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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go away... OH wait, no stay, stay.. go away... stay.... go... st.. go..

Sorry about the other night. Sometimes I will be sitting here typing and all of a sudden I wake up a few hours later. I dont lay down to go to sleep, I just pass out. I guess there are times when my lack of sleep catches up with me.

The last few days have actually been pretty quiet around here. The kids spent last night at my grandfathers and this morning I had to go and get them. I let them sleep till 8:30, and then it took another 30 minutes for them to eat and get dressed. Then we had to go and pick peas.

Huricanne Dolly was WELL south of us, but she had some bands that came up here too. ( I am on the Texas, La border. Northeast of Houston and North of Beaumont) The forcasters said we would get rain today and I wanted to get the pea picking over with. We were out there about an hour. I had to stay on the kids the ENTIRE time to DO something. I would be just a pickin and turn around and they would be squated down like they were picking peas and be staring off into space, just like they were in a whole other world.

I ended up having to go down both their rows after they swore they got everything. which left 3 rows that I didnt get to before a dark cloud moved in and the bottom dropped out. ANd drop out it did! Everyone ran for the truck and Uncle Gerald took off in his golf cart. I was soaked to the skin. Then we had to go to and shell the peas. Have I told y'all what a great invention an automatic pea sheller is?? OMG. it takes HOURS worth of work and turns it into minutes.

Well it was still comin a storm and I couldnt even see to drive out of the feild. But we got up to the house and got to shellin. Of course Rain turns somewhat helpful children into worthless screaming, running morons. I kid you not. Worthless as teets on a boar hog.
They were jumping off the porch into mud puddles, holding their baseball caps under the eaves, taking off their soaking shirts and hitting each other. Running through the yard at full speed till they found a puddle of water and sliding.

By the time we got almost done it stoped raining. Uncle Gerald was going to go back out and pick what we didnt get, but by then it was nigh on time to start lunch, so I had to head home. And I made them boys strip to their drawers to get into my truck. Of course I had to find them first. They were off climbing trees, catching frogs, lizards and all other wierd creatures. I was waiting patiently (okay, so I never wait patiently) in the truck while they stripped on the back porch, I got out adn went to find them. The reason it was taking so long is they were trying to each hold a lizard while they stripped and keep a frog in Matts boot. I told them to LET the damn reptiles go. They KNOW they are not allowed to bring critters in my truck. They always end up loosing them and if they dont end up on my shoulder while I am driving 75, I find them weeks later dead.

I finally got them all loaded up, and we went and got the other two ungrateful heathens I am raising. Then it was home for lunch and I had to wash BR's uniform cause he forgot his at work this morning. As I opened the door I heard a muffled "oh crap" and about that time I saw a bright green streak of lightning rush past me and out the door. I dont know if it was an intentional leap or a fearful fall of 3 feet, but it survived and hit the ground running. Noone would claim the 'no coldblooded, 4 legged, scurrying things in my truck' infraction, but both boys offered to do a specific chore when we got inside and got both Rayley and Bow out of the truck before I could even blink an eye. Usually they fight over who is gona get who, or what they are gona carry.

I was cold and wet and nasty. So I made chili. Its an old family recipe and I usually only make it in winter, but I just love it so much, and since winter was so warm this year I never really made it alot. I didnt want to cook, But BR was tired of eating the chicken and dumplins and peas I made 3 days ago. So I froze the rest and put the peas in the freezer for Bow. He LOVES them.

