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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yes, they were raised in a barn.

Well, it was a bad morning, but not cause of the kids. BR got home a little before my alarm went off. Anytime someone else screws with my alarm it messes me up.

He turned it off and told me to get up. I had it set for that 15 minute snooze. So I did. at 5:35 he woke me back up by thumping my forehead. Why he does this I will never know. but it doesnt make for a pleasant waking expeirience. I said that yes I was awake. He said he was going to bed, to get up. I grunted. and pretended to get up. He turned OFF the alarm. I woke up at 5:52. They were being picked up at 6.

I jumped up and started getting them up. Got their teeth brushed, made them get dressed, gave them their shoes and made sure they were wearing their backpacks. By then Bow was tuned up, so I sat back down with him and started nursing. Brett got in his daddy's chair and Matt at the other end of the couch. it had taken 6 minutes. At 6:07 my front door opened. my MIL came in and we were all asleep. She was afraid we were still asleep when the kids didnt come out when she drove up. The boys woke up and stumbled out. I made sure the door was shut and laid back down with Bow.

There was no disturbance till 8:30 when the princess woke up looking for food.

Today I was going to clean the house, my mom came over and said she would help. Really all I cleaned was the living room and kitchen. Mostly I needed to vaccuum. Which means taking apart the confounded contraption, cleaning it out and putting it back together. Then I push it for about 8 minutes and have to take it all apart again and start over.

Its so freaking agervating. Of course while I was cleaning the kitchen and had all the dishes washed up and was making sure everything was in the cabinets Rayley came in and wanted some chips. Had I not tried to clean the kitchen she would have never gotten hungry.

SHe has learned chinese or japanese or some ese. I guess its something she is watching at my moms, but she knows the name for slippers. konkashi or some such. She will walk around saying it. And she gets on a kick where she wants to be announced when she leaves her room. or she gets mad.

The boys came home around 3:40 and brought in chocolate cake. They gave Rayley a peice. about that time BR called and they all split. I have a phone that has a time counter on it. in the 12 minutes I was on the phone with him I had to get up 4 times and shut the door. Bow was asleep on the couch and everytime I moved it would come closer to waking him up. The last time I did wake him up. It made me so mad. Its not that hard to shut the door. Granted, it doesnt shut easily, you have to really push it, but its possible. It hasnt shut right since the time Rayley locked BR out and he had to break it down to get in. Boy was he pissed. called me at work and told me about it and then got mad cause I thought it was funny. and he hollered at me cause there was not a key in my truck, they were all in the house. Well, for one, he was home, so I didnt need a key, 2, we have NEVER locked our house. EVER. none of them we have ever lived in. and 3. They wernt lost, they were all bundled together with the free keychain that came with them. But none of this made sense to him. The fact that he had seen the key sitting on the same counter for over a year and had never put them on his own truck keychain was nonwithstanding.

Anyway, as the kids trecked back in one by one for what ever reason I would catch them and make them stay. If they couldnt shut the door I wasnt gona let them go out. I was trying to get Bow back to sleep and I hear "MAAATTTT, why'd you step on my cake?"
"cause it was on the floor" He said (this makes sense to me, even if it is my clean floor)
" SO, that doesnt mean you should step on it!" ( the question still begs to be asked, WHY was it on the floor??"

I had JUST cleaned the kitchen, swept the floor and even got down with a sponge and got the floor clean. WHY is there cake on the freakin floor? This is what they do to you when you clean. They wait 2 minutes and mess it up. Its not even worth it. If I hadnt cleaned it I could have given this child a 3 layer cake to tote and she wouldnt have tipped it once.

I ended up having to send Matt back out to fetch BRett, then 20 minute later setting off the car alarm to fetch them both. Matt brought me back a present. I think he thought it would keep him out of trouble. It was a wasp nest the size of a box of kleenex. only 1/2 of it was there. I asked him where he got it and his said "the woods" I knew that! I wanted to know if the other half was still out there!! But he wa proud of himself. And for once I was impressed with his findings. at least this is one I would like to keep!

he said no, it was just laying on the ground. But they would go back out and look. I told him no, they could look this weekend.

