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Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Tactic

Let me start off by appologizing. I know I tend to do that alot lately. and if I would write daily my posts wouldnt be as long.

I swear, I will try to get in the last two weeks adventures quickly. Cause they have been doozeys.
We started baseball, and Matt has gotten to pitch his first game. And they have brough home more interesting creatures. Not all of which I could take pictures of because my dadgum camera broke and now is not a good time to get a new one.

Boy you dont realize how much you rely on a camera until its gone. :(

Bow is getting so big so quick, I am busy with school winding down and the NRA banquet coming up. Plus with BR working days now, I have to get into a new groove. Its nice to have him home, but I am not used to it, so it screws with my writing times.

Not to mention, I am gone 3-4 nights a week. That makes for lots of missed couch time.

anyway, I have a short post for you today. :)

I am FED up. my kids rooms are NEVER clean. They ignore me, they wont give me their dirty laundry, which means THEY have to do it. Then they cry and whine, always making ME look like the worst person in the world.

Then they SWEAR they will clean on the weekend. WELL BR takes off, so they spend all the time wiht him either outside or playing baseball or watching Movies on TV that everyone has seen 1,000 times.

So, I told them on Friday, to get their rooms and bathroom clean. My dad is coming in on Thursday. I dont have time to scrub the house, deal with this kid that WONT let go of me, Do my banquet stuff, have baseball 3 nights, and do easter crap for them.

They have managed to ignore me. Only washing thier own blankets, sheets and stuff. Not even the clothes all over their floor.

My house literly STINKS because of them.
My dad has to sleep in that room.

SO. come Monday I have a plan. I have done the 'throw it all away' crap. doesnt work. They drag in more. OR their birthdays are so spread out that they get more. Plus, they are at the type where the toys are not a big deal. They will just go out and play cowboys and indians with sticks.
or chunk rocks at each other and play baseball.

They dont have TV's-- dont watch mine unless BR is home on the weekends and then its a movie, dont have game systems, etc.

SO, Monday I plan on taking EVERYTHING out- down to bare beds. I will leave each one a sleeping bag, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of socks, 2 pair of underwear, 1 pair of shoes and 2 shirts. Oh and one towel.
That is IT.

They will wash them or wear them dirty. THey will wear the same clothes 2-3 days a week to school, They will sleep on the floor, because they dont respect the beds I have given them.

I am tired. sick and tired.
Its bad enough its THEIR rooms. BUT it bleeds out into MY hallway behind my couch. AND the bathroom is just as bad. at least a pair of shoes, 3 pair of jeans, countless underwear, socks and towels are on the floor. that is the only bathroom accessable to anyone who comes here.

My living room right now can not be walked through. seriously. and its not but 2 toys of Bows in the floor. its boots, and jeans, and jackets, and tennis shoes, and hangers, and backpacks plus a few blankets they brought in here. . I live in fear everyday that someone will come to visit me. I honestly do. Because not only do I not want to have to clean this all up. I dont have the time. I have had 4 kids. and this one is by far the most clingy. if he is NOT in my lap, he is INTO something.
If I go outside to talk to the mail lady, he climbs up on the windowsill, pulls the ventian blinds apart and peice by peice shoves them into the fish tank.
If I go to pee, he cleans out a cabinet of bowls and tupperwear. Resulting in me haveing to wash them all because I have dogs, and a stupid retarted cat. Dont even get me started on the cat hair.

They didnt get to go to an easter party today at my great aunts house because of their dirty rooms and stacked up laundry. But they are blissfully outside with BR building a boar pen for the Male hog when its time to seperate them.

anyway, I dont know if this will work, but I am going to try it. I reckon they will either learn, or someone will call CPS on me. Either way, I will have some sense of relief.