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Sunday, February 17, 2008

There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Well after having no lights last night, and not being able to go to bed cause it was so hot until after 2:00 I really wanted to sleep in today. Bow was awake at 7 and wanted to play. Since BR had to go to work tonight I went ahead and got up.

Aint I nice?

I came in here and the boys were already awake. Rayley was stil passed out so they immediatly had to screw with her.

I dont know why that kids see something peaceful, pretty and quiet and have to turn it into a wailing, screaming, punch throwin machine.

Once breakfast was eaten they started out the door. I had to turn them around and remind them of the shoe debacle yesterday morning. They would be cleaning thier room today, come hell or highwater. It was such a beautiful day I hoped they would hurry so they could go out and play.

My mom showed up and feeling sorry for Rayley offered to help her clean her room. But first she bathed Bow. Its always nice to not to have to get wet bathing a kid! I got up and started picking up the tornado strewn living room. Getting more agervated with each child item I had to toss into their doorways. I survived Hurricane Rita, but Hurricanes Brett, Matt and Rayley are KILLIN me!

BR left early, since he had came home so early last night he was going to go and pull yestrdays loads and get todays done. I didnt have to be quiet, or try to keep them all happy enough they dont scream and holler and wake the dead. Or in my case, the dead asleep.

The boys just kept goofing off. They would work for a few minutes, then start wrasselin, or playin, or fightin. I had told them when it started they had an hour. I went and checked, the room looked good but when I was stepping close to a bed my foot slid under.. and hit resistance. I looked. YEP! there was ALL their toys!

They even got the bright idea to charge admission to their room, told me I'd have to put a penny in the bag hanging on their door to step inside. I told them that was fine, to come into my living room they had to pick up an item that didnt belong where it was and put it up. They thought that was a bad idea. I liked it and stuck to it.
After 2 hours I told them that I wanted it clean, and NOW. One of them popped off something about their friends moms cleaning their rooms for them. And then something about me being a bad mom, a mean mom.. who knows, I hear it all the time, I just ignore it. But the next thing said really got my attention. "Its not like you do anything anyway"
I told them 30 minutes to finish cleaning or they would clean MY house, then their room.
They didnt belive me.
I went in Rayleys room and we hung up 2 of those chains that you put stuffed animals on. I need to buy more.. But we hung up her animals and now you can see her bed!
About that time the alarm went off. I told them to come on out of the room. They had some cleaning to do.

Matt welled up and wanted to know why I wouldnt give them ONE MORE CHANCE.
I told him
1. I told you what was expected
2. I gave you a time limit
3. I told you the concequences
You made the choice.

He said "I didnt know you were serious"
well, maybe next time he will belive me.
I made them empty the dishwasher, fill it again with breakfast dishes, clean the living room, dust, pick up clothes, clean their bathroom, wipe down counters, clean off the 'catch all counter', put up the groceries we missed yesterday, sweep, scrub the sticky spots, wash the lunch dishes, wipe down the fridge and freezer, take out the trash, do 3 loads of laundry plus the 2 that was their sheets and comferters, pick up the floor after I pruned the 100's of leaves from the ivys (that was fun, I just stood on the counter and let them fall), use the mr clean eraser on at least 3 walls, 6 cabinets and the table and chairs. They had to fold, hang up and put up laundry. And put the supper dishes in the dishwasher. THey had to reempty both trashcans again, clean up after their snack, gather all the dirty clothes, and put all the DVD's back on the shelf neatly. They LITERLY fell into bed at 7:45 begging me to just let them go to sleep.

The house looks great. The trash cans need to be emptied again, both are overflowing, there is at least 6 more loads of laundry to be done, and we didnt vaccum, but I am impresed. oh yea. and I also made them clean their room back up.

On their way to bed both of them told me they were sorry they thought I didnt do anything. And asked if I would play baseball with them tomorrow. I told them I would love to, but we had to make sure that a few things were done first. At least 3 loads of laundry and some actual scrubbing on the bathroom.
They promised they would help. I am NOT holding my breath. LOL

BUT I decided that today worked out so well that I will be doing this again. Next time we will tackle my bedroom, bathroom, and the living room and kitchen all in one day. :)

I did get a few things done today. I finaly got Bow's ivy potted, and I cleaned out a fish tank, and the crab tank. Oh and pruned the ivys! Of course I think walking behind them and pointing out their shortcomings is almost as tireing as doing it myself. But it gives me warm fuzzies to do it.

Well BR just called, his truck lights just went out, so he is having to call it a night whether he wants to or not.
Me personaly, I just cant wait to wake up in the morning. There is not a whole lot of things nicer than waking up to a clean house.

And speakin of cats.. I wonder how a manxese rug would look? Fido (yes her name is Fido) has this real agervating habit of following me around caterwallin at night until I go and fill up her food bowl. The thing is, its already full. She just wants me to put fresh in there. She better quit screwing with me. I'll have her cleaning out her own litter if she aint careful!

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