It is really neat. I will do something with it to make it more decrative. I have a hornets nest and a birds nest (complete with real eggs that never hatched). But neither one of those were found by the boys. They were my own discoveries.

Both boys were working off pure adrinaline tonight. I couldnt settle them down. And then my MIL came over and brought each one a soda and a bag of whoppers.
at 7PM on a school night. I dont let my kids have Sodas on a daily basis. EVER. Not cause its not good for them. its not good for me. Them and sugar is a mix I can live without.
I told them that no they couldnt have it, they hadnt even finished supper. SHe told them to save it till in the morning on the way to school.
No wonder they get in so much trouble at school. Talk about feeding a fire.

She visited for a little while and left. I went into the kitchen and found an empty wrapper. Come to find out it belonged to Rayley. I stared to get on her and she told me "but I gave the boys some too!" I looked at them.
Brett said "you said we couldnt open ours, not that we couldnt eat some"
Matt added."yea, and this way Rayley didnt eat a whole package by herself. She would be clinging to the ceilin if she did that!"
after her butt bustin for not minding and being sent to bed at 7:30 I am not sure she will be speaking to me tomorrow. Oh well. I went in there after I had sent her to bed to brush her teeth and she was sitting up watching a movie. I turned it off and boy did she throw a fit. I explained to her again, that movies are for good girls, and she wasnt being one. She informed me it was all my fault, cause she 'was the spittin image of me' I didnt bother to explain that meant looks, not attitude. She was asleep within 5 minutes.

They boys on the other hand were trying their hardest to stay awake. I got them all done and clean and lunhes made and sent them off. 4 minutes later Brett said his ear was hurting. I put some drops in it. 3 minutes after that Matt realized he had forgotten to take his lotradine. I gave it to him. Then they both had to pee.
THEN Brett came out and asked me to cut his fingernails. It breaks my heart to look at his hands. He got into the habit of biting them a few years ago and I searched high adn low for some of that antibite nail polish and couldnt find any. FInally the other day I spotted some. I grabbed it up and promptly painted BRetts nails.

He swore he could still bite them no matter what I did. I promised him that he wouldnt want to. sure enough he stuck a finger in his mouth and I have never seen so much spittin and hackin and general distaste in all my life. I got so tickled I couldnt help but laugh.

And we did them for about a week. And then baseball got kicked off and to be honest I forgot to paint them every other day like you are supposed to. I forgot until tonigt when BRett asked me to cut his nails. HE HAD NAILS!! I was thrilled!! I told him how proud I was of him and how good his hands looked. He asked me if I could repaint them, as he "felt the need to chew on them comin back since the feel so funny."
I told him I would gladly do it. I was trying to paint them and hold Bow. of course Bow thought it was a game and was batting at my hands like a kitten. so I got it on me. Luckily its clear.

Till I put a chip in my mouth about 2 hours later and licked the dip off my fingers.
OMG! I cant get the taste out of my mouth. AT ALL. I have drank, I have brushed, I have eaten. it just gets worse. and you cant wash it off either. This has to be the most God Awful stuff I have ever had the misfortune of getting anywhere near my tastebuds.

Now you might say "serves you right, for putting it on that baby" No, it serves me right for not paying better attention. Even after tonight , no ESPECIALLY after tonight, I would put it on him again in a heartbeat. This is a product that does work. And in 10 years he will thank me for it. :)


Karen said...

See now I always find food on the floor. And not food that fell there. Food that was put there because that's where they ate. I gave up keeping the food on the table years ago. I'm with baby-girl on this one. They should watch where they were walkin'!

maidto5 said...

LOL, honestly Karen, as long as its in the kitchen, I dont care. Sorta.

UNLESS I just cleaned the floor. I mean there is not even any germs down there to get immune to!! lol