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Sunday, February 17, 2008

My kids..... I think....

Sorry I didnt blog last night! We had an awful storm and it knocked out our power from about 9:30 to 4:30 this morning! ANd this laptop has a battery that only lasts 20 minutes. I did try to blog but got cut off shortly into it!

At 1:30 BR got up and looked outside, the rain and wind had passed and he could see the lights shining across the road of our nearest neighbor. The electric company had forgotten us again. My inlaws got theirs back a little over an hour after they went out. And the rest of my family down the road got theirs back around 1:30. They did the same thing to us after the hurricane that never was. Everyone had elec for a good 2 to 3 weeks before we did. Cause we are off the main line.

Yesterday started out at 8. Rayley was in my room begging me to make her breakfast. I got up and the boys were making cereal but decided that she didnt need any cause she was being mean.
I told them that we had to leave in ONE HOUR! I left Brett playing with Bow and told Matt to get dressed and then play with Bow, while Brett got dressed. I got Rayley dressed and went to do the same. I came back 20 minutes later and Matt was playing, Brett was trying to get Bow to stop screaming and Rayley had spilled koolaide down her front.
I was making them dress nice for the Housewarming shower we had to go to. I got onto Matt, told him to hurry, changed Rayley, and told Brett to get dressed.
20 minutes later I was changing Rayleys clothes again because she decided that blue didnt match her eyes (brown) and instead matched Bretts who had pissed her off when he told her she was mean for hitting him when he tried to hand her a toy to put up. Matt was still not dressed, he couldnt find his belt, and had his shirt buttoned wrong.
Brett got dressed on the first try. He found some dirty jeans in his floor, had on his mud caked tennis shoes and a T shirt. I told him to change into a button up, put on clean jeans, and that I would pay him a dollar to wear his boots. He complied. Although he was mad about the boots. Until he realized Matt again had on one of his. Then he was MORE THAN happy to do it. The ensuing fight woke up a now sleeping Bow, and netted Rayley a elbow to the cheek. Of course it all led to Matt not being able to find his other boot. And I had ran out of outfits for Rayley to wear her purple fat babies with. This meant she had to wear her knee high black boots. One of which was missing. after a total tossing of her room, I found it, and then started searching for Matts boot. Bow wasnt dressed, Brett was picking on Rayley again and Matt was practacing his Gallelaio impression.
Again, I have NEVER found one of their missing items on the ceiling.

Brett found Matts boot under the couch. Rayley put together a horendous outfit, I got Bow dressed, for the second time ( the first time I had gotten him dresed, he got hungry, I fed him, then he started laughing and spit a mouthful of milk on his clohtes), and Brett changed shirts for the 3rd time because the ones he was wearing gave his tummy 'funny feelings'.

At 10:15 we were off. Yes ONE hour and 15 minutes AFTER we should have left.
First we had to go to my grandfathers, I had to pick up a check for Amanda's shower. I was to try to buy her something on her registery, if I couldnt, give her the money.
Then we went to Aunt Jeans, same deal, except she had a check from herself and her sister. and then a 20 minute drive to town.
First stop was the baseball park, where it was raining, and I got all 4 kids out and in we went.
"Just two this year?" asks last years coach.
"Nope, you have to take all 4!"
"Heck no, that girl will have all the boys whooped."
I filled out the paper work, and then signed over the 130.00 check (there is a discount for more than one kid.. ) and he was filling in his part.
He got to the part about volenteering for coaching, umping etc. and said
"Team mom for both teams again this year?"
"sure, why not, I'm bored."

He took me seriously.

The boys visited with their old coach, and Bretts allstar coach for a few minutes. And then we were off again.

Walmart this time. I drove up the first isle I came to. I dont try to get the closest place unless one is just THERE. I get one closest to a buggy. well, I ended up in the line with the lazy mo-ron that see's someone putting in groceries and WAITS for them to get done, then leave. They want this spot so bad so they dont have to spend 3 minutes walking in that they wait 15 minutes, making traffic back up to the road. I already had 2 cars behind me and I was JUST about to get out and explain to them that they needed to move, when they got a call on their cell phone and left. About this time the person they were waiting on pulled out. HA!

I put Bow in his sling, got all 3 of the other kids and in we went. Brett with his hand in my right back pocket, Matt the left and holding Rayleys hand.

