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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The house is clean, the kids are asleep and its quiet.

I cleaned today. I KNOW the house was spotless on monday. but it was a mess again today. I think I will go to my grave with dish soap on my hands. And I blew up my vaccum again. I HATE a vaccum. I had not been doing it more than 10 minutes and all of a sudden it starts smoking and making an awful noise. This is the 3rd one I have been through in about a year and a half. And every time I use it I clean it out, wash out the filters and take it apart at the hoses to keep clogs to a minimum. I just keep taking them back to Walmart and giving them 20-30.00 and upgrading. I will work my way up to a Dyson before long.

Rayley and I have this game that we have played since she was old enough to talk.
She says
" I love you mom"
"I love me too"
"NOO I love YOU"
" I KNOW and I LOVE ME too!"
it goes on like this for a little while till she says
" YOU love Rayley"
I say "You love Rayley"
"NO YOU do"
"I what?"
"Love me"
"well of course I love ME!, and YOU love me too!"
"NOOO YOU love ME"
"how sweet, you love me"
she'll finaly get smart and say
"say MOM loves RAYLEY"

We laugh the whole time

Well today she started it and after about the 2nd Ilove me too, she got all upset, flopped herself down on the floor and started pouting..

I just looked at BR.. I mean seriously, if she is this much of a drama queen at 3, can you imagine PUBERTY? I am SCREWED! She cried, she bellowed. She wouldnt even think about speaking to me. The only way to make her happy was for her daddy to pick her up and tickle her. He asked her what was wrong. She told him I was a mean mommy and didnt love her and hated her, and she was just gona die all alone and never have any love.
He let her cling for about 10 minutes, assured her everyone loved her and she was sweet (ahhhh the blissful ignornance of working 6 days a week), and when she got down she was happy and talking and singing. THen she took one look at me and decided to flop back into the floor again!

I just ignored her.

If she is mad at me she doesnt ask me to get up and get her something to drink, or eat, or find her pink ballerina shoe.
Finaly she gets up and then she hugs me and says "I love you mommy"
I said "I love you too Rayley"
She got pissed! Slammed her hand on her hip, gave me a go to hell look and says "MOOOOM, your supposed to say "YOU LOVE YOU!"

OH GOD! I cant deal with this. what do you do? I cant win for losing!
I am so glad Bow cant talk yet.

But he is chewing. and slobberin, and will bite the crap out of you.

I called AT& T today and asked them to PLEASE get me DSL. I am stuck on a 26.8 dial up and just cant handle it any more. THey said they would look into it. Come to find out its avalible about 3 miles down the road, but its not out this far. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I can not imagine how wonderful it would be. But I have dreamed.

It rained today so we wern't able to go and practice hitting with the boys. I really hate that. Try outs are saturday and I had hoped they would get some practice in before then. BR will only be off today and tommorow. I got to thinking about the set up of our fields last night. I have the 2 furthest fields from each other. On those days that they both are playing I will have to drive to the next feild. Its too far to walk. LOL, by the time I drag Rayley down there both games will be over. Its times like these that I wish BR did have a day job where he could come and watch more.
I might try to bribe one of my Brother in laws to come up there. If he stands far enough back the kids will think its BR and noone will get their feelings hurt. :)

He does make all the games he can, and when its the playoffs he will go in late to work. But practice and normal games are all me. Last year I was lucky enough that the boys were in the line up just far away from each other enough that I couldnt ever go to the bathroom or take Rayley with out missing one of them bat. As soon as one came off the feild the other was going up! And the times I would go and they would be in the outfield they would see me walk by OR they would make a great play and I would get a cell phone call from one of the moms while I was gone!

I am fixing to have to break down and buy bat bags. And Brett needs a new bat. I sure hate that. But we will need them. I know which bags I want. I just dont want to pay the price they are asking. LOL They have some that when they hang they open it kinda has a shelf there for their helmets. The bat is a whole 'nuther story. I see kids out there with a 300.00 bat. NOT gona happen. I get one to fit them, and a nice bat, but NOT one worth a house note! But to get a bat it means a trip to Academy. I sure hate taking BR to Academy!!

I do only have to buy one pair of cleats though. Bretts will fit Matt and when I asked him if he wanted a new pair or would wear them he said " well duh, of course. I dont want any new cleats, I hate tennis shoes and why would you buy me new ones when he just got them comfertable and not so stiff? At least I wont get blisters when I HAVE to wear them" *WHAT? a kid with sense?*
Then he says "of course if you could find some boots with cleats on the bottom I would like to have a pair. DO they make those? well, why NOT? thats just stupid!"

I had to tell him that his basball pants look funny with boots. Remember last year when you wouldnt wear your cleats till you got on the field? it looked funny. "Oh yea. I remember that, are you sure it really looked funny?"
Of course since it was a conversation about shoes Rayley decided that she needed some too. I told her that she just got a new pair. she said "yea, but you bought those on CLEARENCE, I need NEW shoes. " okay, who taught the kid that the red tag means clearence?

Anyway, its raining here again, I can hear the thunder over the washer, dryer and the dishwasher. Speaking of which; I got only 3 loads of laundry done today. I was lazy. BUT I did get the dishwasher unloaded, reloaded, washed, unloaded, reloaded again and they are washing. I refuse to touch another dish tonight!


Nicole said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning! Totally get the clearance thing... daughters tell everyone "Mom bought it at the yard sale." Proudly, at least, since they are only 5 and 3.

Love the "I love me too". We did that once and Miss M (5) went nuts. Lately, DH has been doing the echo thing to her for giggles.

Yes, get a Dyson. If you have Discover, you can cash in your cash-back bonus for Sharper Image gift certificates (when I did it, I cashed in $25 and got $50). Then I used Sharper Image coupons. Nice discount on my Dyson, which I love. But that was also at a time when places like Sam's and Target didn't carry Dyson and they never went on sale!

maidto5 said...

I am glad you enjoyed it. I keep thinking that Rayley will catch on and remember the "me too" but this is also the same kid that when you call her name she says "what" instead of Ma'am the first 4 times...

LOL! my boys are getting to the age where they realize that twist ups are NOT sprites...

Yes, my goal in life is to get a Dyson.. I just KNOW someone had to make a vaccum out there that will work!

Heck, if them things at the bank can suck those cylenders UP and over and around there should be something that can suck a few dog hairs, leggos and the occasional dirt spot off the floor!