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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Toys in babyland

Well, today was spent cleaning. I got up and got everyone some breakfast, then I cleaned the kitchen, made sure BR wasnt going to take a shower just then and started laundry. I did 8 loads today. Well, the kids saw that Ace Ventura was on in my room, and they gravitated to my bed, where BR is still ailing. I walked through and told them, the cleaning was to start or they could kiss it all goodbye.

They reluctently started. 10 minutes into it, Brett and Matt got in a fight, so Matt went to help Rayley. They picked up. and moved most stuff to the edges. NOT clean. And BRett decided he needed to eat. He wasnt hungry while watching TV, but all of sudden he was too weak to walk. I told him lunch would be ready at noon, keep working, I wasnt waiting all day to bag up the toys.

They got done, Matt got mad at Rayley and went back to his own room. SO they called me in. There was trash in the toy bins. I explained that any trash meant it was ALL trash. So they started again. 2 hours later, they were done. In the mean time Rayley decided that she was not willing to clean, so I started bagging her stuff. She just stared at me. saying she could care less.

Then the boys were done again. I said, "so what wierd things did you find under your bed" they both started to cry. "we didnt know you meant under the beds too!!"
Like I have ever told them to IGNORE what was under the bed.

11 hours later they were done. and had brought out 2 sheets FULL of clothes. I was one load from being done, and had asked for dirty clothes all week. So I told them this was THEIR responsibility. As of 8:50, they have two loads left to wash, one in the wash and one in the dryer.

They also started back with a slight tempeture rise. I doped them up. and they were not feeling badly until I had felt them and told them they were warm and asked them to take their temp. Then they felt awful. So I made them finish.

BR was STILL sick. I am knocking on wood that Bow and I have managed to miss it. I dont know what to credit. With me, I fiqure it cause God knows that I cant get sick, and with him... I fiqure its cause he has ate enough non food items to build his immune system. Plus, I cant wean the little leach.

Anyway, nothing funny happened today, The kids mostly whined and cried. But I did find a cool widget over on Tara's Blog.

So while I was loading it I decided to check out my counter. It is really jumping here lately, and I cant tell you how proud I am. I am sure that very few of you come back again, but some do, and THank you!

But, I did check out the search engine thing. (statcounter.com) is where I have one of my counters, there are some cool features, and you can get a free version. (I LOVE free)

so, I will do another instalment of 'how you got here'. (these blog posts just write themselves... )

lally kally
Yep, they are STILL a rip off!

ants biting stick people games

Yes they do, 'specially if they are fire ants, but I dont know of any games with stick people and ants. I have seen my kids poke an ant hill with a stick though...
and thanks for reminding me, its time to dope around the house again. I dont want the fire ant wars I had last year. But I really dont recommend that you poke a stick at them, or make a game out of anything with ants.

lally cally shoes
Again, no matter how you spell it, there are a rip off.. Who the heck spends 80.00 for a kids shoes? Seriously? I can outfit all my kids for 80.00 or one kid for a year.

needless facts
BY GEORGE, you have came to the right place for needless facts.

legs between her own nurse
Because it would be rude to put your legs between someone else's nurse?

a miracle drug. I have a couple of kids who would NOT have lived if it wernt for this amazing creation of modern medicane.

Which one? Rita or Ike? Either way, they dont exist because they didnt hit New Orleans. Am I a little bitter? damn skippy. You dont see Hollywood doing benifits for the people who lost everything to these huricannes do you? heck, bet you didnt know that Rita was the WORST huricanne ever. Both by size and monitary damage. happend a few weeks after Katrina. Ask someone who lives in Bridge City or Sabine Pass about Katrina and they will tell you to kiss their homeless rear.

soapapia cake
You can make a CAKE from Soapaias? seriously? OMG. I have to find one..

ants in closet
Yep, in the closet, in the wardrobe, in the cabinets, the light switches, the AC, the plants, the walls, you name it, I have had fire ants EVERYWHERE!!

black eyed peas peas fireworks
We just call them peas, but yes, peas and fireworks, thats the rule on New Years. Isnt it for everyone? dont forget the cabbage

is there a fast food ban in the monroe township in new jersey?
I dont have a clue. I have never been there, but I wouldnt doubt it, this country is becoming more and more socialist.. If there is, I feel sorry for them folks. Never getting to run in and grab a quick pizza? or juicy hamburger and onion rings.. thats just UNAmerican...

dress up dress washed
yes, they do need washing. usually often if you have a chld like mine. Of course hers are all tafita or satin, so its HARD to do.

legs between her nurse
See I dont know where this is going. And I am not sure nurses are real keen on this..

