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Monday, March 24, 2008

No mudpuddle should go uninhabited

Well today it wasnt the kids that did the idiotic thing, it was me. Come to find out, I have been giving out the wrong blog address.
Let me rephrase that. I have been giving out the correct one. The WRONG one is at the top of this page. There is a VERY bad typo in it. I had no clue, till today I was pasting it for someone and saw it.

All this time I have typed in that address and a dead page came up, I couldnt understand why. I could go from my bookmark. And people tell me they tried to come and it wouldnt work. It NEVER dawned on me to look at it. I can use all kinds of excuses, but we all know the old adage, excuses are like kids, everyone has them, most of them stink, and you cant stand someone elses.

Now that I have confessed to my mistake of the year. I feel better, its kinda like confession. except I dont get any wine. I just cant belive that noone has pointed it out to me!! Usually people revel in pointing out my shortcomings.

I really dont know where today went. I dont think anything got done. I know I didnt catch up on anything. I still have not seen the floor of my laundry room, the kids rooms are still harboring clothes that need putting up and there are dirty dishes in the sink. of course they were dirtied AFTER I had done 2 loads of dishes and washed the things that dont fit in the dishwasher. Why they make a dishwasher that you cant fit a pizza pan in I will never know.

I did walk into the boys room today and sit on the bed to talk to them. It sank like 9 inches. Now my boys are like any other kid.. They will stuff everything under their beds instead of putting it up. well I had an underbed check the other day and made them put up all that stuff. I was in shock when I went in and Bretts bed was made. I complimented him on it. Then I sat down.

I lifted up the blanket. there between the matress and the box springs was a layer of toys. I asked him why he did that.
"it was easier than putting them up"
"well.... I dont know..."
"you had to pick up the matress..."
"matt did that for me"
"okay, you had to bribe your brother to pick up the matress..."
"no, I did his and he did mine, we worked together, like you always beg us to do"
"ALRIGHT, Matt had to hold up the matress, then you had to stack the toys JUST RIGHT, that took you 3 maybe 4 times of trying..."
"yep, maybe more, it was hard to stack up enough stuff around the remote controlled car to make it even"
"okay, 6 or 7 times, just to get it right and then MAKE the bed. Do you know that this took more effort than it would have to just put the toys where they belong?"
" really? you think?"
"yes Brett, I think"
"well, its done now"
"thats what YOU think."
and I proceeded to pull it all out and dump it on the floor.

Just when I think I have them fiqured out they go out of their way to find another way to try to get away with something.

Matt was the first up this morning. He always is. This is my morning child. He came in here, said "ohhh, Bow is asleep, I wanted to play with him"
I told him I had just gotten him BACK to sleep, to leave him alone
then I got up to let the dogs out.
I was in the same room with them. I turned around, Matt had Bow in his arms, I just looked at him
"He woke up, and I had to get him"

Then the little ..... dear, said "I think I am hungry, I'm gona go and make some oatmeal, you want some?"
"No, but its gona be hard to make oatmeal when you are holding Bow"
"oh I cant make it and hold him too, here, you take him"

I DONT WANT HIM! I JUST got him to sleep!

I got him back down, and 15 minutes later Matt was dressed and going outside. I told him to not slam the door.
So he left it open.
This is why my electric bill is 300.00 a month.

I got up and shut it, 3 minutes later he came back in. He was bored. he thought he would wake up Brett. I told him NO.

so instead he went in their to 'find a jacket' and managed to wake him up.

Brett came out, and plopped right down on the couch beside a sleeping Bow.
"is that all he does?"
"is what all who does?"
"Bow, does he sleep all the time?"
"on a good day, watch him while I go pee"
I was gone less than a minute. Brett was holding him
"what are you doing?"
"he looked uncomfertable, so I tried to move him around a little"
"if he was asleep he was comfertable."
"oh, well I'll lay him back down"
"no, you wont, he will throw a fit"
"but I need to, I'm hungry"

It took another 30 minutes for Rayley to wake up. Bow had given up on sleeping and was playing and squeeling. she came in and said "doesnt he ever sleep?"

Once the kids ate they vanished for the day. They went out to play and I didnt see them again. They didnt bring up any living creatures either. They did find an antler shed. which made them want to go hunting. "RIGHT THEN!" I told them it wasnt hunting season. They were NOT happy. Plus I told them the deer didnt have antlers this time of year, you wouldnt know if it was a buck or a doe.

My mom came by and wanted to take them to her house for a little while. I told her okay. And she loaded them up. I decided to get Bow back to sleep, I dont think he feels real good, he's been cranky all day. and I ended up going to sleep. it felt so good. Till the phone rang. BR was screaming at me to call TXDOT, they were doing some road construction on the inside of a blind curve and didnt have signs up or a flagger. I was still asleep but I woke up and called them. This is the 3rd time in as many weeks he has called me to call them. (dont ask...I guess its safer for me to call them cause I am not driving and talking on a cell phone) I understand why he gets so upset. Driving an 18 wheeler is dangerous enough as it is. Driving one into oncoming traffic cause the idiot thats supposed to be holding the sign is holding a shovel while you are loaded down with oil is even worse. After that phone call I laid back down. I was just about asleep again and My grandfather called. He had forgotten his insurance card and needed it for the job he was on. He asked me to drive over and get it and fax it to the hotel. I called my mom, asked her to bring it to me when she brought the kids. She said she was on her way and would bring it.

Well crap. no more nap for me. She dropped off the kids and they never even came inside. They just started back to playing.
About an hour later they came in. Rayley was wearing her pink satin mermaid dress. its real cute, and some suede dress shoes. She came in with mud all over her and said "dont worry mom, its okay, we were just out catching frogs." I'm just a little wet"

Little is a realitive term. and the pretty suede shoes were caked with mud. I asked her why she had worn THOSE shoes out to catch frogs in-- "they matched" was her reply.
I read her the riot act. told her to NEVER wear anything outside again unless it was her mud boots. "even when we are going to town?" I told her I meant to play in the fields! "but we wernt playing, we were building houses for frogs! It was a humanterial effort"
I got her changed, made Brett get a bath and was in my bathroom washing her shoes, trying to salvage them. She poked her head around the door, "mom, can you hurry and wash my dress, I wana play dress up." She never saw the door coming.

Then I hear "so Matt, was that a no or a I dont care?"
"I think it was a no, you better put on a nightgown"
"the one that matches my pink high heals?"
"you left them in the mud this morning, remember?"
"oh no, I better ask mom to go and get them"
"you better not, we'll go find them ourselves"

When I came out there was mud in my kitchen sink and no pink high heals. I dont even want to see them.

I made them all eat and bathed the other two and sent them to bed. I could hear the boys talking for a while. It seems they found some turkey tracks and were trying to decide if they could kill one with a bow and arrow.

I am betting the turkeys are safe. Unless they get caught in a snake trap.

All in all I fiqure spring break went well. there were no major incidents, my house is still standing, noone went to the ER and I have no extra inhabitants in my house.

Well except the lizard, but I asked for it. I needed one for my ivy's. I like to keep one on them to keep the bugs away. and since I have hundreds of feet of ivys it has a large play ground. If the cat never sees it.
Everytime I have a kid I start them an ivy. They are really pretty and when they get married I will give them to them for their new home. Its the only plant I have ever been able to keep alive. And the oldest one is 9. Not bad if I do say so myself.

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