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Sunday, June 5, 2011

summer is here- where is the AC??

Whew its HOT- and DRY

Last week was pretty normal or at least normal for around here-
My Sister and Brother in Law took the kids to the lake last weekend to swim. And Brett decided to fish-

Not a bad fish- He wanted to have it mounted-

Luke did say that Bow was about as heardheaded as they come- I agreed. Come to find out- he asked for a hotdog. So, they all got out of the water and got hotdogs and chips, Bow ate his chips and Luke wouldn't let him go back to the water until he ate the hotdog. So, it became a contest of wills. Luke won.

Later Bow told me he wanted to take Petey to the lake next time- I asked why-
"so he can bite uncle 'ukes fingers off when he gets mean"

The boys had an Archery Tournament this weekend about 5 hours away and there as a fishing tournament that our 4-H club was supposed to work- SO- I ended up working it with Rayley, while the boys went with some of our other adult leaders to the tournament.

It was HOT at the lake- To the point of feeling the much needed moisture leaving your body and drying instantly in the heat. There was no such thing as 'cooling' off. Well, Until Rayley and a few of the other 4-H kids that were working found the perfect place to get out of work AND heat. They went to the Lake to 'get their feet wet'...

I said "fine, but DONT get your capri's wet" So- about 45 minutes later, one of the boys comes up to us and says "Look~!" it was the biggest muscle we had ever seen. His mom asked "where did you get that?"
"the girl with the pink hair found it"

Ahhhhh yep- that would be my daughter- SO- I went down to take her picture with it, and her pants are SOAKING wet.

I really didnt care- it was hot.

But truthfully, I figured without the boys I wouldn't have to deal with any critters. NOPE- I was wrong- we had to break it open to see if there was a pearl inside.

there wasn't. but it was still pretty-

After she played down there another hour or two she came back up to where we were working and was SOAKING wet. from head to toe- So I had to run her home to change clothes.

Then we went back for the dinner and auction- I was serving the food, and the 4-H kids were showing off the items for auction. It was a great night, and they raise alot of money for different organizations- us, CASA, little league and a few others I think.

The boys did pretty good- they sent me updates through out the day-

Hoover scored a 188 out of 360 and Brett a 146. I don't think that's bad for their first time out- and more importantly, they only lost ONE arrow... ONE. That's pretty good - considering they were shooting at lifesize targets, from a small javalina to a large deer, and only one arrow got away- Heck, here I have seen them shooting at a 2X2 foam block and miss it and we NEVER find the arrow...

Today I am wore out- I was in the sun from about 9am till it went down yesterday- then for a few more hours. And amazingly enough- I have the most awful headcold. its killing me! yesterday alone I took about 8 benadryls, in about 6 hours. And honestly, this heat just makes it worse. Its so hot and humid you cant take a deep breath.

This morning after about 5 hours of sleep I got up and stumbled to the coffee pot, then stumbled to my medicine cabinet. Took down two pills and swallowed them. right about cup of coffee number two, I realized I had taken nyquil instead of dayquil. So I quickly drank the rest of that coffee, and the rest of the pot and then made another pot.

Somehow, amidst all the trips to the bathroom, I still fell asleep. Only to wake to the phone ringing-

My grandmother in law wanted to buy a new AC unit today- and my Mother in law wanted me to install it. Oh and drive to get it. I asked what time? She said "oh around 10ish is good" - Okay- no problem. TILL I hung up and realized it was 9:16- It had been almost 8 when I fell asleep I guess-

Now, in her defense, noone expects me to be sleeping at nine- I am usually up and dressed well before.

So I got Rayley up, she was up with me till after midnight, and told her to get dressed- Bow was still with my mother in law, who had SOOOO graciously offered to keep him the night before-

Now Princess Whinesalot is indecisive and bitchy on GOOD days, on days when she is tired, sunburned and just plain wore out- she is MISERABLE.

But we finally got ready and left- Picked up my mother in law and Bow, who has lost his boots- a solid week since we saw them. I have NO clue where they could be- but they are GONE, and we headed to town.

Have I mentioned how HOT it is?