Do you REALLY want me to get on that rant again? We have them ALL in this house. Its like an epidemic...

mama always told me life is like a box of chocolates

Yep. you never know what your gona get.. Usually I get those nasty coconut ones.. BLECH!

ohhhhh uuummmmm, I still have some juice.. of course I still have a few things of jelly left too. if we had some good bread and not this wheat crap, I'd make a PB&J!
But I brought home a loaf of real good white bread, and it was GONE in less than 4 hours.

mama say life is like a box of
I quote this ONE time....

delonghi tara said
Okay, I do have a friend named tara, but I dont know if she is delonghi or not. I will be honest, I dont know what this is... and I am too lazy to google it...

michelle byerly
Well, I am glad that this brings you here. and scared to find out where else it will bring you. But if you find porn or arrests, NEITHER are me. I swear. Of course if they were looking for another Michelle Byerly, I might have ruined her life for her...

pee told them to

well, usually the Devil tells me to. BUT if I have to pee bad enough, I'll do just about anything to get to go.
Hey, you give birth to 4 kids and tell me you wont either...

dirt devil utlra vision turbo

aint no good. I mean, its usable, but I have to take it apart and clean it EVERY time. If you can, save your lally cally money and buy a dyson..

when kids are asleep and everything's clean, may i do my homework
Sure, if YOUR kids go to sleep, AND you can get EVERYTHING clean, go RIGHT ahead and do your homework. I guess I am lucky I dont have homework, cause I would fail the course. I have NOT managed to get both of those done at one time that I can remember..

hold her down nurses screaming legs pants
I am not sure this is a good idea. OH. We did have to hold Rayley down once to give her shots. But the nurse didnt scream. at least while we were there. She might have after she looked at the big old bruise on her leg..

how to sarcasticaly say i quit to your coach
Hmmm... I dont know about coaches. But my last boss I told to bite me and to get *#&*#$. It worked too. I am no longer employed there.

hmmmm.. OH wait. I remember, this is the north end of a south bound mule that insisted on screwing a hard working man out of his livlihood. I am sorry to say, he succeded.

starting up a business for personnal assistant, cleaning, running erronds, shopping
You can do this? And get paid? Cause I am already a personal assistant, maid, errond runner and personal shopper. I have it down to a science. But I am almost sure, thats not how you spell erronds. I cant spell it, but it doesnt look right.

how to make a baby snake trap
I dont know, you might ask my kids though. Of course, I am not sure how you will convince the babies to come in but not the adults. They would more than likely not read the sign saying "baby snakes ONLY"..

mama always said life
is like a box of freakin chocolates.... geeze people.. google another movie quote.. I know I have a few. What we have here is failure to communicate...
hehehehehe, thats my ringtone when I get a voicemail. I think it fits. you should hear the house when my phone starts. all the kids and BR always quote along with it.
Hey, extra points if you can name that movie!! and NO GOOGLE! or if you do, be sure to click on here if I show up ;)

kids cavities
are expensive. 6 grand for Rayleys mouth before she was 4. I think.. it might have been more.. its one of those memories (like labour) that I try to supress...)

Okay, thats it.
Some funny, some scary, and some make you wonder about folks sanity.. or their ability to function in society.

Friday, January 16, 2009

To clean or not to clean...

I am so tired of their rooms. I cant handle it anymore.

I am to the point of loosing my cool. Not that I have much to start with.

I have told them for 2 weeks that I wanted their rooms clean. But they just ignore me. Of course their daddy is only home one weekend day, and they are up his butt the entire time, so getting anything out of them doesnt happen. PLUS, since he only sees them that one day, he is not keen on laying down the law or getting onto them.

Well, I told them all week, that I wanted their dirty clothes out of there. They ignored me. I told them I wanted to be able to walk in there, they ignored me. Yesterday Rayley and I spent 35 minutes looking for her new fat babies because she refuses to put them where they belong. I told her then, that I was tired of it.

I am NOT their maid, I have enough crap to do. and yes, sitting on my rear infront of the computer is part of what I do. If they dont learn to pick up their rooms, then they wont pick up their socks when they are grown, they wont put their dishes in the dishwasher after supper, and basicly they will just continue to be a drain on the women or men in their lives. NOT a legacy I want to leave them.

So, today, I hinted to Rayley and Hoover, telling them to please pick up. Just something. make a dent. They ignored me and instead, were UNDER me all day. If I was sitting at least ONE of them was under my butt. well except when Hoover fell asleep, he took about a 3 hour nap. I know he didnt feel great today, BUT, tonight he is bouncing around like a mexican jumping bean.
So, the minute Brett came home, I told them all, "look, I know for a fact that Aunt Amanda wants you to come over this weekend...."
I was interupted by Brett "me-me says she wants us too"
"fine, but I can promise you that you WILL NOT leave this house until your rooms and my hallway is clean" They just sat there. They played, and they ate (a few times) but they never cleaned.

So finally at 7, I told them, to GO start cleaning, its obvious they think I am kidding. Last time I cleaned I made a mistake. I took out bags and bags of crap, but did leave some toys. Not this time.

So when I got Bow to sleep, I told them, that it was in their best interest to clean up. Rayley told me that it was too cold (its NOT cold in here, with BR having a fever I am sweltering at 75*) And that she would NEVER ask to go anywhere else. She is under the misguided belief that someone needs to help her. Now, its hard to not agree with her, because truthfully, the boys play in there all the time. So part of the mess is theirs. BUT I have also watched her mess it all up by herself and the boys help her clean it.

