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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mudbugs, mud, and family

There is very few things I look forward to more than a crawfish boil. I would probebly put up with my worst enemy just to get a few flats. Luckily, all that was expected of me today was to bring my kids. And belive me that was ENOUGH!

I woke up this morning and got ready, told the kids they should start getting ready, and waited on BR to wake up. He had went to work last night after we got back from ball practice. Once he got up we went and started to load our chairs and realized that we were gona need some new ones. Ours were pretty wore out from last ball season. I came in and told the kids again that it was time to get ready, again. 3 hours after I had first told them. Its not that they didnt want to go, they just didnt want to have to get dressed up. I told them they needed to dress down. We were NOT going anywhere fancy, just to see family. And they would be playing all day.

Brett pulled out some camoflage shorts and a blue wifebeater T shirt. I told him to wear some pants and to put on his mud boots. They are not your typical rubber boots, they are lace ups that can pass as regular boots. I knew there was a good chance he would be in a cow pasture today and didnt want him wearing tennis shoes. He was not happy. He came back out in a T shirt he dug out from under his bed. There were more wrinkles in it than a sharpai (or how ever you spell it) dog. I made him change again.
Matt came out dressed like he was headed to win a bull ridin championship. I told him to take off the fancy button up shirt and cowboy boots and put on his chuckas and a T shirt.
By now BOTH boys were mad as wet hens.
I then looked over at Rayley. She had on a purple long sleeved pajama shirt with a ballerina on it, a tiger striped mini skirt, white tights with hearts and flowers and her purple fat babies. I tried to talk her into jeans and a T shirt, but she needed to be a princess.
I found her a cute shirt and a blue jean skirt. and asked her to wear differnt shoes. She actually complied. MUCH better than Brett and Matt. They were still upset. I am gona have to find that child more tights and more skirts. I just hate wasting money on clothes. I honestly dont know who's kid she is. but somewhere there is a mother who doesnt own a pair of pants fighting with a kid that refuses to wear anything except wranglers and boots. I bet I dont own but one dress, and a funeral suit. And last I checked neither one fit. I did use to dress up real nice every day. skirts and heels and big Texas hair. But I had a real job. I no longer have to wear the skirts, heels or hose, I wear jeans and crocs. But I still have the hair.

Sadly, I changed clothes more than all of them. these 100 sit ups a day are NOT working. I tried on at least 4 pair of pants, NONE of them fit, and ignored every shirt I could find. None of them fit either. I am REALLY out of shape. I actually put on maternity pants and a shirt. And took them RIGHT back off. I decided on the same pants and my short sleeve button up shirt. It was so hot today. BR kept telling me to wear shorts. NOT gona happen. Before I got pregnant I wore those tiny t shirts. I miss those.

When we got to walmart we got a few things and headed off in the direction of the chairs. We passed by the womens clothes and BR told me to find something to wear or he would. Well of course I couldnt find anything. I hate wasting money on clothes. I did manage to find some capri's I thought were cute, and a T shirt. Br was still trying to find some chairs, and then we went to find one of those skeeter repell thingymabobbers. 24.00 freakin bucks. But I bought one. West Nile is nothing to sneeze at.

We arrived and Rayley was beside herself, she couldnt wait to play with her 'best friend'. The boys had brought their gloves and so they all went off to play. We were at BR's cousins house, so all 3 of them and their families were there, his aunt and Uncle and BR's brothers showed up with thier wives, plus some friends. We had a blast! We played horseshoes, darts and sat around visiting. Bow was WONDERFUL! He never cried, took great naps, and smiled at everyone. The kids all minded and I didnt even have to threaten anyone.
BR was NOT impressed when I came out in my new clothes though. Apparently capri's were not what he thought I was getting.

I think I ate 3 flats of crawfish. And threw some decent horseshoes. Heck, I even managed to hit the dart board. I only hit the wall 6 times! And noone lost an eye! :)

The kids comedeered a few crawfish and found a mud hole. It actually took them a few hours before they did it. Rayley came and asked me if she could take off her tights. I told her yes, and she ran around barefoot and muddy the rest of the night.

And they ate alot of crawfish. They can peel them pretty good. Which is best, I dont peel them for others to eat. If I am peelin them, I am eatin them!
We left around 10 and as soon as we got home BR went to work. I like to have never got the kids to go to bed. But I finally convinced them that if they didnt retire soon I was going to make them start cleaning the house.

Speaking of which, tomorrow I have to clean the house from top to bottom AND clean out my truck. I know with baseball season starting I will need extra organization. Plus, one of the kids spilled a cup of sprite on the pillow and blanket I keep in there. Add dirt off boots to that and you have a no longer green pillow or blanket. I dont know what all is in that truck. I took my old one to have it cleaned once. They told me they would drop it off at the school where I was working in 2 hours. After 4 hours I called the owner of the shop, he went to school with BR, he told me that they would have it over there quick, and didnt know what was taking so long.
BR saw him last year at the ball park and asked how much it would cost to make the truck look showroom clean, inside and out. He asked BR how long I had had it. BR told him about 4 or 5 months. He said since they were friends he would give me a discount. And NOT charge by the french fry. The guys that worked there had deemed it a French Fry grave yard. I have made them be more careful in this truck. Really. But it needs cleaning. BADLY. Its not that I dont try to take care of it, but we live out of it. You wouldnt belive the crap you need for every occasion with 4 kids. I'll let you know what I find.

We ended up using the skeeter killer. I think it works. I am gona try it next week again. This might be the best thing since sliced bread!!

Oh and BR told me to get rid of those pants. They made my butt look big. I tried to tell him it wasnt the pants. I am just gona go and get me lots of sweat suits and start wearing them. At least then people will think I am always coming home from the gym and think "poor thing, she just works out all the time".


Tara said...

I've been sitting between trying to get the baby, who shows no sign of sleepiness to go to bed, and reading your blog. It's funny, I'll be back to read more :)

maidto5 said...

Thanks! I know what you mean, I usually write it while balancing Bow on my lap. :) I am glad you enjoyed it! :)