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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And the school saga continues.

Okay, my kids have these calender book things, called agendas.

Each week is on 2 sheets. there are places for them to write down homework, and for the teacher and parent to write notes to one another.

The kids are supposed to write in them each day. and according to ALL the notes I get from the teachers, and the note I got at the begining of the year, I am supposed to check it EACH night and sign it.

Every week the teachers send home a 'week at a glance' telling us the words, what they are studying, any major things going on, and ALWAYS include to "be sure and check and sign the agenda EVERY NIGHT"

Well since the begining of the year I have BEGGED Bretts teachers to write down when he gets a point off.
They are allowed to loose 20 points a 6 weeks and still get to do the 'right choice' event at the end of the 6 weeks.

Sometimes its just a movie on tape, sometimes its a carival.

Well, one of Bretts teachers has no problem doing this. The other does.

I will sign and write on it EVERY DAY "No points? thats great!" or if BRett didnt write in it, "No homework? No points? WONDERFUL!"

Then in the MOnday folder, I get where he lost 4 or 7 or 6 points. So, I started refusing to sign the monday folder. instead writing "See AGENDA"
and writing notes in there for her to PLEASE let me know when he looses a point. FOr one. I am NOT going to punish 5 days after the fact. I dont work that way. and he doesnt remmeber what he did. For 2. YOU tell me to CHECK it each night. write in it yourself. whats good for the goose...

So, I finally had it. and I wrote a very long note. telling her everything from the fact that I had CONTINUESLY requested even in our 'parent teacher confrences' that she TELL me when he gets in trouble, to the fact that I was sure this 'point system' was not working. Lets take away a recess.

She wrote back an equally long letter, although less legible, saying that maybe Brett should have to write when he gets in trouble, and she will sign it. But its hard for her to write in 23 kids agenda's every day.

WHOA> are you telling me that you are taking points off the WHOLE class EVERY DAY? if so, then its not a student problem. its a teacher problem.

AND, these same kids have 2 classes. Amazingly, they dont get all these points off in the other class. so what is the true problem?

of course this is the same teacher that always puts "talks excessivly" on his report card. so that shows up in the dang system.

Anyway, I told her that was an excelent idea. and it worked for a about a week.

Then I was back to writing "no points? " and such. but getting 4 or 5 off on Monday. I even took it to the principal. She agree'd that this is why the school district pays 5.00 per agenda and gives them to each kid. for COMMUNICATION between teacher and parent.

I mean here I am BEGGIN that someone communicate with me, and being ignored. Yet, ask her what her biggest pet peeve is about parents and she will tell you "the lack of communication."

All last week, she wrote twice.
Tuesday he got 2 points taken away.
"Brett lost 1 R.C. pt. for not bringing his launguage book, and 1 for repeatedly talking. I moved him to a different desk, but he continue talking so I took a pt. He appears to be feeling better :)" and signed her name. He had came home sick the day before, and had felt like crap that day, I know, I had been at the school for a meeting.

The next day he lost another for getting up with out permission.
So on Thursday and Friday I wrote "no points?" and signed my name.
Then on friday I wrote a 3 and circled it.
On Monday I got his monday folder. 5 points.

Uhhh NO.
SO I wrote "please check agenda and recalculate accordingly" or something like that.

Now, this is the first week of the 6 weeks. SO we are keeping a running tally in the bottom of the agenda.

This week, I wrote
Mnday : No points? 3 for six weeks
Tuesday: No points? 3 for six weeks
Today I get it and I have in there, Lost 2 RC points for being exceptionally talkative and out of his seat. . AND on the LAST 2 days she has went back and added
Monday "-1 up with out permission"
Tuesday "- 1 R.C. making fun of a student who got in trouble"
so I wrote "we added 2 points for the previous 2 days? Please have BRETT write as he gets them, He has problems remembering once a day has passed.
Week 4 RC
Six Weeks 7 RC

I have just about had it. Seriously.
I know my kid talks. and he will ignore you. BUT you HAVE GOT to get a handle ON YOUR CLASS.
I cant teach it for you from home.
and I cant get the whole story either.
But I do have to wonder. what exactly are they doing, and is there another way to handle it? seriously?

a few months ago I did get this:

"lost 1 RC point for talking and 1 for trying to crack a pecan with his head"

I really didnt know what to do. I mean, do you beat your kid for... uhhhh being a kid? ground them for being silly? send them to bed with out supper for acting like an idiot?

So, I wrote back : "I honestly cant belive it didnt work. Thank you for letting me know. I really do appriciate it . Hopefully he will refrain from nut gathering for the remainder of the year. "

Maybe its just me, but I try to pick my battles. For me, it would have just been easier to walk by him, stick my hand out and say "give me the nut" then throw it away.
I mean seriously. its 4th grade. and he's a boy. trying to be silly. or get some attention.

anyway, we shall see how the rest of the 6 weeks goes. yep, if it wasnt for the 9 hours a day that I was kid free, and the enjoyment I get out of the PTA, I would just homeschool them.
and this is the 2nd post for the day. so if you didnt read my insurance dibacle, scroll down.

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