But I have decided that her 'poor me' is really starting to remind me of someone I dont like a whole lot.

The boys did go in there, and Rayley situated herself RIGHT under me. But it wasnt 3 minutes and the boys were blowing things up and jumping and acting like the goofballs they are.

Which pretty quickly woke up Bow.

They then decided to come in and torture me. At 7:45 I sent them all to do one of two things, CLEAN or go to sleep. Rayley chose sleep. The boys decided to clean. I think it was the fact that I refused to give them a deadline on what I had decided was too long to wait for them to clean it and despose of it myself.

of course an hour after they started I went in and they had dumped every basket, bucket and box of toys in the floor. They said they 'were seperating everything'.

we shall see how it works out. I dont see it happening.

Of course Bow is STILL awake. He is not showing the first sign of tiredness. The boys turned out their light and I guess they gave up on cleaning. I dont know, but I know I am through. I wont ask again. I did take pictures. When they asked why, I told them, so you can remember the things you USED to have. I hate that all I do is keep on them about picking up, but shoot, I am begining to become scared of what is in those rooms. I am just glad that one rule they do follow is no food in their rooms. Cause I cant imagine how bad that toxic dump would be if there was items that would deterierate or stink (other than their clothes) in there.

Dont get me wrong, I have found the occasional single serving chip bag, or cracker package in a room, but usually those come out of a lunch that they didnt finish at school.

BR was still sick today, he felt a little better, and his fever had broken during the night, but he felt like he had been rode hard and put up wet. He did finally eat, and I kept him doped up. He had a slight fever reoccurance, but it didnt get past 100. He thinks he will feel good enough tomorrow to go back to work. I just really hope that Bow and I dont get it. I dont think I can handle the constant wallering on me if I get what they all had.

The tractor place called today about the tractor part that I had ordered. I took the chance and called Suzie, she works in Lukin some days. and I lucked out and today she was up there. So she picked it up for me. Saved me half a tank of diesel.
Then at 10 til 6 Cavenders called. Matts boots were in. Well, Suzie wouldnt be back in Lufkin till Friday, and Matt had seen the caller ID. Then she told me the total. I told her there was NO total. I explained the trade in situation. She said that who ever came to get them, if someone came, for them to bring the reciept, if I called back on monday for her to ship them, I needed to have the transaction number.
Cause it didnt say on the paper "paid in full". well I looked, then decided that I had no clue where the reciept was. So I called her back. I told her that I couldnt find the reciept. Asked her why she couldnt just look it up, since she COULD do it with the receipt, she should be able to do it with the date. PLUS, I remembered there being a copy of the reciept stapled TO the paper. She said there was nothing stapled to the paper, but she could see where something WAS.

When I exchanged and ordered the new boots, I was VERY admement about them being paid in full and which ever SIL I asked to come and get them only having to come in and say my name and the word boots and they would hand them over. They assured me this would be the case. I nicely explained all this too.

She said she really needed the number, the girl that had taken the order was out till next week. But then she relented adn said she would check something real fast and call me back. Less than 2 minutes after I hung up she called back. She had found it, and everything was just fine. All I had to do was come get them this weekend or the would ship them out Monday via UPS.

That was just a waste of time. I dont know WHY on earth some people insist on making it so hard on themselves. But I really belive some people are so stupid you could sell them a solar powered pencil...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Well, today was one of those days.

I had to take Mother to town, her battery was dead. So I went and took it off, drove her to town, and ran a few erronds.

Our last stop was walmart, but about that time I realized I had forgotten something at walgreens, so I dropped her and her battery off there, and ran back. on my way back to walmart the school called. It was Matt. HE had a 102 temp.

Yesterday this kid almost drove me crazy. He wanted to go outside, he was jumping and running and using my house as a jump castle.

The poor kid almost didnt make it through walmart. He was so tired. and felt so bad.

with in 2 hours, he was wanting to know when Brett would be home and arguing with Rayley.

I had to unload the truck alone, which I HATE to do. I had gotten 10 12 packs and 10 2 liters, plus, found a great deal on meat, and I bet that I made 30 trips back and forth to the truck. I was already so tired I could have screamed.

And why is it that babies sleep all the way home, and then wake up when you get home, refusing to go back down?
All I wanted was a few minutes of quiet... seriously... I had spent 6 hours in town. Being told how inconciderate I was, how selfish, and various other things, plus had 2 whiny kids- one who felt like crap, the other who just turns on the drama when my mother is around, so I can be told that I dont pay enough attention to her, and let her suffer too much, trying my hardest to deal with a truck full of ciggerette smoke, when I want nothing more than to sit down and smoke a pack all at one time. Seriously, Bow was the best person in the truck. I just wanted a little ME time.

Of course, the minute I got home, I had to fix lunch for everyone. Well, everyone except BR. He wasnt interested in eating. I have kept him doped up. So far he hasnt ran over 102.4. But he also hasnt done more than flip over in bed.

And after last night, I decided to sleep on the couch tonight. Being sandwiched between him, with what feels like a 200 degree fever, and his restlessness, and Bow, who doesnt sleep still and wakes at odd times, I did NOT sleep peacefully. I was actually UP before the alarm, and was GLAD to get out of bed!!

