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Monday, February 18, 2008

A true American pastime. Presidents Day and Baseball. OH and Laundry!

Ahhh, Presidents day.

The day every year where I purposely keep my kids home from school because I am appalled at the lack of respect shown by our school system and the country in general for those that made this country what it is.

There are way too many holidays that they send my kids home on, for me to deal with, that dont have near the meaning of this one. Yet they feel the need to ignore this day.

And they wonder where our love and respect for our country has went.

Well since I was bound and determined to torture myself today I went ahead and made them get started on the laundry from yesterday. This was met with lots of complaints. I even heard, "I thought we only had to be mom for one day!" I said, NOPE you have to be me till you learn the concequences.
So my dear Matt said "I KNOW the concequences, NEVER have kids.. Then you wont have mom jobs."
I reckon in a round about way he is right! LOL

They got a few loads of laundry done. Nothing special, We have to stop doing laundry around here about 11:00, cause we never know when BR will get up and want a shower. Then we cant start back till after 3.

Everytime they sat something down I would wait for them to walk off and call them back to pick it up. This was starting to really get to them. They HATED it. I got a sadistic kick out of it, I will be honest.

BR had asked for a hair cut a few weeks ago, and so I decided to do them today. I got his done and then tricked Brett into coming in to the bathroom and did his. He was pretty good about it, and I told him to put his hat back on and not tell Matt, but make him bring me the broom. When I coralled him and sat him down I started cutting, He is such a wuss. He jerked his head and I ended up messing up his front. So he has a VERY short High and Tight! LOL Oh well. It will be grown back out in a week or two.

Once we had lunch and BR went to work I took the kids outside and started tossing the ball to them. There is a reason I dont volunteer to coach.
well lots of reasons, but one sticks out most of all. I dont do nice.

I throw the ball so they have to MOVE to get it. and I refuse to dive to catch it. Since we dont have anything to stop the ball they have to go and fetch it. I can say that if nothing else they will have a good lung capacity.
They did pretty well. Matt did catch a pop fly with his head once. I know it hurt, but it shocked him so bad that he couldnt help but laugh too. And in all honesty, it hit him on the safest place.
At one point I had Matt throwing a ball at a bucket, and Brett and I were tossing another. I had Bow in a stroller out of the way, and Rayley was supposed to be well out of the way hitting a ball off a tee. Every 2 minutes she wanted me to holler for her to hit the ball, and then tell her how good she did. I was watching Matt and laughing cause he was having to chase a ball down our driveway and Brett threw one that I swear was going 80 MPH. I was NOT looking at him. He hit me right in the chest. My poor boob has a bruise on it the size of a well... baseball. But it didnt hurt. seriously. It was thrown so hard I was numb.
Luckily about 5 minutes later Bow started to fuss. That was all the excuse I needed.
I got them to start tossing back and forth. This is never good. They start out okay, but it turns into a 'try to kill the sibling' rivalry. OR a 'throw it where they cant get it' game. So I still have to supervise. I was watching out the window once and Rayley had their wheelbarrow running it back and forth between them. This could have been dangerous, but luckily they were aiming at her. She was safe.

When they came in they remembered the promise from Friday about Monopoly. Oh JOY!
I told them to set it up and we got started. Then I looked at the clock. It was already 6:30. YEAH!
We played for a little while. They were getting upset with Rayley quickly. she tends to move the board alot. But she plays pretty well. Since she can count past ten she has an edge over them. And she LOVES to 'Bry' everything. Her only problem is, when she starts counting, the boys screw with her. She told them once to "SHUT UP, cant you see I'm trying to Concentrate!"
And to be like them she tries to put her money under the board. Then she picks up the board and moves everything. One time she rolled a 5. she counted it out real careful and then went to the next square, started jumping up and down and said "I'm just like George Washington! I own the White House!"

Well the boys thought this was funny. Cause Georges last name is Bush. Until she told them, "NO the FIRST George was Washington, then HE sold it to Bush, Now Bush has to sell it. He's gona sell it to Huckabee. But I'm gona be like Washington, We are both number ones! "
Now there are a few ways to look at this. One, Damn, this is SMART for a 3 year old.
Two. I watch TOO much TV on the Presidental race..
and Three, I have to fiqure out how to fit 41 other people into that real estate transaction.

The boys KNEW the first President was Washington, and can name quite a few others, BUT they thought they got to pick their own houses. I guess they thought where ever they wanted to live was where they lived. Once I explained to them that they move out when they are no longer President they understood better. They thought it was stupid to move after 4 or 8 years, but understood. Typical Male behavior, moving is too much work. Just leave the old stuff and buy new later.

Since it was getting on to time to get ready for bed I thought it best that we put up the game. Once bathtime was over and lunches made I got them in bed. They went to sleep pretty quick, or so I thought. I was in the laundry room ( I found a basket of unfolded clothes and was debating on waking up the boys... , plus they had unpiled the remaing 5 loads of laundry. AND had not turned on the dryer. ) and in came Rayley. "mom, when I REALLY do move to the White House, can they put me on that gold money? I dont like green that much, and the girl on the coin isnt that pretty, plus dollars get dirty pretty quick" I told her yes and to go to bed.

3 minutes later she was back

"Mom, can I make it a pink house instead? White gets mud on it too quick"
I was able to hold back laughter and tell her that I reckon she could, heck it might already be pink, or turquoise, or bright yellow before she got there.
She told me she would need some turquoise shoes.

oh yes, I can just see my drama queen running something... OMG. oh well, at least we will know our firearms are safe.

I gota admit, this weekend was not a bad weekend. The kids, although I could have wrung their necks a few times, were very good. I am real proud of them. And think I might be up to facing another week.
I KNOW I am looking forward to in the morning. I have the alarm set for 30 minute early. The boys have a basket of clothes to hang up.

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