The only problem with me wanting Chili was I hadnt thawed out the meat and didnt have much time, so I got to work. I was steady trying to defrost 5 pounds of meat and realized I couldnt hear anything. Not a fight, not a whine, no giggiling, no jumping, nothing. So I went searching. They each had a basket of clothes and were putting them up... Very weird, but who am I to complain. ??

the helpfulness didnt last long. they almost finished the baskets, Then something looked like more fun and they started playing. Now they did play with Bow, so that helped me ALOT. I didnt think I was going to last the afternoon though. I hate when they are all stuck in the house cause of rain. I mean the gardens need it. So does the hay. I have been hoping we get a good bit. BUT anything that sticks them inside, under my feet for the entire day is miserable. I hate it. i need SOME quiet time. Just a little. I cant wait till they can take Bow out with them :)

Once the rain stopped I had to go back and finish my pickin. Uncle Gerald cant do the middles of the rows so I had to get it done. We went back and the boys set to helping me. Then they disapeared. It was gradual. We all started out at the same time, me in the middle and them on either side. But eventually they started to fall behind. THen they were gone. I looked up and started searching a little while later and found them. Matt was in the horse pasture next to the pea patch. I have my horses down there. The mustang we have had for years and the miniature. I just had to sit and watch for a little while. Matt was walking behind the mustang holding onto the tail. Like he had good sense. Now this horse wouldnt hurt him, but it was just stupid. There was no point to it. He wasnt riding, he wanst petting, he was just holding the tail and following. LIke some wierd follow the leader game. But what made it so funny was the miniature was following Matt. now these are the same horses that can sense a leadrope at 2 miles and wont come ANYwhere near you. for days. Even to eat. But you walk out there to actaully work on fence or something and they will have their heads on your shoulders or try to steal your hammer.

I made them come back. I had told them when we got there that I would pay them a penny each for each Pea Pod they picked. But when I went back down their rows and they had left peas I would take away a nickle. I was doing Matts row and counted 112 peas he missed. He had 13 in his bucket. SO I decided on another tactic.

I counted how many would fit in the small 2 gallon buckets we use. its roughly 200. I told them I would pay them 3 cents for each pea or 3.50 per bucket. They took the 3.50 per bucket. I fiqured they would.

But they got all excited about the prospect of KNOWING how much they would make. Till now its just been me deciding how much they earned by how hard they worked.

Lets just say that I am shooting for them to get a good job in a state enity. Its a long shot I know, but I really hope they can apply themselves and manage.

They went to get buckets off Uncle Geralds cart, since I had filled the two they had previously abandoned.

20 minute went by and I didnt see them again. Uncle Gerald was weeding and retieing is 'mater plants. They were helping. somewhat.

They got done before I did and headed back to the house. After I picked all my peas I headed out. And about 1/2 way through the hayfield I saw a black object in the way. SO I stopped and got it. It was Bretts shoe. I aint sure how he throwed a shoe, but he did.

I got there and they were helping to shell peas. Luckily the fact that they have an attention span of a gnat and grew bored soon enough, I was able to jump in and rush the job.
When we went to leave Brett jumped out and ran behind the house. He came back to the truck with something hidden behind his back. It was one shoe. I asked him a few times where his other shoe was. He never would answer me. He just kept saying "Matt and I walked the trail over and over" I dont know when I will tell him I have his shoe. But I am going to get a few days out of it at least. I think I will hide his hunting boots too. (camoflauge laceup mud boots, that look pretty normal and you can wear them anywhere). I'll make him wear his cowboys boots that he just HAD to have, and wouldnt hand down to Matt, but hates with a passion and refuses to wear.

We got home at dark thirty and I had to clean the kitchen, and do some laundry. They had to have baths. And yes, they did pull the age old ploy to get out of the bath.
'but mom! we took a God Shower today'

it didnt work.

I dont have to pick peas till Saturday. BR says I have enough in the freezer. 63 meals worth. Not much. but I am PLUMB out of room. Matter of fact, I have been givin away squash to make room. I aint overly fond of squash, but could live on peas and cornbread for the rest of my life.
Specially if you throw'd in some deer meat or squirrel on occasion.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a new game of 20 questions.

Well I have spent more days in the last few weeks sweating then I think I have in all my years on this earth before then.

There is NO cool time to pick peas. and although its just 4 rows they are LONG rows. Even on the days that there isnt a 1/2 bushel ready I spend at least 2 and a half hours picking.

