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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a new game of 20 questions.

Well I have spent more days in the last few weeks sweating then I think I have in all my years on this earth before then.

There is NO cool time to pick peas. and although its just 4 rows they are LONG rows. Even on the days that there isnt a 1/2 bushel ready I spend at least 2 and a half hours picking.

And the fire ants are Awful!! But I sure am enjoying all the peas. so far all the great aunts, my mom and my grandfather have all they want. So from here on out its all about me :)

I didnt pick today, Uncle Gerald says I picked them bare the last few times and he is the type that wants to go out and piddle for 3 hours twice a day pickin a handful. I am the type that wants to go out for 4 hours every 3 days and pick 3 bushel fulls. So we play this game. He picks his handfuls, shells them and then makes me drive over and get them, then in about 3 days its out of hand again and I go in and clean 'er out. Then we spend about an hour shelling them and I come home, put all the 1/2 gallon bags in that he picked and actually put UP a mess of peas.

I have some cooling on the table right now.

Today was grocery day again. I brought home 308 diapers for 26.00 Thats 6 jumbo packs. I also got school supplies and did real good on them. Other than both boys needing Trapper Keepers and backpacks (22.00 per kid) I made out pretty well. 100 mechanical pencils for 1.00. 4 boxes of 24 crayoloa crayons for .88 cents. 10 packs of 150 ct notebook paper for .15 cents each.
I honestly dont know my total savings at walmart, but out of 97 items sold, I had maybe 20 things that I didnt price match or have a coupon for. I had over 25.00 in coupons and an entire notebook sheet of paper filled with my price match list.

Walgreens said I saved 40.54 in their coupons, 41.69 in advertised sales, 21.50manufactures coupons, for a grand total of 133.43 savings. The kids didnt help my bottom line much. They didnt get all they wanted, but I was in a good mood. Nothing full price of course. :)

Bow was pretty good all day. Towards the end in walmart we had to run to the baby isle and get him some of those puff things, As long as someone walked alongside the buggy he was in and fed him one every once in a while he was calm. But he LOVES to stand up, and turn around. Rayley wasnt too bad. She did want to push a cart like the boys were doing. It just doesnt work. She is way too short. Part of her reason for wanting to push was a family with 3 girls, they passed us about 5 times, mom was walking and keeping up with them they were 2 years to 4 years I guess, each pushing a Little Tykes buggy with a list and differnt things in their buggys. Dad was bringing up the rear with the real buggy. Very cute. but she is a better mom than me. There were a few times that I could have killed my 4 kids and they were pushing real buggys and capable of following simple directions. There is NO way I could handle dealing with shopping, getting all I need, stopping the various fights, and keeping up with 3 kids pushing miniature buggies with their own lists putting stuff in.

The last few days have been a test for my sanity. I am bad about putting things in safe places so I dont loose them. And honestly, I NEVER loose them. They are here. Lost means gone, out of your hands forever, never to be seen again. My shit hides. well, at leats 3 or 4 times a day I will say "where in the world is my.... " or "well crap, I have misplaced my ....." Well, Rayley will hear you say this and come a runnin. "I know where it is!! I saw it!! I know where it is!!"

"Okay, where is it?"
Then she cocks her head, puts a hand on her hip and one on her chin and says "where ever you put it I reckon, .. but I know what you are talking about, I saw you using it, / wearing it, / playing iwth it, once"

I could SCREAM! When you sarcasticly say "gee, thanks alot Rayley" She will look at you, toss her hand and say "no problem, holler if you need more help"

Yep, and I need just ONE more kid. Just to make it fun around here.

The boys are trying to make me go grey before my time too. I swear half my spoken words in a day are:
"what are you doing in my kitchen?"
"dont make a mess"
"yes you ARE making a mess, so DONT" Of course Rayley always has to come and tell me they refuse to make her what ever it is they are eating
"make Rayley one too"
"no, she cant make her own"
"y'all hurry up and get OUT of my kitchen, I just cleaned it"
"did you clean up your mess?"
"go make sure."
"what ever that was that hit the floor, better not be there when I get in there"
"go back in there and make sure you rinsed out your dishes and put them in the dishwasher"
"did you wipe off the table?"
"yes, again"
Then 30 minutes later I go in to make a drink and "BBBBBOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSS!!!! what the hell is this mess?"

and that is repeated at least 3 times a day.

or the always fun 'I didnt do it'
"rayley why are you crying?"
"well, ask them if you can play"
"well, I dont blame them for not playin with you if you hit them"
"tell them if they wont let you play to leave your room"
"yes you can"
"no, I am not getting in it"
"Boys, what is wrong in there?"
"what was that noise?"
"dont throw anything in the house"
"please quit stomping through the house with those shoes on, your daddy is asleep"
"where is Bow?"
"no you cant have cereal, its not 'wake up time'"
"why would the baby be in your room and your in her room?"
"well, y'all have to keep an eye on him"
"no, I am NOT going to make him stay in here, he wants to be in there with y'all"
"well then dont play dinosaurs if he keeps knocking them down"
"go outside"
"I am NOT getting up and making more food, eat what I cooked"
"no, I am not goingout so you can shoot the gun"
"quit coming and going, your wasting electric"
"shut the door"
"y'all quit hollerin, you are gona wake up your daddy"
"COME HERE and shut the door"
"open the bedroom door, I can hear that ball hitting the wall"
"no, you cant take a picnic outside"
"I dont care if the thing says picnic ham on it, you ARE NOT taking it outside"
"no, you cant have a soda"
"if you slam that door one more time I am gona tan your hide"
"DONT wake up your daddy with that door openin and closin"
"dont fight"
"close the door"
"where is Bow?"
"y'all play nice, if you keep coming in here and ratting each other out I wont let you outside for a week"
"Y'all pick up your toys"
"no, you dont have a headache, you are lazy, pick up your toys!"
"who left the door open?"
"where is Bow?"
"y'all start to get ready for bed"
"quit fighting"
"if y'all dont go on to bed now, you wont get a movie"
"y'all go pee and go to bed"
"stop playing and turn out the lights"
"did you pee?"
"what are you doing in here? you are NOT watching a movie, its too late"

well since I fell asleep while wrigting this, ( I only was shuting my eyes for a second, ) I think I will go ahead and publish it.. :)

night y'all!!

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