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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I wana talk about ME-------

this blog is all about me.
Just kidding. although it should be. I decided the other night that I wanted to have nails again. I have had nails since I was in highschool. I couldnt afford to go and get them done, so I learned how to do them myself. For the most part I always had them. There were a few months off and on where I would just get tired of doing it, so I'd let it slide. then I would have to do them again.

Well, the other night, I decided that I didnt like how my hands looked. I wanted nails and was going to do them. I dug out all my stuff and then played mommy for another 4 hours. I eventually went to bed. My nails wernt done. I hadnt even finished cleaning the kitchen.
I was laying there and I decided I was going to do them. It was 12:03. BR asked where I was going. I told him. He said "at midnight?" yep. I will do them tonight, and paint them tommorow as we are driving to ball practice.
He just laughed. So, I got up and did them. I filed, I filled in, I worked on them and only got interupted twice. Once when Rayley woke up and once when Bow did.

Not my best work, but since I hadnt done them since I had Bow 18 months ago, it wasnt bad. before I got pregnant with Bow I used to change them with the seasons. Decorate them for which ever holiday was coming up. It was pretty good work. But since Bow I havent really cared. Just been in a funk I guess.

I did get one coat on, right before I drove to the ballpark. I didnt do it earlier that morning because BR decided that we had to build fence again. So I worked with him for a few hours.

It has taken me 3 more days to get enough coats on them that they are right, and to get the top coat on. They are drying as I type.

Bow is down for a nap, and I refuse to clean right now.

We had out last meeting for the banquet last night. I think we will have a pretty good turnout. My family has all bailed on me. Noone is going, but that is okay, BR and I will go and so will the boys. Amanda volunteered to keep the youngest two. Which helps, becuase I didnt know what to do with them. I wont be asking anyone to keep them. It makes it hard to do some things, but I dont want to be that person. the one who always dumps her kids off. I can deal with them at the ballpark, grocery shopping and other things. Its not alwys easy, but I can handle it. Nothing has been said, but seeings how instead of hearing "why dont you drop them off here" I hear "Why dont you make someone else volunteer at the school, or keep the books, or do so and so, because I am sure its hard to do it with a toddler and a preschooler".
Of course, when these same people ask me why they dont ever SEE the kids, I will tell them simply "we have plans for that day" because it never fails, they only seem to have time for them when I have plans for us, or when BR is off.

Now, I will admit, my grandfather always asks me to let him keep them. But I just feel so guilty leavng them there. Baseball runs late, and its hard to keep up with Bow. Much less Rayley.

Anyway. since God never gives you more than you can handle, I reckon he thinks I can handle it. Or he gets a kick out of watching steam come out of my ears.

BR has been working alot lately, and he wont get to this game tonight either. I hate it, both boys are supposed to pitch. I wish he could get to see them.

After I did my nails the other day Matt said "why did you do that?"
"cause they are pretty, and they make ME feel pretty"
"but didnt it hurt to take your nails off and put those on?"
"yep. sure did...."

I just wish I could cut my own hair. that way I wouldnt have to fiqure out how to get it done. That is one thing that you cant do with a toddler and a 4 year old. Honestly. But, I guess I can just grow it back out. I can cut my own bangs, and long strait hair is easy to trim. I will miss the short cute bob. I enjoy having it. But I never can find a way to get it cut, so its more frustration that anything.

well shoot, here I said it wouldnt be all about me and it is.

Let me change that.

On Saturday I was 'blessed' with this.

I think its a hoot owl- just a baby. It couldnt fly, woulnt eat, and would just 'pop' its beak at you. It never offered to bite, and was very gentle.

Just for clarification, I no longer have it. Its illegal to havea bird of prey in your possesion in Texas. And honestly, I dont want the darn thing. It would kill my chickens.

Sunday we went to practice.

thats Brett pitching and Matt on short stop.

I forgot Bow's harness. And BR was helping on the field, so I was chasing him like a run away mule. HE wasnt being bad, he just wanted out on the field with the big boys to play ball.

Then I remembered the rope in my truck.

He wasnt happy. But didnt cry, he is used to it for the most part.

Plus he could play with Rayley.

Till she got tired of him messing up her 'drawins'

so next thing I know, Bow is off again.

And he knows that I will step on the trailing end when he is running. So he gathered it all up and took off with it.

I took him in the dugout and tied him. then he got a helmet, and headed out to the field. He didnt get far, but it was cute.

I also remembered that I have to get that teachers poem finished up. I have just not been in a creative mood lately. I will have to think about it.

Oh and Matt lost his bat again. We have no clue where its at. They cant imagine, and I am NOT happy. That thing is expensive. And Matt cant just pick up any bat and use it. We bought that one because the ounces and length is right. Stupid as it sounds, an ounce makes a huge differnce in batting.

Yesterday I got an email that was supposed to be here the night before. Changing the time for our last NRA banquet meeting. It was 3:30 and I had to be on the other side of town by 5. I needed a shower, and BR was at work. He called me in the meantime and I asked him what time he was coming home. He had about 4 more hours of work. Rayley was taken care of. She had been asked to go to Amanda's for the night since she was off work. But there were 3 more, and I couldnt take them with me.
BR actually called me back and said "I'll come home, watch the kids and then go back out to work"
I thought that was very sweet of him. Plus he got the incubator that I have had in storage for YEARS, out and cleaned up and we are trying to get it stabilized so we can incubate some eggs.

ANd none of it was a dream. I swear. The incubator is still in the middle of my living room. Oh and I cant vacuum, cause they broke the belt when they tried to use it to clean it up some...

oh and I dont know if I showed you these.

this is my pig. Pork Chop. Not to be confused with the hogs we have down by the chickens. Pork Chop is a Pot Bellied pig, I got him when he was 3 weeks old and I was in High School.

When BR and I first started dating he said that he would never allow a dog in the house.

SO I said "what about a pig"

well, he didnt think I was serious.

That is why I usually get THIS look now....

ANyway, he married me. and my pig. Pork Chop did live in the house for a few years. Till he and his companion got too big. Shortly after I got me the pig, I got BR a Bull Mastiff His name was Jake. They were the best of friends.

And when we went off to Lousianna when Matt was 3 days old, for him to start pipelineing or doing fiber optics or something, I had to leave my baby and Jake behind. We lost Jake shortly there after. But Pork Chop is still at my Mother in Laws. We had built him a pen and I dont have a fence to keep him in here. The only pasture I have, is beside the highway, and I am so scared that he would get out and get hit.

He is nigh on 15 years old. But he still loves his momma.

And since then we have had dogs in the house.
Heck, I have kids, and honestly, the dogs are cleaner, aside from the hair. But they do clean up some of the messes the kids make when they are eating... They almost earn their keep.