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Monday, January 12, 2009

98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104 and back again

Rayley has felt peckish for the last few days. But jumps up and starts climbing the walls every so often. But last night it hit her. 103.8 temps. and I would get it down with a cool bath, and some meds, then shortly there after it would jump back up. BR went to bed around 11. Bow was already asleep. I was up with Rayley.

It fluctuated all night.
She, and I and Bow were on the couch. He woke up around 2:30-3:00 and I took him to bed with BR and got him back to sleep. That took at least 45 minutes. Then around 3:30 I came back in here. another cool bath, temp back down a little, and I was sitting here on the couch, Kinda leaned up against the arm. typin a little on the puter, but falling asleep sometimes. Rayley had her head in my lap. asleep. Buring a hole in my leg.

Around 4:45 I was watching Antiques Roadshow. at 5:10 I woke up. The couch under my butt was wet, the blanket was wet and my pants were wet. And Rayley's pants were quite dry. She was laid in my lap still though, so it was hard to move.

My first thought was
This lasted for a while. I mean I had been alseep less than 20 minutes. I KNOW it was 4:45 last time I looked at the clock. and I had watched at least 3 aprasials on AR.
then, I realized, I had a hard object in my hand. in the fog that was my much needed and quite deprived sleep, I was coming to the realization that this was not as it seemed.
Finally I realized. that was my glass. I had fallen asleep, holding my glass. I didnt remember taking a drink. I didnt remember holding it.
so my next thought was
I had to get up, I could hear BR's alarm going off as I headed to the bedroom, I had to change my pants, and pee.
I woke BR told him it was a little after 5, hit his snooze button and checked on Bow.
Then I got a differnt blanket, found a towell for the couch, and laid back down to convince Rayley that I hadnt abandoned her.

I had to get up in a few minutes and wake up the boys. Martha would be here at 6:30.

At 6:32 I hear
"sunshine, did you forget it was Monday?"
So I jumped up, trying to get the boys up and dressed quickly, while Martha was standing here. Matt got up and immediatly burst into tears. I knew before I felt his head.
I told him to lay back down and tried my hardest to get Brett out the door before he came back down with it.

They left and BR came to the bedroom door. he couldnt imagine what was going on. Come to find out, he thought that I had heard the alarm going off and gotten up. Since Bow was in the bed.

Well, since he couldnt hear me over that fan that he INSISTS on having running 2 feet from his head, and I had to speak up, Bow woke up.

My day had started. with 2 kids running temps higher than the IQ's that we are sometimes scared they have, who wanted nothing more than to set in my lap and sleep all day. And we had ONE child who felt great, didnt understand why the older kids wouldnt play with him, and REFUSED to allow anyone with in 3 feet of my lap. And if they got to the magical 2.11 feet he would stretch all out and kick, push or headbut them. They just wanted mommy. at the same time. no exceptions.

I never did get that second wind I can fondly remember from my youth. And I also never got the naps that I tried time and time again to take. Between the syncranization of getting all 3 nappin at once, and the phone NOT ringing in that time frame I was unable to align the stars.

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

I do think Rayley is about over the worst of it. Tonight I just will have to deal with Matt and Bow. Currently Matt is at 103.2.
Bretts already had it and I am not allowed to get it.

I do dread it if BR gets it. He will make these 3 look like a cakewalk!


Tara said...

I hope everyone is better today! My DH is the same way- sucks like all hell when I'm sick cause I still have to do everything but I prefer that to his whining and moaning any day.

{Amy} said...

Goodness! I hope the sickness bug passes soon!! :) Take care and Lysol everything!

Amy from UB