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Saturday, January 10, 2009

You have to get up pretty early in the morning....

To pull the wool over Bow's eyes..

This morning BR woke me up at 8:20. Last night he had brought his semi to my grandfathers and I went to get him. Around 1am. His pickup was still parked at the yard. So, it stands to reason I had to take him BACK to his truck this morning.

Bow had woken up around 7:45 and Matt had came in our room, got him and was playing with him.

BR was dressed and ready adn I got up and came into the living room. Bow doesnt like his daddy to leave, so he was trying to climb his leg. I snuck by and out the door, hopeing to leave him behind.

Well, I made it out the door and BR hugged him bye, put him down and started out. Bow was waving and closing the door behind him. Unforunatly I picked that exact moment to start my truck. Now if you are not around a deisel truck much, they are very distinctive. And Bow KNOWS my truck.

Matter of fact, when Rayley was a baby I had my other truck, it was a little older, had a bigger engine and sounded so good. All of my kids would fall asleep the second they hit the seats. (even as school age kids). But she would NOT sleep in a regular car. I kid you not. One time we went with my grandfather on about a 6 hour road trip. she screamed the WHOLE time. She was SOOO tired. but wouldnt sleep in anything except MY truck.
Anyway, the second he heard it start up, he jerked the front door back open and grunted. Thats his universal sound. He doesnt talk, he grunts. He will say "daddy" and "I did it" but everything else is a grunt. BR tried to catch him, but he was out the door and headed down the steps. He was going no matter what. So BR brought him out. He was so glad to see me, he thought I was still asleep.

So I had to strap him in and off we went.

I am thinking that BR lost this one. I was out. and I was in the clear. He is the one who didnt get away.

When we got home I decided to go on to town. Yesterday my Mother in Law, Martha had told the kids they could stay with her on Sat. My mother told them the same thing. and my sister in law called, she wanted them too.
I told them all no, that BR would be home and wanted to see them.
BUT this morning I told them they could go and visit. I called my mom, Martha was gone to town, and my grandfather. He is going on a job tomorrow and wont see them for a few weeks. He hadnt seen the boys yesterday so he did want to see them, my mom wanted them and since they live side by side it worked out well.

I got everyone ready, loaded everyone up and off we went. The boys jumped out, eager to go to my grandfathers, they were putting up a few gates on the horse pasture, and I took the younger heathens into my moms. Well Bow knew what was up. so he wouldnt walk away. Finally I was measuring Rayleys waist so I could buy her a belt. Bow was trying to get the tape. So I used it to my advantage. I decided to toss it and make him fetch it. The first time he went a few feet, brought it back, the next time a little further. Then, the next time I tossed it good and hauled butt.

AHA! I outsmarted him!

Apparently, after I left, he walked around the house with the tape measure grunting and looking for me. He wasnt upset. He just wanted to fetch some more. But my mother wouldnt do it, cause she thinks its mean to treat him like a puppy.

Beings how I have had 4 kids, and got 3 of them pert near raised. This is not mean. Its entertainment.

Oh and speaking of kids and puppies. When you give a kid peanut butter, its not near as cute as when you give it to a dog. Apparently the lack of fingers and thumbs is what makes it Funny and not messy when its a dog.

I ran a few erronds, got pert near 50.00 worth of stuff for free at walgreens. (check out my other blog www.byerlybudget.blogspot.com) And then started home. BR's pickup was out of gas, so I drove to the yard, traded trucks with him, and brought his back. I swear driving that truck is like riding a mule on a trampoline. And its smaller than a sardine can. I am used to my big, roomy, and smooth (okay, so no SuperDuty F350 4X4 is smooth, but its smootherER).

Anyway, I drove it over, filled it up and headed to get the kids. My grandfather had the oldest 3. He had managed to get away from barnicle bow, cause he caught him during a nap and took the eldest 3 out for lunch. When I got there they scattered right fast and in a hurry. So I sat down and talked to him for a while. It wasnt long before I decided that I should at least fetch Bow from mother. Matt came through and I told him to get the tea out of the truck, take it to mothers and bring me back Bow.
He got him a drink and started outside.
"what 'cha doin Matty?"
"goin to play"
"no, Go get that tea....."
"oh yeah! getting that tea, takin it to Marmie and then playin"
"no, then get your brother"
"where is he?"
"outside playing with you. DONT TELL ME YOU LOST MY KID!!"
the door slammed.
A few minutes later mother called.
"bow wants you"
"I told Matt to get him"
"well, he came over here, gave me my tea, said "OH THANK GOD, I thought we had lost him" and then walked out."
"that mo-ron!"
"well, when he ran out with out Bow he started throwin a fit"
"alright, I'll come get him"
So I went and fetched him.
when I had related all this to my grandfather he said that yesterday, he had latched on to Aunt Jean and ate everything she handed him, then when it came time to leave he refused. He said he threw a walleyed fit.

Yesterday I was going to go to town, do my deals and get it over with. But after I dropped off BR, I came home to get dressed and Aunt Jean called. She wanted to see the kids. I told her we would be there at 3. I was no more than off the phone with her when Martha called. Elrays truck should get ready today, if it is, would I drive him to Lufkin. Yes. But I didnt cancle with Aunt Jean, incase it wasnt ready.

Rayley and I spent the day argueing with Bow. When I finally got him down for a nap, she wanted to play cards. I really didnt. But being the nice, loving and indulgent mother that I am, I relented.

