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Friday, February 22, 2008

buffets and buffoons...

Sorry I didnt write last night, BR comendeered the puter yesterday a little before noon. I fell asleep at 1am and he was still on it. I am not sure what all he looked for but I know Peterbilt was a part of it!

It was his last night off and other than cooking and cleaning we didnt do much. We did run over to his cousins for a little while and I had to PRY Rayley away. THey have a 3 year old daughter too and they were playing dress up and she was in HOG heaven!

Today Rayley and Bow and I had an eventless day, THANK GOD! Oh she showed her drama queen tendancies a few times. Bow has started to PLAY all day. He just laughs, and jumps, and gets all beside himself. He is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. I did get a phone call from the school. The nurse was calling to tell me Matt had hit his head at PE on a brick wall. THANK GOD! When she said "Matt got hurt today in PE, he hit a brick wall" I was imagining something bad. As it was he hit the safest place he could.

When the kids got home I asked about homework and their notes. Both kids had subs today. Thats about right! But both subs sent home notes telling me that they had put the notes on the teachers desks.

BR called me around 6:30, his 'new' old truck was screwing up. Seems the lights that were wrote up a few days ago were still stumping everyone and he couldnt drive. Oh and it was spewing fresh motor oil. He was basicly like Hanzel and Gretel, which is a good thing when you dont know where you are going, but when the EPA can jump on you like a chicken on a june bug you tend to shy away from depositing unacceptable fluids in public. He wanted to run into town and grab a bite to eat.

They boys were still dressed from school, right?

UHHHH yea.. But Rayley was on her 6th change of clothes, this time as a cowboy/cheerleadering spiderwoman, I was still in my jammies ( okay, no suprise there...) and Bow was wearing one of his nightgowns. I got up and started getting ready, found clothes for Rayley and started the 'dressing' fight. Dressing Rayley is always a fight. Sometimes I play along, sometimes I conjole, and other times I get onery and stomp my foot.
The boys had each came home with a new toy. My MIL had stopped by walmart and had to buy them something. I guess since they each only left their homework at school 4 times instead of 5 and 'forgot' notes 3 out of 4 times, they deserved a reward. well BRett got some spiderman and idiot dolls that shoot things. And Matt got these 'fizzies' that you disolve in bathwater and they have a dinosaur inside. He proceeded to disolve each one. That made my entire house smell like an old woman. Now I am a special kind of person. I have smell induced miagraines. NOT all smells, BUT some smells will set one off.
The smell of this crap had done it, right about the time that BR called. I was trying to get 3 of us dressed, hair done and makeup on. Nothing fancy, but something presentable. Well little Bertha Mae (yes my kids have odd nicknames) picked today to want to go to town as a ballerina/cheerleading/princess/fairy. I wanted a cute 3 year old. I won.

I made sure everyone else was dressed. Told Matt to put his boots on the OTHER feet. and told them it was cold outside. To wear a jacket.

BR got home. We were ready to leave. and as they are walking by him he stopped Matt, asked him what the rule was on putting on his boots. Matt just looks at him.
Then he says "put on my boots, then take them off and put them on the other foot. Cause chances are thats the only way they will be right"
This child has a 50/50 chance of putting his boots on the right feet (except when he gets one of his and one of Bretts) He has NEVER gotten it right. I hope he never gambles.

We made it to town and luck would have it that there was a fishing tournament this weekend! Of course the kids wanted Golden Corral. This is always fun for me.
We got everyone inside, and the first person we see is Matts sub. I have known her since High School and we do the yearbook together. I appologized to her for having him all week and she said he was really very good. LOL like I belive that! I told the boys, this is why I always tell them to be good. I know most of the folks at the schools, and almost all the subs!
Brett went to looking around like a deer in headlights. I asked what was wrong. He said he was making sure his sub wasnt there!

we got them all sat down and I took Rayleys plate and Matt. Well Brett followed. I told them, DONT touch the tongs, I will get what ever you want. I got them each chicken, telling Brett to wait, I'd get that, some shrimp, again with the hands.. I WILL get it if Brett will just give me a chance, Both boys are saying what they want, talking OVER each other and asking questions, telling me which peice, and begging me to let them get it. So it was an honest mistake when I thought Matt pointed to a hush puppy. I put one on his plate. He said "I dont want that" I told him to just take it. I'd eat it. I turn my back to take tongs from BRett and see a hush puppy go flying back towards the buffet. I grabbed it back up and put it on Rayleys plate.

I got Rayley 4 peices of broccoli, a few shrimps and a peice of fish. I got the brats back to the table and BR told me to get my plate. So I did. I always start out with a salad. I love a salad. WIth meat on it. I came back and off he went. I got settled in and started to eat. Well Rayley was done and wanted more Broccoli. I told her to eat 3 shrimps and I would get her more. I took about 4 more bites and she wanted more. I got up and got that. sat back down and started to eat. Bow wanted to sit up and look around, so I got him before I managed to eat most of my plate. Brett wanted a baked tater. Off Bow and I went. Matt wanted more chicken, alright, But this time I put Bow down first. One more bite of salad before the dressin turns on me and Rayley was out of broccoli and had eaten her other 3 shrimps with out any prompting. When I got back Bow was getting tired of laying again. I picked him up and BR headed out. Rayley was steady eating those 'little trees' and loving them. It was all I could do to not gag! But I didnt want to turn her off of them. I have heard they are good for you.

