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Monday, May 19, 2008

The end is drawing near.

well Matts season is offically over. I for one am glad to hear it. He didnt live up to his promise and work as hard as he should have, and therefor didnt make allstars. I hate it for him. He is always one step behind Brett. And sadly he doesnt have the drive to live up to his potential. With just a little effort he could give Brett a run for his money. ANd in somethings surpass him.

But I did do the averages tonight. And although I didnt keep all the errors (cause it was sometimes just a comedy of errors) I did keep them on average and did keep batting stats. He was a WHOLE lot better than I gave him credit for. WAY better. There were only a few kids with a higher batting average than him. And that was just by one or two base hits. And contrary to him being moved into the outfield, he had a MUCH lower error percentage than alot of the others.

And I am not just saying this cause I am his mom. cause that hasnt been proven yet. DNA tests are still too expensive

I just hope I can come up with a way to make this child work harder for what he wants. I have tried, really I have. But it just never seems to sink in.

Anyway, enough depressing stuff. BRett has 3 games left. and then its nothing for the summer. I am looking forward to it.
I have a few more PTA meetings, then a few during the summer and thats about it. We are almost done with the yearbook, I have about 2 days worth of typing to do and then I will be duty free for a while.

But I have a feeling that Bow will make sure I dont have any free time. His favorite activity is to stand up. He pulls up on anything he can get his chubby little hands on. I have taken to ringing the living room with laundry baskets ( cause they are always there, and always full, and everyones always diggin in them)partly to keep him in and partly to keep the dogs out. I wanted to cut down on my vaccuming. Well he will climb INTO the basket, stand up, play, squeal, then climb out the other side. Usually tipping it over with himself. THen he is off to the kitchen. You cant keep him corralled. He isnt content wiht just pulling up and standing, he wants to pull up, get in, get over and get out.

He also LOVES a bath. I will put about an inch of water in the tub, put him in and he gets on his hands and knees and scrapes like a bull fixing to attack. Its hillarious. He will squeal and splash and just have a grand time. He isnt talking yet. Thank God. But he babbles like he knows what he is saying.

I should be getting some squash in the next day or two. I will have to put it up once I get it, but a few bushels will be nice. I am not real big on the frying it down with onions in it. I prefer mine to be sliced thin, breaded and deep fried. Same with my maters and okra. I think I am gona attempt to fiqure out a way to put up some green maters so I can fry them when I get a hankerin for them. I swear, there is nothing that says summer more to me than a plate full of friend green tomatoes. unless its accompnied by a helpin of fried okra, and some corn on the cob. And a pork chop.

BR told me to start laying out a hog pen and a chicken coop. Meat prices are killing us, so we need to start raising our own. I used to have chickens, but when we moved I didnt have anywhere to put them, so I gave them to my neighbor. I sure miss those real eggs. There is something to be said for fetchin an egg and frying it up. Nothin tastes better. If you ever eat one you will turn up your nose at those 2 month old things you buy at the store. They have NO flavor. But this time I will also be raising up some pullets. But thats a little ways down the line. Right now I just have to find the resources to get a coop built.

This weekend we helped my inlaws put in a new grey water line. Luckily BR had the tractor so there was very little hard work involoved. for him. The rest of us were the lackeys. But it was easy, and quick. There were 5 adults working. WOuld have been 6, but my mother in law kept getting in the way so we sent her off.

Sunday I did NOTHING. There are just days when you dont feel like getting up and brushing your hair. I really like those days. I have a feeling that I will enjoy a bunch of them this summer.

On the way home tonight as we got closer to the house we started to see smoke. We were on the other side of a curve and the smoke was centered where my house is. I had all the kids with me and I tell you, the urge to turn the truck around was so great. BUT, I kept going. The kids all got interested. They asked what was on fire. and said they hoped it wasnt someone's house. My heart was still in my throat. But luckily as we came around the curve we saw all the VFD sitting on the side of a pasture putting out a grass fire. The wind had shifted it so the smoke was sitting on top of my hill but it was far enough away to not be a danger. The kids all breathed a sigh of relief and I told them not to worry, it wasnt our house. Matt said "I know, I knew it wasnt our house, but I sure was praying that noone else had to deal with it either"

Then Brett said "yeah mom, it wasnt us we were thinking about, we have been there, we can live through it again, but what if it was someone else?, They might not be as strong as we are."

Sometimes kids make you put things in prospective. I never would wish a housefire on anyone. But they were right. We know we can deal with it. And honestly, all I was thinking was "please dont let it be our home" and then a distant second thought was for God to to be with who ever it was.

Now Brett has decided to sleep walk. and no amount of nice persuasion is getting him back in bed. He is just sitting there staring at me like a zombie. I need to get him back into that tornado remake they call a room and get him back to sleep. Its already midnight and they (as they have reminded me ALL day) only have 8 more days of school left.

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