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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just what is a month worth to you?

We have owned our home for 2 years and one month.

Do you know what that means?

YEP. it means the warrenty on the AC is out. and its 95 degrees outside. Which is actually cooler than my house was last night and all day today. MUCH cooler.

Remember when we had the storm and I didnt have electric all mornin? Well my ice maker hasnt worked since then. Of course once I got to thinking about it I realized why. 9 days after our one year anniversary it went out last time. Come to find out there is a motherboard in there. I know that a fridge is one of the oldest appliences, yet they have seen fit to equipt even the cheapest models with a freakin computer. I kid you not. This thing aint fancy, its the BOTTOM of the line. It came in a trailer house for Petes sake. It has a ice and water dispencer. well those quit working. so we would have to dump the ice. THEN some part went wonky and it started spraying water EVERYWHERE! you couldnt even OPEN the freezer, it was Frozen shut. The frozen cascade of water was pretty, sorta.
I spent 147.00 getting that fixed. 9 days after the warrenty ran out. I didnt fix the dispenser thing, cause when I asked about it, his words were "oh wow, thats expensive to fix" .... as opposed to 150.00?? HELL NO!
Now its a year and 12 days since I got it fixed. and it no longer makes ice. It doesnt even try. There is no water going in. at all. I am NOT going to get someone else out here. I am just not. So I am having to MAKE ice. The old fashioned way. Not a big deal, except we go through ALOT of ice a day. okay, I go through alot a day. I guess at least this time its not shooting water. unless it is, and its shooting it behind the fridge... I hadnt thought about that..

Anyway, about 4 days ago we were sitting here and I smelt something burning, so I jumped up and made sure the stove wasnt on. I walked all around. I just got a wiff and couldnt find anything. Even the boys smelt it. BR told me to sit down, he couldnt smell anything and I was loosing my mind.. Little does he know. I lost it a LONG time ago. Oct 21, of 1992 to be exact.

anyway, we were sitting here and a little while later I smell it again. BR still says I am crazy as a loon.

The next day the house starts getting hot. And I smelt smoke again. This time BR says he thinks he smells it too, but it might just be living with a crazy person is rubbing off on him. I wish living with someone who picked up their plate would rub off too. So I go and check, sure 'nuff, we need to clean out the filters. While he is blowing them out he says he found my smell. its dust.

Okay, I'll accept that. ( its better than the alternative) we put them back on. the whole thing is kinda dusty in there, and it is Sunday, so I decide to vacumm it. This sends Rayley into a tailspin. She starts screaming bloody murder to not vacumm up Bow. She doestn stop screaming this for the entire 20 minutes I am vacumming. I did the walls and all.

We put the filters back on and it is sorta cooling. But the next day BR is awoken at 12:30 with the house at 85 degrees. its all froze up. So he blow dries it off and cleans a little on the coils and then goes to work. He forgot to tell me since I was at the school all day and didnt know I wasnt aware of it. But when I got home it was running fine. Then I had to go back to town and thats when he called to tell me I should have turned it up to like 78 to make sure it didnt freeze up again. It was too late by then. When I got home it was froze up of course. I turned it off and went through most of the night, then turned it back on.

He got home Tuesday morning as I was leaving. Sure enough it was frozen back up. But he cleaned it out adn this time blew it all out with his air compressor. he went to bed and when I got back home at 1 it was doing just fine. then I left again at 5 and when I got home it was froze up. I left it off all night last night. Then wehn I got the boys up at 6 I turned it back on and went to sleep. At 7 he woke me up saying it had frozen back up in the hour I had been asleep and so he cleaned it off again. went and turned it back on and in less than a minute it was a solid block of ice. Plus the fan wasnt running.

So I got up, I didnt want to. This was the only day I was going to get to sleep in this week. but I did. I called my dad. He is a HVAC guy. But lives far far away. he told me to test the thermostat. So we got a wire, jumped from the red to the green wires and it clicked and hummed a little. He also told me some of them have a kill switch if the cover is not on good, so we checked that, and while I was checking it I saw the breakers. I told BR to flip them, and in the meantime I would go back and jump the wires again. Cause my imitation of what it was doing was not good enough for him to make a diagnosis. Why he sent me in there to listen to what it did while he jumped the wires I dont know. But he did.
Anyway, I jumped the wires and he starts hollerin at me to stop!! stop!! stop!! this time I could hear the pop plumb across the house and then the griding of the motor. and once I got in there I could smell the smoke. It had also been sparking he said.

funny, the smoke smelled JUST like what I had been smelling for days. But I didnt say that. cause I can promise you, if I had brought it up, I would have heard "well you idiot!, why didnt you tell me you smelt smoke? this could have burned down the house!!"