Rayley managed to impress most of the people sitting around us, when she looked outside one time and said "do you know how it gets dark mom? God turns out the lights" there was a collective "aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" and the "Don't you think its a mite chilly in here" was met with grins and chuckles. OF course the "gosh mom, why dont you ever make good stuff like this at home" (broccoli) was met with disbelief and stares of inadequeteness. I just told her that I reckon'd she needed something to look forward to when we went out to eat.

The boys were okay. Empty plates were only balanced on the head once. only one straw wrapper was blown across the table like a projectile, 2 utinsils dropped, and one foul tasting and offending morsel was spit. I only thumped one ear, kicked one leg and gave 3 "you better straiten up before I go to jail" looks.

By the time I wanted another plate Rayley wanted to go to the bathroom. We went.Me carrying Bow and trying to keep up with her. I got back and Brett wanted some fishBow and I went back to the line. BR finaly went and got me another plate, 3 whole peices of fish. Okay, maybe this is a hint... I was enjoying it when the kids wanted desert.
He took Matt and Rayley and Brett finished up. Matt came back with a bowl FULL of icecream. Come to find out he pulled the lever and walked away. BR caught it before a huge mess was made.
I took Brett and Rayley gave me strict orders as to what she wanted.
Ice Cream in a cloned
with sparkles and glitter.

Ever tried to get ice cream and decorate it holding a squirmy 3 month old? its not fun...
They had soft serve in a bowl, with M&M's and gummy bears. She was not happy with the outcome. But ate it.

Once we got home I told them to get into PJ's and settle in. Right about th etime they had driven me to the brink of drinking, and I was fixing to send them to bed, My sister in law called. it was 9:30 and she wanted the kids.

Hmmmmmm they were kinda hyper.. plus, they were supposed to go to a birtday party the next morning, she had forgotten to tell me.
Well hell.
that meant I would have to get up, get them all dressed, and possibly drive them over. I let her take them.
FOr some reason her and the Brother in law refused to take Bow. something about 'no bottle, no baby'... chickens..

I think I am gona enjoy the quiet, sleep in and get rid of this headache. :)


kath said...

OMG!!! please tell me that you are writing a book!!? You are my new favorite blogger/person ever.

I came here from Bzzzzagent to commiserate with you over your mail situation.
although the idea of no existing to the rest of the world canhave its up side...

I have the mailman from hell, and complain about him loudly and often.
He is too darned lazy to deliver packages, and on the few occasions that he does throws them from the curb a fair distance away from my porch.. He takes notions nt to deiver if a dog barks in the house, which mine does... because he is fearful of hislife, and the P O
doesn't make him. Other things... but they do not hold a candle to your problems.

I have only read this one post, but mean to come back later and read more. Nothing like starting the day off with a laugh,

My own four kids are grown, and let me tell you.., there is light and life at the other end of the parenting tunnel. But having a sense of humor helps, and clearly you have that!

Hope you have a nice peaceful day.

maidto5 said...

LOL, Thank you for the compliments!
Sounds like you do have the mail man from hell!

I think since I have started writing down what the heathens do I am dealing better with their ..... escapades.. :) And I do look forward to the day when I can look proudly at them and say "see I told you a clean room would get you a real job one day!"

Its nice to meet a fellow Bzzer! Especially one with a problem like mine! :)

I hope you will come back, and Thanks again!

kath said...

Come back? are you kidding?!I immediately added your blog to my list of blogs to visit whenever possible.

I too am glad to meet another bzzer..they are having a lot of problems over there... funny that we have no way of communicating with each other there.. no doubt they fear a mutiny...

So, Ye.. I will be back.. and do please feel welcome at my place! I love company lol

I just now read your profile... and I am going to let another blog friend I know where to find your blog.. I have a feeling you two might enjoy ech other...

take care

yellowdog granny said...

kath sent me...she said i should check you out..and reading your post about your daughter who dresses like princess/spiderman/fairy whatever..just made me remember my 34 year old daughter when she was that age..when i would go wake her up, i would say'ok, who are you today?'....she would play football with her brothers in her 'dress up sunday dress' which was a yellow lovely with all sorts of lace and bows, paten leather shoes yellow lace socks and then run out the door yelling...kike...touch down...
so i know exactly what you are dealing with...her first complete sentence was 'no, I don't think that is me' refering to an outfit i wanted to buy her..she's 34 and is still the same...

maidto5 said...

Kath, I agree, a nice place to chat at bzz would be great. That way they could (if they were so inclined) see the attitudes of the members. and we could meet folks within our 'circle' :)

Hello yellowdog granny!
LOL that sounds just like Rayley, except its a sparkle evening dress and pink mud boots! :) She likes to go 'tiger hunting' with her brothers, traipsin all through the woods! I have finaly convinced her that briars are NOT panty hose friendly! :)