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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Toys in babyland

Well, today was spent cleaning. I got up and got everyone some breakfast, then I cleaned the kitchen, made sure BR wasnt going to take a shower just then and started laundry. I did 8 loads today. Well, the kids saw that Ace Ventura was on in my room, and they gravitated to my bed, where BR is still ailing. I walked through and told them, the cleaning was to start or they could kiss it all goodbye.

They reluctently started. 10 minutes into it, Brett and Matt got in a fight, so Matt went to help Rayley. They picked up. and moved most stuff to the edges. NOT clean. And BRett decided he needed to eat. He wasnt hungry while watching TV, but all of sudden he was too weak to walk. I told him lunch would be ready at noon, keep working, I wasnt waiting all day to bag up the toys.

They got done, Matt got mad at Rayley and went back to his own room. SO they called me in. There was trash in the toy bins. I explained that any trash meant it was ALL trash. So they started again. 2 hours later, they were done. In the mean time Rayley decided that she was not willing to clean, so I started bagging her stuff. She just stared at me. saying she could care less.

Then the boys were done again. I said, "so what wierd things did you find under your bed" they both started to cry. "we didnt know you meant under the beds too!!"
Like I have ever told them to IGNORE what was under the bed.

11 hours later they were done. and had brought out 2 sheets FULL of clothes. I was one load from being done, and had asked for dirty clothes all week. So I told them this was THEIR responsibility. As of 8:50, they have two loads left to wash, one in the wash and one in the dryer.

They also started back with a slight tempeture rise. I doped them up. and they were not feeling badly until I had felt them and told them they were warm and asked them to take their temp. Then they felt awful. So I made them finish.

BR was STILL sick. I am knocking on wood that Bow and I have managed to miss it. I dont know what to credit. With me, I fiqure it cause God knows that I cant get sick, and with him... I fiqure its cause he has ate enough non food items to build his immune system. Plus, I cant wean the little leach.

Anyway, nothing funny happened today, The kids mostly whined and cried. But I did find a cool widget over on Tara's Blog.

So while I was loading it I decided to check out my counter. It is really jumping here lately, and I cant tell you how proud I am. I am sure that very few of you come back again, but some do, and THank you!

But, I did check out the search engine thing. (statcounter.com) is where I have one of my counters, there are some cool features, and you can get a free version. (I LOVE free)

so, I will do another instalment of 'how you got here'. (these blog posts just write themselves... )

lally kally
Yep, they are STILL a rip off!

ants biting stick people games

Yes they do, 'specially if they are fire ants, but I dont know of any games with stick people and ants. I have seen my kids poke an ant hill with a stick though...
and thanks for reminding me, its time to dope around the house again. I dont want the fire ant wars I had last year. But I really dont recommend that you poke a stick at them, or make a game out of anything with ants.

lally cally shoes
Again, no matter how you spell it, there are a rip off.. Who the heck spends 80.00 for a kids shoes? Seriously? I can outfit all my kids for 80.00 or one kid for a year.

needless facts
BY GEORGE, you have came to the right place for needless facts.

legs between her own nurse
Because it would be rude to put your legs between someone else's nurse?

a miracle drug. I have a couple of kids who would NOT have lived if it wernt for this amazing creation of modern medicane.

Which one? Rita or Ike? Either way, they dont exist because they didnt hit New Orleans. Am I a little bitter? damn skippy. You dont see Hollywood doing benifits for the people who lost everything to these huricannes do you? heck, bet you didnt know that Rita was the WORST huricanne ever. Both by size and monitary damage. happend a few weeks after Katrina. Ask someone who lives in Bridge City or Sabine Pass about Katrina and they will tell you to kiss their homeless rear.

soapapia cake
You can make a CAKE from Soapaias? seriously? OMG. I have to find one..

ants in closet
Yep, in the closet, in the wardrobe, in the cabinets, the light switches, the AC, the plants, the walls, you name it, I have had fire ants EVERYWHERE!!