I no more than get in the door.
"oh wow, are those ALL yours?"
"all what?"
"the kids"
"why? did they wrap your house in toilet paper too?"
"uhhhh no, I just thought they were cute"
"yea, thats what the judge said too.."
*woman leaves QUICKLY!*

This time I counted it, 8 people asked me if I had a REAL baby in that sling.
I told them no, I just loved babies so much I liked to pretend dolls were real. But dont tell anyone, I promised I would stop last time they let me out of the 'nervous hospital'.

I was able to get all my shopping done, and didnt pull an ear, pop a head or thump an ear the whole time. I dont know who kidnapped my kids and replaced them, but I would like to thank them. From the bottom of my heart.
I did get some favorable comments.
"wow, you are brave"
I answer this one with "nope, stupid, but now I KNOW what those little pills are for!"
"What a nice looking bunch"
"How do you manage to leave the house with makeup on!"
(I didnt tell her that I do it the night before and sleep in it.)
"they are so polite"
They were actually so good, I had to get on to them because they kept making me stop to pick up things off the floor and put it back on the shelf. Things they DIDNT knock down!
I am in love with these imposters.
They didnt even ask for candy.
I got my groceries, and the 5 gifts, ( a really good friend was also having her housewarming at the same time today and I had to get her something), and found a cashier and explained to her that I had checks from 3 differnt people, would she call a manager so I could maybe buy the presents with them for them. She said she would do it.
Is this really MY walmart? I cant belive it. usually they run from someone they see coming down the isle, frisk you at the door and treat you like crap because you bought size 3 diapers instead of size 2.

We put the 3 gifts up there and she started with the checks. The first time she messed up. But we went at it again, this time she put in the check with out telling it only 25.00. it charged all 76.00 to ONE aunts checking account!! OH NO!
But it was okay I told her. I would just give that aunt the other two's money. NOT a problem!! She felt so bad. But I assured her, it was not a big deal.

Off we went and I checked out. the check part of the machine I picked decided to eat my check. and then refused to work. It was my last check. I was at the checkout directly in front of my bank, but there was a long line. So I asked her to give me a minute. I ran over to my favorite banker and told her it wouldnt work, "how much" I told her 120.00 and she handed it over!
This day is getting better and better!
Unfortunatly, I had also ran out of time. It was about 12:40. I had promised to do a mystery shop today. But I just couldnt do it, The weather was getting awful, we were in for tornados and hail, and I had to get home, wrap these presents and get to two showers! one was 35 miles away! All before 2!

On the way home I fed the kids breakfast bars I had bought, and explained how important it was that they help me when we get home. Unload the truck, I would wrap, feed Bow ( who had slept through the entire shopping trip, AND was sleeping on the ride home!) and make the Ivy I had promised to make Amanda for her new house, but had forgotten!

Most of it went off with out a hitch. There was a tense moment, when I asked Matt to change Bow's diaper, He said he didnt want to.
Once Bow was changed, the presents wrapped, Ivy made ( which Rayley was very upset about, she couldnt belive I was cutting the leaves off her and the boys plants!), and Bow fed, we were ready again. It was raining again and it was 1:30. I loaded everyone back up, started a movie and off we went.

I had to drive to the first Amanda's (we keep them seperate by the names 'MY Amanda' and 'BR's Amanda', since they both have the same middle name!) She lives about 3 miles down a dirt road, but its a nice dirt road and I made good time. I dropped off her present, saw part of her BEAUTIFUL house, (a tree had went through her first one during the hurricane that never was), and said hello to everyone.

Then we were off to the other Amanda's shower. We didnt meet much bad weather, just some light rain, and were able to make really good time. I got to the other shower just 15 minutes late!
It was a very nice affair. She got lots of nice stuff and the kids were on their BEST behaviour. Everyone there told me how good they were. And how they were so impressed with my raising them. I accepted the compliments with grace and didnt try to tell them the truth. They wont ever see my kids again.

Even my Mother in Law and Sister in Laws were shocked and impressed with their behavior. I dont know if this made me proud or hurt my feelings..

Reguardless, we made it home before the really bad stuff hit, and BR ended up coming home early. He got home around 9 and decided to make bacon sandwiches. The thunder and lighting was so close that the kids were still awake, and he got about 1/2 of it done before the lights went out. The kids went to sleep in here, and BR and I fell asleep quickly there after. It was boring with out the computer!

I do know that what could have been a stressful day was blessedly calm.. But I will admit, the future scares me. I am afraid they used up all their stores of 'niceness' today and I will not see it again for a while!

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