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Friday, March 28, 2008

Hell hath no fury like a baby scorned.

We had baseball practice for Matts team tonight. They got home right at 4. We had to leave at 4:15. I got them in and made Matt change clothes. I had already dressed Rayley and Bow, and myself. I asked Brett to go and get my orange cooler. The kids need one in the dugout. I had Brett get it and told him to throw it in the truck, I was going to buy some ice for it and fill it up.

Brett had managed to change into his Team shirt and his cleats. He isnt practicin tonight. But insisted on wearing it.

Matt came out of his room with his SOCKS, BELT, and pants on. AND had his cleats in his hands. . I was SOOO impressed. he had put on his underarmour and wanted to wear his shirt. I told him to do the underarmor and we would think about the jersey. Then I looked, he was wearing his T shirt under it that he had worn to school. Sometimes I do worry about sending him out into the world. I try to prepare them, but I have a feeling I should type a 'care sheet' up as I go to give to anyone that runs into them. Just to make sure they know that the kids are not absolute mo-rons.

I couldnt complain much though, this is the first time that I have ever been able to say 'get dressed' and not have to tell him peice by peice. I went out to supervise the cooler transfer and Brett happened to open it.

I have a thing about coolers. I want them to be SPOTLESS. I want them PUT UP and NOT in the weather. NOONE in my family understands this. AT ALL. I also have a thing about tarps, BUT we wont get into that.

My cooler was GROSS! I didnt have time to dwell on it though. While I was outside trying to fiqure out what the hell had happened I looked up and coming around the back of the truck walking through the sand was Matt, wearing his BLACK socks. He wanted to know which foot his shoes went on. I asked him which ones he thought they should go on. He flopped them down where he thought they should go and with out even looking, I told him to switch them around, get his butt on the porch and put them on. Then he sat down, said "are you sure the E's go on the.... "

"YES! the outside. THEY GO ON THE OUTSIDE!"
"oh, guess I was wrong"
"did you take them exactly liek you had them and then switch them and put them on like I told you to?"
"No, I thought I was right, so I just put on what I picked out"
"thats what you get for thoughting, E on the outside. E on the outside"
"okay, I will."

I gathered up the kids, got everyone loaded and off we went. I had to stop by the cleaners and drop off their baseball caps to get them embrodried with their names. I got there and ran in, asking if they could get them done before Saturday when opening morning is. He said he could. I ran out and got their hats and asked Matt what he wanted written on his. Hoover or Matt. He picked Hoover.
Brett wanted 'Brett Byerly, Astros' I told him the star on the front represented the Astros and he didnt need that. He insisted he did. I didnt order it. I might take it back and get Byerly put on it. If he throws a fit. Or I might tell him that there is a letter limit. Depends on my mood.

I came back out and got in the truck, Brett wanted his hat. I told him I had to leave it. That is why I brought his allstar hat from last year.
"But it doesnt match"
"its black, same as the hat I turned in, same as your shirt"
"It has a J for Jasper, I am wearing an Astro's uniform!!"
"your Daddy wears a Carhartt shirt and a Peterbuilt cap. OR a John Deere Cap,"
"so, deal with it. live with it and SHUT up, I am on the phone with 411 and its voice activated."
So far I had been asked if I wanted 'carports', Peter Bill, and a fw others. I wanted CIRCLE 3 FEED! I swore it was in my phone, but it wasnt.hence the 4.00 ca;; to411-- I had to call the feed store. I was out of feed at home and it was 3 till 5. They close at 5. I finally got them and she promised she would be there for me to come in and get what I needed. There is a new lady working there and she doesnt know what I buy yet. Since I dont either and usually just walk in and say "I need 3 of what I buy" and she had no clue I really hoped I didnt make her mad! :)

they were there when I got there. And knew exactly what I wanted. I ran in and out, promisng next time to come early enough to bring in the brats.

Since we had an hour and a half to wait before practice started I decided to go to walmart. The kids grumbled but it was too bad. I'm the one with the licence.

In Walmart I ran into my sister in law. She was heading home and when she walked over to Bow he was coughing real bad. I hope he isnt getting the croup again. He sounds just awful, but its just a stuffy nose draining. and it isnt constant, but I agreed that it had gotten MUCH worse today. All the Dr will give is salt nasel drops. I have been doing that for a few days, and I think this is the worst of it. But we have to get over this hump.
She decided that he didnt need to be out in the wind tonight and honestly I agree'd. I had a bottle in the truck so she decided to take him to my MIL's house. His little eyes were watering he was coughing so bad. We met outside and made the switch. I rushed to ball practice and it felt so wierd.
Rayley was in heaven. 3 of the kids on Matts team have little sisters right around her age and they have grown up together. Brett took off to play with Matts team until they started the scrimage and I sat down.
Everyone wanted to know where the baby was. Even strangers. LOL

It felt really weird to sit down with nothing to do. No baby to have to hold, No Rayley wanting something, Neither boy wanting something out of the truck. I basked in the silence of NOTHING.
Then the phone rang. BR needed a 12 inch cresent wrench and could I pick it up on my way home. Yep. I will go by Lowes ( which is BESIDE walmart) on the way home.

Our Coach decided he didnt need me to keep score tonight, so I really did get to just sit back and enjoy. I did end up having to go and get something out of the truck once. WHen I got back everyone asked if I had seen what Matt did. OH HELL. no. I had missed it. He hit the ball. (WHOO-HOO!) I looked on base, he wasnt there. I had to ask.
Noone would tellme. Then one relented. He had gotten a good hit. and then froze. HE didnt RUN!