Then she disapeared. "whew!"
But no luck, the brat came back toting her dads poker case.
"Rayley, I cant play poker"
"seriously, Rayley, I dont know how to play poker"
"its not poker silly, its Texas Hold 'em"
"BUT I CANT PLAY. I really dont know how"
"its not rocket science ya know"
Yep, I am raising a hellion...
so she fretted, and she whined, and she begged. I really didnt want to play poker. and I really cant. not well.
Finally I convinced the brat to play Go Fish. She was skeptical. But I told her it was easy.
I explained the whole concept, and she pulled out the chips while I was shuffiling the cards.
"Rayley we dont use chips for Go Fish"
"then how do you know who wins?"
"by who has the most cards"
"ohhhhh" she said, obviously disapointed
I explained again about the pairs
"what about the suits?"
"just as long as they are pairs, kings with kings, jacks with jacks"
"Aces High?"
"that DOES NOT matter. they are all worth the same"
"what about flushes and straits?"
"there are none. its just pairs"
"well thats stupid, everyone knows that straits are better than a pair"

The child beat me. I kid you not. and I dont let my kids win.
Luckily, Bow woke up during the next game. Since we try to keep him from ingesting too many paper products, especially those coated in plastic, we had to put it up.

She did tell me later that it wasnt a bad game, but not quite as 'thrilling' as winning a big pot.

SHe is FOUR.
She cant even count past 10. well 12. maybe 19. But still...

After we picked up our game, I put Bow in the tub. It was time to get presentable and go visit. I wasnt going to do much, I had on my typical yoga pants (not that I do yoga, but I dont know of another name for them... ) and a T shirt. Rayley dressed as a hobo princess, and the phone rang. Martha asking me to call the truck place, She cant call long distance from work, and they hadnt called her. So I did. yep it was ready. so I had to change my plans. I called Aunt Jean to cancle. SHe was disapointed. So I decided to ask Hunney (my grandfather.. remind me to tell you why I call him that one day) if he would take them over there, he goes every day for the 3 oclock visit anyway, and then drop them at mothers when they were done.
No problem. So I got Rayley to quit crying, dressed myself, and ran to get Elray. He hemhawed around. Toby would take him, no sense in me wasting the time, Martha would be home soon, Well, we could take his other truck, (NO. I dont drive anything but mine. AC, good radio, brakes are right, wheel doesnt turn 180 degrees before the wheels do, and it doesnt bounce all over the road like a mule on a trampoline. (its a ford, but they dont grasp the 'slow down' when they hit a bump... )

anyway, I told him that BR wanted me to pick up his tractor part, so I had to go anyway. And had to get Matts boots, so it wasnt a wasted trip.

He relented, we left. On the way I called about BR's tractor. They had tld me they kept the switch we needed in stock. I just wanted to swing by and get one. Sorry, they were out. They'd order it.

while I was waiting on Elray at the bank I called Cavenders. Sorry, Matts boots were not in yet. try next week...

Finally we get the money, head to get the truck. then we head home. Now mind you this is an hour one way trip. So when I got home I had to gather up the kids (the boys were at Martha's) from 2 differnt houses and go home.

Anyway, since Hunney had seen Bow yesterday, he just had the oldest ones today. When we left there, We headed home. I had no more than pulled up and Martha called. Could she have them now? Well hell, had she answered the phone at any time in the last 6 hours, she would have known that I was trying to get her to go get them so she could have her time too.

When she arrived I was a little afraid that she was not thinking she would have to take Bow. He is at the age now, where noone will get away with out taking him.

She came in and talked to me for a few minutes, then started to leave. The kids had all put on shoes and were already in her truck. Well she decided to screw with Bow. So she hugged him bye and tried to give him to me. She learned why I call him a barnicle. He was NOT getting down. he would hold on with his legs around her waist and throw himself backwards, arching his back but wouldnt relent.

she finally got him down. then headed to the door. I told him "get your shoes, and hurry" he grabed some shoes on the floor and beat her to the door. He was GOING.

So she picked him up. He would wave at me and grunt, but wouldnt even tell me bye cause he was afraid I would take him.

4 hours later when she walked in her first words were "Now I know why you are a basketcase"
"was he fun?"
"he is in EVERYTHING. wants EVERYTHING, will NOT take no for an answer, and doesnt realize he is a baby. TILL he decides he wont get out of your lap!"
"if it was me, I'd get a job and put him in Daycare"
"thats a good idea"
"NOT MY DAYCARE!! somehwere ELSE!"
I was laughing at this point.

She said that he was in her lap once, and Rayley came over, so he kicked and hit and pushed her till she went and got in Amanda's lap. So he got down and pushed her out of Amanda's lap.

Now this is the fault of the kids. Cause when he would be sitting here being good, they would come over screwing with him, playing that they were going to push him out. trying to get a rise out of him.

I didnt think I would ever get him to settle down. I dont know what all he has ate in the last 2 days, but I can promise you, he has had enough sugar to choke a horse.

WHen she went to leave, all the kids were in their rooms playing, and she got up and started towards the door. He decided he wanted to go with her again. I really didnt know she could still run that fast if someone wasnt chasing her with a lizard.

I managed to get them all asleep. Although Rayley is starting to run a fever, I let her sleep in here in the floor in her sleeping bag. But they all wanted to stay away and wait on their dad. I nixed that idea. He might not be home till midnight and I wanted them asleep well before then!

oh and I did get Rayley a cowboy belt today. I took back Matt's boots, got a gift card and spent some of it to get her a pretty pink belt to match her Fat Babies. it even has diamond rhinestones on it. I hope it fits. I couldnt give it to her, cause I left it in MY truck, which is still at BR's yard, and he aint home...

Just my luck. Oh and I left the dadgum oranges in there too. its supposed to freeze tonight, so now I will have frozen orange sicles. I wouldnt care, but I have been craving an orange since I got them today.

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Tara said...

You mean everyone doesn't play fetch with their kids? I agree, not mean, entertainment. Some days you have to take it however you can get it.