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Thursday, May 29, 2008

One more day. Just ONE more day.

I woke up late this morning. 6:33 to be exact. My mother in law has been getting here around 6:40 the last few weeks. (which has been nice, it sure as hell beats 6 am).

She had called me last night to remind me that today was the cut off day for the electric bill. And to have mine ready and she would give it to my sister in law who had hers, and another sister in laws and was going to go before 8am and pay them.

Well, I couldnt find my checkbook. And I couldnt find the bill. and I couldnt get the kids up and dressed. She showed up and I was still searching for my checkbook. I told her just to go, I'd get it to town. She knew that I had to go in around noon for Bretts party, but that I also had to stay till after Bretts game tonight. And driving in at 7 am and driving back home was just a waste of money and deisel.

So she helped me look. We searched all over. Brett had brought home all of his crap from school, and more crap that wasnt his. His teacher is retiring this year so she is giving the kids all kinds of crap. He got it as far as my truck and didnt get it in last night. The entire front seat of the truck was FULL. Papers and books, and workbooks, and packets of papers... it was awful. I understand why she wants to get rid of the stuff. But I also have to say that I am getting tired of it. See Brett has a knack of 'displacing' teachers. Every year we get the same thing. The teacher cleans out her closets and gives all the stuff to the kids. Cause she is haulin butt. I kid you not. This child has set a record with his former teachers. Kindergarten his teacher (who by the way, taught my brother in law and lived through him...) semi retired, but came back as a reading lab teacher part time.
I really hated that, I wanted her for Matt.

1st grade: His teacher packed up and moved to a whole new school district, I mean GONE. and it was her first year. I also wanted her for Matt.

2nd grade: His teacher is another newish teacher, not very old, not near retirement age, but stops teaching and becomes a Math lab teacher.

Now 3rd grade and this one is retiring. She has been teaching since I was in the 3rd grade. and before. But as soon as my kid gets her she throws in the towell.

Now I dont know if its cause I threatened the first two with getting Matt the next year or Brett is really that hard on them.

When I went to the principal a few weeks ago to fill out my teacher requests we were going over it and she pointed out some names. I told her that I trusted her, but wanted to let her know that she shouldnt pick someone she just adores. Cause she will be gone by the next fall.

I dont think she belived me.

Oh, back to my morning.
I did finally find my checkbook. Shoved between the seats of my truck. So I wrote her a check for 200.00. That should be enough to not get it cut off and I would pay what ever else when I went into town today, if it was a big differnce.

I came back in the house, I had a few things I needed to get done before I had to go to town. BUT Bow was asleep, and so was Rayley. It seemed like a good time to play on the computer.
ANd I did. till about 9. Then I got up and cleaned a little. around 11 I decided that I should go ahead and start lunch. Get it done so that when BR got up it was ready and plus I had to leave by 12:20. OH and my mother in law called to tell me that I was 2.61 off on my guess to the electric company. I ended up calling them to find out what next months bill would be and make sure they were okay with the 2.61 in arrears.. No problem they said.

I started cooking hamburger meat for taco's and remembered BR's uniform jeans and shirt. Due to the holiday the laundry service at work was a day off and he was out. So he had put them in the washer this morning and I had to dry them..

Well I walked into he laundry room and the lights went out. The whole damn house. Then they flicked back on.
Then they went back out and BOOM, right back on.
I was just standing there in a daze. I knew I should run around and unplug all my electronic stuff, but I was just dumbfounded.

Then they stayed off.

I thought OH SHIT!
So I jerked up the phone.
it was a cordless.
So, in all my infanite wisdom, I slammed it down on the counter, mumbled something about a dumb blonde, and went to get the other phone. It was in the living room. and is also a cordless. Yep, I am just ate up with the hollerhead today.

I searched for about 15 minutes for a corded phone. Finally I found one in Rayleys room. The kids were using it to tie up a stuffed animal that was 'under arrested'

Rayley was mad cause she needed to pee and the lights were out. I went in with her and then she went to her room. She played in there for a while. Didnt even care the lights were out.