I walked over to the dugout to see what happened.

I said "matt I heard you got a good hit."
"why didnt you RUN?"
"well.. I hit the ball."
"I know, why didnt you RUN?"
"well you see, I paused."
"Matt you DONT pause in baseball. ANYTIME you hit the ball, ANY kind of contact, YOU RUN! They will let youknow if its a foul and send you back. I promise"
"I wont get called out for running on a foul?"
Its the obvious things that you dont think to 'teach' them. I take the blame for this. although since this is his second year I would have to think he should KNOW this by now!

I was standing there talking to him and walked down to the end of the fence. the dugout was a madhouse. So I started tellin boys to sit down, stay in order and all that, when a friend came running up with my phone and said "its suzi's work"

I awnsered it and she said "where the hell are you?"
is this a trick question?
"at the ballpark?"
"WHERE at the ballpark?"
I told her where in the ballpark I was. She said she was bringing me 'the kid'. I could hear my mother in law telling her where to turn. In walmart it was 'poor little sweet baby' and 'precious Bow' Now its 'the kid'
"whats wrong?"
"He hasnt stopped screaming since I got home."
"SERIOUSLY!!! Do you see my truck yet?"
"yep, just keep on coming"
I have NEVER seen someone throw out a kid that fast in my life. I am guessing its not time for him to be away from mom yet. They decided he was okay till he didnt hear my voice after a little while. He was perfectly happy when I walked up. I got him out and he was immediatly taken by Matt's last years teacher. She played with him and he jumped and squeeled and talked and laughed. We had about 45 minutes left and he played and talked and flirted the WHOLE time. Not even in my arms! heck half the time he was being passed around and couldnt see me. The wind had died down and I didnt feel as bad about him being out there. He coughed a few times, but nothing like he had been doing.
I think its a combination of a sinus infection and teething. both are snotty and he is living up to it.

BR said I would just have to wait to let him stay anywhere for any length of time. and apparently 30 minutes is a length of time. I bet Rayley was 10 months old before she stayed with anyone. The boys were about that way too. oh well, I tried.. LOL

We were getting ready to leave and Rayley walked up with a catapiller. one of the moms couldnt belive she was playing with it. Heck, I am just glad she hadnt eatin it or smushed it.

Brett wanted to bring some home. I told him NO!
We got loaded up and headed to Lowes. Of course they didnt have a 12 inch. They had a 10, they had a 15. but no 12. And my phone wouldnt work in there. I asked to use their phone. 'cause this can play out two ways.

1. I dont get the 15 because he wanted a 12 and the 15 somehow wont work. I end up getting told how stupid that is, he needed one BIGGER than the 10 he has at home, so ANYTHING bigger would do, He doestn care if its a 20. HE needs a wrench and that is why he told me to buy one.
and this means since I didnt get it we will go back tomorrow night and he will get the 15 and a few other things he MUST HAVE!.


2. I get the 15 and get told he DOESNT want one that big, if he had wanted the 15 he would have asked for the 15 and since he said a 12 that is what he wanted, and all that would work and then I would have to take the 15 back.

I called him. He didnt answer. thats about right.
SInce I have 4 kids trailing behind me, bouncing up and down, and getting on my nerve I made an executive decision. I bought the damn wrench.

As soon as I got in the truck I called him back.
"They didnt have a 12"
"what do you mean?"
"They didnt have one, the peg was empty"
"well (#(#*"
"yep", they did have a 15"
"Did you get it?"
Now you have to be able to read the infliction in the voice. exasperation as in "DID you get IT?" would be a clue to say "nope, you said a 12 and thats all I was willing to buy" BUT "Didja GET it?" would imply that he isnt happy but will settle for the bigger toy.

Luckily mine was the latter.
"well its awful big, I guess it will work. I really wanted a 12 though"
"I know, they were just out.. "
"well how much did it cost?"
"no shit?"
"no shit. Do you need me to meet you at an unload and give it to you?"
"naw, I only needed it on that one well, hell, I probebly wont need it for another week or so. Not till I get sent back to that well."

................... yep, I am speachless too.

I had to go to my grandfathers house to unload the feed, the horses are over ther right now, wintering on his grass.

Then I got home. at 8:50. I was bringing in a few things and managed to fall down the steps. I hit my shin pretty hard, but as bad as it hurt ( and as purple and swollen it is) it is nothing compared to what I did to my shoulder. I guess since I had my hand on the top of the railing of the porch and was gripping it I just wrenched it. It hurt so bad I couldnt even cut up the kids meat. My arm and hand were shaking somethin awful. And everytime I sat down I would get a kid coming by squeezing it as if to massage it. OR running into my shin. But the sqeezing was the worst. I have taken a few tylonol and put heat on it.
This is my whippin arm, I cant be with out it. Plus I have a 15 pound chunk o' lead to tote.

OH and he has skooched ALL over the floor today. I took out the coffee table and so he has some room. One time he was over on a play mat and decided he wanted me. I was playin on the computer and he wasnt fussin so I let him alone. next thing I know he is here at the couch and asleep on the floor! I guess as long as he can smell me he is fine! LOL

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Karen said...

I hate when I open the cooler and find a nasty mess. I've thrown out nice coolers cause I couldn't get the stench out of them and couldn't stand to drink a soda that was soaking in water that had traces of THAT in it.

But congrats on having a baby free evening. I let mine spend time alone with their grandma since the day I brought them home from the hospital, so they were always used to it and willing to go with her. They learned grandma would spoil them long before they could even say mama. Maybe next time you could send something that smells like you (your pillowcase or something) and he'd settle in better.