an hour time limit and Brett starts 30 minutes later)
2 weeks I go in to town 4 days a week
4 weeks I go in 3 days a week

This doesnt include practices.

I found out tonight that after fixing up my calender and getting a semihandle on the game situation that Bretts schedule will be changing.
And Matts will be too.

I kept the kids home from school today. Not really on purpose. I was up till after 4:30 this morning. The kids had kept me up coughing and sneezing all night. I was just about to go to sleep and Rayley woke up. I had to change her sheets. I got her back in bed and she wanted 'timebed stories' I sat down beside her bed and started telling her a few. I thought that this would be a good time to maybe give her a few lessons.
Once upon a time there was a pretty little girl, she had all these.........

"what was her name?"

Lorena (rayleys middle name), she had all these wonderful toys. Then she came home one day and her dolls heads were broken off, her mp3 player wouldnt play....

"what was her moms name?"

Gloria, her stuffed animals were all pulled apart and broken. Her dishes and pot and pans were broken and didnt have handles..

"whats her dads name?"

Steven, She came into her beautiful room and didnt have anything to play with....
"does she have a friend?"
No, and in a minute you will find out why. She came home one day and couldnt find a single toy to play with, everything was broken. She started crying and her mom came in to ask her what was wrong.....
"Is she tall or short?"
She's 4, so I am bettin she is short, her mom asked her what was wrong and she said her toys were all broken. Well, her mom had told her time and again that she should clean her room and she.......

"did she have barbies?"

yes, she had lots of toys, but now none of them work. her mom had told her time and time again to pick them up and stop walking on them

"what color is her carpet?

Noone knows--- she wont keep her room clean, her mom had told her time and time again to pick up her room but she never would, so her mom told her that they needed to throw away all the broken toys. They started and they picked up EVERY little toy, all the peices of toys and all the stuff that she had broken. They threw it all away....

"was the trash bag white or black?"

it was yellow. Once they were done picking up all the broken toys little Lorena had NOTHING left. All her toys were gone. She sat and cried and cried.

"what a tittie baby"

She cried for days and days, and her mom asked why she was crying, she said she wanted to play with her toys. her mom told her that she hadnt ever taken care of them when she had them and so they had gotten broken.....

"did she have brothers?"

I dont KNOW, why?

"cause thats who broke all the toys."

ANYWAY, the little girl cried cause she didnt have any more dolls to love, they had all been broken, No more barbies to dress, they were all broken. No more.....

"okay, I get it, does prince charming come and get her?"

Nope, she lives all her life in her room with no pretty dresses and no toys. all cause she wouldnt clean up her room. The end

"tell me another one"

I told her one about a prince coming to get a princess but he couldnt get to her because her clothes are all over the floor adn he knows that you are not supposed to walk on clothes. He had to leave her there, in her dugeon, all alone and with out ever lasting love.
She interupted every other sentence with some inane question.

I came in here and fell asleep about 20 minutes later. I dont know why I did it, I had to get up at 5:30 sheer exhaustion I reckon. But I never heard anything else till my mother n law opened the front door at 6 am. She said lets get them dressed and I will take them, we can do it in 6 minutes right?

I told her to just forget about the boys. they needed their sleep anyway. ANd last night both were really cranky and I had dosed them good with benadryl and they still coughed half the night. I knew with them getting to bed after 10, and having to get up at 5:30 was bad enough, but doing it on a restless nights sleep would be detrimental to their school careers.

The pollen here is awful. noone is driving a white vehicle. they are bright yellow. the pine tree's are literly raining pollen. I just decided it wasnt worth it for them to get in trouble. I went back to sleep and was woken up by Matt sneezing, this time beside me on the couch. He was awake and wanted to know what was for breakfast. I told him anything he could catch, kill and cook. And I closed my eyes again-- 3 hours of sleep is not much and I wanted 5 more minutes.

Next thing I know he is dressed in overalls and a hoodie headed outside with a bow and arrow. I asked him what the hell he thought he was doing.
"seeing if you were serious"
"There is no tip on that arrow, its not hunting season and just in case you DID get lucky and scared something to death I aint cleanin it. Go get some oatmeal."
"awwww mom. "

Bretts practice was awful, he is not real bad in the field. And backs up the bases pretty well. He looks like he knows what he is doing. But his batting is awful. He didnt hit a fair ball all night and his fouls were few and far between. I cant explain it. I know he hit the ball with BR on saturday very well. And BR doesnt baby them when he is pitching.

Right now he is more of a liability to the team than an asset. I hate that for him. I really had hoped that he would do well enough to enjoy it. Maybe he will get better, or maybe there is some lefties that we will be playing. I dont know but either way it looks like I would be better off giving my gas money to a charity.

Rayley and Matt had a great time. There is a kid on Bretts team with a little brother her age and they played the whole time. Matt is really good with little kids and he played with them. They spent the evening catching mole moths or mole crickets, or something. I really dont know what they were doing.

on the way home it was constant chatter.
"I'm thirsty"
"I'm Hungry"
"mom, something is biting me!"
"mom, Bow is snoring"
"did you see me catch that ball?"
"can I keep this cricket in a jar?"
"Mom, Matt said the S word"
to which BR started naming off S words, star, silk, storm.
"why is the tree's green"
"have you seen that part of Monsters Inc where Boo says something and Kitty laughs?"
"Do I get to play in the morning?"
"Can I wear a princess dress tommorow?"
"why does Brett get to take pictures tommorow and I dont?"
"is that ZZ top playing?"
"why are they advertising markers?"
"when will I get to grow a beard?"
"is the moon gona come out tonight?
"didyou know that dogs can smell better than humans?"
"something is biting me again"
"matt wont give me Bows toy"
"Moooom, matt said the A word"
Ape?, astronaught, apple?
"Get it together baby" ( which when delivered by matt sounds JUST like Wanda Sykes)
"can apples really talk?"
"Can dogs smell at night?"
"my barbies need shoes"
"Did I do good at practice tonight?"
"why is that car broke down?"
"aint got no gas in it" (said just like Carl on slingblade)
"look Matt there's your bus"
"I wana ride a bus"
"no you dont!"
"when do I get to go to school?"
"when do I get out of shcool?"
"can I get a job?"
"where is timbuctoo?"
"skeeters suck blood"
"who is the best at baseball, me or Brett?"
"I am"
"no I am"
"I have a purple bat"
"well I do, and its pretty."
"who cares?"
"purple is for girls"
"I am a girl!"
"a STUPID girl"
"mom am I stupid?"
"tell her the truth mom, save us the heartache"
"who's driving that car?"
"what kind of car was it?"
"can we get a dog?"
"I gotta pee"
"me too"
"yea, me too!"
"how far is the house?"
"can we go to Me-me's?"
"somethings biting me"
"oh crap!!"
"MOM! a cricket just jumped on me!"
"I didnt bring a cricket"
"yes you did!"
"what does a cricket do?"
"play the fiddle."
"can you teach them to sing?"

