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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To buy or not to buy.

WHOO-HOO! school is BACK in session!

I woke them up this morning and they SOOO didnt want to get up! But they did. and they dressed themselves. And then they laid back down and fell back asleep. I had got them up with about 30 minutes to spare incase we had a meltdown. But it went suprisingly well.

Once they were gone Bow and I went back to sleep. We woke up a few hours later and Rayley came in here. Her first words are always "mom, whats for breakfast" and then "what am I gona wear today?"

I made her breakfast and then let her take a bubble bath. It got her out of my hair for a little while. When she got out she wanted to dress like her barbie. but with shoes. She has been on a barbie kick here lately. She only has one, but she constantly wants me to buy shoes for it. I am gona buy her some shoes for it for her birthday. Just something else to pick up with the vacuum, but at least then I can tell her she will never get barbie shoes again.

I did laundry all day and then cooked BR lunch. Rayley went to my moms for a little while. I tried a few times to get a shower, but each time Bow would somehow sense this with his 'I am gona be left all alone' sensor and would start to get upset. He has a slight cough so I dont want him screaming for the time it would take me to get a quick shower. The boys got home at 3:40, I told them to take turns holding Bow and getting dressed, we had to leave by 4:30. I had already found their baseball pants, belts, socks, and a t-shirt.

I ran and got a quick shower. I didnt even have the water adjusted good before Brett was in there. He was dressed, could he go out and play. I told him to put on a belt, his shoes, a cap and NO he couldnt but to find his glove.

First thing I did was shampoo. I am rinsing my hair and Matt comes in. WIll I make tuna fish before we leave so he can eat? I said NO, to eat a pork chop, and I peeked out. I told him to put his shoes on the right feet, turn his socks right side out, find a belt, zip his pants, and find a cap.

When I got done I went in there. Matt was still looking like a blind hobo, Brett was throwing a ball up and catching it, still barefoot and Bow was in a fresh diaper. and had peed around it. I told Matt his shoes were on the wrong feet still. He swore he had changed them. I am sure he did. He took both off, threw them down, picked them back up and managed to ptu them back on the same feet he started out on. We have told him time and again that the E goes on the outside.

I finally got them all rounded up, dressed, and in the truck. I looked over and told matt to put his shoes on the OTHER right feet. Bretts practice started first and I took him. I couldnt stay and watch cause Matt had to go to his. I headed over there about 45 minutes later. Both boys had a scrimage tonight. I had to keep the scorebook for matts. He got out of the truck and I reached down to tie his shoes. WRONG feet. and for some reason neither one of my boys are capable of tieing a bow that will stay. even a double knot wont stay. They can tie up anythng else in the house and I have to cut it off, but cant tie their shoes. I think this is why Matt likes boots so well. I KNOW it is. I mean he Loves boots, the whole cowboy thing, and really wants some lace up boots, but refuses to have any cause he has to tie them.

He did real well. He was really driving the ball. He got a few foul balls hit. He was making good contact.And he hit a line drive and got his slow butt to second base. When he hit it he was so suprised that he just stood there. I had to scream at him to run!! Last year he only made contact twice. And they were dribblers. He was thrown out before he got half way. He made the first score of the night too. This was also a first for him. He even managed to make some good plays. I am still aprehensive of him playing short stop, but he did pretty well. He isnt scared to chase the ball and knows how to be a cut off man.

He just worries me cause you never think he is paying attention. I guess I dont give him credit for knowing a little.

The only mess up was when he caught the ball and was supposed to tag the runner. the runner ran around him and he was momentarily lost. Then he gave chase. chased the kid plumb to the pitchers mound. But by then he was already called out.
His second time up he hit 4 foul balls, then swung at a bad pitch. But he was on cloud nine the rest of the night. I am really thinking that NOT being on the same team as Brett is working in his favor. He is doing his best and not just standing back and letting Brett shine.

And Brett is NOT shining. His coach told me that he didnt bat real well. He only tipped the ball once. When we got in the truck I asked what was wrong. He said that the ball was coming at him wrong. Then it dawned on me. BR throws left handed. Brett is used to that, not a right handed pitcher. This could be a major problem.

It was 8 before we left the park. I still had to go to walmart. Both boys were bundles of energy the whole time. And of course they were starving so they wanted everything in sight.
Matt asked me why I wouldnt buy him cereal in a box.
Brett said "yea, you only buy that rooster cereal, and wont let us put sugar on it"
I told them there was a good reason for that.
"cause it will make us hyper?"
"Nope, cause then you will like it, and wont want to eat anything else"
"well thats okay, we get the good stuff at Me-Me's and Marmies"
"yep, AND they put sugar on it too!"
I just told them if they didnt like my cereal to not eat it anymore. It wouldnt hurt my feelings!

They wanted me to make them hamburgers tonight, and BBQ, and chicken nuggets. I told them I had pork chops at home.
"we had those when we got home from school"
"good, then you know you like them"
"mom, at school they told us we shouldnt have that much meat in one day, its not the pyramid."
"fine, eat a salad"
"but you never eat a salad as a meal."
"nope, I aint no rabbit"
"ohhhh that sounds good, can we have rabbit"
"cause I aint got none, and dont plan on hunting one tonight, plus I thought you wernt supposed to have meat again"
"I just told you that so you would make something differnt"
"it didnt work did it?"
"If we promise to be good will you?"
"will I what?"
"make us something else?"
"sure, I'll make you go to bed hungry"
"so is there gravey for the porkchops?"

thats what I thought. I guess they think I can wiggle my nose and a new meal will be waiting on us.

We drove up to the house at 9:45. This is over an hour past their bedtime. I asked if they had homework, Brett said no, Matt couldnt remember. I didnt care. I am not going to keep them up for another hour doing homework. I am just not. Its not like I kept them out so I could hit the bars or anything. But a stiff drink would be nice. I just dont think Bow would benefit from it.

We unloaded all the groceries and Rayley even helped us put them up. She would get something out of a bag and tell me or the boys where to put it. If we left a cabinet door open she would throw a fit. I swear this child has OCD. she refuses to leave a door open or a lid off. I guess thats good. Till you are trying to put up groceries or cook. And then when she comes behind you closing everything it gets real annoying.

I finally got the kids in bed at 10:40. They had to eat and get a quick bath. thats a full 2 hours past their bedtime. I dread waking them up in the morning. I reckon I will be getting phone calls from their teachers tomorrow. Matt told me today that he fell asleep at recess. Of course this is my kid that will fall asleep ANYWHERE, doing anything. I have seen him fall asleep standing up, on the pot, while eating, in the tub, the shower, while playing hide and seek, EVERYtime we get in the truck adn drive more than 3 miles. and this has been in the last month.

We start our ballgames on Saturday. ANd I think that they play at the same time. I sure hope not. But I am afraid they do. I dont know how in the hell I am going to work that.


Karen Rucker said...

How nice that Mat had a chance to shine. Good for him. I almost always make my kids sign up for things together. They take the same music lessons, and the same swim lessons and swim team, even though he's in high school and she's in middle. And they go to the same camps in the summer. But it's getting harder as they get older. There's more stuff to do that they want to do on their own. When the little two start signing up for stuff, I'll have no time that isn't in a car.

maidto5 said...

LOL you are right! :) We live out of the truck during baseball season. I am glad they are on seperate teams. Its hard, there is no doubt, but Matt needs to be out of his brothers shadow. They were raised as twins, and everything thinks they are. But we all forget Matt is a year behind. He isnt NOT GOOD at stuff, he is just a year behind.

At least mine are both boys though. You will be doing all kind of stuff for each one! ACK!