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Sunday, May 11, 2008

What Mothers Day is at my house

oh wow. Its been a while.

I dont remember much for the last few days. Not sure why, other than I have given birth to 4 kids and its a well known fact that each kid you give life to takes a little part of you. They take your brain cells and destroy them. They dont use them. I can assure you of that. BUT they take them from you and then you not only have kids that dont have the sense God gave a goat, but you no longer have your wits about you to live life and remember what you ate for breakfast yesterday.

I did go to the school on Friday. Bow and I went up there and watched the assembley for the end of the school year. Brett had earned enough AR (accelerated reading) points to get a prize. And I helped to finnish up the Mothers Day Cards and get them passed out. Then I went shopping and came home. I had to get quite a few things and had to go to the meat market for the meat for lunch on Saturday. When the kids came in they couldnt control themselves and gave me my Mothers Day presents.

Brett gave me the card he had written and it was inscribed with an appology for being bad lately. That was very nice. I am proud of him for admitting he wasnt the best kid this year. Of course if he would change a little it would be even better.

Matt had made me a little bag with a list of the contents. Its really cute

Moms Care package:
a stick of gum- to remind you to stick with it
a candle- to give you light when you feel burned out
a chocolate kiss- to remind you that someone cares
smarties- to help you on days when you dont feel smart
lifesaver- to remind you that everyone needs help once in a while
a snickers- to remind you to see the funny side- there is one!
A rose to remind you to take the time to smell the flowers
Confetti- To help you celebrate the good times
a Penny- with thanks for sharing your thoughts
a bag - to help you keep it all together.

I thought this was so very sweet. BR said yes, sweet, and corny.

And then he also gave me a questionaire that he filled out.
He did pretty well.

1. What is your Mothers Name? Michell ly Byerly * actually its Michelle Lee Byerly, but the mispelling of Rayley's name confuses him*
2. How old is she? 32 *damn, he knows the truth!*
3. how much does she weigh? 102 *bless him!!*
4. What color is her hair? Dirty Blond *ahhh... not really.. its more blonde than dirty, but its not near as white as his, so I see the differnce*
5. What does she do around the house? Clean *wow... he see's this? or did it finally sink in that I am always saying "dont do that! I just cleaned the house!!"*
6. What is her favorite drink? Dr pepper *yep.. he is right*
7. What is her favorite thing to eat? Nachoes *I'll go with that. actually if we are going with that its beef fajita meat nachoes. But I prefer steak and lobster. I cant afford it, I just prefer it.*
8. What is her favorite TV show? Two and a half men *I agree, its in the top 3*
9. What does she cook? breakfast, lunch, and dinner *well, I guess specifics dont concern him, as long as their is a meal of some description*
10. Where does she like to go? That hair place *okay, this is where I get my hair cut, I go about once every 6 weeks. I should go more often, but dont have the time. I dont neccesarily LIKE to go. but I HAVE to go! but they think since I DO go, and end up dragging them in there that I enjoy dealing with 4 kids in a teeny salon that wont shut up. *
11. What is her favorite hobby? talking to her friends! *LOL, I guess this will work :) I dont have hobbies, I have kids. I gave up on hobbies when the first one puked up soured breast milk on the scrap book I was working so hard to make for him. And I never get to hunt anymore.Kids make it impossible. *
12. What do you love most about your mom? everything *well, at least it wasnt followed by a 'but' and a list of things he DOESNT like.. *

My father in law had bought them all tickets to the rodeo, so my 2 sister in laws were taking them. I got them all dressed and ready. They were very excited. and I gave them each 5.00. right before they left BR showed up. His truck had something break on it and while he was waiting on the mechanics to come and fix it he noticed 2 leaf springs were broken. So he limped it back to the yard and hoped it would be fixed by Monday night. ack!

So, He and I had a semi quiet night. Bow got all of our attention and once I finally got him to sleep BR asked me for a favor. He wanted his head shaved again. I am getting better at this. I just learned a high and tight, and have cut them all with the electric clippers. Now he wants me to use a razor. We managed to get it all shaved and he decided to change up his beard thingy. its a goatee right now. He just wants a mustache thing. It sorta looks like Paul Sr's on American Chopper. Or Hulk Hogans. I like it. But its alot of work to fix. and in all honesty I did screw it up a little. But not bad for my first time :)
Once I got almost done a sister in law brought back my 3. The two adults had taken a 3 year old, 6 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old and 2 15 year olds. As much as I would love for my kids to look back to their childhood and say "my mom and dad used t take us to the rodeo" I would also like them to live into adult hood. And the few times I have taken them to a place like that I could kill them by the time I get seated for the 8th time.