And the fire ants are Awful!! But I sure am enjoying all the peas. so far all the great aunts, my mom and my grandfather have all they want. So from here on out its all about me :)

I didnt pick today, Uncle Gerald says I picked them bare the last few times and he is the type that wants to go out and piddle for 3 hours twice a day pickin a handful. I am the type that wants to go out for 4 hours every 3 days and pick 3 bushel fulls. So we play this game. He picks his handfuls, shells them and then makes me drive over and get them, then in about 3 days its out of hand again and I go in and clean 'er out. Then we spend about an hour shelling them and I come home, put all the 1/2 gallon bags in that he picked and actually put UP a mess of peas.

I have some cooling on the table right now.

Today was grocery day again. I brought home 308 diapers for 26.00 Thats 6 jumbo packs. I also got school supplies and did real good on them. Other than both boys needing Trapper Keepers and backpacks (22.00 per kid) I made out pretty well. 100 mechanical pencils for 1.00. 4 boxes of 24 crayoloa crayons for .88 cents. 10 packs of 150 ct notebook paper for .15 cents each.
I honestly dont know my total savings at walmart, but out of 97 items sold, I had maybe 20 things that I didnt price match or have a coupon for. I had over 25.00 in coupons and an entire notebook sheet of paper filled with my price match list.

Walgreens said I saved 40.54 in their coupons, 41.69 in advertised sales, 21.50manufactures coupons, for a grand total of 133.43 savings. The kids didnt help my bottom line much. They didnt get all they wanted, but I was in a good mood. Nothing full price of course. :)

Bow was pretty good all day. Towards the end in walmart we had to run to the baby isle and get him some of those puff things, As long as someone walked alongside the buggy he was in and fed him one every once in a while he was calm. But he LOVES to stand up, and turn around. Rayley wasnt too bad. She did want to push a cart like the boys were doing. It just doesnt work. She is way too short. Part of her reason for wanting to push was a family with 3 girls, they passed us about 5 times, mom was walking and keeping up with them they were 2 years to 4 years I guess, each pushing a Little Tykes buggy with a list and differnt things in their buggys. Dad was bringing up the rear with the real buggy. Very cute. but she is a better mom than me. There were a few times that I could have killed my 4 kids and they were pushing real buggys and capable of following simple directions. There is NO way I could handle dealing with shopping, getting all I need, stopping the various fights, and keeping up with 3 kids pushing miniature buggies with their own lists putting stuff in.

The last few days have been a test for my sanity. I am bad about putting things in safe places so I dont loose them. And honestly, I NEVER loose them. They are here. Lost means gone, out of your hands forever, never to be seen again. My shit hides. well, at leats 3 or 4 times a day I will say "where in the world is my.... " or "well crap, I have misplaced my ....." Well, Rayley will hear you say this and come a runnin. "I know where it is!! I saw it!! I know where it is!!"

"Okay, where is it?"
Then she cocks her head, puts a hand on her hip and one on her chin and says "where ever you put it I reckon, .. but I know what you are talking about, I saw you using it, / wearing it, / playing iwth it, once"

I could SCREAM! When you sarcasticly say "gee, thanks alot Rayley" She will look at you, toss her hand and say "no problem, holler if you need more help"

Yep, and I need just ONE more kid. Just to make it fun around here.

The boys are trying to make me go grey before my time too. I swear half my spoken words in a day are:
"what are you doing in my kitchen?"
"dont make a mess"
"yes you ARE making a mess, so DONT" Of course Rayley always has to come and tell me they refuse to make her what ever it is they are eating
"make Rayley one too"
"no, she cant make her own"
"y'all hurry up and get OUT of my kitchen, I just cleaned it"
"did you clean up your mess?"
"go make sure."
"what ever that was that hit the floor, better not be there when I get in there"
"go back in there and make sure you rinsed out your dishes and put them in the dishwasher"
"did you wipe off the table?"
"yes, again"
Then 30 minutes later I go in to make a drink and "BBBBBOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSS!!!! what the hell is this mess?"

and that is repeated at least 3 times a day.

