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Thursday, October 16, 2008

OH I am SOOO sorry!!

Gosh, has it really been a month?
Almost. And to be honest, I had forgotten about blogging. Do you ever forget to do something one time and it just compounds? I literly forgot that I even had a blog, till Kimmey and Dot reminded me! Thank y'all! :)

Of course, I am pretty much been in a bad mood for a few weeks, so you probebly didnt want me blogging. Dont know why. I just cant seem to get it all together. I think I am suffering from 'surrounded by idiots' syndrome. I would have done nothing but whine and complain the whole time.

Plus I have been watching the news all day every day. From the time I wake up till the time I go to bed. I cant get over the ignorance of people. The selective hearing and the lack of actually thinking about what they hear BEFORE they accept it as fact.
I dont know what direction this country is going to go in on Nov 4th. But I will be honest, it scares me. I think either way it goes we are in for some crap.

The bunny is doing great. He is growing. or maybe its a she. I aint real sure. But he/she keeps getting out of her/his cage and running through the house and hiding. NOT a good thing. The dogs see a tasty treat, and the cat just tries to play. I dont think she would hurt it, she doesnt even know what it is. And for something tha weighs less than a 1/4 of a pound this little sucker can go through some cabbage and carrots. Not to mention I had to buy it a bag of timothy hay. (cause I aint sure what all vitamins it should be getting, and I needed a good source of them) This bag is about the size of a bag of taters. doesnt WEiGH as much, but is that size. It cost 3.27. Not a big deal you say. I wont even buy a 60 lb bale of hay for my horses for that.

Brett is doing great in School, aside from getting demerits by the handful every week. He has 2 differnt teachers, one in the morning, She will be retiring this year, although she doesnt know it yet. And one in the afternoon, she is brand new. In one class he never gets in trouble. Oh, he does stupid crap, and I get told about it, but not 5 demerits in ONE day. She will call me, or catch me in the hall and I will deal with it, this is not to say that she wont give him a demerit, but she is so laid back and easy going. As long as you do your work, your good. In the other class He gets in trouble for talking, for looking at her funny, for staring off into space, for singing, for asking questions, for not asking questions, for talking to his friends, for ... all kinds of crap. can you guess which one he gets in trouble wiht ?? But, sadly he is not the only one. There is a few other kids that I know their moms. They are both freaking because their kids who NEVER get in trouble have gotten more demerits in 6 weeks than they have ever gotten in a year.

Oh and the reason that his teacher will retire this year? Every teacher Brett has ever had has retired, moved, or decided to teach special ed or toutoring type classes. Seriously.
Kindergarten, a teaching vetran, beloved by all, taught my brother in law. Quit and started doing ESL.
1st grade, SWEET heart. Young, happy, full of life, great with the kids. Moved plumb out of the county.
2nd grade, SO nice, never had a problem with him at all. Been teaching a while. knew her stuff and all the kids loved her. Quit and started doing Math Lab.
3rd Grade, she retired. They didnt get along real well.

I was thrilled with his homeroom teacher this year. I really like her, she is down to earth, a 'normal' person. Had a boy, so she knows they are a bubble off plumb, and her husband was the best bus driver we ever had. But it dawned on me one day, and I asked her if it was her last year. SHe said, she was due but wasnt sure if she wanted to retire yet. I told her that it would happen. Dont know why or how, but she would. She just laughed. I dont know if Brett gets to them by the end of the year and they cant handle it anymore, OR if the fear that there is another one just like him coming up behind him and they might accidently get him too just scares the living crap out of them.
Either way, this kid has a streak going.

But he did make A's and a B this 6 weeks. Not bad when one bad grade would bring you down 20 points. They only went to school like 14 days this 6 weeks. So there wasnt much work to grade. He also got student of the week. And its a good thing he got it at the begining of the year, cause he wont ever get it again!