This went on and on and on. they talk over each other, under each other, and at each other.

Its like being locked in a stateroom on a sinking ship with Cristopher Walkin on crack.

They cant carry on an inteligent converstation, they cant even keep up with the conversations they are having in their own heads. and there's lots of room in there.

Once we got home (THANk GOD!) we unloaded, wait, I unloaded, emptied the cooler, got the trash out of the truck, hollered at Brett to start his bath, got a few things organized and then got Bow (who had slept the whole time. ) and came inside.
BR was getting ready to go to work, Brett was playing with Bows vibrating teether, Matt was attempting to pull off a baseball sock from the toe and had it stretched out 3 feet long, Rayley was putting on a sequined dress and high heeled sandles, and both dogs were sitting beside the feed bowl.

I gathered up all the uniforms, asked Matt why he was wearing baseball socks with blue jeans ( cause he decided to wear his cleats to catch foul balls in), made someone feed the dogs and got their supper ready. I also sent Brett to take that bath and told matt to get ready to take his.

I got them all in bed and have washed and dried their uniforms, BR a shirt and jeans, and am on my 2nd load of jeans and I am going to take some tylonol and go to bed. My shoulder is still hurting so bad I cant pick up Bow with out pain, had to do everything left handed today and have to prop it up on a pillow to type.

The worst part is, soreness never really sets in till the second day.
We have to be at the park tomorrow at 9:45. Both boys have 'opening ceremonies' at 10. Come to find out, its not the whole little league doing one balloon release its each league doing their own. on their own feilds..

This presents a cunundrum for me. Do I watch BRett release his? Matt relaease his? Throw both boys out at their fields and just sit in the truck, turn on some Jimmy Buffet and pretend I am having a margaritta or Throw them out at the fields, haul butt to a resturant and relax till I know the day is over?

I have a feeling that I will need to get BR to go to one, me to the other. If we dont, our kids will take the helium balloons, untie them, and help themselves to some 'squeeking air'.

Hell hath no fury like a baby scorned.

We had baseball practice for Matts team tonight. They got home right at 4. We had to leave at 4:15. I got them in and made Matt change clothes. I had already dressed Rayley and Bow, and myself. I asked Brett to go and get my orange cooler. The kids need one in the dugout. I had Brett get it and told him to throw it in the truck, I was going to buy some ice for it and fill it up.

Brett had managed to change into his Team shirt and his cleats. He isnt practicin tonight. But insisted on wearing it.

Matt came out of his room with his SOCKS, BELT, and pants on. AND had his cleats in his hands. . I was SOOO impressed. he had put on his underarmour and wanted to wear his shirt. I told him to do the underarmor and we would think about the jersey. Then I looked, he was wearing his T shirt under it that he had worn to school. Sometimes I do worry about sending him out into the world. I try to prepare them, but I have a feeling I should type a 'care sheet' up as I go to give to anyone that runs into them. Just to make sure they know that the kids are not absolute mo-rons.

I couldnt complain much though, this is the first time that I have ever been able to say 'get dressed' and not have to tell him peice by peice. I went out to supervise the cooler transfer and Brett happened to open it.

I have a thing about coolers. I want them to be SPOTLESS. I want them PUT UP and NOT in the weather. NOONE in my family understands this. AT ALL. I also have a thing about tarps, BUT we wont get into that.

My cooler was GROSS! I didnt have time to dwell on it though. While I was outside trying to fiqure out what the hell had happened I looked up and coming around the back of the truck walking through the sand was Matt, wearing his BLACK socks. He wanted to know which foot his shoes went on. I asked him which ones he thought they should go on. He flopped them down where he thought they should go and with out even looking, I told him to switch them around, get his butt on the porch and put them on. Then he sat down, said "are you sure the E's go on the.... "

"YES! the outside. THEY GO ON THE OUTSIDE!"
"oh, guess I was wrong"
"did you take them exactly liek you had them and then switch them and put them on like I told you to?"
"No, I thought I was right, so I just put on what I picked out"
"thats what you get for thoughting, E on the outside. E on the outside"
"okay, I will."

I gathered up the kids, got everyone loaded and off we went. I had to stop by the cleaners and drop off their baseball caps to get them embrodried with their names. I got there and ran in, asking if they could get them done before Saturday when opening morning is. He said he could. I ran out and got their hats and asked Matt what he wanted written on his. Hoover or Matt. He picked Hoover.
Brett wanted 'Brett Byerly, Astros' I told him the star on the front represented the Astros and he didnt need that. He insisted he did. I didnt order it. I might take it back and get Byerly put on it. If he throws a fit. Or I might tell him that there is a letter limit. Depends on my mood.

I came back out and got in the truck, Brett wanted his hat. I told him I had to leave it. That is why I brought his allstar hat from last year.
"But it doesnt match"
"its black, same as the hat I turned in, same as your shirt"
"It has a J for Jasper, I am wearing an Astro's uniform!!"
"your Daddy wears a Carhartt shirt and a Peterbuilt cap. OR a John Deere Cap,"
"so, deal with it. live with it and SHUT up, I am on the phone with 411 and its voice activated."
So far I had been asked if I wanted 'carports', Peter Bill, and a fw others. I wanted CIRCLE 3 FEED! I swore it was in my phone, but it wasnt.hence the 4.00 ca;; to411-- I had to call the feed store. I was out of feed at home and it was 3 till 5. They close at 5. I finally got them and she promised she would be there for me to come in and get what I needed. There is a new lady working there and she doesnt know what I buy yet. Since I dont either and usually just walk in and say "I need 3 of what I buy" and she had no clue I really hoped I didnt make her mad! :)

they were there when I got there. And knew exactly what I wanted. I ran in and out, promisng next time to come early enough to bring in the brats.