Well, I started calling and called my dad back, he said to check my warrenty, I'd only had the house 2 years and 5 is usually the timeline.

I found it and sure enough, it was a 2 year warrenty. I kid you not.

So I called a repairman, they told me it would be about 200.00 for them to do it. labor. parts were extra. So I called to find otu the price of parts. JUST a motor and a .co.... cros.. ... something else. 250.00 I asked him all the pertinant questions, did it have the mounting bracket, was the exact same wires on it, what was the HP. everything. Because he refused to allow me to give him the part number. He wanted the unit number and looked it up that way. I even reminded him that I needed the little black cylender thing called a .... ACK! my mind is just NOT working, anyway. I described it. He swore it was all there, that it was all I would need and to just come and get it.
While I was on the phone with them, my mom called, she was on her way to town. Did I need anything?

YEP! gallon ziploc freezer bags, cause I have a bushel of squash to put up, and a fan motor.
She went to town. BR tore it apart and went to bed. it was already 86 degrees in the house and it wasnt even 9.

She showed back up just a little while later and I got the motor in here. The first thing I noticed was the 4 inch black cylender was NOT a 4 inch tall black cylender. it was a 3 inch oval shaped squatty thing. So I opened the box.
Sure enough it was NOT the right one. The brackets were diffent. These were a 90 degree angle, and were on there with a metal band that could be removed. MINE were at a 45 and were on there by brads.

I called back, the guy said "well you will just have to bring it on back up here.I cant diagnose these things over the phone" uhhhhhh I have the PART number.

Anyway, I controlled my temper adn then dressed myself and Bow and drove us to town.
Once I got there I had to get out Bow, tote in the new motor, go back out, tote in the OLD motor, so he could look at it. Then go BACK out to get the .... what the hell ever part it was..

He looked at it and said "are you sure it doesnt fit?"

I hate condesending, know it all men. I politely told him that YES I was sure. the angles alone would make it so it wouldnt fit.

He ended up getting on the phone with the manufacter or something. I could hear half the conversation and then I hear "Mr, I am NOT telling this lady that, she might shoot me right on the spot. her unit is ONLY 2 years old."

He decided at that point that I could get a ring like the one that came on it and just change it out. It was at a 45* angle. They only run about 34.00. Like I didnt have to waste that much deisel going to town. This is the 5th time this week. And I am NOT hapy about that.

I returned everything to my truck, one item at a time. and drove back home. It was like walking out of a steam room into a superheavyduty steam room. The house was already in the mid 90's.

WHen BR woke up he started to fix it. It didnt take long, but I was so hot and so tired of being hot that it seemed like forever. Once we got it put back in the house had topped 100.

That was at noon. its well after 11 now and its still in the 80's in here. but its blowing again. And I am SOO happy. Once the house was starting to cool off I decided I couldnt wait any longer and had to blanch and freeze the squash. I had a bushel of them. Of course my mom got me 2 gallon ziploc bags so, I had to make sure I didnt fill them up. She said all she saw was 'gallon' and picked them up. Of course they are in a box twice the size of a gallon box. LOL I am trying to not blanch them as hard, maybe I will be able to batter and fry them in the winter. I dont like them cooked down iwth onions.

I spent the last two days at the school, we are trying to wrap up a few loose ends. Then I have been trying to get together about 100 prepacks of school supplies to sell to the kids for school next year. You wouldnt belive how hard that is. I am tring to find all the prices online so it will easy to decide the best price to charge. I have just been researching. Ihavent made the order yet.

Well since the heat took so much out of me I am gona go to bed. I have typed half of this with my eyes closed and keep falling asleep midsentence. :)


Tara said...
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Tara said...

for whatever reason I just commented you and it showed up as a comment to Mark (which also strangely showed up on Karen's blog a while back.....hmm

Anywho... that sucks Chelle! I'm sorry, I know the feeling. I swear everything we have breaks one week after the warranty runs out here.

Karen said...

That totally sucks! But I hope that by the time you wake up it's be nice and cool again.

maidto5 said...

Yep tara, its murphy's law. And that SOB is OUT to get me! LOL

Yeah Karen, and its not like I havent dealt with it before. During the huricanne that never was we were a month with out elec in the middle of Sept/Oct. It was HOT. But then there was noone to blame. So we just went with it. Even after I learned the Elec Co had simply forgot about us. LOL