When BRett got home today, the kids almost drove me to the point of absolute craziness. They were throwing balls, shooting arrows (Bow's nerf ones, not the fiberglass killing ones), shooting nerf balls from nerf guns, trying to see who could agervate the daylights out of the other, and trying to see who could make the biggest mess in the least amount of time. .

They were getting on my nerve so bad that I was tempted to fake 103 fever just to see if BR would come out and co parent.

and yes, I said nerve, that is NOT one of my famous typos. That is it. I have ONE nerve. anyway, I opted out of faking the illness, it wasnt worth it. and they wouldnt have cared anyway, and there was NO way that BR was getting out of that bed. I could have keeled over with a heart attack and he would have laid there till I started to stink I think.... plus I would have jinxed myself.

Oh, I forgot, I did pretty good at walgreens today. I will blog about it. I swear. that and last weeks hellacious trip.

Anyway, I am bouncing around in here like a ping pong ball. so I reckon I will close, I have no wonderful pearls of wisdom, no funny stories to relate, and truthfully, I am just to pooped to care.

Plus, ER is on. I have already missed 2 of them for the season. One due to bad weather, the other due to our local station was FUBAR and had no sound for about a week.
And its the last season. I have watched it since the series premier. Its hard to belive that this show has been on as long as BR and I have been married. I am sad to see it end. Its almost .... scary. I mean, this is the last of the shows of that year, of that entire time, that I watched that are still on. To loose it, its almost like loosing a part of our relationship. Cause we have watched EVERY episode.

Not that I base my relationship on a TV show. its just the ... I really dont know. I guess its proof that we are getting older, things are changing, but as much as they change they stay the same. He and I still dont really fight. he still gets on my nerves. I still dont clean, hate to cook, and he still can never find socks. I am still trying to quit smoking, we are still talking about 'one day we will build a house', He still drives the same truck, and we still have a pig. The same pig. He still doesnt listen to me, just nods his head and then argues because ... I dont know why..

Yet, we now have 4 kids, he doesnt work at a prison, we have traveled all over, He is not as quiet, more outspoken, and our home is gone, along with many of those memories. But aside from the whole loosing your home and all your possesions to fire thing, I wouldnt change a thing. mostly....

I like to think we are the same people, just older, wiser, and a little fatter.

How the hell did I get so centemential, and sad?

Oh yeah.. ER.
I still remember the commercial when Friends was big and ER was the hot show, and they had a mock 'Q&A' with Joey. and they said "what is the thing that makes a sucessful show?" he named off a few things, and ended with "and having a one word title, Like friends and er. (pronounced like her with out the h...) " that just tickled me.
I cant remember what I did today, yet I can remember a commercial from 13 years ago and something that Joey Tribione (sp) said...

Told y'all I was crazier that a outhouse rat....

OH, and y'all 'member when I made the watermelon Jelly and watermelon rind perserves? well a friend twittered yesterday about this recipe to FRY watermelon.
I kid you NOT. FRY IT!! I mean, what is better than some deep fried pisschunk? seriously? I CANT wait!! I adore fried tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, squash, okra, coliflower and broccoli. Plus a dozen other things I cant even think of right now!

I even dreamed last night that the fields already had watermelons in them. And I asked Uncle Gerald when I could get one. He said they were not ready yet. But they were as big as a golfcart. AND BR and Huney (my grandfather... remind me to tell you that story...) were standing at the edge of the field-- BR with a lighter, and Huney with a plastic rake. (tahts another story I need to tell....) ready to burn the field off so we could plant taters. WHICH everyone knows is a 'before' everything else plant. you plant them durning the frosts.

I could just see the watermelons, big as a goldcart, and as we stood there, and Uncle Gerald wouldnt let me have one, he kept telling me that you would KNOW when they were ready, cause you would hear them start to split. just a little, not enough to ruin it, but you would hear them splitting. Well WE could all hear it. But since he is Deef as a post, he COULDNT! I begged him to thump them. and he just kept saying "we'll hear when they are ready"

I was about to strangle him with my bear hands. Then all of a sudden, I was the one being thumped, right on the head. BR was thumping me, cause thats how he checks watermelons. thumping my head then the melon to see which is riper... But only this wasnt a BR thump. it was a constant peck. It was Rayley. wanting to sleep with us. I told her fine. but to leave me alone, I was dreaming. and I wanted the damn watermelon.

oh thats where I was .... fried watermelon.


There you go. Enjoy.

Thank you PEARLY!! :) check out her blog too. its the one about cooking over yonder on the side :)

And seriously, sorry about the bouncing. its just been one of those days. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And the school saga continues.

Okay, my kids have these calender book things, called agendas.

Each week is on 2 sheets. there are places for them to write down homework, and for the teacher and parent to write notes to one another.

The kids are supposed to write in them each day. and according to ALL the notes I get from the teachers, and the note I got at the begining of the year, I am supposed to check it EACH night and sign it.

