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Friday, January 16, 2009

To clean or not to clean...

I am so tired of their rooms. I cant handle it anymore.

I am to the point of loosing my cool. Not that I have much to start with.

I have told them for 2 weeks that I wanted their rooms clean. But they just ignore me. Of course their daddy is only home one weekend day, and they are up his butt the entire time, so getting anything out of them doesnt happen. PLUS, since he only sees them that one day, he is not keen on laying down the law or getting onto them.

Well, I told them all week, that I wanted their dirty clothes out of there. They ignored me. I told them I wanted to be able to walk in there, they ignored me. Yesterday Rayley and I spent 35 minutes looking for her new fat babies because she refuses to put them where they belong. I told her then, that I was tired of it.

I am NOT their maid, I have enough crap to do. and yes, sitting on my rear infront of the computer is part of what I do. If they dont learn to pick up their rooms, then they wont pick up their socks when they are grown, they wont put their dishes in the dishwasher after supper, and basicly they will just continue to be a drain on the women or men in their lives. NOT a legacy I want to leave them.

So, today, I hinted to Rayley and Hoover, telling them to please pick up. Just something. make a dent. They ignored me and instead, were UNDER me all day. If I was sitting at least ONE of them was under my butt. well except when Hoover fell asleep, he took about a 3 hour nap. I know he didnt feel great today, BUT, tonight he is bouncing around like a mexican jumping bean.
So, the minute Brett came home, I told them all, "look, I know for a fact that Aunt Amanda wants you to come over this weekend...."
I was interupted by Brett "me-me says she wants us too"
"fine, but I can promise you that you WILL NOT leave this house until your rooms and my hallway is clean" They just sat there. They played, and they ate (a few times) but they never cleaned.

So finally at 7, I told them, to GO start cleaning, its obvious they think I am kidding. Last time I cleaned I made a mistake. I took out bags and bags of crap, but did leave some toys. Not this time.

So when I got Bow to sleep, I told them, that it was in their best interest to clean up. Rayley told me that it was too cold (its NOT cold in here, with BR having a fever I am sweltering at 75*) And that she would NEVER ask to go anywhere else. She is under the misguided belief that someone needs to help her. Now, its hard to not agree with her, because truthfully, the boys play in there all the time. So part of the mess is theirs. BUT I have also watched her mess it all up by herself and the boys help her clean it.

But I have decided that her 'poor me' is really starting to remind me of someone I dont like a whole lot.

The boys did go in there, and Rayley situated herself RIGHT under me. But it wasnt 3 minutes and the boys were blowing things up and jumping and acting like the goofballs they are.

Which pretty quickly woke up Bow.

They then decided to come in and torture me. At 7:45 I sent them all to do one of two things, CLEAN or go to sleep. Rayley chose sleep. The boys decided to clean. I think it was the fact that I refused to give them a deadline on what I had decided was too long to wait for them to clean it and despose of it myself.

of course an hour after they started I went in and they had dumped every basket, bucket and box of toys in the floor. They said they 'were seperating everything'.

we shall see how it works out. I dont see it happening.

Of course Bow is STILL awake. He is not showing the first sign of tiredness. The boys turned out their light and I guess they gave up on cleaning. I dont know, but I know I am through. I wont ask again. I did take pictures. When they asked why, I told them, so you can remember the things you USED to have. I hate that all I do is keep on them about picking up, but shoot, I am begining to become scared of what is in those rooms. I am just glad that one rule they do follow is no food in their rooms. Cause I cant imagine how bad that toxic dump would be if there was items that would deterierate or stink (other than their clothes) in there.

Dont get me wrong, I have found the occasional single serving chip bag, or cracker package in a room, but usually those come out of a lunch that they didnt finish at school.

BR was still sick today, he felt a little better, and his fever had broken during the night, but he felt like he had been rode hard and put up wet. He did finally eat, and I kept him doped up. He had a slight fever reoccurance, but it didnt get past 100. He thinks he will feel good enough tomorrow to go back to work. I just really hope that Bow and I dont get it. I dont think I can handle the constant wallering on me if I get what they all had.

The tractor place called today about the tractor part that I had ordered. I took the chance and called Suzie, she works in Lukin some days. and I lucked out and today she was up there. So she picked it up for me. Saved me half a tank of diesel.
Then at 10 til 6 Cavenders called. Matts boots were in. Well, Suzie wouldnt be back in Lufkin till Friday, and Matt had seen the caller ID. Then she told me the total. I told her there was NO total. I explained the trade in situation. She said that who ever came to get them, if someone came, for them to bring the reciept, if I called back on monday for her to ship them, I needed to have the transaction number.
Cause it didnt say on the paper "paid in full". well I looked, then decided that I had no clue where the reciept was. So I called her back. I told her that I couldnt find the reciept. Asked her why she couldnt just look it up, since she COULD do it with the receipt, she should be able to do it with the date. PLUS, I remembered there being a copy of the reciept stapled TO the paper. She said there was nothing stapled to the paper, but she could see where something WAS.

When I exchanged and ordered the new boots, I was VERY admement about them being paid in full and which ever SIL I asked to come and get them only having to come in and say my name and the word boots and they would hand them over. They assured me this would be the case. I nicely explained all this too.

She said she really needed the number, the girl that had taken the order was out till next week. But then she relented adn said she would check something real fast and call me back. Less than 2 minutes after I hung up she called back. She had found it, and everything was just fine. All I had to do was come get them this weekend or the would ship them out Monday via UPS.

That was just a waste of time. I dont know WHY on earth some people insist on making it so hard on themselves. But I really belive some people are so stupid you could sell them a solar powered pencil...

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