Since we had an hour and a half to wait before practice started I decided to go to walmart. The kids grumbled but it was too bad. I'm the one with the licence.

In Walmart I ran into my sister in law. She was heading home and when she walked over to Bow he was coughing real bad. I hope he isnt getting the croup again. He sounds just awful, but its just a stuffy nose draining. and it isnt constant, but I agreed that it had gotten MUCH worse today. All the Dr will give is salt nasel drops. I have been doing that for a few days, and I think this is the worst of it. But we have to get over this hump.
She decided that he didnt need to be out in the wind tonight and honestly I agree'd. I had a bottle in the truck so she decided to take him to my MIL's house. His little eyes were watering he was coughing so bad. We met outside and made the switch. I rushed to ball practice and it felt so wierd.
Rayley was in heaven. 3 of the kids on Matts team have little sisters right around her age and they have grown up together. Brett took off to play with Matts team until they started the scrimage and I sat down.
Everyone wanted to know where the baby was. Even strangers. LOL

It felt really weird to sit down with nothing to do. No baby to have to hold, No Rayley wanting something, Neither boy wanting something out of the truck. I basked in the silence of NOTHING.
Then the phone rang. BR needed a 12 inch cresent wrench and could I pick it up on my way home. Yep. I will go by Lowes ( which is BESIDE walmart) on the way home.

Our Coach decided he didnt need me to keep score tonight, so I really did get to just sit back and enjoy. I did end up having to go and get something out of the truck once. WHen I got back everyone asked if I had seen what Matt did. OH HELL. no. I had missed it. He hit the ball. (WHOO-HOO!) I looked on base, he wasnt there. I had to ask.
Noone would tellme. Then one relented. He had gotten a good hit. and then froze. HE didnt RUN!

I walked over to the dugout to see what happened.

I said "matt I heard you got a good hit."
"why didnt you RUN?"
"well.. I hit the ball."
"I know, why didnt you RUN?"
"well you see, I paused."
"Matt you DONT pause in baseball. ANYTIME you hit the ball, ANY kind of contact, YOU RUN! They will let youknow if its a foul and send you back. I promise"
"I wont get called out for running on a foul?"
Its the obvious things that you dont think to 'teach' them. I take the blame for this. although since this is his second year I would have to think he should KNOW this by now!

I was standing there talking to him and walked down to the end of the fence. the dugout was a madhouse. So I started tellin boys to sit down, stay in order and all that, when a friend came running up with my phone and said "its suzi's work"

I awnsered it and she said "where the hell are you?"
is this a trick question?
"at the ballpark?"
"WHERE at the ballpark?"
I told her where in the ballpark I was. She said she was bringing me 'the kid'. I could hear my mother in law telling her where to turn. In walmart it was 'poor little sweet baby' and 'precious Bow' Now its 'the kid'
"whats wrong?"
"He hasnt stopped screaming since I got home."
"SERIOUSLY!!! Do you see my truck yet?"
"yep, just keep on coming"
I have NEVER seen someone throw out a kid that fast in my life. I am guessing its not time for him to be away from mom yet. They decided he was okay till he didnt hear my voice after a little while. He was perfectly happy when I walked up. I got him out and he was immediatly taken by Matt's last years teacher. She played with him and he jumped and squeeled and talked and laughed. We had about 45 minutes left and he played and talked and flirted the WHOLE time. Not even in my arms! heck half the time he was being passed around and couldnt see me. The wind had died down and I didnt feel as bad about him being out there. He coughed a few times, but nothing like he had been doing.
I think its a combination of a sinus infection and teething. both are snotty and he is living up to it.

BR said I would just have to wait to let him stay anywhere for any length of time. and apparently 30 minutes is a length of time. I bet Rayley was 10 months old before she stayed with anyone. The boys were about that way too. oh well, I tried.. LOL

We were getting ready to leave and Rayley walked up with a catapiller. one of the moms couldnt belive she was playing with it. Heck, I am just glad she hadnt eatin it or smushed it.

Brett wanted to bring some home. I told him NO!
We got loaded up and headed to Lowes. Of course they didnt have a 12 inch. They had a 10, they had a 15. but no 12. And my phone wouldnt work in there. I asked to use their phone. 'cause this can play out two ways.

1. I dont get the 15 because he wanted a 12 and the 15 somehow wont work. I end up getting told how stupid that is, he needed one BIGGER than the 10 he has at home, so ANYTHING bigger would do, He doestn care if its a 20. HE needs a wrench and that is why he told me to buy one.
and this means since I didnt get it we will go back tomorrow night and he will get the 15 and a few other things he MUST HAVE!.


2. I get the 15 and get told he DOESNT want one that big, if he had wanted the 15 he would have asked for the 15 and since he said a 12 that is what he wanted, and all that would work and then I would have to take the 15 back.

I called him. He didnt answer. thats about right.
SInce I have 4 kids trailing behind me, bouncing up and down, and getting on my nerve I made an executive decision. I bought the damn wrench.

As soon as I got in the truck I called him back.
"They didnt have a 12"
"what do you mean?"
"They didnt have one, the peg was empty"
"well (#(#*"
"yep", they did have a 15"
"Did you get it?"
Now you have to be able to read the infliction in the voice. exasperation as in "DID you get IT?" would be a clue to say "nope, you said a 12 and thats all I was willing to buy" BUT "Didja GET it?" would imply that he isnt happy but will settle for the bigger toy.

Luckily mine was the latter.
"well its awful big, I guess it will work. I really wanted a 12 though"
"I know, they were just out.. "
"well how much did it cost?"
"no shit?"
"no shit. Do you need me to meet you at an unload and give it to you?"
"naw, I only needed it on that one well, hell, I probebly wont need it for another week or so. Not till I get sent back to that well."

................... yep, I am speachless too.

I had to go to my grandfathers house to unload the feed, the horses are over ther right now, wintering on his grass.