Matt is ... Matt. I swear that kid doesnt have a serious bone in his body. He is quick. and goofy as hell. His teachers love him. They cant quit telling me all these stories about what he does. everything from trying to sneak his breakfast into his backpack to 'bring home and feed the coons' to rescueing a turtle on the playground and wanting to bring it home. Unfortunatly his homeroom teacher is having a difficult pregnancy and is having to quit for the year. He will have a sub, and one of the main canidates is the teacher that retired last year. He gets points off for talking too, but not near like Brett. He is still suffering from HIA syndrome. They have agenda's that they bring home every day. They have to copy down assignments from the board. Their teacher can write notes to me, and I write notes back. I check them daily. We do have him writing in it now. But I have to staple his homework to it. Otherwise he forgets to give it to his teacher. at least this way she gets it at the end of the day.

He too made A's and B's. well all A's and ONE B. an 80 in Language arts, cause he bombed a weekly grade. She said he was reading his library book all week when they were practicing the sentence structure or some such. I dont know, I was reading his report card while she was talking. He also had to have 2 molars pulled last week. Cost me 160.00. Talk about miserable. he was in some pain. He had a cavity between them. The other teeth are poised to come in, but not quite coming down yet. I am supposed to go and get a spacer put in. Not sure how much that will cost yet.

Rayley is doing fine. Her hair is NOT growin back though. Those boys have to have a hair cut every week. EVERY DAMN sunday. or they look like shaggy. She will still be bald in the front when she starts kindergarten. SHe is not sure about Bow yet. She loves him. But she also dislikes him ALOT. She is a pretty good child. Mean and bossy. But loving. And a slight Drama queen. She goes through clothes like theres no tommorow. I swear I do more laundry just cause she threw it on the floor than I do for all the others combined. She is smart. Too smart. and remembers things like you wouldnt belive.

Bow is starting to fit right in. He still bites. But only me. He is a bouncy baby. He NEVER sits still. EVER. Most of my family swears he has an affliction. Cause no matter what you do you cant get him to sit. Its like wrassilin a greased pig for 18 hours a day. He did start to walk. Last week. He had been walking while holding on to stuff for months. And climbin like a chimpanze for longer. But he started getting brave and took 6 steps towards his daddy. For nothing more than food. I swear that kid would crawl over broken glass for food. He weighs 21 pounds and 14 oz. He is a CHUNK!

This is actually this first child I have had that has worn the correct size or larger than the month on the clothes. Rayley was pert near 2 before she started wearin 12 months!

Aside from walkin, and squealin, and hollerin and bitin I reckon this kid aint all bad. it could be worse. He is still always puttin stuff in his mouth. ALL the time. Nothing is safe. And if the cat could talk she would call the humane society and have herself removed. Or at least I think she would. He will lay on her, waller, pull, push, pinch, tug and drag, and she will lay there. Then I will get him off of her, pick her up and put her in another room and she will come right back and lay down beside him again.

BR was sitting here the other day and the kids had went outside, They are not capable of shutting a door, well most times they do pull it closed, but it has to click, they dont make it click. and Bow can open it. anyway, I was cleaning the kitchen and BR was sittin in here and talking to me across the room, Bow had opened the door and usually we will let him play at the glass for a few minutes, but now he has learned to open the storm door. BR heard the door shut and he was headed out. He got him before he went down the steps. He was standing on the porch just a wavin at the kids and squealin.

He doesnt talk, oh he babbles. saying dad, and yes, and now. and we have heard him say ice cream, stop that, and I did it. But its never like a conversation.

And if you tell him NOT to do something he will do it and then turn around and smile at you. or if you tell him no and either move his hand from something or pop it he will holler at you and do it again. Literly until you are laughing so hard you cant keep up the discipline and saying no, so you have to move him.

He would also LOVE to get ahold of the bunny.. He just loves it so much, and wants to just hold and squeeze it. Luckily he has never had the oppertunity.

BR has switched his workng hours again. He is now working from about 10pm to well into the next day. So he sleeps the afternoon. Its so freakin hard to keep the kids quiet during the day. And even harder when the boys get home at 5. thats another reason I have failed to blog. By the time he leaves I have to do my housework and such and go to sleep. When he first started he went in at 4. Then it was 2. Then it went to 3. And then to noon.