I called the light company.
I was on hold for at least 5 minutes.
"can I help you?"
"yes, I think I have a problem"
"your calling from ..... and she gives my phone number" ahh caller ID at its finest.
"yep, thats me."
"okay, whats your account number?"
"uhhhhhhhh, (oh wait, there is a glow in the dark sticker on this corded phone with their number and my account number on it), hold on... okay, its 51417-01
(I need to darken this up. the kids have rubbed it almost all the way off)
"okay, and who's name is it under?"
"michelle Byerly........ I already spoke with y'all once today"
"maybe it wasnt me, there is more than one of us"
*lauging* "oh I know, I was getting to the fact...."
"whats your address?"
So I tell her
"okay, so whats wrong?"
"You did get my payment right?"
"yes, 200.00 posted this morning"
"is that all you needed?" (kinda rudish)
"actually, I wanted to make sure you didnt cut off my lights"
"alright then, my lights are out. "
"well, why didnt you say so to start with?"
"I wanted to make sure it wasnt my fault first"
"oh, okay"
"so, since we know its not my fault, I need to report an outage"
"are you sure?"
"uhhhh.... yep.
"okay, where are you at?"
now granted... My first thought is telling her I am in town, at the coffee shop. My house had called to let me know it was dark, BUT I have half cooked hamburger meat on the stove, BR's ONE uniform in the washer and I am already starting to get hot with out the A/C.
"I am at home"
"where is home?" she asks kinda pissy
so I gave her the address again, and my phone number and my name.
"I just wanted to make sure that it wasnt a lack of communication and my lights wernt turned off"
"I'll report it. "
"great!! Thanks!!

So, I went and took advantage of the battery on my puter. There was nothing else to do. 45 minutes later I realized they were NOT coming back on anytime soon. And I had to LEAVE! and soon. I went and got my makeup, then tried to decide if I should try to fix my hair or just wear a baseball cap.

Then I realized that I had to take my picture for the yearbook today. (hey, we make the dang thing, we can put us in there if we want.. I aint real sure I want...)

So I decided to try. I have to flat iron my hair. There aint no two ways about it, but I was able to manipulate it into some sembalance of order. kinda.

Then I dressed Rayley. who couldnt find shoes to match the outfit so she changed again. and then again.

And then I had to find Bretts cleats. they were NO where to be found. I am SOOO glad its the last game!

I finally found it all. THen I headed out. I had put BR's clothes on the porch to dry. and kissed him goodbye before he woke up. Plus it was already 80* in the house.

Bretts party went fine. They had ice cream floats. He was also awarded "funniest" by his classmates.

We messed around town, well, truth be told, I paid bills, got my inspection sticker and my tags for my truck, another 115.00 dollars, till Bretts game time. And I had to run into walmart and buy the stuff for Matts party tomorrow and as we were getting ready to go in my mother in law called. She was telling me about the lights being out. Seems my Brother in law had ran home during lunch and found they were out. He got all kinds of upset and called my sister in law to find out why she didnt pay the bill. Since she was working an hour from home she called my mother in law to find out what the hell was going on. When my mother in law called she got about the same response I did. But at least they KNEW the lights were out by then.

It was such a pretty day that noone can fiqure out what happened. maybe someone ripped all the copper off a substation again.
The lights were out for miles around my house.

Bretts team had a good game. Brett got thrown out stealing second and struck out once. they lost by one point to the undefeated team. Brett was coming back up to bat, but the coach sent a kid to steal and he got tagged out for the last out of the game.

After the game was the trophies. Bretts team came in second, so their coach presented each one with a trophy and when it came to Brett he said "and this award goes to the player that had the absolute best catch of the season. It was an all start catch, he saw the ball and he threw up his glove and started running backwards. He caught it and got us the game winning out! Brett Byerly!!"

I was very proud. He really could have done better this season. He knows he could have, but he did do pretty good.

after it was all over everyone was coming up to him and telling him they did remember his catch and it was a great one.
He was a little disapointed that noone remembered his in the park homerun on a walk, but as we were leaving another parent did walk up and tell him that his coach should have also commended him on that!

We came home and I made the boys clean out all their junk from my truck. As I walked up to the steps I saw that the second to the bottom step was broken. I guess thats something else to fix. I cant belive that BR didnt tell me about it. But that might be why there were 4 missed calls on my cell phone and a text message saying 'answer the *#(&%()# phone'. Its been messing up here lately and had reset itself to vibrate. I never knew it rang.