Then I got home. at 8:50. I was bringing in a few things and managed to fall down the steps. I hit my shin pretty hard, but as bad as it hurt ( and as purple and swollen it is) it is nothing compared to what I did to my shoulder. I guess since I had my hand on the top of the railing of the porch and was gripping it I just wrenched it. It hurt so bad I couldnt even cut up the kids meat. My arm and hand were shaking somethin awful. And everytime I sat down I would get a kid coming by squeezing it as if to massage it. OR running into my shin. But the sqeezing was the worst. I have taken a few tylonol and put heat on it.
This is my whippin arm, I cant be with out it. Plus I have a 15 pound chunk o' lead to tote.

OH and he has skooched ALL over the floor today. I took out the coffee table and so he has some room. One time he was over on a play mat and decided he wanted me. I was playin on the computer and he wasnt fussin so I let him alone. next thing I know he is here at the couch and asleep on the floor! I guess as long as he can smell me he is fine! LOL

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yes, they were raised in a barn.

Well, it was a bad morning, but not cause of the kids. BR got home a little before my alarm went off. Anytime someone else screws with my alarm it messes me up.

He turned it off and told me to get up. I had it set for that 15 minute snooze. So I did. at 5:35 he woke me back up by thumping my forehead. Why he does this I will never know. but it doesnt make for a pleasant waking expeirience. I said that yes I was awake. He said he was going to bed, to get up. I grunted. and pretended to get up. He turned OFF the alarm. I woke up at 5:52. They were being picked up at 6.

I jumped up and started getting them up. Got their teeth brushed, made them get dressed, gave them their shoes and made sure they were wearing their backpacks. By then Bow was tuned up, so I sat back down with him and started nursing. Brett got in his daddy's chair and Matt at the other end of the couch. it had taken 6 minutes. At 6:07 my front door opened. my MIL came in and we were all asleep. She was afraid we were still asleep when the kids didnt come out when she drove up. The boys woke up and stumbled out. I made sure the door was shut and laid back down with Bow.

There was no disturbance till 8:30 when the princess woke up looking for food.

Today I was going to clean the house, my mom came over and said she would help. Really all I cleaned was the living room and kitchen. Mostly I needed to vaccuum. Which means taking apart the confounded contraption, cleaning it out and putting it back together. Then I push it for about 8 minutes and have to take it all apart again and start over.

Its so freaking agervating. Of course while I was cleaning the kitchen and had all the dishes washed up and was making sure everything was in the cabinets Rayley came in and wanted some chips. Had I not tried to clean the kitchen she would have never gotten hungry.

SHe has learned chinese or japanese or some ese. I guess its something she is watching at my moms, but she knows the name for slippers. konkashi or some such. She will walk around saying it. And she gets on a kick where she wants to be announced when she leaves her room. or she gets mad.

The boys came home around 3:40 and brought in chocolate cake. They gave Rayley a peice. about that time BR called and they all split. I have a phone that has a time counter on it. in the 12 minutes I was on the phone with him I had to get up 4 times and shut the door. Bow was asleep on the couch and everytime I moved it would come closer to waking him up. The last time I did wake him up. It made me so mad. Its not that hard to shut the door. Granted, it doesnt shut easily, you have to really push it, but its possible. It hasnt shut right since the time Rayley locked BR out and he had to break it down to get in. Boy was he pissed. called me at work and told me about it and then got mad cause I thought it was funny. and he hollered at me cause there was not a key in my truck, they were all in the house. Well, for one, he was home, so I didnt need a key, 2, we have NEVER locked our house. EVER. none of them we have ever lived in. and 3. They wernt lost, they were all bundled together with the free keychain that came with them. But none of this made sense to him. The fact that he had seen the key sitting on the same counter for over a year and had never put them on his own truck keychain was nonwithstanding.

Anyway, as the kids trecked back in one by one for what ever reason I would catch them and make them stay. If they couldnt shut the door I wasnt gona let them go out. I was trying to get Bow back to sleep and I hear "MAAATTTT, why'd you step on my cake?"
"cause it was on the floor" He said (this makes sense to me, even if it is my clean floor)
" SO, that doesnt mean you should step on it!" ( the question still begs to be asked, WHY was it on the floor??"

I had JUST cleaned the kitchen, swept the floor and even got down with a sponge and got the floor clean. WHY is there cake on the freakin floor? This is what they do to you when you clean. They wait 2 minutes and mess it up. Its not even worth it. If I hadnt cleaned it I could have given this child a 3 layer cake to tote and she wouldnt have tipped it once.

I ended up having to send Matt back out to fetch BRett, then 20 minute later setting off the car alarm to fetch them both. Matt brought me back a present. I think he thought it would keep him out of trouble. It was a wasp nest the size of a box of kleenex. only 1/2 of it was there. I asked him where he got it and his said "the woods" I knew that! I wanted to know if the other half was still out there!! But he wa proud of himself. And for once I was impressed with his findings. at least this is one I would like to keep!

he said no, it was just laying on the ground. But they would go back out and look. I told him no, they could look this weekend.

It is really neat. I will do something with it to make it more decrative. I have a hornets nest and a birds nest (complete with real eggs that never hatched). But neither one of those were found by the boys. They were my own discoveries.

Both boys were working off pure adrinaline tonight. I couldnt settle them down. And then my MIL came over and brought each one a soda and a bag of whoppers.
at 7PM on a school night. I dont let my kids have Sodas on a daily basis. EVER. Not cause its not good for them. its not good for me. Them and sugar is a mix I can live without.
I told them that no they couldnt have it, they hadnt even finished supper. SHe told them to save it till in the morning on the way to school.
No wonder they get in so much trouble at school. Talk about feeding a fire.

She visited for a little while and left. I went into the kitchen and found an empty wrapper. Come to find out it belonged to Rayley. I stared to get on her and she told me "but I gave the boys some too!" I looked at them.
Brett said "you said we couldnt open ours, not that we couldnt eat some"
Matt added."yea, and this way Rayley didnt eat a whole package by herself. She would be clinging to the ceilin if she did that!"
after her butt bustin for not minding and being sent to bed at 7:30 I am not sure she will be speaking to me tomorrow. Oh well. I went in there after I had sent her to bed to brush her teeth and she was sitting up watching a movie. I turned it off and boy did she throw a fit. I explained to her again, that movies are for good girls, and she wasnt being one. She informed me it was all my fault, cause she 'was the spittin image of me' I didnt bother to explain that meant looks, not attitude. She was asleep within 5 minutes.

