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Friday, May 16, 2008

and people wonder where the kids get it from.

Well I still cant find my kleenex's and I keep forgetting to ask BR if he moved them.

And I cant find my super glue. I swear BR throws it away. And its been years since I had a major accident with any.

But the last time was pretty bad.
I was doing a girls nails and the tube blew up. It glued my eyes shut. Literly. I had to go to the ER. They cut off all my eyelashes and pulled my eyes apart. They were swollen shut for days and days afterwards. I had to have a keeper. Truthfully. It took me 3 days to learn the actual layout of my house. I was blind. There was no opening my eyes. Not even a little. And I looked funny for a long time with no eyelashes.

THere was no damage. my eyes closed right before it hit and none got IN my eyes. But it was some hellacious glue. When it stuck it stuck.

today I was lazy. I didnt do anything except make cornbread to go with some stew. BR's mom had made the cowboys stew and brought over the extra. I had to boil it to cook the taters (she ran out of room in her pot) and was good to go.

BR came in this morning and asked if I had anything he could eat. I told him it was on the stove. He asked me what the hell it was. Then asked if it was hobo stew. I told him no, it was cowboy stew, his mom had made it. He looked again. Then said "thats not cowboy stew"
"yes it is"
"no.. its not."
"BR, I promise, its not hobo stew, you dont like hobo stew cause it has noodles in it"
"hobo stew isnt stew either."
"then what is it?"
"no, its not, its thicker"
"its got hamburger meat in it"
"so, its thick, thats stew"
"no, stew uses stew meat, that has hamburger meat. same as if you put chicken in water, you have chicken soup, you put hamburger in water and you have hamburger soup"
"no, you put tomatoes, and veggies, and meat, and not alot of water in stew"
"so there is no 'maters in soup?"
"not usually"
"what about 'mater soup"
"there's no meat in it"
"so its still a soup"
"cause its watery!"
"are you going to eat it or not?"
"do I have a choice?"
You know, there are times when you just really want to offer up the true choices they do have. But I was nice and refrained.

Sadly he is gona be stuck with it for a day or three. There is enough there to feed an army.
Of course once he decided that soup or stew it was all there was he asked for cornbread. I told him the truth. I had planned on being asleep when he came home so I wasnt worried about it. He just happened to come home right as I was getting the kids ready for school. He ended up eating it with flour tortillas. But I did make some for lunch. I thought that was nice. Till he got up and wanted to know why I hadnt cut it and put butter on it while it was hot. I swear, he would bitch if he was hung with a new rope.

I HAD to go grocery shopping today. I was out of everything. And there is a fish at the fish store he ordered for me. Plus my frogs. So I need to pick them up.
I didnt leave the house till 1:30. I was being lazy. I did go to town, did a mystery shop and then went to daycare to get the boys, I already had Rayley and Bow.

Then it was off to walmart. It was about 3:30 and I knew I needed everything. litelry everything. And I still didnt get it. I enjoy spending time with the kids, but do get tired of the "can I have, and will you buy" I cant wait to get old, and then when they get married I am going to go to the store with them and ask for everything I see.

And they got really mad when I wouldnt buy brandnames on alot of stuff. oh well. They will eat it.

They really were pretty good. I didnt have many problems iwth them. Just the typical stuff. But since I make them stay close to me it works out okay.
But I do have a question. and maybe someone with a little more sense than me can answer it.
The boys are 8 and 9. Rayley is 3, and Bow is 6 months. Now when everyone has to pee, exactly what do I do?
Do I send the boys into the boys bathroom and wait? Send Rayley into the girls and stand outside so I can watch the boys and wait on her? Or do I send the boys in the boys, go in with Rayley and hope they manage to get in and out with out getting into a fight, breaking something, or getting lost? And say I have to pee. well, what do I do with Bow? I dont have a car seat, the buggy is full, I cant hold him and get undressed. So do I leave him with the boys outside? I know they are capable of watching him. But is it legal? Do I make everyone follow me in like I have done up until about a year and ahalf ago and use the largest stall?

I am just confused. There is no 'fix' to this delima. I just wonder what you are supposed to do.
We walked out of there two and half hours later, with 2 buggies and a reciept for 356.00. I still had bills to pay in town and needed deisel. That alone is another 100.00. Oh excuse me. I put 105.00 in it. And the fish store closed at 5:30. I will have to get my mother in law to go in the morning and pick them up for me.

Once we got home I had to get the kids to unload for me. Bow was wanting to be held and nursed after being stuck in a car seat or a buggy for 6 and a half hours. I dont blame him, but it sure leads to the older kids getting in trouble.

Oh and as I was writing the check at walmart I turn around and one of the bank employees, my very own bank I might add, is talking to my kids, and giving them each a balloon. I kid you not. You would think they wouldnt do this to a long time coustmer.

So once we got home they wanted to play with them. what they were going to do with them I dont know, but Rayley promptly lost hers. I had to stay on them about getting everything out of the truck. And I was trying to help get everything put away.

I did buy some mason jars today. I plan on making grape jelly this week. It was well after 9:30 before we got it all put up, they ate again, and after 10 before they fell asleep.

of course I let them stay up and listen to the baseball game with me. Our high school team is trying to get back to state this year. I am also hoping they pick up a little by listening.

Oh and my sunburn is itching up a storm. which is about right. BR wants to clean up the yard and mow tomorrow. I am so thrilled I can hardly wait.

Oh and I have been trying to find some more bamboo plants for my bamboo tank. I cant find them anywhere. I sure hate that. For years I have wanted some and saw it everywhere, now that I want it I cant find it. Aint that just the way it goes?

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