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Thursday, January 8, 2009

ahhhh to be young and impressionable again....

When the kids came home yesterday BRett came running up to the door, he was whispering if they could go to Me-Me's. I dont like for them to go anywhere, not on a school night, when they have homework,and when BR will be home. But I relented adn I said they could go for an hour. Of course Bow saw him, thats why he was whispering... And Rayley had heard me talkng, so she came out of her room to greet her brothers, but they were leaving. I told her to run and she could go too. SO she did. Bow also ran, to the door, opened it and started with his 'gimme' hand. and hollerin.

He went on the porch and BRett came running back up. Seems she had decided that he could go too. I gathered him up some clothes and sent him on his way. He was SOOOO thrilled, noone ever takes him when they take the older kids. he always gets left behind.

I spent the time they were gone getting supper together and getting the kitchen cleaned again. So much for quiet me time..

They arrived home about 55 minutes later, and were telling me about their days. I was still cooking and Matt was standing there explaining all about his conversations at school.

I was pretty much speechless before he was half way through it. I mean, I knew my kids would learn there wasnt a Santa Clause at school, would hear about sex, maybe drugs, know what a pokimon card is and all about video games already, thanks to school, but this shocked even ME.

BR walked in right after he was done.
"guess what our dear and impresionable child learned in school today" I think he could tell from my tone of voice that I was being slightly faceious.
"the delicate inctracies of building an atomic bomb?" He asked innocently and tounge in cheek.
"NO! even better!!"
"really?, what did you learn today Matt?"
"how to make crack"

Yep. You heard me right.

This is the story as I remember it (I do think at one point I blacked out, I do remember the room going fuzzy, Matts voice fading away, and not coming back to reality until I burned myself.)
"guess what Little Johnny told me today?" (*little Johnny is the same one that they got in trouble wiht about the bombs, the one that brought all the componants to school?... yep)
"that he has a new fool proof plan to get you kicked out permentaly?"
"nope, that his older brother went to jail for sellin crack on the streets"
"He just told you this? why? where did you see him? you are NOT supposed to be playing with him, I asked y'all to PLEASE refrain from socalizing with people that you have a criminal history with!"
"Mooom, we wernt arrested, we aint criminals yet" Brett said.
"Yeah, I made sure, I asked my teacher" matt chimed in.
"well, close enough, DO you know how old I was before I met with a Lt, a Chief of Police AND a seargent all in one room? Matter of fact, the ONLY time I even MET a sherrif was when he had to kiss Pork Chop in that contest at the Rodeo" (Pork Chop is my pot bellied pig, I used to volunteer him for fundraisers)
"yesss mom... we know, you were just days shy of your 33rd birthday" THey both said in unison.
"And just think, now you can mark that off your bucket list" I dont really know which one said this, but they are lucky I was covered in biscut dough and flour...

"back to the subject, I did ask y'all to not play with him, I think the less togetherness y'all have, the less you will be watched by the ATF and FBI"
"mom, your hillarious, do you really think the FBI knows us?, cause they would be cool to work for, anyway, it was at lunch, I dont have a choice who I sit beside, they make us sit how we walk in"
"oh... stupid rules..what ever happened to cliques? and being able to ostrosize those kids who were bullies and mean, and stank?"
"whats a clique?"
"nevermind, your story please??"
"oh, so anyway, he told me that his brother got busted for sellin crack on the streets"
"I cant belive he just goes around tellin folks this"
"I know, ... I dont plan on tellin noone when Brett goes to jail."
"He might not go to jail.."
"ehh, maybe not, but if he does, can I have his side of the room too?"
"Mattt, so was there a police chase? Did they tazer him? was he all strung up?"
"brett, you mean strung out. and I dont think cops in Jasper have tazers"
"I dont know all that, I just know he went to jail for sellin crack on the streets" (he keeps saying this, like sellin crack in an apartment has a differnt sentence or something.. or does it? .... )
"well, thats sad for that family, I doubt they are crackheads, but sometimes when kids get older you cant do anything to make them stay on the strait and narrow short of tying them in their rooms"
So the boys start talkign about something else. Then Matt says.
"I know what goes in crack!"
"well, not crack- crack, but in methcane."
"methcane?, You mean cocaine?"
"oh wait no. its crack cocaine, and methafedremines" Brett said
"how do you know this?"
"they teach us about drugs in school"
"aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggg" "so they taught you how to make crack, or meth of what the hell ever?"
"NOoo moooom, Johnny told me what you put in there"
"yeah, why?, its just stuff like benadryl but something diffent, you have it here, and then fingernail polish, and .... I cant remember the other stuff. I'll have to think about it.."

It was hard not to purge my cabinets of all sudafed, fingernail polish removers and what ever else you need, just in case they have the school bugged to see if my kids are homegrown terrorists..

But 3rd grade! seriously!!
At least Rayley wasnt in here, she has a big mouth and I can just imagine her saying to someone "my brother knows how to make crack"

And around here, instead of calling someone an idiot, or a dummy, all of the time, we use the term crackhead. They have heard it. Its just a derogitory name that we use with love. I mean I dont let them call each other buttmuncher, or poopoohead, and other stupid kid names. They are just too gross..

Not a big deal, I mean everyone here is always pickin at someone, so, we are at supper, and Brett did something, To which Matt replied, "Oh shut up crackhead"
And Rayley said "why are you callin him that? did he make crack too?"

