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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I vote "clean!"

First of all, Since I have been told by more than one person that they needed to see him, here is Bow. This was taken about a week or so ago.

"well what are we supposed to do then?"

I asked "when?"
I got the same question half a dozen times. Each time Brett would ask, something would happen that would get one of our attentions. There was the time the cat walked through so the dogs went on attack mode. There was the time Matt just walked through and decided he looked like a good place to land a paper ball.
There was the time Rayley came in with a shirt 3 sizes too small stuck on her head.
The phone rang at least twice, and then, one time it was Rayley coming to tell me that she was hungry. Not a problem. I made spagetti today before BR went to work. All I had to do was boil their noodles.

Now a few weeks ago I started a rule. If you dont like what I cook, you can eat a sandwich or go to bed hungry. And I dont make food kids wont like. I cook real meals, but nothing I wont eat, and I am a picky eater. About once a week I have a 'free night' what ever is in the cabinets, you can have. Mom is NOT cooking that night. It has to be a meal, but it can be soup, chili, those raman noodle things.. I dont care.
But every other night my kids just like to see if I will make them something special. If I cook biscuts and gravy, they want greens and cornbread. If I make hamburgers, they want hotdogs.
Its just the mean streak they have.
Its a Byerly trait.
Not to mention they are a little teched in the head, heck my kids beg to go to Golden Corral to eat broccoli. I kid you not. Rayley LOVES the 'little trees'. This might be because she is sadistic and sees this as her way of dominating the outside world. OR she might really like them. I cant decide or agree. I only like mine deep fried.

Speaking of deepfried. OMG! yesterday I had the BEST cheesecake ever. it was wrapped in a soapapia and deepfried. Now only the south would deepfry a cheesecake, but I can tell you, I am in love.
Anyway, back to my darling sweet offspring. The children I tried so hard to have, and wanted so badly. Thinking there was nothing a single person could do in this world more important than to raise a child to make the world a better place. That there was no better calling, nothing more nobel than to nurture and love a child and make them a productive and needed member of this society.
And because I love them so much, tonight I made their FAVORITE meal. They came in with all kinds of junk food. This is a drawback to a grandparent picking them up from school and driving them home I think...
Well I went in there to make their plates and of course there were rumbilings of not wanting spagetti.. One wanted Tuna fish, one wanted chicken from yesterday and one wanted cereal. They relented, but instead of making a normal plate I had one that wanted noodles only, with parmasian and meat, NO SAUCE!
One wanted just a little noodles, more meat, and only a little sauce.
and the third wanted lots of noodles, lots of sauce and NO meat. well he wanted meat, but just on the side..
Noone liked the grape koolaide and everyone wanted a soda.
I gave each one a glass of water and told them to drink that! They decided grape koolaide would suffice. Then Rayley spilt hers, so I had to make some orange koolaide. I wouldn't just let the boys pour their grape out to have orange although they asked to.
By now Bow had realized he was all alone on the couch and woke up.
Next thing I know Matt had spilt his drink and needed orange and while helping him clean up.... YEP you guessed it! Brett had an accident too.
I was REALLY tempted to spill the pitcher in the sink ( I know who would have to clean it up if I did it anywhere else) just to show them I was on to them. But I resisisted. Sometimes you just have to be the bigger man. plus there were clean dishes in the sink. I'd have had to rinse them all again. And since I had already ran the dishwasher twice today and it was still full I was not willing to do that!
Anyway, I had no more than got back in here and sat back down when Brett came in. He was full. Could he have desert now?
Needless to say he is still wanting that desert.

I did get some help today. My mom came over to visit with Bow. Once she untangled herself from the ogre princess she offered to bathe him.
WHOO-HOO! sounds great to me! I hate giving baths. I always end up wetter than the kid, and usually get pee'd on. I hate getting my sleeves wet, I hate getting my shirt wet. To me its just more laundry. (of which I got 3 loads done today! )
And then when she left, she took little miss sunshine with her! That meant Bow could get in a good nap. Its amazing how much that baby sleeps when he is siblingless. And it might explain why he has slept all night from day one. He ended up sleeping until the kids came home from school!

There was no homework tonight and neither kid got a note sent home with them. They even made their lunch with out any fuss. AND put them in their backpacks.

We are also working on getting Rayley to sleep in her bed. My children never start out their lives in their own rooms. When I found out I was pregnate with Rayley it was right at Christmas and I told the boys that unless they abandoned the couch for their beds, Santa wouldn't be coming. That was the last week of Nov. They took to it right quick! They were 4 and 5 at the time and although they have landed in our bed from time to time, its been pretty consistant.
We got Rayley out of our bed when we moved into this house for the most part. She still ends up there but starts out in here.

I do understand why Rayley has been a little harder. Its not as easy when you dont have a bunkmate.
I used the same line on her. Then realized I had screwed up. She has no concept of time. She is thinking that Christmas is coming again. Soon. She was already asking about me getting down her Christmas dress, and telling me how I was to fix her hair. I will have to change this to the Easter Bunny quickly! I doubt she will stay in there very long, but she did fall asleep in her room. Maybe this will last all night. I doubt it, but maybe. I think just her falling asleep in there is a huge step forward!

Tonight it also wasnt too hard to get the boys to sleep. One of them anyway, Matt got tired around 8 and went on to sleep. Not a word, I just know that all of a sudden Brett fiqured out he was missing, I reckon he realized he hadnt picked on anyone in a while, and went looking. When he didnt find him he came in here all beside himself. Asking if I knew where Matt was. Then he ran to the door and opened it. I cant even get these kids to go to pee by themselves once its dark outside. That child sure hasnt went outside to look at the stars! And once Brett opened the door he came back for the flashlight just to look on the porch. That started a fight between him and Rayley over who got to hold it.

I got them quiet and rounded up, sent them back to the bathroom one last time and told them to go to bed. By now everyone had forgotten about Matt again. I tucked in Rayley, kissed her and 5 babies goodnight and thought I was done. We hadnt even woken up Bow.
I got all comfy again, got caught up on what I was doing on the internet and back Brett comes. He had found Matt! he was in the bed. Heck, I had told him that before the flashlight fight. I swear they never listen. Well they do listen, just not to me. Rayley was so excited they found him she had to run around excited and go in and make sure he really was there. Do they think I would have just been okay with him missing? The state takes a very dim view on that...
Since all was well and the whole family was accounted for I tucked Rayley back in.
and back to bed he went.


and there was blissful peace.
just the sound of the fishtanks running, the dog tearing up her blanket ( have I mentioned she is a MO-RON?), the cat purring and my tappy-tap of keys.
Then in comes Brett in his most Kramer type entrance and again I hear
"well what are we supposed to do then?"

I was still confused.
I was a little agervated, my peace was broken.
Bow was awoken,
Rayley was intriqued, (did I mention I had tucked her in 3 times already?)
So I paused the TV again, turned to him and finaly asked
"what are you supposed to do WHEN?"
exasperated sigh.... "NOW"
insert look of confusion and amazement here with a little disdain thrown in for good measure (not mine, his)
"since we cant swear, spit or fart in our room"

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