Tonight he was getting ready to go to work and taking a shower. I went in to talk to him and Bow followed behind. Then Rayley came running in, saying something about Brett choking Matt, so I came back in here, they had been fighting, but not actually attempting homicide. I took away the catalog they were fighting over, tore it up and threw it away, then headed back into the bathroom, as I walked in I saw Bow diapered butt disapearing into the shower and BR shutting the glass door. He was still wearing a shirt.

So he played in there for a few minutes and then BR finally kicked him out. come to find out he had opened the door and went on in. BR was in the middle of shaving and couldnt really stop him. as he handed him over he also informed me that he was a tad stinky. So not only did I have a sopping wet baby, with a sopping wet T shirt and diaper, but it was a full diaper.

I guess in a nutshell that is what has been going on the last few weeks. Oh I spent time at the school making mums, My father in law had a slight health scare, ( he is okay, they put in a stint and have drastically changed his diet), I have been trying to learn how to cook healthy food. Apparently not everyone fries tomoatoes, squash and pork chops- and there are uses for lettuce other than to put beside the bacon on a BLT or the patty on a cheeseburger. AND you can BAKE chicken. I dont always fry it, sometimes I put it in a pot of boiling water, and add lots of lumps of gooey dough and salt. But it sure is good when you fry it and then smother it with gravey. BR wants to loose some weight and try to stay alive past 40. Which means I have gained 5 pounds. cause I go to the store and the more healthy food I buy I shove snacks, and cookies and donuts in the buggy. Then I realize how cruel it will be to take them home, so I eat them in the parking lot before I leave.

I have sucsessfully helped him loose weight in the past. But it was on weird diets, like the grapefruit diet. Specific instructions. and the goal wasnt nigh on triple digets. Now I am trying to count calories. and cut out the bread. (apparently makin a pan of biscuts or a pone of cornbread with every meal adds weight to your butt.) See I dont have to eat 3 meals a day. I can and usually do eat just one. or snack all day and not eat at all. I am too lazy to get up and make something. But he wants to eat. And these little meals that you get in those cookbooks, where it says it will serve 8? Yeah. if you make every dish in the chapter.

Oh sorry, I was making excuses.. I also have just been lazy, nothing spectacular, just not doing anything, BR's truck broke down again, (remind me to bitch about that later...), we spent days outside cleaning up, only to stack it on the trailer and leave it there, we have been setting up deer stands (during one move, I climbed up 20 feet and onto a platform to come face to face with an angry mob of wasps.. did I mention I am alergic?, We got rid of them, so I had to go up and get the ratchet straps off and then on my way down, the ladder kinda smushed together at a joint and scared the living daylights out of me, I was still shaking 2 days later, and we had to bring it somewhere else so I could go back up in it and attach it to a differnt tree), and a thousand other insignificant things that someone, somewhere wanted, or needed. OH yea! I have been getting together the kids halloween costumes. Thats been a CHORE! But I think it will be cute. I do have one more trip to make tomorrow, and if all goes as planned they will be good to go.

OH, I did get some bad news. Nothing major, but my town might be in the news before long. LOL, Seems someone that was trusted, by me and others, has not been on the up and up. Its very sad really. I had actually lost faith in this person years ago, after an incident that hurt me deeply. I kept in touch, and was still friendly, but not the all trusting and sweet soul we all know I can be.. So,anyway... although I knew they were out for number one, I didnt know just how far they would go. But its a sad day for us, for something very near and dear to me, and a disapointing day for me and many others. Sometimes you have to wonder what people are thinking when they do the things they do. But everytime I would reflect back to what was done to me, I always thought "what goes around comes around" But honestly, I never really thought the tenfold part was true. If all of this comes to light and it will, my 'prediction' will be true. But alas, I shouldnt be talking of this yet. When it hits the papers I will be sure to link to it.

Thanks to everyone for checking back on me. And I am sorry to leave y'all hanging. Its just been kinda weird, between me being lazy, a few monkey wrenches thrown in, and my kids being abnormally good, I just forgot about this place, and really didnt have alot to write about anyway.. I already said the kids were abnormally good.