Once supper was over, I remembered to ask Brett if he had a point off today.
"for waht?"
"asking her how to do something"
"in what way did you ask?"
"I went to her desk"
"okay, then what happened?"
"I asked How tp do this"
"I mean what were the circumstances?"
"I was confused, so I went to her desk and asked a question"
"and this resulted in you loosing a point how?"
"I dont know"
"well you DID loose a point, so what happened from start to finish?"
"We couldnt talk, so I went to her desk all queit, asked for clarification (yes, he said that) on this problem, I belive you told me it was FUBAR last time I tried to get your help,....
"YOU DIDNT......."
"heheheheh, no, I didnt.. I know that that means, I aint stupid"
"thats debatable... so... clarification...."
"oh yeah, so I asked for clarification, she helped me, I got it and as I was turning away to go to my desk, she told me "and you now have a point lost Brett"
"for waht?"
"cause I got up to ask a question"
"okay. as long as you wernt being an ass."
"all day? or just right then?"
"please leave the room"

He got a point off day before yesterday for talking, and for not having his launguage arts book. He says he hasnt seen it since ISS. of course they had lost his Social Studies book while he was in ISS. and YES, they lost it. He never saw it, and it was gone. Found in someone else' cubby the last day of school before break.

And he has came home and said his math book was missing a few times, come to find out, kids are prone to just grabbing one they see stickin out of cubbys. cause they all look alike. There are no paper covers on them. We used to have to put paper covers on ours. provided BY the school. with ads all over them. So I am betting they were provided by the buinisses around town. BUT our books were always personalized. Not now, they dont have covers, they dont provide them, and I aint buyin none of them cloth ones.

I have looked in his room. no book, so I fiqure its somewhere else. oh well. whats a few points off? its not like he isnt collecting them like badges...

I cant wait till we get to 5th grade. Kids over there are having sex and doing drugs IN school. not just talking about it.

My mother in law had asked Rayley if she wanted to go to Daycare today and play, she was thrilled to get to go, so she got up this morning with the boys and went. She spent hours last night picking out what she would wear. We settled on a valour running suit (in black) with her pink barbie shirt underneath. And her pink tennie shoes and then had to decide how to fix her hair.

She also insisted on making a lunch.

When she left this morning she told me "now I know what it feels like to be a REAL kid"

Now, in light of all this, I am trying to come up with poems for the Teacher Appriciation week. IT is printed on card stock, decorated up and laid on their plate when we send them to lunch.

This is from last year

Teachers are angels,
with out wings or halo's
Teachers are hero's
with out fanfare and press
to mold a young mind, to hug a young heart,
with compassion and love you shine each day
and for that we Thank You.

This is what I have came up with today... I think I need more caffine.

In your hands are the future
The lives which you will mold
Their Hearts are pure
Their Dreams are gold
With out you to lure
There will be no minds to mold


Day after day
Week after week
All our kids do is play
Quiet classes do you seek
Sit down, don’t run, be still you say
And yet havoc do they reek
Points off you cry ; its not worth the pay
No wise choice for you you little geek
I’m telling your mom, she should see the fray
Kids now days could drive a teacher to drink!


Angels don’t come with Halo’s and wings
They are armed with rulers and pencils and things
In your hands are our future
In your class is our dreams
Our babies you teach,
Our children* you mold
Without your devotion
Our world would surely fold

*or our future
Children are precious
Teachers are few
Ours are so lucky
To have gotten YOU!

Your life’s work comes down to this
Should you let him pass
or fail his sorry….

Teachers are angels,
with out wings or halo's
Teachers are hero's
without fanfare and press
to mold a young mind, to hug a young heart,
Teachers are fearless, amazing and grand

We thank you for caring,
For the hugs and the smiles,
wiping the tears and the dirt,
And being part of the trials.
Youth is fleeting, only a year you have seen,
But Young ladies and gents from your widsom have gleened,
The love and support, the lessons and work,
You have our support, our thanks and our awe
WIth out teachers, our minds would be small.
THis is to Thank you,
To say what we cant.
To give you your due,
for the ideas you plant
and dreams you brew

E-- Energized


blacx52 said...


Please turn on the light. Show me the way.

Guide me from darkness to knowledge's day.

Help me see things clearly. Who should I be?

A path that will lead me to a life that is free.

Show me my choices, and how they are made.

Then I can help others find the Light and the Way.

I need to be caring, and smart, and strong.

You have the gifts that will help me along.

Ignorance is the disease. You are the cure.

maidto5 said...

WOW!! very cool blacx!

Thanks! :) I am stealin it and takin it to the next meeting! :)

Karen said...

Oh. My. God.

In third grade? Third grade! I would have freaked out. Called the school, the superintendant... I mean, this kid is telling them the ingredients and what if they try? Not that they want to make drugs but they're kids. Kids like mixing chemicals, hoping they smoke or fizz or stink or something. But those chemicals can explode and kill you. I am freaking out.

How about this for a poem:

Teachers so brave,
so generous and smart,
please keep my boys
from blowing themselves apart.

Take away their points
and give them detention
and a whack on their butts
just to get their attention.

Please keep them safe
from instructions for meth.
Please teach them how
to avoid certain death.

I promise I'll make them
follow your rules,
pull up their pants,
and not blow up the school.

maidto5 said...


Thank you! I needed that laugh tonight!!

erin said...

Eh, that ain't how you make it, crack that is. All they will accomplish with finger nail polish is a pretty fire.

maidto5 said...


somehow they confused fingernail polish with remover/acitone. LOL

And since I used to do artificail nails, I have both! LOL