Since I had turned off the AC when the lights went out it was hot as hell in here. 87 degrees.
I heard that they finally came back on around 3. now I have to cook the pork loin in the fridge and the 1/2 cooked hamburger meat too.

Of course during the 'big clean' the boys piled all their crap in the living room. I was trying to make them get it cleaned and Rayley got a headache. A puking, screaming headache. And Bow was wanting to go to sleep. He wanted to nurse so bad. But she was puking and screaming. The boys were horsing around and I was about to pull my hair out.

I did get her settled. I put her in the tub, got Bow settled in and threatened the boys that if they didnt get it cleaned up right then, I wouldnt let them go to school in the morning. And if they didnt go on the last day they would fail. I told them it was a state law. They eventually got it all cleaned up. And as they were going to bed they reminded me that they were out of jeans. Actually they TOLD me they were out. They hadnt told me this BEFORE tonight. at 9:23. PM. Or I would have washed them some this morning. talk about HIA syndrome...

Brett did get back his Math Taks test results. he missed commended performace on it by one question. But he did pass. So he got commended in reading and almost in Math. Not bad.

Rayley's head did ease up. So she is getting some sleep. The boys are all settled in and Bow is snoring like a pig in the sunshine.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lost kleenex's and found agervation

there are TWO more days of school left.

I asked BR if he had moved my kleenex's the other day. I had searched for them everywhere, and I finally remembered to ask him.

He just looked at me like I was crazy. Then Rayley said "you told me to throw them away moma"
"no baby, I mean the big box of kleenex, not the ones I had just cleaned Bow's nose with"
" yeah, I know, you told me to throw them away"
"no Rayley I told you to..... ohhhhh, so you threw away momma's box of kleenex that sat right here?"
"yep!, just like you told me, aint I a big girl?"

I had pointed to a few used kleenex's that day and asked her to throw them away. She did, but I guess she decided that the others needed to go too.

We are winding down on the yearbook. I am glad, deisel is killing me. But in all honesty I dont get to get out much. and going and doing at the schools is one of my biggest joys in life.

Speaking of which. I went to the primary schools meeting this morning to present the bylaws I had made up last week. They asked me to be on their board. I dont have a kid there next year. Rayley wont be there for another year. But it was a VERY big honor to be asked. It made me feel really good. I did accept, on the condition that if someone inquires about it and wants to be in that position that they be allowed to accept it. Thats 4 boards for next year. Both boys will be in one school and I am the secretary. Then the District PTA board, and the Primary school board, and then at least one yearbook board. I might end up doing the other yearbook too, if no one will step up and do it. I dont want the kids to not have one, and volunteers for that are few and far between! :(

Brett got back his Taks scores today. He passed math too. I am so glad. He got an commended achievement in reading. he only missed one question. In Math he missed 6, so he missed commended by one answer. :( But thats okay. Passing is passing.

I have to finish up my 'lovelines' page for the yearbook, and write the dedication page and I am through. I have 2 of the 3 places nailed down to get school supplies from and we meet next week with the principal at the boys school for T shirt orders and we found out today that she wants to do a Carnival open to the public next year AND a talent show with a dinner for the parents as fund raisers.

I cant wait! I think it will alot of fun. It will be alot of work, but alot of fun too.

Bow has started cruising. He is getting pretty good at it. And you cant keep that child nailed down. He is always on the go, or into something.

Today started out pretty pissy. I woke up 3 minutes before the alarm went off to a warm feeling on my stomache. Bow's diaper was leaking. it soaked my shirt, my sweats and when I looked at the clock I was pissed. I got up and changed clothes, changed him and went to get me some tea. When I got into the kitchen all my canisters on the counter were moved. And there was a line of fire ants going up the wall. BR had found it when he came in and moved the canisters so I could find it. I killed them all and got the boys up. They got dressed and played with Bow. Once they left I had to get dressed. I had to be at the school by 8.

After the meeting at the Primary school I went on to Bretts school and started on the yearbook. BR called. I think he was mad cause I was in town today. I had told him I was going. I know he thinks its just a waste of deisel, and maybe it is, but, its something I enjoy. But he told me that beside his chair where he sits all his plates and glasses when he is through with them (plus leaves the bags of chips and such when he goes to bed) is covered in fire ants.