or the always fun 'I didnt do it'
"rayley why are you crying?"
"well, ask them if you can play"
"well, I dont blame them for not playin with you if you hit them"
"tell them if they wont let you play to leave your room"
"yes you can"
"no, I am not getting in it"
"Boys, what is wrong in there?"
"what was that noise?"
"dont throw anything in the house"
"please quit stomping through the house with those shoes on, your daddy is asleep"
"where is Bow?"
"no you cant have cereal, its not 'wake up time'"
"why would the baby be in your room and your in her room?"
"well, y'all have to keep an eye on him"
"no, I am NOT going to make him stay in here, he wants to be in there with y'all"
"well then dont play dinosaurs if he keeps knocking them down"
"go outside"
"I am NOT getting up and making more food, eat what I cooked"
"no, I am not goingout so you can shoot the gun"
"quit coming and going, your wasting electric"
"shut the door"
"y'all quit hollerin, you are gona wake up your daddy"
"COME HERE and shut the door"
"open the bedroom door, I can hear that ball hitting the wall"
"no, you cant take a picnic outside"
"I dont care if the thing says picnic ham on it, you ARE NOT taking it outside"
"no, you cant have a soda"
"if you slam that door one more time I am gona tan your hide"
"DONT wake up your daddy with that door openin and closin"
"dont fight"
"close the door"
"where is Bow?"
"y'all play nice, if you keep coming in here and ratting each other out I wont let you outside for a week"
"Y'all pick up your toys"
"no, you dont have a headache, you are lazy, pick up your toys!"
"who left the door open?"
"where is Bow?"
"y'all start to get ready for bed"
"quit fighting"
"if y'all dont go on to bed now, you wont get a movie"
"y'all go pee and go to bed"
"stop playing and turn out the lights"
"did you pee?"
"what are you doing in here? you are NOT watching a movie, its too late"

well since I fell asleep while wrigting this, ( I only was shuting my eyes for a second, ) I think I will go ahead and publish it.. :)

night y'all!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The simplest things....

become so dang hard when you have kids.

or in this case DONT have kids. I rely on my older kids alot, I expect things from them, things I belive they need to do and learn to become productive members of society. AND I need their help to make life easier around here. I dont always realize how much until something simple comes along and they are not here.

We have been picking peas lately, they are doing pretty good. I want them to do this, I want them to learn that they dont have to rely on others to get what they need to survive. A patch of land for growing, a patch of land for hunting, or feeding out a hog or calf, and they can survive. It aint always easy, but its doable. They dont understand it all, but they are really picking up on the 'how to' of it. ANd they are not being forced to do it. Of course if I gave them the choice of playing, or hunting, or just watching TV instead of helping me, they would choose the less labor intensive of the choices. Its really funny, they will go outside and play for hours, sweating, running, jumping, hiding in the brush, doing what ever. ANd never complain about being hot, tired or dirty. They will get mad when I call them in. But they will complain about it in the pea patch. But I expect that. And its not like I am using them as slave labor. I am working twice as hard and dont eat near as many peas as they do!

But just like grocery shopping, I try to take at least the boys with me. I can use their help. With Bow, pushing the buggy, loading and unloading. And its not like it doesnt benifit them too. I am not one of those betty crocker moms who magically has groceries in the cabinets, food on the table and all the dishes washed and noone in the house ever see's the process. I am one of those scatterbrained moms who counts her kids every 15 minutes, allows them to help me cook, makes them clean up the messes they make when they cook and uses them as pack mules to bring in the 937 pounds of groceries that will feed them for 3 days.

yesterday they were told to clean their rooms, actually they were told the day before, when we saw their grandmother in walmart while shopping and she wanted to take them home. I told her no, we had pea pickin to do. So she settled for Saturday. I told them right then that their rooms would be cleaned before they left my house. Yesterday when they woke up I reminded them. That the rooms were to be cleaned that night or they wouldnt leave the next day.