Every week the teachers send home a 'week at a glance' telling us the words, what they are studying, any major things going on, and ALWAYS include to "be sure and check and sign the agenda EVERY NIGHT"

Well since the begining of the year I have BEGGED Bretts teachers to write down when he gets a point off.
They are allowed to loose 20 points a 6 weeks and still get to do the 'right choice' event at the end of the 6 weeks.

Sometimes its just a movie on tape, sometimes its a carival.

Well, one of Bretts teachers has no problem doing this. The other does.

I will sign and write on it EVERY DAY "No points? thats great!" or if BRett didnt write in it, "No homework? No points? WONDERFUL!"

Then in the MOnday folder, I get where he lost 4 or 7 or 6 points. So, I started refusing to sign the monday folder. instead writing "See AGENDA"
and writing notes in there for her to PLEASE let me know when he looses a point. FOr one. I am NOT going to punish 5 days after the fact. I dont work that way. and he doesnt remmeber what he did. For 2. YOU tell me to CHECK it each night. write in it yourself. whats good for the goose...

So, I finally had it. and I wrote a very long note. telling her everything from the fact that I had CONTINUESLY requested even in our 'parent teacher confrences' that she TELL me when he gets in trouble, to the fact that I was sure this 'point system' was not working. Lets take away a recess.

She wrote back an equally long letter, although less legible, saying that maybe Brett should have to write when he gets in trouble, and she will sign it. But its hard for her to write in 23 kids agenda's every day.

WHOA> are you telling me that you are taking points off the WHOLE class EVERY DAY? if so, then its not a student problem. its a teacher problem.

AND, these same kids have 2 classes. Amazingly, they dont get all these points off in the other class. so what is the true problem?

of course this is the same teacher that always puts "talks excessivly" on his report card. so that shows up in the dang system.

Anyway, I told her that was an excelent idea. and it worked for a about a week.

Then I was back to writing "no points? " and such. but getting 4 or 5 off on Monday. I even took it to the principal. She agree'd that this is why the school district pays 5.00 per agenda and gives them to each kid. for COMMUNICATION between teacher and parent.

I mean here I am BEGGIN that someone communicate with me, and being ignored. Yet, ask her what her biggest pet peeve is about parents and she will tell you "the lack of communication."

All last week, she wrote twice.
Tuesday he got 2 points taken away.
"Brett lost 1 R.C. pt. for not bringing his launguage book, and 1 for repeatedly talking. I moved him to a different desk, but he continue talking so I took a pt. He appears to be feeling better :)" and signed her name. He had came home sick the day before, and had felt like crap that day, I know, I had been at the school for a meeting.

The next day he lost another for getting up with out permission.
So on Thursday and Friday I wrote "no points?" and signed my name.
Then on friday I wrote a 3 and circled it.
On Monday I got his monday folder. 5 points.

Uhhh NO.
SO I wrote "please check agenda and recalculate accordingly" or something like that.

Now, this is the first week of the 6 weeks. SO we are keeping a running tally in the bottom of the agenda.

This week, I wrote
Mnday : No points? 3 for six weeks
Tuesday: No points? 3 for six weeks
Today I get it and I have in there, Lost 2 RC points for being exceptionally talkative and out of his seat. . AND on the LAST 2 days she has went back and added
Monday "-1 up with out permission"
Tuesday "- 1 R.C. making fun of a student who got in trouble"
so I wrote "we added 2 points for the previous 2 days? Please have BRETT write as he gets them, He has problems remembering once a day has passed.
Week 4 RC
Six Weeks 7 RC

I have just about had it. Seriously.
I know my kid talks. and he will ignore you. BUT you HAVE GOT to get a handle ON YOUR CLASS.
I cant teach it for you from home.
and I cant get the whole story either.
But I do have to wonder. what exactly are they doing, and is there another way to handle it? seriously?

a few months ago I did get this:

"lost 1 RC point for talking and 1 for trying to crack a pecan with his head"

I really didnt know what to do. I mean, do you beat your kid for... uhhhh being a kid? ground them for being silly? send them to bed with out supper for acting like an idiot?

So, I wrote back : "I honestly cant belive it didnt work. Thank you for letting me know. I really do appriciate it . Hopefully he will refrain from nut gathering for the remainder of the year. "

Maybe its just me, but I try to pick my battles. For me, it would have just been easier to walk by him, stick my hand out and say "give me the nut" then throw it away.
I mean seriously. its 4th grade. and he's a boy. trying to be silly. or get some attention.

anyway, we shall see how the rest of the 6 weeks goes. yep, if it wasnt for the 9 hours a day that I was kid free, and the enjoyment I get out of the PTA, I would just homeschool them.
and this is the 2nd post for the day. so if you didnt read my insurance dibacle, scroll down.

why prozac is a number one selling drug

Today I decided to delve off into the world of insurance.
We dont have it. I havent had it in years. Usually its no problem. I mean when you get knocked up after thinking you cant have more kids, it does pose a slight inconvience. But, BR's job offers it, and even though we can scantly afford an extra 500.00 a month taken out of his check, we decided that we should look into it.