Of course I have a fish tank right there too, so you have to be careful when spraying stuff.

When the kids got out of school I had to go to walmart. I bought lots of ant dope, and lots of weed and grass killer. We are going to kill all the grass around the house. The ants are getting to be too bad.

We made it through walmart and then I went and got diesel. I had a 1/4 of a tank, but it was already 4.64 a gallon so I decided to take advantage of it. Plus I didnt have anything better to do with the 99.00.

Then I went and got a thermostat for BR's truck. I heard that sometimes a truck will run hot and use alot of gas if the thermostat is missing or stuck open. I hope this is the case. HE just got this engine rebuilt. Its a 94 toyota 4x4 and gets worse gas milage than my 1 ton 4 door deisel doulley. ( I get 15 miles to the gallon). I talked to the parts guy and he gave me some hints on checking to see if its the injectors or something else. I am hoping its a quick and cheap fix. :)

When we got home and got everything unloaded I had to start killing the ants and moving all the plates and glasses into the kitchen. I had just gotten done and washed up and Brett told me he got bit last night in bed. So then I went back and was getting my spray and putting back on the clothes that I had been wearing when Matt came to me and picked up his shirt. he showed me a bite. I asked what it was. He said that he got bit in HIS bed by a fire ant last night.

SO in I went. Sure enough they were in there too. I stripped the beds, sprayed the wall where they were and hoped that was the last of them for the night. I cant handle many more.
While we were unloading the truck and I was nursing Bow the door opened. Rayley came in.. we had gotten a shower today and apparently while we were all working at bringing in groceries and putting them up, plus corraling Bow, Rayley had been in the mud. She was in nothing but her panties.
I asked "what the hell have you been doing?"
"cause I was bored"
"where are your clothes?"
"I took them off"
"I can see that, why are you nekid?"
"I aint nekid, I have on panties"
"okay, where did you take off your clothes?"
" I stil have ON clothes"
"no, you still have on panties, where are your CLOTHES?"
"did you get undressed outside?"
"I aint undressed, I have on PANTIES"
"where is your shirt? Where are your pants?"
"Rayley, you better go and find them. You need a bath, you have mud from head to toe"
"Do I have to put them back on?"
"no, but I dont want them lost, find them and then you can ge a bath"
"They aint lost. "
"then where are they?"
"I told you, they are DIRTY!"
By now Brett knew that I was about to scream
"Rayley, where is your shirt and pants right now?"
"in the laundry room"
I said "Why didnt you just say that to start with?"
"cause you didnt ask"

so off she went to the bathroom. I ran her a bath and finished up spraying the boys room. Then I cleaned back up. and had no more than sat down on the couch when I hear from Rayley "MMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,"
"yes Rayley"
"there's an ant in here"
I went and checked. it was the only one I could find ( I had sprayed that room when I found ants about 4 days ago.)
Then I looked in her hair, she had a few more. She had brought them in.

I ended up going outside again to shut the truck doors. And there on my steps was 9 mud pies.

The boys ate supper and then started getting ready for bed. Rayley was still hungry and wanted a ham sandwich. I gave her one, but only after making sure that she really wanted it.

I sent all the kids to bed and then went into the kitchen to make my own supper ( fried spam sandwiches... yum!) there sat 1/2 of Rayleys sandwich. About that time she came back through. she needed a bednight story.

I made her sit down and eat the rest of the sandwich. She whined and cried. Told me she wasnt hungry, told me she was sick, told me the sanwhcih was bad.

30 minutes and 8 trips in here to tell me that she couldnt eat it later I went back in the kitchen to refill my tea. she was taking the last bite. Whining and crying all the while.

Once it was gone she looked at me and said "do I get desert too?"

She is asleep now. I think its best.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

If a frog had wings, ants didnt bite, and bull nettle didnt sting.

I have GOT to get back in the habit of blogging every night. If I dont watch it I will end up missing weeks at a time.

Saturday we ended up washing BR's 18 wheeler. Matt and I got to wash the inside. The dust was AWFUL! I cleaned with armoral wipes, then when I saw that wasnt working I switched to a wet rag. Then once I thought I had all the dust gone I Sprayed the armoural (or what ever it is) and wiped it down. By the time I got done wiht one section and was half done with the next the first looked like I had never touched it.

