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Thursday, May 15, 2008

modern conviencences my foot.

Well we got a hell of a storm last night. I was sooo tired I fell asleep around midnight. Then shortly after I went to sleep the lights went out. I have 2 fish tanks with in 5 feet of me, one is about 8 inches behind the couch, so when the pumps stopped I knew it. It was SOOO quiet. But luckily I was so tired I was able to go right back to sleep. It was about 2:20, I fiqured that BR would be home before I had to get the kids up for school and would reset the clocks when he got here and make sure I was awake if it was time to get them up. Actually, I didnt fiqure this. I didnt care, I was tired. VERY tired. duke hates storms and wanted up on the couch with me and Bow so bad. but he settled on laying right beside us. and then hiding, and then coming back and nosing under my hand, or sticking his nose to my leg. I bet he woke me up 17 times.

Then I hear "mom,.... Mom, ..... MOMM!"
"its dark"
"its the middle of the night you mo-ron"
He crawled up on the other end of the couch. and tried to take my blanket.
"I cant sleep in the dark"
"I cant sleep with you talking"
"where is the flashlight?"
"hush! You are gona wake up Bow"
"I need the flashlight"
"for what?"
"so I can see to sleep"
"its on the floor infront of the guppie tank, but dont use it, you'll run down my batteries"
"will you get it?"
"cause I dont need to see nothin"
"But I'm scared to go over there"
"its 3 feet away from me"
"what if I fall and break the fish tank?"
"then I'll kill you"
"doenst the dark bother you?"
"Matt, please, be quiet, go to sleep and leave me alone"
Then it would be quiet for a while.
Then I would hear
"mom, did you hear that?"
"no, I was asleep"
"it sounded like thunder"
"since its comin a storm I am bettin it is thunder, go to sleep"
"but it scares me"
"do I scare you?"

then later

"do I have to go to school tomorrow?"
"But the lights are out!"
"Matt, we lived with out electric for a month during the huricanne, this will be back on soon"
"I was younger then"

Then a little while later I am being kicked. Its me laying on the couch, Bow beside me and Matt at the other end. He is just a kicking me.
"mom" he whispers
"shhhhhhh, go get a gun"
"dont tempt me"
"serioulsy, I hear something"
"me beating you with in an inch of your life?"
"mom, please go get a gun, someone is trying to break in"
"no they aint"
"I heard a thump"
"well go open the door"
"I cant, its dark"
"well if you are real quiet they cant see you"
"mom, I'm really scared"
"fine Matt"
So I extract myself. you wouldnt belive how hot it was in the house. Gosh it was hot. about the time I get up and start towards the door, with Matt telling me the whole time not to open it, BR comes in. He has his hands full of his uniforms. And since there was no porch light on he couldnt see crap.
"oh good dad, its only you"
"who did you think it was?its 4:30 in the morning"
"it could have been a burguler"
"well, it wasnt, its me. Where is the flashlight?"
"I dont know, mom wont find it for me."
"right there, where its been for weeks"
I was by now laying back down. Since it was not even 5 I knew I didnt have to get up till 6.
Of course since it was too quiet for BR to go to sleep he came and sat down with a plate of food. Then talked.
Matt was snoring in seconds. I kept dozing off and then making him call time and temp for the time.

At 15 to 6 I gave up and got up. I got the boys up. and Brett came in here Matt told him the lights were out,I begged him to just get dressed.
in all of his infanite wisdom he grunted called me lazy and pulled the cord on the ceiling fan.

we explained that all the lights were out. THe electric was out. I guess this didnt sink in cause I sent him to brush his teeth and he spent 5 minutes trying to turn on the light in the bathroom.

I called my mother in law and she said that she had just gotten her electric back. 3 and a half hours wasnt bad. Since I had to meet Brett at the park today I was glad to hear it. I needed a shower after sweating last night. Plus I needed to flat iron my hair.

the kids played with Bow once they got dressed. I think I got them up a little early. She got here at 6:40 and they had him wound up tighter than an 8 day clock.
I came back to the couch, hoping I could convince Bow to go to sleep. No such luck, he was playing up a storm. BR came over and since it was so quiet he decided to lay down on the couch. He had no more than snored his first snore and Princess Criesalot woke up. She wanted cereal. I made that for her, she was mad because the light in the fridge didnt work. I came back and got comfy (sorta) again and Bow wanted to go to sleep. Ahhh.. I might get to.
I was half sitting half reclining with my legs pulled up, Bow was in my lap nursing and BR was laying with his head on my hip.

