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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Well, today was one of those days.

I had to take Mother to town, her battery was dead. So I went and took it off, drove her to town, and ran a few erronds.

Our last stop was walmart, but about that time I realized I had forgotten something at walgreens, so I dropped her and her battery off there, and ran back. on my way back to walmart the school called. It was Matt. HE had a 102 temp.

Yesterday this kid almost drove me crazy. He wanted to go outside, he was jumping and running and using my house as a jump castle.

The poor kid almost didnt make it through walmart. He was so tired. and felt so bad.

with in 2 hours, he was wanting to know when Brett would be home and arguing with Rayley.

I had to unload the truck alone, which I HATE to do. I had gotten 10 12 packs and 10 2 liters, plus, found a great deal on meat, and I bet that I made 30 trips back and forth to the truck. I was already so tired I could have screamed.

And why is it that babies sleep all the way home, and then wake up when you get home, refusing to go back down?
All I wanted was a few minutes of quiet... seriously... I had spent 6 hours in town. Being told how inconciderate I was, how selfish, and various other things, plus had 2 whiny kids- one who felt like crap, the other who just turns on the drama when my mother is around, so I can be told that I dont pay enough attention to her, and let her suffer too much, trying my hardest to deal with a truck full of ciggerette smoke, when I want nothing more than to sit down and smoke a pack all at one time. Seriously, Bow was the best person in the truck. I just wanted a little ME time.

Of course, the minute I got home, I had to fix lunch for everyone. Well, everyone except BR. He wasnt interested in eating. I have kept him doped up. So far he hasnt ran over 102.4. But he also hasnt done more than flip over in bed.

And after last night, I decided to sleep on the couch tonight. Being sandwiched between him, with what feels like a 200 degree fever, and his restlessness, and Bow, who doesnt sleep still and wakes at odd times, I did NOT sleep peacefully. I was actually UP before the alarm, and was GLAD to get out of bed!!

When BRett got home today, the kids almost drove me to the point of absolute craziness. They were throwing balls, shooting arrows (Bow's nerf ones, not the fiberglass killing ones), shooting nerf balls from nerf guns, trying to see who could agervate the daylights out of the other, and trying to see who could make the biggest mess in the least amount of time. .

They were getting on my nerve so bad that I was tempted to fake 103 fever just to see if BR would come out and co parent.

and yes, I said nerve, that is NOT one of my famous typos. That is it. I have ONE nerve. anyway, I opted out of faking the illness, it wasnt worth it. and they wouldnt have cared anyway, and there was NO way that BR was getting out of that bed. I could have keeled over with a heart attack and he would have laid there till I started to stink I think.... plus I would have jinxed myself.

Oh, I forgot, I did pretty good at walgreens today. I will blog about it. I swear. that and last weeks hellacious trip.

Anyway, I am bouncing around in here like a ping pong ball. so I reckon I will close, I have no wonderful pearls of wisdom, no funny stories to relate, and truthfully, I am just to pooped to care.

Plus, ER is on. I have already missed 2 of them for the season. One due to bad weather, the other due to our local station was FUBAR and had no sound for about a week.
And its the last season. I have watched it since the series premier. Its hard to belive that this show has been on as long as BR and I have been married. I am sad to see it end. Its almost .... scary. I mean, this is the last of the shows of that year, of that entire time, that I watched that are still on. To loose it, its almost like loosing a part of our relationship. Cause we have watched EVERY episode.

Not that I base my relationship on a TV show. its just the ... I really dont know. I guess its proof that we are getting older, things are changing, but as much as they change they stay the same. He and I still dont really fight. he still gets on my nerves. I still dont clean, hate to cook, and he still can never find socks. I am still trying to quit smoking, we are still talking about 'one day we will build a house', He still drives the same truck, and we still have a pig. The same pig. He still doesnt listen to me, just nods his head and then argues because ... I dont know why..

Yet, we now have 4 kids, he doesnt work at a prison, we have traveled all over, He is not as quiet, more outspoken, and our home is gone, along with many of those memories. But aside from the whole loosing your home and all your possesions to fire thing, I wouldnt change a thing. mostly....

I like to think we are the same people, just older, wiser, and a little fatter.

How the hell did I get so centemential, and sad?

Oh yeah.. ER.
I still remember the commercial when Friends was big and ER was the hot show, and they had a mock 'Q&A' with Joey. and they said "what is the thing that makes a sucessful show?" he named off a few things, and ended with "and having a one word title, Like friends and er. (pronounced like her with out the h...) " that just tickled me.
I cant remember what I did today, yet I can remember a commercial from 13 years ago and something that Joey Tribione (sp) said...

Told y'all I was crazier that a outhouse rat....

OH, and y'all 'member when I made the watermelon Jelly and watermelon rind perserves? well a friend twittered yesterday about this recipe to FRY watermelon.
I kid you NOT. FRY IT!! I mean, what is better than some deep fried pisschunk? seriously? I CANT wait!! I adore fried tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, squash, okra, coliflower and broccoli. Plus a dozen other things I cant even think of right now!

I even dreamed last night that the fields already had watermelons in them. And I asked Uncle Gerald when I could get one. He said they were not ready yet. But they were as big as a golfcart. AND BR and Huney (my grandfather... remind me to tell you that story...) were standing at the edge of the field-- BR with a lighter, and Huney with a plastic rake. (tahts another story I need to tell....) ready to burn the field off so we could plant taters. WHICH everyone knows is a 'before' everything else plant. you plant them durning the frosts.

I could just see the watermelons, big as a goldcart, and as we stood there, and Uncle Gerald wouldnt let me have one, he kept telling me that you would KNOW when they were ready, cause you would hear them start to split. just a little, not enough to ruin it, but you would hear them splitting. Well WE could all hear it. But since he is Deef as a post, he COULDNT! I begged him to thump them. and he just kept saying "we'll hear when they are ready"

I was about to strangle him with my bear hands. Then all of a sudden, I was the one being thumped, right on the head. BR was thumping me, cause thats how he checks watermelons. thumping my head then the melon to see which is riper... But only this wasnt a BR thump. it was a constant peck. It was Rayley. wanting to sleep with us. I told her fine. but to leave me alone, I was dreaming. and I wanted the damn watermelon.

oh thats where I was .... fried watermelon.


There you go. Enjoy.

Thank you PEARLY!! :) check out her blog too. its the one about cooking over yonder on the side :)

And seriously, sorry about the bouncing. its just been one of those days. :)

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