BR and BRett cleaned the outside. Not the trailer, that thing was way too dirty, just the tractor. It took a good 3 hours. BEfore we even got out of the truck BR told us all "there is bull nettle ALL around, watch where you step. Especially you Michelle, I cant belive you are wearing flip flops."

He was wearing shorts and tennis shoes. He only wears shorts around the house. NEVER in public and only wears tennie shoes when he has them on. otherwise its boots and jeans all the way. But it was hot, noone would see him and he would end up getting wet. Brett had on a pair of jeans and Matt had on a pair of jeans, and a button up shirt.

He went around to start his truck to let the air build up in the brakes. He was going to move it out of the pasture and into the road for better cleaning and to be closer to the hose. and immediatly got in some bullnettle. You talk about cussin a blue streak.....

It took Brett about 7 minutes. Then he was in it. But didnt mind peeing on himself to relive it.

Matt was a little smarter. He wasnt barefoot like Brett. He had on socks. yep. socks. I am always gettin onto him for going around in his stockin feet. We were leaving and I made the boys make one more round around the truck to make sure that we didnt leave anything. well I told Brett to. Matt tagged along to see if he could push him in any mud puddles. He stepped squarly in a bullnettle and it went plumb through.

He couldnt manage to pee on the bottom of his foot so he was stuck out.

I guess my flip flops served me well.

And they were FILTHY by the time we started home. BR had parked the truck over at my grandfathers. Since there is an oilwell behind his house (no, not a beverly hillbillies oilwell) he can drive in and out with no problems. he called me at 3am on Friday night to come and get him. its about 1/10 of a mile from here. I made the boys strip before they even thought about getting in my truck. and BR rode home in the back.

I had told the boys on Friday night to clean their room. They ended up bringing out 7 loads of laundry. I had JUST got all the laundry done. So I had to get it all done this weekend. But right before we left to go and clean the truck I got a shirt out of my closet. put it on and got bit by 5 fire ants before I could turn around twice. I shucked that shirt quicker than I have ever shucked anything. I started lookin. Sure enough, there was a line of ants comin in from the ceiling. I already had all the boys loads of laundry and BR had added at least 2 loads to it, he complained that I hadnt been washing his shirts. Come to find out they were UNDER the bed. He accidently has kicked them under there. Gee, wonder why I havent been washing them?

Oh and he got perturbed at me this weekend. He decided to weedeat. well he couldnt find the strings. They had been on the bar between the kitchen and the living room, but wernt there anymore. He KNEW we had sit them there when we bought them. And he is right, but that was last summer. I will admit I dont clean house like I should. But even I cant leave something out of place for a year.

I did eventully find them. He used the weedeater for about 5 minutes and decided he needs a new one.

Since I didnt get to the closet last night. ( I still had all that other laundry to do.) I decided I would get to it after I got all of the laundry done up.

I got that done by 3:30 and then started on my ant infested closet. They were up on the shelves. When I got pregnant last year I put all my skinny clothes up there. So first I cleaned out all of the hanging clothes, the ants hadnt really made it down that far. I put them on the bed. THen I got all the shoes, and since I dont have a dresser I had my PJ's and such in baskets on the floor. So I took them all out. Then I sprayed the tub with ant killer, and started pulling down clothes. They were immediatly put in the tub. They will have to be washed, dried and folded and then put in ziploc Big bags ( have you seen these things?? they are HUGE!! I love them! they have a ziploc zipper and come in 3 differnt sizes. I have used them for EVERTHIN!! From holding my bushel of squash, sending Bretts posterboard to school in, putting food to take to MIL's house, and even keeping the kids uniforms for baseball in to keep up wiht them!).

Oh, sorry I got side tracked. I just LOVE my big bags. ITs just another perk of being a bzzagent. (www.bzzagent.com)

Of the clothes I had hung up, on the floor and shoved elsewhere I filled up 3 big bags for a future garage sale. I think I ended up with 2 pair of jeans that fit and maybe 6 T shirts. I really should go clothes shopping.

Then the ant infested clothes were next. They filled up the garden tub. I need more big bags to put them in and the ants wernt escaping the poisoned tub so I only got a load done. Plus there should be a limit on how much laundry you do in a single day.

I fiqure these clothes will take up another 3 bags at least.