They boys on the other hand were trying their hardest to stay awake. I got them all done and clean and lunhes made and sent them off. 4 minutes later Brett said his ear was hurting. I put some drops in it. 3 minutes after that Matt realized he had forgotten to take his lotradine. I gave it to him. Then they both had to pee.
THEN Brett came out and asked me to cut his fingernails. It breaks my heart to look at his hands. He got into the habit of biting them a few years ago and I searched high adn low for some of that antibite nail polish and couldnt find any. FInally the other day I spotted some. I grabbed it up and promptly painted BRetts nails.

He swore he could still bite them no matter what I did. I promised him that he wouldnt want to. sure enough he stuck a finger in his mouth and I have never seen so much spittin and hackin and general distaste in all my life. I got so tickled I couldnt help but laugh.

And we did them for about a week. And then baseball got kicked off and to be honest I forgot to paint them every other day like you are supposed to. I forgot until tonigt when BRett asked me to cut his nails. HE HAD NAILS!! I was thrilled!! I told him how proud I was of him and how good his hands looked. He asked me if I could repaint them, as he "felt the need to chew on them comin back since the feel so funny."
I told him I would gladly do it. I was trying to paint them and hold Bow. of course Bow thought it was a game and was batting at my hands like a kitten. so I got it on me. Luckily its clear.

Till I put a chip in my mouth about 2 hours later and licked the dip off my fingers.
OMG! I cant get the taste out of my mouth. AT ALL. I have drank, I have brushed, I have eaten. it just gets worse. and you cant wash it off either. This has to be the most God Awful stuff I have ever had the misfortune of getting anywhere near my tastebuds.

Now you might say "serves you right, for putting it on that baby" No, it serves me right for not paying better attention. Even after tonight , no ESPECIALLY after tonight, I would put it on him again in a heartbeat. This is a product that does work. And in 10 years he will thank me for it. :)

To buy or not to buy.

WHOO-HOO! school is BACK in session!

I woke them up this morning and they SOOO didnt want to get up! But they did. and they dressed themselves. And then they laid back down and fell back asleep. I had got them up with about 30 minutes to spare incase we had a meltdown. But it went suprisingly well.

Once they were gone Bow and I went back to sleep. We woke up a few hours later and Rayley came in here. Her first words are always "mom, whats for breakfast" and then "what am I gona wear today?"

I made her breakfast and then let her take a bubble bath. It got her out of my hair for a little while. When she got out she wanted to dress like her barbie. but with shoes. She has been on a barbie kick here lately. She only has one, but she constantly wants me to buy shoes for it. I am gona buy her some shoes for it for her birthday. Just something else to pick up with the vacuum, but at least then I can tell her she will never get barbie shoes again.

I did laundry all day and then cooked BR lunch. Rayley went to my moms for a little while. I tried a few times to get a shower, but each time Bow would somehow sense this with his 'I am gona be left all alone' sensor and would start to get upset. He has a slight cough so I dont want him screaming for the time it would take me to get a quick shower. The boys got home at 3:40, I told them to take turns holding Bow and getting dressed, we had to leave by 4:30. I had already found their baseball pants, belts, socks, and a t-shirt.

I ran and got a quick shower. I didnt even have the water adjusted good before Brett was in there. He was dressed, could he go out and play. I told him to put on a belt, his shoes, a cap and NO he couldnt but to find his glove.

First thing I did was shampoo. I am rinsing my hair and Matt comes in. WIll I make tuna fish before we leave so he can eat? I said NO, to eat a pork chop, and I peeked out. I told him to put his shoes on the right feet, turn his socks right side out, find a belt, zip his pants, and find a cap.

When I got done I went in there. Matt was still looking like a blind hobo, Brett was throwing a ball up and catching it, still barefoot and Bow was in a fresh diaper. and had peed around it. I told Matt his shoes were on the wrong feet still. He swore he had changed them. I am sure he did. He took both off, threw them down, picked them back up and managed to ptu them back on the same feet he started out on. We have told him time and again that the E goes on the outside.

I finally got them all rounded up, dressed, and in the truck. I looked over and told matt to put his shoes on the OTHER right feet. Bretts practice started first and I took him. I couldnt stay and watch cause Matt had to go to his. I headed over there about 45 minutes later. Both boys had a scrimage tonight. I had to keep the scorebook for matts. He got out of the truck and I reached down to tie his shoes. WRONG feet. and for some reason neither one of my boys are capable of tieing a bow that will stay. even a double knot wont stay. They can tie up anythng else in the house and I have to cut it off, but cant tie their shoes. I think this is why Matt likes boots so well. I KNOW it is. I mean he Loves boots, the whole cowboy thing, and really wants some lace up boots, but refuses to have any cause he has to tie them.

He did real well. He was really driving the ball. He got a few foul balls hit. He was making good contact.And he hit a line drive and got his slow butt to second base. When he hit it he was so suprised that he just stood there. I had to scream at him to run!! Last year he only made contact twice. And they were dribblers. He was thrown out before he got half way. He made the first score of the night too. This was also a first for him. He even managed to make some good plays. I am still aprehensive of him playing short stop, but he did pretty well. He isnt scared to chase the ball and knows how to be a cut off man.

He just worries me cause you never think he is paying attention. I guess I dont give him credit for knowing a little.

The only mess up was when he caught the ball and was supposed to tag the runner. the runner ran around him and he was momentarily lost. Then he gave chase. chased the kid plumb to the pitchers mound. But by then he was already called out.
His second time up he hit 4 foul balls, then swung at a bad pitch. But he was on cloud nine the rest of the night. I am really thinking that NOT being on the same team as Brett is working in his favor. He is doing his best and not just standing back and letting Brett shine.

And Brett is NOT shining. His coach told me that he didnt bat real well. He only tipped the ball once. When we got in the truck I asked what was wrong. He said that the ball was coming at him wrong. Then it dawned on me. BR throws left handed. Brett is used to that, not a right handed pitcher. This could be a major problem.

