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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bow's mind at work

BR and I were talking to Bow the other night- He was carrying on a pretty mature conversation- and honestly, he tickles us to death. and I was asking him all kinds of questions.

Well, I asked him "are you an idiot?"
SO, BR asked him "do you know what an idiot is?"
"A" (this is yes to him... I dont know why,...)
"whats an idiot?"
"BRETT" he says- plain as day and with undying confidence.
"But what does the word 'idiot' mean?" BR asked again
"It means BOYS" he said.


Later we were in the bedroom and he loves to point out the letters in the brands that are burned into my bed and dresser and such- its old barn wood with old brands burned into it.

He has decided that 'B' is the best letter- cause its in two of his names.

So, he found the rocking B brand, and pointed it out- Then said "there is no "w" written on your bed"

Absentmindedly I said "oh Iam sure there is- but even if there isnt its okay- you know what a W is."

ABout 5 minutes later he said "Me dots an idea" "its a dood un"

I said "an idea? - about what?"
"the duba U's not on you bed"
"ahhhhh- okay- "
"wanna hear it?"
uhhh I guess.. "sure baby, what is your good idea?"
"we take you knife, taus daddy dint div me un yet, and we tarve duba U's in you bed~!! Den, we tan take a wighter dat you uset to use, and burn the tarving"


"pease? you needs some duba Us!! I tant spell B O duba U wif out dem."

"NO! maybe we can talk daddy into making us a W brand and we can brand your letters into the bed somewhere"

"otay- but dat mite take a while- him dont know how to make a brand- dis would be quicker"

UGGGGGGG Luckily I did look up and see a W on my dresser- SO, I sent him over there to find it- He did. and was thrilled- Now I just hope he doesnt start looking for the o......

And today- he has fiqured out that he can send just about anything out of his cross bow as a projectile.

For Christmas he got a toy crossbow and some sticky arrows that came with it. Well, he has since lost the arrows- occasionally he will find one and shoot it for a few hours, but eventually he will loose it again, or the big kids will take it all away from him and loose it.

So, Today he found out he could shoot a pencil out of it. that was innocent enough- it looked like an arrow he said- THen it was on to crayons. he would run around saying "I ooting a cayon at you!" I made him stop.

occasionally he will find something that wont shoot out of there- and you will hear him holler "nope! dont ork!! 'et me ind umfin else'

THEN, he put a cheeseball in there, and it flew across the room like a scalded cat. This entertained the kids so much that it took every ounce of willpower I had to restore calm and order to the house again.

I just had to take the entire appuratas away from him when he found a double A battery fit in the groove PERFECTLY and was fixing to launch it at his sisters head.

Monday, May 23, 2011

whats up with the stupid questions

My question of the day:

Posed by Brett- "why dont we get an allowence?"

My answer "Because this is a household, not a welfare state- here you have to contribute to exist and we exist to contribute, if you would LIKE to earn money, then I will be happy to give you a job that is above and beyond your chores- the things we all do to sustain life in our home- something that will take responsibility off of me. THAT is how you get money- by EARNING it. "

Now, I am not trying to start a debate or discussion on if a kid should be handed an allowence or earn it, if they should do chores above and beyond their current chores to get money or if they shouldnt have chores at all- I am just stating what happens in MY house. and more than likely why my children hate me compared to the 'cool parents' of their friends.

Just like this skeet shoot my boys are going on- Its a 20.00 entry fee. I know their chances of getting in trouble and not getting to go is pretty high- And I know they wont work as hard to do well if I pay for it.

SO, I made THEM give the their entry fee- I will in turn give them each their entry fee BACK when they leave here, AND 10.00 in spending money, IF they do get to go, AND they practice every day before they leave. IF they wish to take MORE than 10.00- they will need to earn it.

Now, my boys, being the kids they are really think I will not remember this deal,
But, they are sorely mistaken. I will NOT give them back their 20.00 if they dont practice, and will not reimburse them if they get grounded and are not able to go.

So far, this method just makes me the bad guy and mean and hateful and makes them want to move out and never see me again- BUT- maybe it will teach them life lessons, so when they DO move out, they will pay their own way and not come to me constantly or worse, the goverment.
And if it doesnt, at least I was able to get a little work out of them while they lived here.

Today has been an excersize is extending my patience- Brett is doing pursuasive writing. The child who refused to eat pizza for years because he thought it would make it too easy on me has decided he cant write in favor or opposition of something.

This child would argue with a fencepost and knock if over when he found out it was right- but cant come up with a single opinion as to why someone would want to live in the country instead of the city. PUULLLEEASSEEE

He argues with everyone, about everything, and never shuts up- yet he cant come up with a cohensive paragraph about why he wouldnt want to live in Colonial America.
This child is a TRUE Byerly. He isnt truely happy unless he is pissed about something.
At times his happyness seems to stem from the misery that he can inflict on others.

And Rayley just actually asked me "what do they mean by 'circle the correct answer'? "


Today, I said "lets get started on school-" and while I was cleaning the living room, kitchen, and doing laundry Matt is walking around picking up- folding blankets, picking up trash- THings they will not do if I hold a hot iron to their feet. THEN, I was sitting helping Brett and heard dishes being washed- Matt was in there washing them. I hadnt given them a single chore- he just didnt want to do schoolwork THAT badly!

And Brett decided to argue with me that I was wrong to cross out his answer and tell him to redo it.
The problem:
there are 4 people in line behind you, 7 people in front of you- how many people are in line? (the answer is NOT 11)

well he wrote 11 anyway- THIS is what I deal with on a daily basis- look at the rules, and then break them. because obviously they DONT apply to YOU. Right?

well this was 30 minutes of me telling him "think about it" "use crayons and draw a picture" "use common sense Brett" "no the book is NOT wrong, YOU are" "draw lines on a peice of paper and COUNT them" He still just said "well I will write 12 because you OBVIOUSLY think its the correct answer adn thats the ONLY way you will let me move on to the next page"

Like its my fault he doesnt read directions- or comprehend them. OR accept when he is WRONG- OMG- BUT he wont write an argument for or against planes and cars.

Matt has been slightly quiet today- THANK GOD- He has been doing geometry. which he loves, But he gets sooooo distracted- ≅ had him lost as a goose for quite a while. when I excplained what cungruent was he said "so they could just use an = sign and be done with it?"

"YEP" "but its math- they try to make it AS complicated as they can." LOL

Wait till I start trying to teach him Algebra- I cant imagine how fun that will be-

So far today they have induced a miagraine AND a feverblister- I cant wait for tomorrow!!