I just HATE fire ants. They are the most infuriating things. They get in your electrical things and mess up the contacts, they will get into your clothes and eat them up, not to mention they bite. and it hurts like hell. and they take over EVERYTHING! I have seen many a well pump burned up because of them. Have lost newborn baby goats to them too.

But after about 3 and a half hours of hard labor by me and the boys the closet is semi normal. I just have a feeling the ants are in the walls.

The boys and Rayley ate supper and I told them it was time for bed. Matt went to take his alergy pill, he got it out, then realized he had to pee and left it on the table. So once he came back from the bathroom I sent him BACK in there to take the pill. He had forgotten... He went back and found Rayley in the kitchen with a glass of water and his pill. She was disolving it for him. So he came and told on her. She in turn came in and said it was him.
I tried everything to make her confess. I told her that little girls that lie loose all their hair, they cant smile anymore, their toes fall off and they cant balarini dance, and they loose all their teeth. She wasnt budging. She was swearing Matt had done it.

Matt was near tears. He finally told me "why would I ruin a pill that I have to take so I wont cough my fool head off?" (his words, not mine) I was inclined to belive him. But no matter what I did, said or threatened Rayley refused to change her story.

It told her that Matt would get licks for lying and asked if she was telling the truth. She just kept on blaming him. So I kept on trying t get her to confess.. Then I decided to work on her sense of family. and her conciece. Apparently she doesnt have one.
Matt was getting more upset by the minute. No matter how I phrased it, he never did 'get' that I was trying to make her confess. It wasnt until I told him for the 4th time that "I had better hear some screams when I gave him his licks' that a light bulb went off.

So I pretended to give Matt licks for it. She just sat there and told me that he really should get 5. I said "I am sure I gave him 5" she said "nope, I counted it was 4."

Then Matt turned to her and had all these tears and said "see what you got me?" She said "well, your a boy, you can handle it better than me, I'm just a little girl."

I asked her again if she was lying. She said "no, can the boys and me go to bed in my room now?" The boys opted to not join her for the night.

When I was tucking her in she kept asking for them. I told her that it was too late. The boys were mad at her and didnt want to talk to her no more. This broke he heart. But not enough for her to change her mind.

As I was tucking her in I saw 3 DVD's on her TV stand. Garfield, and 2 barbie movies. I made mention that I had 3 more that I got to throw away. While I was tucking her in I saw a flash. It was matt grabbing the garfield one and bringing it bac into the living room. They all know the rules. If I find a DVD anywhere but on my shelf I get to throw it away ( they get stacked up in my room, but the kids think they are thrown away.)

I got done with Rayley and turned to the boys.

"so you rescued one, but not the others?"
"I think it was really crappy of you to rescue ONE but NOT the others" I said with my hands kind extended, holding the movies.
"what cha mean mom?"
"the garfield movie, I am not ignorant, so let me repeat myself, YOU rescued ONE but not the OTHERS?, should you at least TRY to get the others?"
"oh... well go and get it Matt"
"I dont think y'all get it.... YOU RESCUED ONE, but not the others?"
I was thrusting them towards the boys, but they still wernt getting it.

Finaly Matts light bulb went off.
so they took those too. I swear its like arguin with a fence post sometimes.

and speaking of fence posts, BR wanted his sledge hammer today. He had brought it in the house and laid it in THAT chair. It wasnt there anymore. I had just started nursing the baby, so he told me NOT to get up. He was mad cause I had moved something else. LIke I was supposed to let an 8 pound sledge hammer stick around for months and months. I told him to double check the chair, look around his dresser, etc.

He just gave up and went outside. With the snap ring plyers that I had hung up in the laundry room. I got up as soon as I could extract myself from Bow and went in and wrote a note. It said "taken outside on 5/25 to fix sheer bolt in tractor, broken during bushhogging". Then I stuck it in the pouch where the snap ring plyers had been.

Once BR went to work I was cleaning the kitchen again and decided to move the things out of that chair. Sure enough, under the ONLY other thing in the chair was a heating pad. Sure enough there was the sledge hammer. half the handle sticking out.

If it had been a snake it would have bit him. When I told him later on I had found it he said "well, if that heating pad had been put up in the last 4 months I would have known where the hammer was."

Yep, and if a frog had wings it wouldnt bump his ass when he jumped.