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Thursday, February 7, 2008

homework and walmart

Well today was a ‘town’ day! I was able to run all my errands and still managed to get home before noon! To run and still managed to get home before noon! The good news is I made 30 dollars for 13 minutes worth of work. And got a free meal! I had to go to a dept. store and pretend to shop, and then go to a fast food restaurant and get a lunch. At least it paid for the diesel I used to drive and get groceries! All we really needed was Milk and Bread. Man, You have to have a full time job just to keep this house in milk and bread.

I go through at least 6 gallons of milk a week and 8 loaves of bread.

Today I had the baby in a sling, and I swear I talked to 100 people. Most of them stopping me and telling me that my baby was going to fall out. Or asking me what was in there. I was tempted to tell some of them it was a badger and if I didn’t keep it warm it would attack.
I opted to shop solo today. I just needed 6 things. Yes, it is possible for a woman to go in Wal-Mart and only get 6 things.

I started putting Bow down on a blanket and letting him play a few days ago. He really enjoys it. He even moves a little. But the poor turtle doesn’t like getting stuck on his back. Of course I made a mistake and picked him up today and didn’t immediately pick up the blanket. Less than 5 minutes went by before the dog was on it. And he hasn’t moved in about 6 hours. I bet you he is right there in the morning when the kids start getting ready for school.

When the kids came home I asked if they had any homework. Brett burnt off in a hurry. Matt just looked at me like I had asked him if he had seen a 4 headed goat. No, wait, he would have shown interest in a 4-headed goat.

Anyway, I asked for their backpacks and started going through them. Matt had not given his teacher the note I wrote last night. He ‘forgot’…. And he had a paper he got a 33 on 6 questions and he missed 4. All because he decided to write in arabic or greek, or mattscrible and she couldn’t read it. I told him to reanswer them all and write each answer 3 times.
Brett didn’t have homework, but he did have a note from his teacher. He was hard to keep on task today, didn’t finish his sentences. And wouldn’t do his math in class. Well since he didn’t bring home the math or the sentences I decided to print him out some math. He informed me that it was illegal for anyone but a teacher to give him schoolwork. I told him he was confused, it was illegal for anyone but a mother to take him out of the world she brought him into…
My printer broke after 100 questions were printed. I really need a new printer. This one sucks. HP all in one, incase anyone is interested. This is my 3rd one. This one lasted JUST long enough I couldnt turn it back in under the warranty.

Well the boys had a hard time staying on task. I really would like to have an invention to get their attention. Nothing cruel. Just a remote attention getter. A little zap for when they are staring off into space. Or just out of reach and smarting off. Or fighting with each other.
I got up to make their dinner and they came in there and started cleaning the kitchen. Seriously. I thought about telling them to go and finish their work. But I let them clean. I think they thought I was gona forget about the work.

After supper I told them to get back on their work. They were shocked.

Little Miss Rayley hasn’t felt good all day. I hope she isn’t getting back her headcold. I doped her up and she played quietly most of the night.

I hate to forbid the boys from playing with her; she misses them so much. But rules are rules.
Plus she was so cranky and felt so bad I think its best they didnt play with her. She tends to throw on the drama when she is under the weather. Matt is feeling just as bad. He sounds like he has the Whoopin cough.
I am gona keep him home tomorrow, try to nip it in the bud.
He was begging to go to bed by 8 so I let him, and Brett was close behind. Of course I had to check his math. There is only one problem with making up math problems for your kid. You have to check them.

The only thing I hate more than math is dissecting sentences and other English crap.
The 50 multiplication problems wasn’t that bad it was the subtraction that was a pain. In 3rd grade they get to do up to 999 minus what ever.

Well since both boys are in bed, and the Benadryl worked on Rayley I am gona enjoy the peace and scream at the idiot newscasters and pundits on TV while they discuss the presidential race.
It’s amazing how folks can make that much money and still be that stupid. Heck if that was the case I should be a millionaire!

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