And they have dental. All the kids will need braces. And we have cavities galore. I have the worst teeth known to man. THey just break off for no reason, and with each kid they get worse. There is litelry not a tooth in my head that is not filled, fixed, or covered with something. You would think I would stop having places to get cavities, but no, They appear beside fillings, or better yet, the whole filling just breaks off. There is nothing worse than eating and breaking a tooth in half. Not for the physical pain, not for the cosmetic appearance, its when you hold the tooth in your hand, with 3 visable fillings in it, KNOW they cant 'put it back on' and you toss away 400.00 worth of dental work that hurts.

So I called the number listed on the paperwork for BR's dental plan through him employer. .
The lovely automated voice said to pick if I was a broker, provider, employer or employee. I picked employee. So the lovely, voice says "this number is for brokers and employers only, go to our website and get the phone number"
I dont WANT to go to the website. I want a freakin human. They have all this overhead they are always griping about. well Last time I checked, you dont give a weekly stipend to that annoying, upbeat voice. its a one time expendature.

SO, I called it back, got her again. Told her I was an employer. I spent 37 minutes listening to her 'try to help me get to the right department' Instead of giving me to a representative, she would take me back to the que of speaking into the phone for the correct department. Pretty soon I was screaming at the phone and proceeding every yes and no answer with a socially unacceptable word.

I FINALLY got someone. I told them I was inquiring about the dental avaliblity in my area.
"what is your plan number?"
"I dont have a plan, I am trying to decide if I should get one"
"well, with out a plan I cant tell you anything"
"you cant tell me anything about buying a plan, if I dont already have a plan?"
"lets go about this differntly, I just want to know, if there are dentists in my area that accept your plan"
"I dont know about dentists, this is the medical part of United Health care"
"okay, can you connect me with the part of UNited health care that screws over dental patience?"
"ohhh, that I can do"
so another round with the automated cheerleader from hell. FINALLY I get another representitive.
"is this dental?"
"are you looking for dental?"
"yes, so are you dental?"
"yes. what is your group number"
"I dont have one yet, I am trying to decide if I should sign up with your company through my employeer"
"are you comparing us to another company?"
"no, I am trying to decide if the cost of your services outweigh the cost of the prozac I will need if I have to call in very often"
"I cant do much with out a group number"
"can we just start with if you have coverage in my area?"
"dental or heathcare?"
"well if your company contracts with us, we should cover you"
" I am in a rural area, a satilite office from the headquarters, They are located north of me. I am in the country, and I need to know if its worth the expense"
"well we have two differnt plans"
"okay, I have a peice of paper that says a few things, I just need to clarify them, and find out if there is a dentist around here, do you think with the information provided TO me from my employer we can deduce the plan they subscribe to?"
"I dont know, but if you know a few of the benifits of the plans they have, we might can fiqure out which one they are a member of."
after asking a few questions, repeating everything on the sheet and listening to her 'think' she finally said "well, one plan has no waiting period, and no out of network"
"my paper lists waiting periods for certain procedures and in and out of networks"
"well, it might be plan B"
"is there more than plan A or plan B?
"no, we just offer 2 plans"
"well, by George, we have got that out of the way! Lets go with plan B"
"and what do you want to know?"
"lets start with eligable dentists please"
"what is your zip?"
"my zip is 75951"
"no, there is noone in your area"
"okay, how about within 50 miles?"
"no.. I went 100 miles"
"okay, then lets talk about the out of network"
So, basicly, I would have to pay 65.00 a month, to have them pay 80% of their ALLOWABLE charges, while I had to pay the OTHER 20%, PLUS the office visit of 30.00, PLUS 100% of anything above and beyond what THEY allow.

AND they only pay 1,000.00 per year per member. And 1,000.00 on orthadonics out of network IN A LIFETIME! When I had braces 20 some odd years ago, they were 2400.00. $200.00 a month for the 2 years I was in the miserable and confounded contraptions, 24 months of absolute pain and discomfert, to straiten teeth that are NOLONGER strait. I wore the retainer for the prescribed amount of time. Until it no longer fit because my wisdom teeth started coming in. and I still have crooked teeth.

And they dont cover anything except cleaning and VERY SIMPLE fillings for the first year.
"So basicly", I ask,"I pay you 780.00 for the privledge of using your coverage NEXT year, but only at 80% of your allowable charges, and 100% of anything above and beyond that"
"yes ma'am, that is correct"

*now, my question is, how do I know that I am not getting screwed by THEM and my dentist. Say my dentist KNOWS they only pay 25.00 on a filling, and he needs to make some extra cash for more paper bibs, who is to say that I dont get the special rate of 97.00, while other patients get it for 52.00? Simply because he KNOWS that I have to pay 100% above and beyond what they concider 'eligable"

When I got off the phone with them, I called my dentist. Come to find out, we are out of network for EVERY company. a call to various other dentists in town came up with the same information.

Now, I am begining to remember what a pain it was to have insurance. you end up being tourtured on the phone until you are a) scared to go to a Dr for fear that they will not pay, b) need mental health therapy because of the tramatic expeirince you encounter speaking with someone who has no knowledge of their job and C) have not only lost precious hours of your current life, BUT have taken years off the end of your life with all the agervation and high blood pressure associated with dealing with the less than understandable policies and procedures.

