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Monday, February 4, 2008

I reckon Mondays aint all bad

Well, I thought the game was great! And I knew the Giants would pull it off. Like I said, they beat the best team already, this should have been a cakewalk. Of course since we had it paused we were a little behind. Right before the first quarter was over my MIL called, seemed my father in law had joined a football pot and they couldnt read it. So she starts telling me his numbers and asking if he won the 500.00 for that quarter since the score was 3 and 0.

Well I guess they held them. I explained it to her and yes he had won.

Well I was about 6 minutes into the 2nd quarter and she called back, wanting to know what 300.00 forward and 200.00 backward meant. I told her and off the phone we got. Then she called back to ask if he was still winning, I said I didnt know, the quarter wasnt over. She said well, say the score is 7 to 3 and he had a 7. Now I am really lost. I thought he had a 0 and a 3. She said he also has a 4. And she threw in a 6. Now remember I am blonde, but I have done a football pot or two. I was confused as hell. Come to find out he bought 2 slots. Hmmmm.. its coming together. That doesnt explain why he has 5 numbers... but we are getting close. I told her to go to his name, draw a line from his name to the number on the side, never leaving that line, then the number on the bottom. what were those numbers. she says, 7, 3, 4, 0.

alright, just pick ONE square with his name, draw that line. BOTH numbers that intersect are the ones she needs for each quarter.

but that other name was just drawing her like a moth to a flame.

I got enough out of her to decide he had won the 2nd quarter, but not the first. the 0 was pulled out of thin air.

come to find out, she was confused as to why the numbers were not in chronological order, and thought he got 2 name spots cause there was 2 teams.

I didnt even try to explain that this is an impossibility. It wasnt worth it. I'd rather try to teach an aggie to make ice. Luckily, my sister in law had seen a pot before and was able to decifer the scribilings. She called back (again before I was to the end of the 3rd) to tell me I was right, and he had won 2 quarters!

I think next year I am gona take BR's advise and let the machine get it. :) I will have a special 'football' message.

So far I had known the end score for each quarter BEFORE I got to watch it.

The rest of the game was uneventful, phonewise. till it was 35 seconds to go and the patriots had the ball back, the phone rang! I didnt say Hello, I answerd by saying "There's 35 seconds left, please dont tell me! I had the game paused!" Since it was my BIL I handed it over to BR and waited for him to get done. I just knew it was ruined. But no, it wasnt, BR explained to him that we were behind and he didn't say a word.

The kids got off to school fairly easy this morning, I didnt want to get up, but they wern't total brats.

Although Rayley, Bow and BR were all still sleepin like big ole' fat huntin dogs I stayed awake. We had to go and get hay today so I played on the computer till it was time to get going. It was kinda nice, the quiet, the peace. Well except for that dingo lookin idiot I dragged home. She kept popping her head up in the window wanting in. I wouldnt care, but she is gona mess up my screen.

That and the cat that was missing for 3 days. The swelling went down, but now she is wanting to love. nothing like catbut in your face first thing in the morning!

Rayley wanted to stay at moms today, so BR and Bow and I had a nice trip to get the hay and back. We even went by the feedstore and visited for a little while. BR bought me a present too. Its a sign that says "raisin kids is like being pecked to death by chickens" OH how right that sign is. I thought the two previous signs I had were the most fitting, one says "I only have a kitchen 'cause it came with the house" and the other says " Unless your God or George Strait, wipe your feet" Upon seeing this one BR called me at work and said "I promise you if George Strait comes to the house that SOB better wipe his boots"

I am not real sure why he would have to, since noone else does.. But the odds are slim to none of him comin' over, I reckon we wont find out.

He got one for the kids room too. "bunkhouse rules, No swearin', No spittin', No fartin' "

Upon seeing it Matt said "Thank you for that!"

Anyway, this sign is my new mantra. I want a T-shirt that says it! Although I do think its a slight exageration. I've had chickens. They are MUCH nicer than kids. Granted, both eat bugs, scratch in the dirt and make weird noises at the most aggervating times, but chickens dont poop as much.

The rest of the day has been quite uneventful, we dropped off the hay, put out the feed, and came home in time for the kids to get in.

They have been outside with their daddy all evening and right now they are grilling supper. All I had to do was bake some taters.

Oh and my other sister in law came by, she is a great photographer and took some Christmas pics of the kids. Here is one.

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