black eyed peas peas fireworks
We just call them peas, but yes, peas and fireworks, thats the rule on New Years. Isnt it for everyone? dont forget the cabbage

is there a fast food ban in the monroe township in new jersey?
I dont have a clue. I have never been there, but I wouldnt doubt it, this country is becoming more and more socialist.. If there is, I feel sorry for them folks. Never getting to run in and grab a quick pizza? or juicy hamburger and onion rings.. thats just UNAmerican...

dress up dress washed
yes, they do need washing. usually often if you have a chld like mine. Of course hers are all tafita or satin, so its HARD to do.

legs between her nurse
See I dont know where this is going. And I am not sure nurses are real keen on this..

Do you REALLY want me to get on that rant again? We have them ALL in this house. Its like an epidemic...

mama always told me life is like a box of chocolates

Yep. you never know what your gona get.. Usually I get those nasty coconut ones.. BLECH!

ohhhhh uuummmmm, I still have some juice.. of course I still have a few things of jelly left too. if we had some good bread and not this wheat crap, I'd make a PB&J!
But I brought home a loaf of real good white bread, and it was GONE in less than 4 hours.

mama say life is like a box of
I quote this ONE time....

delonghi tara said
Okay, I do have a friend named tara, but I dont know if she is delonghi or not. I will be honest, I dont know what this is... and I am too lazy to google it...

michelle byerly
Well, I am glad that this brings you here. and scared to find out where else it will bring you. But if you find porn or arrests, NEITHER are me. I swear. Of course if they were looking for another Michelle Byerly, I might have ruined her life for her...

pee told them to

well, usually the Devil tells me to. BUT if I have to pee bad enough, I'll do just about anything to get to go.
Hey, you give birth to 4 kids and tell me you wont either...

dirt devil utlra vision turbo

aint no good. I mean, its usable, but I have to take it apart and clean it EVERY time. If you can, save your lally cally money and buy a dyson..

when kids are asleep and everything's clean, may i do my homework
Sure, if YOUR kids go to sleep, AND you can get EVERYTHING clean, go RIGHT ahead and do your homework. I guess I am lucky I dont have homework, cause I would fail the course. I have NOT managed to get both of those done at one time that I can remember..

hold her down nurses screaming legs pants
I am not sure this is a good idea. OH. We did have to hold Rayley down once to give her shots. But the nurse didnt scream. at least while we were there. She might have after she looked at the big old bruise on her leg..

how to sarcasticaly say i quit to your coach
Hmmm... I dont know about coaches. But my last boss I told to bite me and to get *#&*#$. It worked too. I am no longer employed there.

hmmmm.. OH wait. I remember, this is the north end of a south bound mule that insisted on screwing a hard working man out of his livlihood. I am sorry to say, he succeded.

starting up a business for personnal assistant, cleaning, running erronds, shopping
You can do this? And get paid? Cause I am already a personal assistant, maid, errond runner and personal shopper. I have it down to a science. But I am almost sure, thats not how you spell erronds. I cant spell it, but it doesnt look right.

how to make a baby snake trap
I dont know, you might ask my kids though. Of course, I am not sure how you will convince the babies to come in but not the adults. They would more than likely not read the sign saying "baby snakes ONLY"..

mama always said life
is like a box of freakin chocolates.... geeze people.. google another movie quote.. I know I have a few. What we have here is failure to communicate...
hehehehehe, thats my ringtone when I get a voicemail. I think it fits. you should hear the house when my phone starts. all the kids and BR always quote along with it.
Hey, extra points if you can name that movie!! and NO GOOGLE! or if you do, be sure to click on here if I show up ;)

kids cavities
are expensive. 6 grand for Rayleys mouth before she was 4. I think.. it might have been more.. its one of those memories (like labour) that I try to supress...)

Okay, thats it.
Some funny, some scary, and some make you wonder about folks sanity.. or their ability to function in society.

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I HAD to google is and a delonghi appears to be an expresso machine. I mostly get lost visitors looking for the dwi guy and get my rant, lol.