But my torture wasnt over yet.
I needed to call Blue Cross Blue Sheild, to find out some about THAT plan.
For 500.00 a month, I can insure my whole little family. Now, concidering that we dont usually spend 500.00 a year on health care, this is already hard to do.
BUT, you never know-- right?
I mean, I could end up punching a wall when I am on the phone with these people, therefor needing reconstuctive surgary, a cast and possible rehabilitation.

Seriously though, even if my kids get sick and need medicane I go to the Dr that is 75.00 to see us all, then I argue with him about NOT giving them penecillian and get a script for a 30.00 med that everyone can take.
We do this maybe once a year.

Of course, I do need a hysterectomy, and a few other procedures. having 4 kids really messes you up inside. and I want to guarentee that I stop at the magical number 4. I do still get miagraines, and probebly need back on blood pressure meds for them.
And, you cant tell when they will get a broken bone, or a very tragic illness.

SO, I buckled down, told the kids to shut up and called.

I only went about 7 rounds with the mysterious cheerleader from hell this time.
Got someone. Told her what I was doing. She put me on hold. 8 minutes later, someone else came on the line.
I told HER what I was trying to do. She helped me by looking up a few things. BR already has this insurance, so I know that the Dr's we use are in network. But wanted clarification on ER visits and prescriptions (for the prozac I am sure to need if we have to live on 500 less a month AND I have to deal with these people very often).

My first question was simple. On an ER visit, do I have to pay the co-pay, AND if its less than 1,000.00 ( their deductable) do I have to pay it all?
okay. let me get this strait.
"I go to the ER. The bill is 550.00- I pay 50.00 up front. this leaves 500.00. you pay 80.00 on 100.00 so I pay the other 20. which means all I would pay on a 550.00 bill is 150.00"
"approximatly, I would have to have the exact numbers here"
"the exact numbers?"
"yes ma'am, the amount of the visit"
"well but they are never even numbers"
"I understand that, but this is a 'for instance'"
"well, I dont think you would pay that much, 20% of everything is what you would pay plus the 50.00 copay."
"which is 150.00"
"I cant be sure of that ma'am"
Okay, so I am talking to someone who cant function with simple math.
"alright, so lets say this, if my bill is 1050.00, I pay 50 up front, and you only allow 400.00, am I responsible for ANY of the other 600.00?"
"I would have to look at a bill that explained it all and see what came up from our system"
"I wouldnt pay 130.00?, or would I pay part of the price that you dont allow? and would this go towards my deductable?"
"ma'am, until you GO to the hospital, and get the bill, I cant tell you. the system decides it."
"what if the system is wrong?"
"ma'am, its a computer, doing simple math, they are never wrong"
"Okay, lets try something differnt, IF I get something done in a Dr office, say a blood draw, DO I pay the entire amount due to the DR UNTIL my deductable is reached? say their entire bill is 800.00 minus my 30.00 copay. DO I have to write a check for 830.00? or do you take out your 'allowable' and THAT is what I pay, do I pay my part on your allowable, or my part on the amount they request?"
"it would depend on if you are in network or not"
"in network"
"do you want to find a Dr in your network?"
"no, do you not understand what I am asking?"
"Do you have any other questions?"
"yes, precription drug plans-- DO I have to order them through your mail order thing, or can I pick them up locally, and is there an extra charge for locally?
"oh you want to talk about the drug plans? you will need to call the company that handles that, we just do the health insurance."
"okay, I just need to ask one more question, what is CO-insuance stop loss?"
"where did you read that?"
"on the papers they sent home from the job, describing the plan"
"if you have the papers why did you call?, everything is on there"
"no, its really not, I needed clarification on a few things"
"I understand, and did I answer all your questions to your satisfaction today?"
"you didnt answer any questions"
"so, what can I help you with?"

At this point I hung up. There was very little I could do, and with out health insurance I cant afford to have a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.

At least when you are a cash only patient, you KNOW what is coming at you. a screwing. But honestly, I'd rather be screwed ONCE, then I had be screwed MONTHLY, and THEN get a grand finale screwing if I ever need to use said product.

BR had called while I was talking to this delightful woman, and so I called him back. I explained the little that I didnt know, and he said that every joint in his body hurt. He was shivering cold, and felt like death.
Ohhh peachy. He is sick, has what the kids have, and will now miss about 4 days of work. I couldnt afford the insurance this month anyway.

But in my need for total torture and humiliation for the day I called BR's company. To ask a few questions. Come to find out, they no longer have enrollment in January. Its on July 1st.

I did enquire as to the dental. Their headquarters are a few hours north of me. The guy I got didnt even know WHERE the office was down here. Had never heard of it. This company has like maybe 12 yards. they are a small company. But he couldnt fiqure out where I was located. PERIOD.

The kids are being especially bad today. Bow is into everything, Rayley is annoying me and has said mom no less than 400 times, and Matt feels just good enough to agervate them both, but not good enough to entertain them.

