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Sunday, May 25, 2008

If a frog had wings, ants didnt bite, and bull nettle didnt sting.

I have GOT to get back in the habit of blogging every night. If I dont watch it I will end up missing weeks at a time.

Saturday we ended up washing BR's 18 wheeler. Matt and I got to wash the inside. The dust was AWFUL! I cleaned with armoral wipes, then when I saw that wasnt working I switched to a wet rag. Then once I thought I had all the dust gone I Sprayed the armoural (or what ever it is) and wiped it down. By the time I got done wiht one section and was half done with the next the first looked like I had never touched it.

BR and BRett cleaned the outside. Not the trailer, that thing was way too dirty, just the tractor. It took a good 3 hours. BEfore we even got out of the truck BR told us all "there is bull nettle ALL around, watch where you step. Especially you Michelle, I cant belive you are wearing flip flops."

He was wearing shorts and tennis shoes. He only wears shorts around the house. NEVER in public and only wears tennie shoes when he has them on. otherwise its boots and jeans all the way. But it was hot, noone would see him and he would end up getting wet. Brett had on a pair of jeans and Matt had on a pair of jeans, and a button up shirt.

He went around to start his truck to let the air build up in the brakes. He was going to move it out of the pasture and into the road for better cleaning and to be closer to the hose. and immediatly got in some bullnettle. You talk about cussin a blue streak.....

It took Brett about 7 minutes. Then he was in it. But didnt mind peeing on himself to relive it.

Matt was a little smarter. He wasnt barefoot like Brett. He had on socks. yep. socks. I am always gettin onto him for going around in his stockin feet. We were leaving and I made the boys make one more round around the truck to make sure that we didnt leave anything. well I told Brett to. Matt tagged along to see if he could push him in any mud puddles. He stepped squarly in a bullnettle and it went plumb through.

He couldnt manage to pee on the bottom of his foot so he was stuck out.

I guess my flip flops served me well.

And they were FILTHY by the time we started home. BR had parked the truck over at my grandfathers. Since there is an oilwell behind his house (no, not a beverly hillbillies oilwell) he can drive in and out with no problems. he called me at 3am on Friday night to come and get him. its about 1/10 of a mile from here. I made the boys strip before they even thought about getting in my truck. and BR rode home in the back.

I had told the boys on Friday night to clean their room. They ended up bringing out 7 loads of laundry. I had JUST got all the laundry done. So I had to get it all done this weekend. But right before we left to go and clean the truck I got a shirt out of my closet. put it on and got bit by 5 fire ants before I could turn around twice. I shucked that shirt quicker than I have ever shucked anything. I started lookin. Sure enough, there was a line of ants comin in from the ceiling. I already had all the boys loads of laundry and BR had added at least 2 loads to it, he complained that I hadnt been washing his shirts. Come to find out they were UNDER the bed. He accidently has kicked them under there. Gee, wonder why I havent been washing them?

Oh and he got perturbed at me this weekend. He decided to weedeat. well he couldnt find the strings. They had been on the bar between the kitchen and the living room, but wernt there anymore. He KNEW we had sit them there when we bought them. And he is right, but that was last summer. I will admit I dont clean house like I should. But even I cant leave something out of place for a year.

I did eventully find them. He used the weedeater for about 5 minutes and decided he needs a new one.

Since I didnt get to the closet last night. ( I still had all that other laundry to do.) I decided I would get to it after I got all of the laundry done up.

I got that done by 3:30 and then started on my ant infested closet. They were up on the shelves. When I got pregnant last year I put all my skinny clothes up there. So first I cleaned out all of the hanging clothes, the ants hadnt really made it down that far. I put them on the bed. THen I got all the shoes, and since I dont have a dresser I had my PJ's and such in baskets on the floor. So I took them all out. Then I sprayed the tub with ant killer, and started pulling down clothes. They were immediatly put in the tub. They will have to be washed, dried and folded and then put in ziploc Big bags ( have you seen these things?? they are HUGE!! I love them! they have a ziploc zipper and come in 3 differnt sizes. I have used them for EVERTHIN!! From holding my bushel of squash, sending Bretts posterboard to school in, putting food to take to MIL's house, and even keeping the kids uniforms for baseball in to keep up wiht them!).

Oh, sorry I got side tracked. I just LOVE my big bags. ITs just another perk of being a bzzagent. (www.bzzagent.com)

Of the clothes I had hung up, on the floor and shoved elsewhere I filled up 3 big bags for a future garage sale. I think I ended up with 2 pair of jeans that fit and maybe 6 T shirts. I really should go clothes shopping.