At 7 my sister in law called me, asking if she could come and get the kids. I told her no, they hadnt cleaned their room and as a matter of fact I was waiting for 8 when I would have to call my MIL and tell her they couldnt come over there on Saturday. She asked to speak to one of them. She got Brett. He decided they would indeed get the rooms clean and be ready by 8. Since their bedtime is 8:30 he knew that they had to be done before then.
Then the race was on. They cried and complained, and even faught a little but they mostly got it done. I went through and pointed out what they hadnt done and they fixed it. The rooms are not a show place by any means, but at least you can walk through. When Amanda showed up she said she would be bringing them back this morning early. I told her to take them to the pea patch if I wasnt here. They didnt want to come, then remembered they would be getting paid a little money. they had bought a toy with what I paid them the last time.
I explained I wasnt paying for the work they did. But instead was rewarding their behavior, both enthousiasm and work ethic. I think this is a fair and logical system. They dont get an allowence and do help me out alot around here. I have to stay on them to get it done, but they are helpful.

Anyway, they said they would see me today and off they went. I got up at 7 and since BR wasnt home from work yet, I decided to wait on him to get home safe before I went to pick peas. Plus I was still tired. a little snoozing wouldnt hurt none. He came in at 8 and I headed out. I picked the whole garden, there wasnt much out there, but that doesnt change the fact that you have to check every plant. I got about 2 gallons of shelled peas. Not too bad. But my help never showed.

I came back home after picking up Bow and he and I ended up falling asleep. I woke up as BR was leaving for work. I handt fixed lunch or anything. So I got up and cleaned the house a little bit. I wanted a shower but there was no way I could get one. Bow has learned to crawl out of his excersaucer thing, he doesnt strap well into his highchair (plus, its not safe to just leave them in one with out watching them) and there was noone to watch him. So I decided to vacumm and pick up. And Bow decided to follow me. He was like a puppy dog. Everywhere I went he was right behind me.

Finally I talked to my Mother in law. She said that my sister in law had dropped the kids off over there and they were staying the night. Oh great. I had really wanted them to come home. They were my only chance at a shower. You dont realize how much you rely on someone for simple stuff like good hygene till they are not around.

Finally I could stand it no more. I just took Bow, stripped him down and put him in the bottom of the shower. its not a big shower so we were cramped, and I was scared he would look up and get soap in his eyes. But all went pretty well. I used to do this with the other kids, but we had tubshowers, and there was more room. Plus I always was able to holler at BR to come and get them at some point.

There was also a request from the kids to not pea pick in the morning as they wanted to sleep late and spend time playing, if I pick tomorrow afternoon they will be home and help me. Well it doesnt work that way. them peas are gona be ready whether the pickers are or not. So I guess they will just miss out on that money.

Heck, simple as that concept is, I had to explain it to a 74 year old man today. My grandfather came up while I was shelling the peas and we were talking. I told him there were gona be alot of peas by tomorrow, the rain had really given them a boost. "so you are gona pick tomorrow?"
"well yeah, what else am I gona do? beg them not to grow?"
"but its sunday"
"yep, and just cause God wants to see you on SUnday doenst mean he dont keep the garden from growin"
"but you cant go to church if you are pickin peas"
"now dont you reckon bein among God's beauty and bounty is acceptable?"
"if you think so. "

well I think so. plus I aint got to wear no dang panty hose!

I am halfway to my pea goal. And managed to get rid of some of the squash. I literly couldnt fit another thing in my freezer, so I took some to my MIL's house. She said I could borrow the freezer room. I have a feeling at some point someone will borrow my squash. But thats okay. There is plenty more where that came from. And peas are so much better, I'd rather use my freezer room for them!

And I wasnt the only one who missed the kid tonight. Poor Bow was lost. It took me HOURS to get him to sleep. And all afternoon and evening he would go to their doors and holler 'hey!' or stand on the couch looking over and holler at them. He searched the house and wallered on me. Not even that warm shower made him tired. He just wanted to play. It was after 10 before I got him to sleep. He will be SOOO happy to see them kids tomorrow. And honestly, so will I. Even if they aint there in time to pick peas!