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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lost kleenex's and found agervation

there are TWO more days of school left.

I asked BR if he had moved my kleenex's the other day. I had searched for them everywhere, and I finally remembered to ask him.

He just looked at me like I was crazy. Then Rayley said "you told me to throw them away moma"
"no baby, I mean the big box of kleenex, not the ones I had just cleaned Bow's nose with"
" yeah, I know, you told me to throw them away"
"no Rayley I told you to..... ohhhhh, so you threw away momma's box of kleenex that sat right here?"
"yep!, just like you told me, aint I a big girl?"

I had pointed to a few used kleenex's that day and asked her to throw them away. She did, but I guess she decided that the others needed to go too.

We are winding down on the yearbook. I am glad, deisel is killing me. But in all honesty I dont get to get out much. and going and doing at the schools is one of my biggest joys in life.

Speaking of which. I went to the primary schools meeting this morning to present the bylaws I had made up last week. They asked me to be on their board. I dont have a kid there next year. Rayley wont be there for another year. But it was a VERY big honor to be asked. It made me feel really good. I did accept, on the condition that if someone inquires about it and wants to be in that position that they be allowed to accept it. Thats 4 boards for next year. Both boys will be in one school and I am the secretary. Then the District PTA board, and the Primary school board, and then at least one yearbook board. I might end up doing the other yearbook too, if no one will step up and do it. I dont want the kids to not have one, and volunteers for that are few and far between! :(

Brett got back his Taks scores today. He passed math too. I am so glad. He got an commended achievement in reading. he only missed one question. In Math he missed 6, so he missed commended by one answer. :( But thats okay. Passing is passing.

I have to finish up my 'lovelines' page for the yearbook, and write the dedication page and I am through. I have 2 of the 3 places nailed down to get school supplies from and we meet next week with the principal at the boys school for T shirt orders and we found out today that she wants to do a Carnival open to the public next year AND a talent show with a dinner for the parents as fund raisers.

I cant wait! I think it will alot of fun. It will be alot of work, but alot of fun too.

Bow has started cruising. He is getting pretty good at it. And you cant keep that child nailed down. He is always on the go, or into something.

Today started out pretty pissy. I woke up 3 minutes before the alarm went off to a warm feeling on my stomache. Bow's diaper was leaking. it soaked my shirt, my sweats and when I looked at the clock I was pissed. I got up and changed clothes, changed him and went to get me some tea. When I got into the kitchen all my canisters on the counter were moved. And there was a line of fire ants going up the wall. BR had found it when he came in and moved the canisters so I could find it. I killed them all and got the boys up. They got dressed and played with Bow. Once they left I had to get dressed. I had to be at the school by 8.

After the meeting at the Primary school I went on to Bretts school and started on the yearbook. BR called. I think he was mad cause I was in town today. I had told him I was going. I know he thinks its just a waste of deisel, and maybe it is, but, its something I enjoy. But he told me that beside his chair where he sits all his plates and glasses when he is through with them (plus leaves the bags of chips and such when he goes to bed) is covered in fire ants.

Of course I have a fish tank right there too, so you have to be careful when spraying stuff.

When the kids got out of school I had to go to walmart. I bought lots of ant dope, and lots of weed and grass killer. We are going to kill all the grass around the house. The ants are getting to be too bad.

We made it through walmart and then I went and got diesel. I had a 1/4 of a tank, but it was already 4.64 a gallon so I decided to take advantage of it. Plus I didnt have anything better to do with the 99.00.

Then I went and got a thermostat for BR's truck. I heard that sometimes a truck will run hot and use alot of gas if the thermostat is missing or stuck open. I hope this is the case. HE just got this engine rebuilt. Its a 94 toyota 4x4 and gets worse gas milage than my 1 ton 4 door deisel doulley. ( I get 15 miles to the gallon). I talked to the parts guy and he gave me some hints on checking to see if its the injectors or something else. I am hoping its a quick and cheap fix. :)

When we got home and got everything unloaded I had to start killing the ants and moving all the plates and glasses into the kitchen. I had just gotten done and washed up and Brett told me he got bit last night in bed. So then I went back and was getting my spray and putting back on the clothes that I had been wearing when Matt came to me and picked up his shirt. he showed me a bite. I asked what it was. He said that he got bit in HIS bed by a fire ant last night.

SO in I went. Sure enough they were in there too. I stripped the beds, sprayed the wall where they were and hoped that was the last of them for the night. I cant handle many more.
While we were unloading the truck and I was nursing Bow the door opened. Rayley came in.. we had gotten a shower today and apparently while we were all working at bringing in groceries and putting them up, plus corraling Bow, Rayley had been in the mud. She was in nothing but her panties.
I asked "what the hell have you been doing?"
"cause I was bored"
"where are your clothes?"
"I took them off"
"I can see that, why are you nekid?"
"I aint nekid, I have on panties"
"okay, where did you take off your clothes?"
" I stil have ON clothes"
"no, you still have on panties, where are your CLOTHES?"
"did you get undressed outside?"
"I aint undressed, I have on PANTIES"
"where is your shirt? Where are your pants?"
"Rayley, you better go and find them. You need a bath, you have mud from head to toe"
"Do I have to put them back on?"
"no, but I dont want them lost, find them and then you can ge a bath"
"They aint lost. "
"then where are they?"
"I told you, they are DIRTY!"
By now Brett knew that I was about to scream
"Rayley, where is your shirt and pants right now?"
"in the laundry room"
I said "Why didnt you just say that to start with?"
"cause you didnt ask"

so off she went to the bathroom. I ran her a bath and finished up spraying the boys room. Then I cleaned back up. and had no more than sat down on the couch when I hear from Rayley "MMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,"
"yes Rayley"
"there's an ant in here"
I went and checked. it was the only one I could find ( I had sprayed that room when I found ants about 4 days ago.)
Then I looked in her hair, she had a few more. She had brought them in.

I ended up going outside again to shut the truck doors. And there on my steps was 9 mud pies.

The boys ate supper and then started getting ready for bed. Rayley was still hungry and wanted a ham sandwich. I gave her one, but only after making sure that she really wanted it.

I sent all the kids to bed and then went into the kitchen to make my own supper ( fried spam sandwiches... yum!) there sat 1/2 of Rayleys sandwich. About that time she came back through. she needed a bednight story.

I made her sit down and eat the rest of the sandwich. She whined and cried. Told me she wasnt hungry, told me she was sick, told me the sanwhcih was bad.

30 minutes and 8 trips in here to tell me that she couldnt eat it later I went back in the kitchen to refill my tea. she was taking the last bite. Whining and crying all the while.

Once it was gone she looked at me and said "do I get desert too?"

She is asleep now. I think its best.


Karen said...

Chelle, those fire ants would KILL me. I hate bugs and after almost two decades of living in the country I still chicken out and make Scott kill the scary ones. (Although I am better about not freaking out on the harmless ones.) If I had that many bugs, I'd be staying at someone else's house until it was dealt with.

Karen said...
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Karen said...

And yes, I did just double post. And Tara wouldn't come and rescue me so I had to delete it my-own-poor-self. (sob, boo-hoo, sob)

Tara said...

See as usual, I'm days too late! LOL
Time for an update Chelle!
Schools out so we just KNOW you have stuff to wrote about.

maidto5 said...

LOL Karen, dang, you should have left it, she needs to do SOMETHIN! ;)

lol tara. I have been being lazy. Y'all are gona have to make me start posting more :) dont make me work as hard and I could ;) LOL