THey were all full of stories, and we had to listen to them till around 11:30. Then I went to take a shower and told them good night. I came back to only Bow and Rayley asleep. BR and the boys were playing poker at the kitchen table. I told them that they all 3 needed to go to bed. We had the cemetary working at 10 in the morning. ANd I planned on EVERYONE being there. I think BR thought I was kidding about him. I wasnt.

We managed to make it by 10:15. Luckily its less than 1/4 of a mile from the house. Since it was the buisiness meeting we had a few rounds. I am by far the youngest that shows up. Both BR and my families are burried there going back to the 1850's. And since we are at least 30 years younger than the others and 60 years younger than most I will make a point or a motion and get ignored. THen 3 minutes later one of them will make the same motion and everything thinks is a great idea. THats okay. One day they will be burried there and I will be the only one that cares. or doesnt. depending on how much they piss me off in the next 15 years.

They had lunch and since I knew we were going to BR's moms I said we couldnt stay. I rounded up all the kids and sent them to the truck and was helping a few of my aunts get their stuff set up and looked up. Brett was making a plate. Rayley and Matt were in the truck. I could have killed him. We waited for him to finish and then said our good byes. again.

We had a good day at my mother in laws. All of the brothers and their wives were there. His sister works nights at a hospital so she wasnt able to make it, but dropped by before she went to work for the presentation of the gift. I had gotten her a glider rocker and everyone pitchedin some money. We spent the day eating steaks and shrimp. Well they ate shrimp. I just ate a steak. I cant stand the smell of shrimp.

Sunday BR decided to spend the day with us instead of going in to work. He decided that we should wash my truck. oh joy.
I spent the entire time trying to keep Bow happy, walking around making sure the kids were not putting more mud on the truck and trying to explain to BR that I DID not put those scratches on my truck. He seems to NOT remember taking it to the deer lease and hitting all those branches. I dont know where he thinks I have been to put scratches all over it. But there were quite a few that we deduced were the result of children sliding over the side of the duel wheels instead of stepping over the tailgate. He bitched the entire time about the scratches. Heck, when it was dirty you couldnt see them.

Then it was on to his truck. The first time a kid pointed out a scratch he said "we are not looking for scratches on this truck, its used in the woods, thats why its a 4 wheel drive" Brett started to point out mine was too, but I stopped him. It wasnt worth the effort.

I was blessed with having to go in to get rags, go in to get soap, go in to change a diaper, go back in for more rags, get sprayed with water, clean off Rayley cause she had to go in to pee, deal with a baby who wanted a nap, feed the baby, go in and get towells, make them pick up the yard, go in and get them all a drink, go get more soap, which I was really low on, and had 2 sinks full of dishes I still had to do, mend a scraped knee, and deal with a baby who wasnt thrilled with sitting in his excersauser thing anymore. OH and I managed to sunscreen everyone BUT me.

So for Mothers day I got a sunburn.

We came back inside and I started to clean the house. I asked BR what the kids were doing. He said they were still playing outside. I asked him if he had specifically told them to NOT wash anymore on the trucks. He said no. So I went to do that.

A few hours later the kids came in and asked if we could go down and check the deer feeder. So we headed out. I didnt want to, but BR pointed out it was my day and I should take a walk with them.

As we walked out I looked over at my snow white truck, ( I wanted Yellow by theway ) and it had MUD ALL OVER IT! come to find out they had been making mud pies and got a little rambunctious. thats about right.

I toted 18 pounds of baby down to the feeder and back, and we looked all around. We were shocked to not see any sign of deer or turkey. Then when we got to the feeder we found out why. The kids had been playing in the clearing. 3 kids playing cowboys and indians, climbing tree's. drinking and eating are not condusive to baiting up deer.

Once we got back home it was time for baths and bed. I reckon aside from all the extra work, Mothers day was pretty nice. The sunburn is not what I would have asked for. luckily its only on my shoulders. Unfortunatly I had on a tank top.


Tara said...

I can't wait until my kids go to school so I can get mothers day gifts, lol. My husband is just clueless, utterly and completely clueless.
Happy Mother's Day Chelle!

Karen said...

Oh no! Are you burned up? I've managed to avoid a burn this year so far, but I always forget at least once a summer. And man I would kill the kids if we did all that extra work with nothing to show for it. But I guess it looks bad to kill your kids on Mother's Day.

maidto5 said...

Happy Mothers day to you too Tara!! And belive me, my hubby is the same way. Last year was my first gift :)

LOL Karen! I do it EVERY year! I wish my aveeno would come in!! I thought about making them rewash it, but that would have just been more mess for me. LOL
and it rained real bad yesterday and I ended up having to use 4 wheel drive. So now its muddier than it was to start with! LOL