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Friday, May 23, 2008

Yellow is the color of .... work.

I am tired of seeing YELLOW!

I put up about 45 squash yesterday. It was a decent amount. The I fried I dont know how many. It was actually more than we could eat in 2 days. And we can eat the hell outa some fried squash.

Then today I ended up doing another bushel. The kids have helped me alot. I am real proud of them. They helped me slice them, lay them out to drain and cool and bag them up.
I did catch Rayley eating a few of them. They couldnt have been that good. I only blanched them, so they wernt done. Plus they were bland. I didnt season them at all. But she was eating them instead of putting them in bags.

I got another 15 quarts today. BR told me that would be enough and not do fill up the freezer with squash. He loves it, but not that much. I have news for him. We might be eating alot of stuff we dont like here pretty soon. I also fried 2 chickens today. There is a little left, and made corn. Bow got corn and applesauce for lunch and something struk his funny bone during an extra large bite. He started laughing, sucked it up his nose and then sneezed. I think I got most of it out of my hair.

Then I decided to be a nice mommy and make a lemon cake. And Brett had wanted lemon icing on it. So I did that too. Somehow I ended up with a big glob of that in my hair too. I am actually glad its not as long as it used to be. I used to sit on it. at least now there is less to get messy.

I honestly dont care to see yellow for quite a while. On top of all that yellow, we gave Bow corn yesterday, and so I am seeing it from all sides. The kids couldnt wait to get some of the cake. And I swear I have the oddest kids. Rayley would only eat the middle cause she doesnt like icing ( I really dont either..) and Matt hated the cake altogether. BRett ate about half his peice and that was it. He said it was cause he was full. But I know him. He didnt like it, but he remembers me telling him that he wouldnt like it when he insisted that he wanted it. Since he put up such a fight and begged me to make it he wont admit he doesnt like it. Which is fine. I know, he knows, and deep down, he knows I know.

I got an email from his teacher today. He has 5 zero's in Lanuguage. Please explain to me how a 3rd grader gets 5 zero's? Please.

Now the first one, I can see. And I can almost see his teacher not bothering to throw that in when she writes me an email daily to tell me he giggled during class. But on the second one I am wondering why I wasnt notified. Now I can see it from a kids mo-ronic point of view. 'I got away with one, lets see about this one.. see if I can get away with doing nothing'. But shouldnt she have informed me that day when she wrote to tell me he asked to go pee 3 times that day?

THEn on the 3rd one.. I am seeing a pattern. She must not be. Heck he got away with it twice, why not go for broke?

The 4th one is a little more upsetting. ANd the 5th one.... Why tell me now? is 5 the magic number? He is now failing. And granted he should always do his work. He should NEVER not do his assignments. BUT what kid is not going to try to get away with something? If you turn your back when you see them sneak a peice of candy they will try it again. The second time you ignore them sneaking it they will possibly grab a 3rd peice. and before you know it they have the whole damn bag and you are having a chocolate fit and all you can find is an empty bag, with lots of empty wrappers in their bedclothes. KNOWIN they aint allowed to eat anywhere but the kitchen.

Anyway, I wrote her back. told her to send them home wiht him and I would make sure they got done. To please let me know if he was missing anything else ( do you think if he got away with not doing 5 assignments he wouldnt try it with all of them? ) and Thanked her for her concern.

I know what happened. She was having to turn in the 6 weeks grades and fiqured it out. I still dont see how this would fly. Unless she gave them 5 papers in one day and he just had a day he played and did nothin.

He came home today and I asked about it. asked where they were. He said he only did 3 papers. I asked why. he said he needed copies of the others and she didnt have the copies. I asked why he didnt already have the copies. He said he was absent that day.

I honestly have never looked forward to my kids being home for the summer. They eat like 8 grown mules, they scream and run, and jump, they go in and out of the house all day, they are always bringing home some weird animal/insect/reptile, They stink. literly. They loose everything from their shoes to their shirts. (I find them out in the woods or in the pasture), They make it impossible for BR to sleep during the day and I can just imagine how hard it will be for Bow to sleep. BUT I am so freaking glad to be out of school.

If he can just pass. I know that he has enough good grades to pass even if this 6 weeks is a failure. BUT I dont want him to fail a six weeks. EVER.

Yesterday was Matts girlfriends birthday. He didnt tell me till like 9 o clock at night, but I went and got a little trinket I had bought on clearence for Rayley for a birthday or Christmas or such and wrapped it up for him. HE told me that she loved it.

Poor Brett has decided to give up on girls. he still likes a little girl, but her parents wont let her like boys yet. They said she was too young for a boyfriend. So he is just always repeating "I just give up on girls"

And Bow has a new trick. He can get out of his car seat. Its a infant seat, and has the shoulder harness' that then connect to a buckle that comes up between his legs, they also pull together and are connected mid chest.

He moves his shoulders, flips his body around, pushes his legs, and somehow manouvers himself right around onto his side, then keeps twisting around until he is on his tummy, Then its just a few pushes and he is over the back of the car seat and closing the 3 inch gap between the back of the middle front seat and the back of his car seat. And he is just so damn proud when he does it. I had to stop 3 times yesterday and resecure him. ANd I cant get it any tighter. I have tried everything. I have moved the straps, I have made sure they were snug, I dont know what else to do. I guess he just wants to face foward like the big kids. I dont blame him, but shoot. I cant afford the ticket.

So for Rayleys birthday he is getting a car seat.

And a gate. I need a gate for him too. to keep him out of the kitchen. I swear he is already fast as greased lighting. You cant take your eyes off him for a second.

Rayley has decided that she needs 'ballentina restructions' I wish I could. But its just too far into town to even consider it. She loves to show me her 'practices' all the time. And she LOVES jewerly. Tonight I swear she had on each and every little cheap peice of jewerly I have ever gotten her. ANd she is starting to want to wear it to town. which means I need to get her some cute costume jewerly. She has some. a few cute necklaces, or bracelets. Not nice nice stuff, but something other than the chunky mardigras like beads or those fake dress up earrings. Oh and earrings.. ACK! I was raised with my grandfather saying "if God wanted holes in your ears he would have put them there" and I was the lucky one, I got my ears peirced at 9 years old. My mom was 18 and my grandmother was 42. LOL I was 15 when I got my second hole and I swear my grandfather was so mad he could have bit a nail in two. But gosh I loved them. he really freaked out when at 30 I got my belly button done. Wait till he see's the tatoo I want.
But I aint fixin to get hers done. No way in hell. Just like last night at the ballpark. She had worn a necklace and bracelet and a ring. well she went to play in the dirt pile. Then was back in 5 minutes. She wanted me to hold them. so they didnt get messed up. With earrings she would be an ER visit waiting to happen. It would get jerked out the first hour when she ran through the living room, over the top of the couch and launched herself at an unsuspecting brother walking by.

So now she has these 'earring stickers' that she uses. But we are about out of pink ones.. And that is a major tragedy. I will have to try to find some more. I have been looking everywhere. But I cant find a large quanity of them. Last time I found a sheet of like 50. so I bought a few sheets.

Tomorrow BR will be off, and I have to get some stuff cleaned around here. I still have to make my grape Jelly, and I would like to get that done pretty soon. I need to clean out my cabinets and the freezer. and I need to do up all the laundry that just appeared when I told the boys to clean their room.

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