Then Rayley came though and wanted up here. BR decided that family togetherness was not conducive to his sleeping. He went and got in bed. complaining that he would never get to sleep, he didnt have his precious box fan going. Secretly I snickered. I hate that stupid thing. I have for over half my life. I think if there was one thing I could eliminate from existance it would be a fan.

or Rosie O'donnel.. either way my life would have less annoyence.

I decided there was no way I could wake back up if I fell back asleep, so I used the 30 minutes of battery to check the net. I always wonder about them folks who sit in coffee shops all the time and play on the computer. They must have a hell of a battery. I think mine lasted 40 minutes. But it was okay. I needed to get ready. Rayley fell asleep on the other end of the couch and Bow sounded like a mini BR.

And I still had no lights.
I knew they were supposed to leave the school around 8:30, but a friend was calling to tell me the exact time and if the destination had changed due to the weather.

I started getting ready and realized that my capri jeans, T shirts, and the work out capri's I was gona wear today were in the washer. I had washed them last night and planned on drying them today. There was NO way to get them dry. at all. I knew it was gona be 85 degrees today. and I wasnt gona get a shower. That is one thing that I did promise after the huricanne that never was. I will NEVER take another cold shower. Even when its 110 degree's in the shade, you have NO way of getting cool and you think you are going to dehydrate and faint at the same time, a pure cold shower will make you miserable. And sick. You can put your feet in water, that helps. you can splash cool water on you and it helps. but to get in a COLD shower is awful.

Anyway, Putting on makeup in the dark with a mag light aint no easy thing either. I know how bad it looked when I was done. luckily, everyone else I saw today looked the same. Too much blush, streaks of foundation, globs of powder, and uneven eyeshadow. All the teachers had been in the dark too.

I got Rayley up, put on jeans and was waiting on my phone call when I realized that my friend didnt have the computer number. thats the phone BR had used his morning. The phone that we use is a cordless. so I switched them over. Then at 8:37 the lights came back on. So I switched over the phones again, and 3 minutes later she called. None of my cordless phones would work. I had to disconnect and reconnect the other phone. they were leaving.

I loaded up the kids and off we went. We got there and I got Rayley out. The first thing she did was stand in a fire ant bed while I got out Bow. I was on the cell phone, trying to find out if we had a game tonight, she was screaming cause ants were on her and I had Bow in my arms. I got her all ant free, got Bow his stroller and couldnt for the life of me remember anything about the conversation except "I'm subbing today so I cant answer my phone, I just was able to call now cause its the teachers off period."

Well shit.

Field day was fun. Rayley had a blast. I sweated and my sunburn itched. I was able to wear my capri work out pants, I had put them in the dryer for 15 minutes while I loaded up everyone, got everything we needed into the truck, and then drove 4 miles down the road in my PJ bottoms before I realized I had forgotten them and came back to get them. When we got back Rayley asked what I was doing. I told her. SHe said "well, you might want to change shoes too, those dont match." She was right, I had on a lime green croc and a hot pink one.

When we left there I opted to go on home. it was only 1 and I really wanted a shower. Bow needed a bath and Rayley was filthy.

BR was just waking up when we left. I asked how he slept, not real well he said, and he thought we had left this morning.
I told him we had.
he asked when the electric came back on
I told him
Then I asked why he didnt sleep well. it was just hard to do in the quiet he said. I had turned on his fan, the TV and we had left. there was nothing to keep him awake. Heck, he was snoring so loud by the time we left you could hear it all over the house!

Now, I am going to go to sleep, and enjoy the AC and storm free night.

OH, and someone ate my box of klenexes. They were sitting right here on the table between BR's chair and the couch for months. I replace them when they are empty. But I went to get one and they are gone. I know they were here earlier. I keep meaning to ask BR where they are. Or if he moved them. I have looked everywhere.

Between those, the pens I know I have had in the last few days, the sharpie marker that I was using, sat down and went to pick back up, a pair of kitchen sissors, and one of my cordless phones all being missing, I am begining to think someone is screwing with my head.

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