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Monday, January 5, 2009

A public Service announcement

YEsterday I woke up with a headache. This is what I get for trying to quit smoking. well BR wanted to go and wash his 18 wheeler. I always get stuck with the inside. Where its a nasty dusty mess. There really isnt alot of grease or oil, like there is on the outside. But there is enough dirt and dust to plant a pototoe patch.

When we finally got back, and after everyone had a good shower, cause we were black with oil and dirt from head to toe, BR and I decided to go and put corn in the feeder and get his SD card from his game camera also. 2 days ago two turkeys had walked from the stand plumb up to the back of the house. Matt wants to go on a turkey hunt for his birthday in April. I would love to be able to afford to take him somewhere that he is going to get a turkey, but he will have to settle for hunting 50 yards from the house and hoping to see one.

Anyway, we all got on the tractor. Rayley had decided she wasnt goin to go, she was going to sit on the couch. I went outside holding Bow, and BR said he would just come back and get me and the corn on the tractor. The boys were already outside and the minute he walked towards the tractor they jumped on. When he started it, Bow begged to be let down, he was headed to daddy. then the door busted open, Rayley pushed past me and when asked where she was going she nonchalontly said "well, I decided y'all might miss me too much if I stayed"...

The kids all got in the bucket, I sat on the fender and Bow got to help drive, and we drove the long way around to the feeder, so it took 3 minutes. But it was a fun family outing.. or some such crap.

when we got back BR started looking at the pictures. TUrkeys, 2 bucks we had never seen before, a doe or two, another coyote, rabbits, robins, birds that are just a blur. it was full of 192 pictures.

He deleted the ones he didnt want, then was double checking with me on what he needed to do. I was laying here, trying to fight puking with a headache from hell, and told him to right click and send it to his desktop. Not realizing this created a shortcut, Usually myself, I sent everything to my documents. BUT he has his deer folder ON his desktop. that is as far as he goes into the computer. PERIOD. So, he did that, then he draged it over to his folder and put it in there, went through deleted some more, named the folder with the date, named the pics with the date. and then went to delete the pics off the card.

He deleted everything. all those pics, cause they wernt on his computer, he was working off a shortcut.

I KNEW there had to a way to recover them. But about that time my sister in law and Mother in law came over.

When they left the kids shot their bows adn arrows. They are getting really good. Even Rayley, who consistantly hits at about 8-10 yards, with a 9 pound bow and a 10 lb draw. She might weigh 30 pounds soaking wet.

The boys are shooting at about 12-15, a little heavier draw, and are aiming at circles on the target and doing quite well. Even Matt who usually gives up on anything that might smell like work. Or that he is not doing a good as Brett at.

I am VERY proud of them.

Anyway, I started trying to find programs. and I found QUITE a few. But they ALL cost me money. And even though BR said "30.00 isnt bad, and you will always have the program then" I was determined to find a free one. SO, I kept searching.

Now, even if you have NEVER deleted pictures off your camera, or its never reformated the card and you lost pics, it will happen. its the nature of the beast. I would reccomend that EVERYONE get at least one of these programs, but both of them are free, one for a limited time, and the other one will find files you deleted out of your hard drive.
These programs took me about an hour to download, so those of you on a quick conection will be done before you count my spelling mistakes.

I downloaded about 4 programs, and they all found 192 pictures, BUT they would only give me thumbnails until I paid for them. (I swear it said 15 day free trial), or better than that, one just gave me a list of what it found and no thumbnails. and then held it for ransom for 70.00. NO THANK YOU. I didnt pay that much for the dang game camera!!

Then finally I found a free one, But it only could recover 98 photos... not sure why. but then I found the two below and downloaded them, I was able to recover the pics with no problems, put them on a new SD card and give them to BR to put on his computer.

I really do think its a good idea to have these programs just in case, you might not ever be dumb enough to delete your pics, but you never know when one of your kids will do it!!

Finds folders in your Hard drive AND on media cards

Finds deleted Memory cards (SD card) pictures.

Just be sure, if you dont download these, to let me know when you loose a file, or data on a SD card, so I can laugh at you. Its only fair, you laugh at me all the time :)

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