It was 8 before we left the park. I still had to go to walmart. Both boys were bundles of energy the whole time. And of course they were starving so they wanted everything in sight.
Matt asked me why I wouldnt buy him cereal in a box.
Brett said "yea, you only buy that rooster cereal, and wont let us put sugar on it"
I told them there was a good reason for that.
"cause it will make us hyper?"
"Nope, cause then you will like it, and wont want to eat anything else"
"well thats okay, we get the good stuff at Me-Me's and Marmies"
"yep, AND they put sugar on it too!"
I just told them if they didnt like my cereal to not eat it anymore. It wouldnt hurt my feelings!

They wanted me to make them hamburgers tonight, and BBQ, and chicken nuggets. I told them I had pork chops at home.
"we had those when we got home from school"
"good, then you know you like them"
"mom, at school they told us we shouldnt have that much meat in one day, its not the pyramid."
"fine, eat a salad"
"but you never eat a salad as a meal."
"nope, I aint no rabbit"
"ohhhh that sounds good, can we have rabbit"
"cause I aint got none, and dont plan on hunting one tonight, plus I thought you wernt supposed to have meat again"
"I just told you that so you would make something differnt"
"it didnt work did it?"
"If we promise to be good will you?"
"will I what?"
"make us something else?"
"sure, I'll make you go to bed hungry"
"so is there gravey for the porkchops?"

thats what I thought. I guess they think I can wiggle my nose and a new meal will be waiting on us.

We drove up to the house at 9:45. This is over an hour past their bedtime. I asked if they had homework, Brett said no, Matt couldnt remember. I didnt care. I am not going to keep them up for another hour doing homework. I am just not. Its not like I kept them out so I could hit the bars or anything. But a stiff drink would be nice. I just dont think Bow would benefit from it.

We unloaded all the groceries and Rayley even helped us put them up. She would get something out of a bag and tell me or the boys where to put it. If we left a cabinet door open she would throw a fit. I swear this child has OCD. she refuses to leave a door open or a lid off. I guess thats good. Till you are trying to put up groceries or cook. And then when she comes behind you closing everything it gets real annoying.

I finally got the kids in bed at 10:40. They had to eat and get a quick bath. thats a full 2 hours past their bedtime. I dread waking them up in the morning. I reckon I will be getting phone calls from their teachers tomorrow. Matt told me today that he fell asleep at recess. Of course this is my kid that will fall asleep ANYWHERE, doing anything. I have seen him fall asleep standing up, on the pot, while eating, in the tub, the shower, while playing hide and seek, EVERYtime we get in the truck adn drive more than 3 miles. and this has been in the last month.

We start our ballgames on Saturday. ANd I think that they play at the same time. I sure hope not. But I am afraid they do. I dont know how in the hell I am going to work that.

Monday, March 24, 2008

No mudpuddle should go uninhabited

Well today it wasnt the kids that did the idiotic thing, it was me. Come to find out, I have been giving out the wrong blog address.
Let me rephrase that. I have been giving out the correct one. The WRONG one is at the top of this page. There is a VERY bad typo in it. I had no clue, till today I was pasting it for someone and saw it.

All this time I have typed in that address and a dead page came up, I couldnt understand why. I could go from my bookmark. And people tell me they tried to come and it wouldnt work. It NEVER dawned on me to look at it. I can use all kinds of excuses, but we all know the old adage, excuses are like kids, everyone has them, most of them stink, and you cant stand someone elses.

Now that I have confessed to my mistake of the year. I feel better, its kinda like confession. except I dont get any wine. I just cant belive that noone has pointed it out to me!! Usually people revel in pointing out my shortcomings.

I really dont know where today went. I dont think anything got done. I know I didnt catch up on anything. I still have not seen the floor of my laundry room, the kids rooms are still harboring clothes that need putting up and there are dirty dishes in the sink. of course they were dirtied AFTER I had done 2 loads of dishes and washed the things that dont fit in the dishwasher. Why they make a dishwasher that you cant fit a pizza pan in I will never know.

I did walk into the boys room today and sit on the bed to talk to them. It sank like 9 inches. Now my boys are like any other kid.. They will stuff everything under their beds instead of putting it up. well I had an underbed check the other day and made them put up all that stuff. I was in shock when I went in and Bretts bed was made. I complimented him on it. Then I sat down.

I lifted up the blanket. there between the matress and the box springs was a layer of toys. I asked him why he did that.
"it was easier than putting them up"
"well.... I dont know..."
"you had to pick up the matress..."
"matt did that for me"
"okay, you had to bribe your brother to pick up the matress..."
"no, I did his and he did mine, we worked together, like you always beg us to do"
"ALRIGHT, Matt had to hold up the matress, then you had to stack the toys JUST RIGHT, that took you 3 maybe 4 times of trying..."
"yep, maybe more, it was hard to stack up enough stuff around the remote controlled car to make it even"
"okay, 6 or 7 times, just to get it right and then MAKE the bed. Do you know that this took more effort than it would have to just put the toys where they belong?"
" really? you think?"
"yes Brett, I think"
"well, its done now"
"thats what YOU think."
and I proceeded to pull it all out and dump it on the floor.

Just when I think I have them fiqured out they go out of their way to find another way to try to get away with something.

Matt was the first up this morning. He always is. This is my morning child. He came in here, said "ohhh, Bow is asleep, I wanted to play with him"
I told him I had just gotten him BACK to sleep, to leave him alone
then I got up to let the dogs out.
I was in the same room with them. I turned around, Matt had Bow in his arms, I just looked at him
"He woke up, and I had to get him"

Then the little ..... dear, said "I think I am hungry, I'm gona go and make some oatmeal, you want some?"
"No, but its gona be hard to make oatmeal when you are holding Bow"
"oh I cant make it and hold him too, here, you take him"

I DONT WANT HIM! I JUST got him to sleep!

I got him back down, and 15 minutes later Matt was dressed and going outside. I told him to not slam the door.
So he left it open.
This is why my electric bill is 300.00 a month.

I got up and shut it, 3 minutes later he came back in. He was bored. he thought he would wake up Brett. I told him NO.

so instead he went in their to 'find a jacket' and managed to wake him up.

Brett came out, and plopped right down on the couch beside a sleeping Bow.
"is that all he does?"
"is what all who does?"
"Bow, does he sleep all the time?"
"on a good day, watch him while I go pee"
I was gone less than a minute. Brett was holding him
"what are you doing?"
"he looked uncomfertable, so I tried to move him around a little"
"if he was asleep he was comfertable."
"oh, well I'll lay him back down"
"no, you wont, he will throw a fit"
"but I need to, I'm hungry"

It took another 30 minutes for Rayley to wake up. Bow had given up on sleeping and was playing and squeeling. she came in and said "doesnt he ever sleep?"