OH and speaking of Matt. I got a letter on him from the school.
He has missed 13 days of school as of 1/7. and 4 of them are unexcused.
If I dont start sending him to school, they might decide to take me to court,

It reads, that I am subject to procecution, an its a class C misdomeanor, plus a bunch of other drivel.
NOW, I HAVE sent a note with my child each day he was absent. EACH day. He doesnt always turn to in to the teacher. I am sorry, I am not going to hold his hand. The rules state the CHILD must bring a note. NOt that I can fax it or mail it. HE must bring it.

Second. THEY susupended him for 7 freaking days. NOT in MY control. HAD they not done this, he would STILL be under the amount of days allowed to be absent. AND if I had sent him to school with 104 fevor, they would make me drive 40 miles to come and get him. AND they state he has to be out for 24 hours AFTER he is no longer feverish.

oh and THIS 3 days that he has been out are not included in his little report.
So I called, I got his voice mail.
"This is Michelle Byerly, Matt Byerly's mother. You sent a letter to my home. I have sent in a note EVERY time my son was absent. They have never came back with him, so they are IN your school SOMEWHERE. and he wouldnt have NEAR the absesnes if the DIstrict hadnt seen fit to suspend him for 7 days. Therefor, unless you have something else to discuss, I will concider this matter closed. "

THey really want me to homeschool my children. First they dont have transpertation TO school, and NOW, they are screwing with me because my kid has been sick for 6 days in a entire semester.
Belive me, I dont want my kids home any more than they do. I WANT to send them to school. I need the break. But when I get called FROM the school to come adn get them, and not bring them back for 2 days cause of a fever, I dont get to argue.

Now, its finally past noon. I want a 5th of whiskey and a pack of cigerettes and for everyone to leave me the hell alone.

Monday, January 12, 2009

98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104 and back again

Rayley has felt peckish for the last few days. But jumps up and starts climbing the walls every so often. But last night it hit her. 103.8 temps. and I would get it down with a cool bath, and some meds, then shortly there after it would jump back up. BR went to bed around 11. Bow was already asleep. I was up with Rayley.

It fluctuated all night.
She, and I and Bow were on the couch. He woke up around 2:30-3:00 and I took him to bed with BR and got him back to sleep. That took at least 45 minutes. Then around 3:30 I came back in here. another cool bath, temp back down a little, and I was sitting here on the couch, Kinda leaned up against the arm. typin a little on the puter, but falling asleep sometimes. Rayley had her head in my lap. asleep. Buring a hole in my leg.

Around 4:45 I was watching Antiques Roadshow. at 5:10 I woke up. The couch under my butt was wet, the blanket was wet and my pants were wet. And Rayley's pants were quite dry. She was laid in my lap still though, so it was hard to move.

My first thought was
This lasted for a while. I mean I had been alseep less than 20 minutes. I KNOW it was 4:45 last time I looked at the clock. and I had watched at least 3 aprasials on AR.
then, I realized, I had a hard object in my hand. in the fog that was my much needed and quite deprived sleep, I was coming to the realization that this was not as it seemed.
Finally I realized. that was my glass. I had fallen asleep, holding my glass. I didnt remember taking a drink. I didnt remember holding it.
so my next thought was
I had to get up, I could hear BR's alarm going off as I headed to the bedroom, I had to change my pants, and pee.
I woke BR told him it was a little after 5, hit his snooze button and checked on Bow.
Then I got a differnt blanket, found a towell for the couch, and laid back down to convince Rayley that I hadnt abandoned her.

I had to get up in a few minutes and wake up the boys. Martha would be here at 6:30.

At 6:32 I hear
"sunshine, did you forget it was Monday?"
So I jumped up, trying to get the boys up and dressed quickly, while Martha was standing here. Matt got up and immediatly burst into tears. I knew before I felt his head.
I told him to lay back down and tried my hardest to get Brett out the door before he came back down with it.

They left and BR came to the bedroom door. he couldnt imagine what was going on. Come to find out, he thought that I had heard the alarm going off and gotten up. Since Bow was in the bed.

Well, since he couldnt hear me over that fan that he INSISTS on having running 2 feet from his head, and I had to speak up, Bow woke up.

My day had started. with 2 kids running temps higher than the IQ's that we are sometimes scared they have, who wanted nothing more than to set in my lap and sleep all day. And we had ONE child who felt great, didnt understand why the older kids wouldnt play with him, and REFUSED to allow anyone with in 3 feet of my lap. And if they got to the magical 2.11 feet he would stretch all out and kick, push or headbut them. They just wanted mommy. at the same time. no exceptions.

I never did get that second wind I can fondly remember from my youth. And I also never got the naps that I tried time and time again to take. Between the syncranization of getting all 3 nappin at once, and the phone NOT ringing in that time frame I was unable to align the stars.

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

I do think Rayley is about over the worst of it. Tonight I just will have to deal with Matt and Bow. Currently Matt is at 103.2.
Bretts already had it and I am not allowed to get it.

I do dread it if BR gets it. He will make these 3 look like a cakewalk!