Then the ant infested clothes were next. They filled up the garden tub. I need more big bags to put them in and the ants wernt escaping the poisoned tub so I only got a load done. Plus there should be a limit on how much laundry you do in a single day.

I fiqure these clothes will take up another 3 bags at least.

I just HATE fire ants. They are the most infuriating things. They get in your electrical things and mess up the contacts, they will get into your clothes and eat them up, not to mention they bite. and it hurts like hell. and they take over EVERYTHING! I have seen many a well pump burned up because of them. Have lost newborn baby goats to them too.

But after about 3 and a half hours of hard labor by me and the boys the closet is semi normal. I just have a feeling the ants are in the walls.

The boys and Rayley ate supper and I told them it was time for bed. Matt went to take his alergy pill, he got it out, then realized he had to pee and left it on the table. So once he came back from the bathroom I sent him BACK in there to take the pill. He had forgotten... He went back and found Rayley in the kitchen with a glass of water and his pill. She was disolving it for him. So he came and told on her. She in turn came in and said it was him.
I tried everything to make her confess. I told her that little girls that lie loose all their hair, they cant smile anymore, their toes fall off and they cant balarini dance, and they loose all their teeth. She wasnt budging. She was swearing Matt had done it.

Matt was near tears. He finally told me "why would I ruin a pill that I have to take so I wont cough my fool head off?" (his words, not mine) I was inclined to belive him. But no matter what I did, said or threatened Rayley refused to change her story.

It told her that Matt would get licks for lying and asked if she was telling the truth. She just kept on blaming him. So I kept on trying t get her to confess.. Then I decided to work on her sense of family. and her conciece. Apparently she doesnt have one.
Matt was getting more upset by the minute. No matter how I phrased it, he never did 'get' that I was trying to make her confess. It wasnt until I told him for the 4th time that "I had better hear some screams when I gave him his licks' that a light bulb went off.

So I pretended to give Matt licks for it. She just sat there and told me that he really should get 5. I said "I am sure I gave him 5" she said "nope, I counted it was 4."

Then Matt turned to her and had all these tears and said "see what you got me?" She said "well, your a boy, you can handle it better than me, I'm just a little girl."

I asked her again if she was lying. She said "no, can the boys and me go to bed in my room now?" The boys opted to not join her for the night.

When I was tucking her in she kept asking for them. I told her that it was too late. The boys were mad at her and didnt want to talk to her no more. This broke he heart. But not enough for her to change her mind.

As I was tucking her in I saw 3 DVD's on her TV stand. Garfield, and 2 barbie movies. I made mention that I had 3 more that I got to throw away. While I was tucking her in I saw a flash. It was matt grabbing the garfield one and bringing it bac into the living room. They all know the rules. If I find a DVD anywhere but on my shelf I get to throw it away ( they get stacked up in my room, but the kids think they are thrown away.)

I got done with Rayley and turned to the boys.

"so you rescued one, but not the others?"
"I think it was really crappy of you to rescue ONE but NOT the others" I said with my hands kind extended, holding the movies.
"what cha mean mom?"
"the garfield movie, I am not ignorant, so let me repeat myself, YOU rescued ONE but not the OTHERS?, should you at least TRY to get the others?"
"oh... well go and get it Matt"
"I dont think y'all get it.... YOU RESCUED ONE, but not the others?"
I was thrusting them towards the boys, but they still wernt getting it.

Finaly Matts light bulb went off.
so they took those too. I swear its like arguin with a fence post sometimes.

and speaking of fence posts, BR wanted his sledge hammer today. He had brought it in the house and laid it in THAT chair. It wasnt there anymore. I had just started nursing the baby, so he told me NOT to get up. He was mad cause I had moved something else. LIke I was supposed to let an 8 pound sledge hammer stick around for months and months. I told him to double check the chair, look around his dresser, etc.

He just gave up and went outside. With the snap ring plyers that I had hung up in the laundry room. I got up as soon as I could extract myself from Bow and went in and wrote a note. It said "taken outside on 5/25 to fix sheer bolt in tractor, broken during bushhogging". Then I stuck it in the pouch where the snap ring plyers had been.

Once BR went to work I was cleaning the kitchen again and decided to move the things out of that chair. Sure enough, under the ONLY other thing in the chair was a heating pad. Sure enough there was the sledge hammer. half the handle sticking out.

If it had been a snake it would have bit him. When I told him later on I had found it he said "well, if that heating pad had been put up in the last 4 months I would have known where the hammer was."

Yep, and if a frog had wings it wouldnt bump his ass when he jumped.

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