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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

making memories is easier than revisiting them

Dang its been a depressing couple of days.

Yesterday we had our board meeting for the PTA. We sent out letters asking for nominations for the board, we sent them to the kids coming to our school and the ones staying. The meeting was supposed to start at 8:30.

At 9 there were 3 of us there. And there was one nomination form. filled out by a kid. We couldnt get ahold of mom to find out if she actually wanted the posistion.

So we sat around and jacked our jaws for over an hour.

This does not bode well for next year. But oh well. Its not like it wasnt us three that mostly did everything this year. We begged for help. We really did. All of our good people are moving on to the next school.
At least year after next we will be back with them. And we have high hopes for them at the next school.

I was supposed to be doing a mystery shop that I had to have materials on that were being delivered overnight. I had told them to deliver them to my Mother in laws work. I knew I would be in town all day. I kept calling all day to ask if the guy had shown up. I called and tracked it. I had to do the shop between 2 and 4. I even hunted down DHL drivers all over town. Noone had heard of it. And on top of all this it was threating rain. I went and got feed, and after I pulled off I decided that I needed to move it to the backseat. So I had to get all 3 bags, load them in the backseat and then unload Bow and go shopping. When we left with the groceries it was raining hard.
I ran a few other erronds and then went and got the boys. It was after 3 and there was still no package. I gave the boys their uniforms and they started changing. Then Matt informed me his shirt was NOT in the bag. I had taken it out of the dryer and hung it up and had forgotten it!

I asked my mother in law to go to my house, get the shirt, give it to my grandfather who was bringing me Rayley and coming to see the games and tell him I had to have it.

Finally I got the boys dressed. Their belts DO NOT fit in the belt loops, you have to pull and push and really work them in there. We all went out and loaded up in the truck. I went down my checklist of everything I usually have on my person or within reach,
Brett, check
Matt, Check,
Bow, Check
Dr Pepper, check
glasses, check,
cell phone oh shit.

I started trying to find it. made the boys get up and help me look. They were both up front because of the feed, and the back floor board was full of groceries. We looked and looked.
I was about to give up and I heard "redneck woman" start playing. We just had to dig it out from under the seat.

It was my mom. I picked up and it was my mother in law.
"was I waiting on a DHL package today?"
"yeah why?"
"there was one on your couch"
"a big yellow package was on your couch, I brought it with me, you want me to send it with Rayley and the shirt?"
I looked at the clock 3:58
"yeah, go ahead"

Well isnt this just about freakin right? I waited IN town all day trying to find this package and now I cant do the shop. I dont plan on coming back tomorrow. Thursday I dont have to come back until 6:30.

I called BR and come to find out it was delivered at 1:30.

I took the boys on to the ballpark and it drizzled there. But I wasnt calling off the game this time. NO way. I was in town and until I saw lighting we wernt leaving.

Everyone else showed up and it stopped raining. So we played the game. Well, we pretty much just watched the other team hit the ball. Matt got a good hit. It just happened to be RIGHT into the glove of 1st base. Then in the last inning EVERY ball hit went RIGHT to his position. But he wasnt there. He had went to the bathroom.
They lost 15-2.

I hated that my grandfather had driven all the way into town to watch that debacle.
Then we headed on to BRetts game. He walked the first time and then watched 2 perfect pitches go by the second time. I hollered at him and told him to SWING the bat. He watched the next one, it was over his head. And then SWUNG at the next one. it was behind him.

As high as gas is, I am thinking about suing these kids for breach of contract. I know my grandfather was disapointed.

I made him run laps for watching good pitches and trying to walk.
We got all the way across town and I am on the phone with his dad, trying to listen to him and Brett keeps asking me to go back to the ballpark. he wont stop annoying me. I got off the phone with his dad and he said "we gota go back to the ballpark"
"I left my hat"
Yep, breach of contract. or mental anquish.

Once we got home it was past time for Bow to eat. So I had to get the boys to unload the truck. They finally got in here with all the groceries and I promised Brett that he could do his timeline after school on Wen. because it was nigh on 9 oclock.

I had been putting it off. I didnt want to have to deal with it. But time is fast approaching and its a test grade.

When he got home today I dug out the containers that I throw pictures in. I hate looking at the pictures. Its hard to know I dont have ones of the first 3 when they were babies.

I knew once we started the timeline of his life there would be hurt feelings, He did insist on putting a picture of the burned down house in his timeline. which was fine. But having to explain to him that I dont have pictures of him or Matt is hard. And it bothers them. And it really bothers me. I dont realize what all I lost till I really start trying to find something. He wanted the pics of his siblings births to be the one in the hospital with their dad holding each of them when they were just hours old. I had taken the exact same picture of all 3 of them. ANd did take the same one of BR and Bow. I have Bretts, it was on my keychain. which I always leave in the truck, so it survived. But I dont have one of Matt or Rayley. I did go through an email that his aunt sent me about a week ago. she actually had a picture of BR holding Rayley when she was just a few days old! it wasnt the memory I remembered, but it was close! Thank GOD she had it!

Then it was just Matt that I didnt have a picture of. I started calling around. My mother in law didnt know that she had one. And my mom said she didnt. I was really starting to get upset. I was gona make Brett pick other first pictures. Then my mom called back and said that she had found one of BR holding Matt a few days after he was born. Again, not the memory I wanted, BUT it will do!! I am SO glad!!

Once we got it all done we went down memory lane with everything from my grandmothers death to their first horse. They couldnt belive those were pictures of Rayley and not Bow. ANd to be honest. They look just like Bow in drag. Then the pictures of Brett look JUST like both Rayley and Bow. LOL Matt you can tell the diffence, in the few pics I was given by family of him when he was newborn. But once he got a little older you can barely tell him and Brett apart in pictures where they are sitting side by side.

I am currently looking for a picture of Matt at 2 months. I have a wallet size of the other 3 at that age and will post them. They are just carbon copies.

Bow now has both bottom teeth coming in. and he is chewing on EVERYThING! Its getting scary!

Tomorrow is Bretts track and field day. They are driving about 45 miles to the lake. It kinda passes by me, so I am not going to drive to town and then back out past my own house to their field day. I will just meet them there. Of course we have to be back in town by 6:30 for a game. BUT I have to be back by 4 for that shop. YUCK!

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Karen said...

Oh Chelle! I'm so sorry that you lost all those pictures. I think I could get over losing my house and all my junk but I would hate to lose the pictures. :( So sad. But maybe with everyone looking, you'll be able to find some more.