Once the kids ate they vanished for the day. They went out to play and I didnt see them again. They didnt bring up any living creatures either. They did find an antler shed. which made them want to go hunting. "RIGHT THEN!" I told them it wasnt hunting season. They were NOT happy. Plus I told them the deer didnt have antlers this time of year, you wouldnt know if it was a buck or a doe.

My mom came by and wanted to take them to her house for a little while. I told her okay. And she loaded them up. I decided to get Bow back to sleep, I dont think he feels real good, he's been cranky all day. and I ended up going to sleep. it felt so good. Till the phone rang. BR was screaming at me to call TXDOT, they were doing some road construction on the inside of a blind curve and didnt have signs up or a flagger. I was still asleep but I woke up and called them. This is the 3rd time in as many weeks he has called me to call them. (dont ask...I guess its safer for me to call them cause I am not driving and talking on a cell phone) I understand why he gets so upset. Driving an 18 wheeler is dangerous enough as it is. Driving one into oncoming traffic cause the idiot thats supposed to be holding the sign is holding a shovel while you are loaded down with oil is even worse. After that phone call I laid back down. I was just about asleep again and My grandfather called. He had forgotten his insurance card and needed it for the job he was on. He asked me to drive over and get it and fax it to the hotel. I called my mom, asked her to bring it to me when she brought the kids. She said she was on her way and would bring it.

Well crap. no more nap for me. She dropped off the kids and they never even came inside. They just started back to playing.
About an hour later they came in. Rayley was wearing her pink satin mermaid dress. its real cute, and some suede dress shoes. She came in with mud all over her and said "dont worry mom, its okay, we were just out catching frogs." I'm just a little wet"

Little is a realitive term. and the pretty suede shoes were caked with mud. I asked her why she had worn THOSE shoes out to catch frogs in-- "they matched" was her reply.
I read her the riot act. told her to NEVER wear anything outside again unless it was her mud boots. "even when we are going to town?" I told her I meant to play in the fields! "but we wernt playing, we were building houses for frogs! It was a humanterial effort"
I got her changed, made Brett get a bath and was in my bathroom washing her shoes, trying to salvage them. She poked her head around the door, "mom, can you hurry and wash my dress, I wana play dress up." She never saw the door coming.

Then I hear "so Matt, was that a no or a I dont care?"
"I think it was a no, you better put on a nightgown"
"the one that matches my pink high heals?"
"you left them in the mud this morning, remember?"
"oh no, I better ask mom to go and get them"
"you better not, we'll go find them ourselves"

When I came out there was mud in my kitchen sink and no pink high heals. I dont even want to see them.

I made them all eat and bathed the other two and sent them to bed. I could hear the boys talking for a while. It seems they found some turkey tracks and were trying to decide if they could kill one with a bow and arrow.

I am betting the turkeys are safe. Unless they get caught in a snake trap.

All in all I fiqure spring break went well. there were no major incidents, my house is still standing, noone went to the ER and I have no extra inhabitants in my house.

Well except the lizard, but I asked for it. I needed one for my ivy's. I like to keep one on them to keep the bugs away. and since I have hundreds of feet of ivys it has a large play ground. If the cat never sees it.
Everytime I have a kid I start them an ivy. They are really pretty and when they get married I will give them to them for their new home. Its the only plant I have ever been able to keep alive. And the oldest one is 9. Not bad if I do say so myself.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Colorful eggs, Colorful creatures, and Colorful excuses

Today was fun. It was a surreal day. A definate day for miracles.

Matt woke up first, he woke up around 8. He came in here and saw the baskets sitting on the table. He immediatly wanted to know if the Easter Bunny had been here. I told him that I reckon so. If the baskets were on the table and the eggs were gone. I hadnt seen him. And thats true. I hadnt. I was just Thankful that the eggs were gone when I got up!

Matt spotted the first egg right off. It was directly out the front window on BR's truck. He wanted to go and just get 'that one little ole egg'. I told him no, he had to wait. He had some cereal and then came in here and played with Bow.

Brett got up right at 9. He got up and Matt told him that the Easter Bunny had came. Brett came in and asked me where I had hid the eggs. I told him I had NOT touched the eggs since last night. I swear. Then he and Matt started fighting over Bow.

Neither boy wanted to wake up Rayley, BUT they also didnt want her to sleep. Finaly Matt was able to drop something that woke her up. She came out all happy. I told her if she would eat we could get dressed and hunt the eggs. It was 9:45. Before 10:10 all 3 kids were dressed and ready to go. Brett even put on boots and a belt, and I didnt ask. All I did was ask them to wear a certain shirt. Rayley was trilled with my choice for her (this NEVER happens). And Matt found both boots with little effort.

All three of them were in nice clothes, and it dawned on me. Bow really didnt have anything like that. I went to look and decided that I would put an outfit on him that I just love, but is a 6 to 9 months and looked real big. I would just safety pin it and get them to hold him just right. it was just for pictures. It FIT!

I told the kids to get their baskets and lets go. We opened the door and this is what we saw.

We really tried last night to make beautiful eggs, but nothing we made compared to Gods Artistic Talents.

I just wish I could have gotten it to open up.

Once they were pulled away from the moth the kids went WILD. Brett more than the others. I am glad, I was afraid he would be stand offish. I know this is probebly his last year. But I think he enjoyed it.

We found 34 of the 35 eggs. We looked forever for that LAST egg. Couldnt find it.

So I loaded them up and we went to my Aunt Jeans and took some pictures. You can NOT get 4 kids to all
1. Look at the camera
2. Smile, a real smile, not a fake one
3. be still
all at the same time to get a good picture. Or at least I cant.

But here is one of the better ones.

And Bow, with his first taste of Easter morning.

Little Miss Rayley was even sorta angelic. ( I said SORTA!)