Well, putting in an Air conditioner in a house that one is not working in- is TWICE as hot. Cause you are already NOT getting cool air, and then your WORKING on top of being HOT. I don't like it when my skin cries. at all. And its been crying ALOT here lately.

See, in my world, when something leaks, its not good. water trough leaking? gotta plunk down 100.00 or two on a new one.

water faucets leaking? the bill is gonna be 80.00 higher AND you get to plumb.

Soda leaking? your gonna get sticky.

gas tank leaking? fire is immanent.
and you are wasting liquid gold.

you get my drift.
So, when my skin leaks I take this as a VERY bad sign. VERY bad. I hate to see anything cry- but especially my skin.

I am not attractive with a 'glow'- I am red, and sticky and cranky.

So, basically, I just HATE to sweat. PERIOD. BR says he is gonna bottle it- cause its sure to cure cancer as rare as it is...

I have heard its good for you- well, I have also heard housework wont kill you- Honestly, I'd rather not take the chance on either one if noone minds.

SO anyway- Off to Lowes we go- where by the way, they have a ban on ecigarettes. They wont even let their employees vape on break out of eyesight of customers- Luckily I am not an employee.....

Anyway- into Lowes I go- armed with the sizes of the window and the room- and there I am met with a selection of a whole whopping 7 units.
I can get the 89.99 one that will cool off a closet- if its already 70. and the fancy smchmancy one that promises to cool in winter and warm in summer, or something like that and costs 800.00.

I decided to cut it in half. Just normal, nice middle of the road ac unit.

I think I done good. Now, just on a side note- do you know what a medium to large window unit weighs? like poundage wise? you would think, since they sit so precariously on that little window ledge that they were not that heavy.... you are indeed incorrect. Not only are they heavy, they are not balanced.

SO, I pick up this thing that I swear weighs at least as much as me- and put it on the cart. cause, I am at Lowes- the only one they have in stock in the size I want is on the FLOOR, under 3 others- AND The only time I got asked if I needed help was when I was buying a phillips screwdriver... seriously.

10 people walk by two women looking at boxes as big as a small car, saying "should we get this one? or this one?" and just walk faster- I am fighting with a peg wall that will not let the last package of disposable screwdrivers loose and I have 2 men walk by and say "can I help you with something?"...

Uhhh NOPE- I got this.

So, we pay, and then push or rather pull this elephant in a box out to the truck. you know, my pretty white dually, 4X4... the one that is fairly tall?? yeah- that one. RIGHT after we get it thrown in the back, a guy drives by and hollers out the window "y'all were just too quick for me! I was gonna help you!" -

You couldnt honk? or holler?

Now, dont get me wrong, we werent struggiling- we didnt look like two squirells pushing a coconut up a tree or anything, so maybe the casual observer wouldnt know it was slightly heavy.

SO, we arrive at my grandmother in laws. I get the box, pick it up (luckly its at chest height now) and go up her 5 steps, and through two doors- Her hollering at me- "CHELLE- LET ME HELP YOU!!" Naw- no broken hips today please- :)

I get it inside, and get to take OUT the other unit- this one was put in by a man. who actually used EVERY screw that came in the box and safety harness to install the dang thing. there was NO pushing it out the window. I had to take out 8 screws and break off 3. what man uses all the screws that come in a package? Seriously.... And I KNOW he had to read the directions to figure out where they all went... which again seems quite odd..

So, I tossed the old unit out the window, and wrassled the new one in. and to be honest, even if they could have helped me, its not a two person job. its just almost too big for one person. It wasnt as quick as all that- it was a slight fight- I mean there were SCREWS all in it, but within 30 minutes it was gone and I was installing the new one. Anyway- I got it all set in there, put in the screws, and Voila- Cool air is SOOOOO nice!!!

looking back, it wasnt so heavy- and it really wasnt a hard job by any means- its just tooo dang hot to be doing ANYTHING- Especially after you stayed out all night-

But now my boys are home, Bow is back and Rayley has others to bitch at- AND about- So- I am fixing to cook supper in anticipation of BR getting off work and enjoy my recliner.

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