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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bow's mind at work

BR and I were talking to Bow the other night- He was carrying on a pretty mature conversation- and honestly, he tickles us to death. and I was asking him all kinds of questions.

Well, I asked him "are you an idiot?"
SO, BR asked him "do you know what an idiot is?"
"A" (this is yes to him... I dont know why,...)
"whats an idiot?"
"BRETT" he says- plain as day and with undying confidence.
"But what does the word 'idiot' mean?" BR asked again
"It means BOYS" he said.


Later we were in the bedroom and he loves to point out the letters in the brands that are burned into my bed and dresser and such- its old barn wood with old brands burned into it.

He has decided that 'B' is the best letter- cause its in two of his names.

So, he found the rocking B brand, and pointed it out- Then said "there is no "w" written on your bed"

Absentmindedly I said "oh Iam sure there is- but even if there isnt its okay- you know what a W is."

ABout 5 minutes later he said "Me dots an idea" "its a dood un"

I said "an idea? - about what?"
"the duba U's not on you bed"
"ahhhhh- okay- "
"wanna hear it?"
uhhh I guess.. "sure baby, what is your good idea?"
"we take you knife, taus daddy dint div me un yet, and we tarve duba U's in you bed~!! Den, we tan take a wighter dat you uset to use, and burn the tarving"


"pease? you needs some duba Us!! I tant spell B O duba U wif out dem."

"NO! maybe we can talk daddy into making us a W brand and we can brand your letters into the bed somewhere"

"otay- but dat mite take a while- him dont know how to make a brand- dis would be quicker"

UGGGGGGG Luckily I did look up and see a W on my dresser- SO, I sent him over there to find it- He did. and was thrilled- Now I just hope he doesnt start looking for the o......

And today- he has fiqured out that he can send just about anything out of his cross bow as a projectile.

For Christmas he got a toy crossbow and some sticky arrows that came with it. Well, he has since lost the arrows- occasionally he will find one and shoot it for a few hours, but eventually he will loose it again, or the big kids will take it all away from him and loose it.

So, Today he found out he could shoot a pencil out of it. that was innocent enough- it looked like an arrow he said- THen it was on to crayons. he would run around saying "I ooting a cayon at you!" I made him stop.

occasionally he will find something that wont shoot out of there- and you will hear him holler "nope! dont ork!! 'et me ind umfin else'

THEN, he put a cheeseball in there, and it flew across the room like a scalded cat. This entertained the kids so much that it took every ounce of willpower I had to restore calm and order to the house again.

I just had to take the entire appuratas away from him when he found a double A battery fit in the groove PERFECTLY and was fixing to launch it at his sisters head.

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Miss Donna said...

I am so glad that you started blogging again! I love your blogs and all the goings on at the Byerly household.