I also wanted to try and get a picture at Aunt Etta's of the kids in front of the old Home Place. Its a log cabin built in 1865, by my 2 times great grandfather.
Her grands and great grands were all in and just fixing to hunt eggs. I went in and said Hello. They asked if Rayley could stay and visit. 3 of the great grands are about her age.
I loaded up the boys and we came home to wait on BR to wake up for work. I was in here getting the house clean. Or trying. and a cousin from my other side drove up. She had some clothes that might fit Bow.
Her and I were sitting here BSin and I see Brett walking up from the pasture. He has about a foot and a half stick in each hand and Matt is followin. Now I dont see real well. To be flat out honest, I am blind as a bat. But I dont wear my glasses in the house cause I cant see the computer screen if I do. But I swore I saw one of them sticks move. Kinda constrict up and get curved and then fall back into a strait stick.
I asked Aunt Sonya "what does that child have? it looks like a snake! LOL" Since I knew it was just the blurriness and his walking towards me, I just rubbed my eyes. Then the whole thing kinda whipped cause Brett shook his hand.

OH! he had some sort of rope. The kids are ALWAYS ropin stuff, and then tieing it up. I came in to the kitchen one morning and they had ran a 30 foot long peice of haystring around every knob in the kitchen and cinched them up tight. I couldnt open a single cabinet. I am constantly reaching down and picking up a stuffed animal and its tied to a chair leg.

Anyway, I went back to talkin to her and then I looked again. "I swear that kid has a snake.
no, its not a snake, he has TWO snakes"

I jumped up and ran to the door. SHe said "your kidding"
Belive me, when you have 4 kids there are alot of things you kid about. "yeah, come on over my house is clean," and "Sure I dont mind, I mean whats 2 more kids?" ( actually I never say this. I dont like kids. I dont want anyone elses. My nephew is the only one I bring around. Cause I can treat him like my own. ). But I never ever kid about my kids bring a potentially deadly creature up to the house.

Anyway, I walked outside and asked him what the hell he thought he was doing.

Matt says "well, we was wonderin what kinda snake this is?" Now this kid is country as cornbread. And DEAD serious.

"a real one you idiot! why would you catch not ONE but TWO live snakes?"

"cause they were there I reckon, Brett caught 'em, I didnt, holler at him."

Now I wasnt hollerin. I really wasnt. I was trying to stress why he shouldnt have not ONE but TWO possibly dangerous snakes in his hands, ALIVE, without him getting scared and dropping one and it biting him, or Matt, or both.

"what have I told y'all about doing stupid crap?"
Brett says "not to do it?"
I said "why?" thinking one would be smart enough to say 'its dangerous' instead I get "cause we aint got no insurance and you are not dressed for the ER" from Matt.

I'll be damned they do listen.

Brett tells me, "but this one is dead" and he shakes it- its the one he is holding by the tail, its starting to curl up a little like a snake will do when they are dead. Or NOT dead.
I asked him if he was sure. He said, "well it should be, I done killed it twice."

I dont trust that its dead dead. But asked what he was gona do with the other one.
"I dont know, I didnt think that far after I caught it"
YEP! That I will belive.

he is holding this one by the mouth. Holding its mouth shut between his fingers.

Matt asked if they were poisenous. I said "I dont know, I'd have to look at the head.
Well BRett starts to move his hands around to show me the head. I made him stop. and told him to wait there.
I came in, to get the .22, something to put it in to shoot it and my camera.

Then I thought about it, and went back outside. Then I came back in to get the gun, the container and the camera again. Then I went and talked to BR. I had to wake him up. I told him he needed to get up and see if they were poisenous. He just looked at me. I walked back out, and looked at them again. I even brought one back in to show BR. (the dead one. I had no desire to get bit).

BR is a big ole boy, and can handle most anything. But he doesnt like snakes. at all. He didnt start freaking out, but he wasnt taking it from me either. matter of fact he was still in bed. Since its head was pretty much destroyed we couldnt tell much about it.

I went back out and looked at the nose of the one Brett was holding. Aunt Sonya asked if it might be a hog nose. I told her I thought it was. And I told went back in to BR and told him I thought it was a hognose. I asked what I should have him do with it.
"let it go I reckon, FAR, FAR away from the house"

I went back out and told Brett to take them back and let the living one go. It probebly wasnt venemous.
"can we"
"NO!, you are NOT keeping a snake. Forget it."

"what about the dead one?" Matt asked
"take it too, let the living one eat it"
"but it was attacking Darla"
"you just want me to let it go?"
"unless you want to hold it while I shoot it in the head."

Matt wanted to keep the dead one, make a hat band or something. I told him no. Off they went. With their prize.

Now I am used to them bringing home lizards, salamanders, scorpions, spiders, crawfish. But I KNOW I have told them to NOT pick up a snake. EVER.

They went back down in the woods. and an hour later I had to call them back up with the Truck alarm.

They said that Darla had found the first snake and had it in her mouth, it was trying to bite her and so they saved her. This is the one they killed. Then while they were looking at it, Matt saw the other one and Brett caught it. He wasnt going to till it puffed up at him like a cobra. ( we were right, it was a hognose, they do that) I dont doubt this. I have seen this kid catch a lizard in midair when it jumped from a tree to the ground or another tree. He cant catch a fly ball but can catch a lizard flying through the air in the blink of an eye.

I never did get a picture. I wish I had, but then again, I dont want them to think they did something good enough to document.

They ate lunch with us and then they left out again to play after giving me the 'reason' behind the snake catch. And this time they had Rayley in tow. They did come home empty handed. THats always nice.

My mother in law came over to visit for a few minutes and we were talking about the crosses on pine tree's this time of year. Its a really neat thing. and I told her that although I loved that, the dogwood and the sanddollar were my favorites. This hill I live on was nothing but dogwoods before I got it. But logging knocked most of them down, and those that lived were destroyed in the huricanne that never was.
She had never heard about a sand dollar, So we looked on the 'net for it. The kids got real interested, I need to find them one. They were enthralled. I remember having one when I was a kid. Well I had two. One for the flowers on the outside and the other was broken open so you could see he doves. I hope I dont have to drive to the beach to find one. But I need to get one for the kids.

Of course the whole time we were visiting Rayley kept wanting me to 'draw her a bath' cause she had 'fallen down in the mud'. Draw her a bath.. Great, I am raising Scarlett O'Hara.

I only have one more day to survive this spring break. I hope I make it. I think next year I am gona get me a bikini and go to Galveston beach or Padre Island. Pretend like I am a college kid.