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Friday, February 15, 2008

Eyebrowns, Silly Putty and Eggs

I could tell it was Friday. Noone wanted to get up. The boys did. and even got dressed on their own. although I did have to send Matt back to change into pants. He had on overalls that were too short.

Usually he can get away with wearing highwaters, cause he wears those fancy cowboy boots and doesnt pull his pants down over the top. They just kinda sit on the top.

But today was a PE day and he had to wear his chukkas. His pants have to come down to a normal length. He was VERY upset about having to change. He loves his railroad overalls. To him that is dressing up! And I have to admit, he looks pretty nice in them! :)

Rayley has been sleeping in her room pretty well. But there is one drawback, she wakes up more easily in there than she does when she is asleep here on the couch in the middle of morning mayhem! I dont undestand it. She has not slept past 6:15 since she started sleeping in there. :(

Well she wanted cereal. So I got up and made it. I started just buying plain corn flakes. The kind with the rooster on the box. And I dont put sugar on them. I got tired of the constant cereal buying. And they bounce off the walls when they eat the crap. My walls are NOT that good. Anyway, she eats it likes its frosted flakes. Doesnt need sugar. I reckon it might be better for her too.
Of course this morning she ate half and wasnt hungry anymore.

About 30 minutes later I decided I wanted some oatmeal. I got up and made some. Well she heard me in the kitchen and right about the time I set down to eat she wanted me to fix her some. I told her no, she had cereal to finish. She screwed up her adorable little face and started to pout. I just looked at her, she started to whine. I told her to leave the room. Then it was full out crying. Like I had taken away her pink stuffed pig. oh and the accusations... I hated her, I didnt love her. Noone in this whole world loved her. She was going to starve to death. I told her that I did love her. and she wouldnt be hungry if she would eat that cereal. And to please just be quiet. Well she got mad then, and told me that I hated her and when I tried to argue she just got worse. So I agreed with her. Steam started coming out of her ears and she looked at me, (the tears can stop as quickly as they start), and said "well FINE, if you dont like me I will just go to my ROOM!" and off she went.
Heck, if I'da known that was all it took I would have agree'd with her 10 minutes before!

I finished my oatmeal in blessed silence and came back in the living room. Bow was awake and I had to feed him. I had no more than got comfy, unpaused the TV and got him happy that in she came. She had finished her cereal and wanted oatmeal.

I explained that I was busy right now, Once I got Bow back to sleep I would get it. This started another whine fest. I swear this jealousy is gona drive me up a wall.
Back in her room she went. Slamming her door. This scared the baby, who bit me, and then started to wail. If I JUST had one of those remote training devices... Just ONCE.
I got Bow all settled, then went in and made Princess gimenow some oatmeal. I called her out and told her it was there. Oh, she loved and hugged and thanked me so much! Down she sat to eat and I went back into the living room to do some work. 3 minutes later she was too tired to eat. I told her she had asked for it, to eat it. AGAIN with the water works. This time I just went and got her, took her little hand, put her in her bedroom and told her to sit there.
LORD the noises she made. Its a good thing we live in the country. She didnt shut up for 10 minutes.

Then she came out with her barbie and car and started playing.

When BR got up I made him some sausage and eggs. The whole time Rayley wanted to eat it. She was hungry. I told her 5 differnt times that she didnt like eggs. OH YES she did, she would inform me. I eat them. I LOVE eggs. She couldnt wait to eat. I was cleaning the kitchen as I cooked and she just kept on wanting the food. Like I was purposely cooking it slowly. I told her to eat her oatmeal. She refused, it was 'rocky'. So once it got done I put some on a tortilla and told her to sit down and eat. She took one bite, spit it out and informed me that she hated eggs and I was a mean and awful mommy for making her eat them.

I took a deep breath, counted to 10 and smiled. I smiled so sweetly, she ran from the kitchen like her tail was on fire. Right smack into her daddy. He asked what was wrong. She told him that I was trying to make her eat eggs and that I know she hates them. Luckily he had heard the BUT I LOVE THEM exchange and told her so. Well she got mad and went to her room again. But this time she was wailing about him hateing her, and how noone loves her. And how she was just gona stay in her room and starve. She could never eat again because we only ever had eggs. I wouldnt fix her anything else. She got over it quickly and out she came.

Oh Goody.

Once the boys showed up she was in high spirits again, and glad to see them. Matt was all excited and telling me he had won the 'catch a compliment' prize for the week at school. He had even won some silly putty in his prize pack.

I decided to look through their backpacks and found that Brett had made Bulldog of the week at his school.
WOW! This is great. maybe they are starting to settle down and listen. Not being 'boys' and minding like they should. I told them both how proud I was. They just were so happy. They preened like roosters for a while. Then they wanted to play monopoly. I will be honest, I just wasnt up to it. I promised them we would play on Monday since they didnt have school.
They thought I was the best mom ever!
Then one of them remembered that there WAS school on Monday. I told them, NOT for them. It was Presidents day.

Since it was raining I told them that we had a busy weekend coming up and they wouldnt have time later, so they should go and clean their room now. That way incase they were invited anywhere for the night (fingers crossed) they would be allowed to go.
This was met with LOTS of bickering, whining, and blaming.
Damn that 'not me' character.. I wish he would stop messing up my childrens neat rooms.

They did get started, but needed music first. So they went out to my truck and got my CD case. I let them have an old CD player for their room and they are really enjoying it. Next thing I know Hells Bells is blaring through the speakers.

I swear, I am going to cancel VH1 and MTV from my TV. Now BR has them listening to AC/DC!

A few hours later my Sister in Law called. She wanted the kids. I had to tell her no. They had managed to play and fight, but hadnt cleaned. such a shame.. I am not sure why I torture myself like this. I tell myself I am making them learn you have to earn privlidges.. I think I just have a self destructive personality.

One time when they came out, Matt was playing with his silly putty. They were poking holes in it, and leaving the shapes of toys in there. I told them to hand it to me, and give me the newspaper. They just looked at me like I was going to wrap it up in the newspaper and throw it away.
I wonder what would give them that impression?
I convinced them I knew what I was doing. Well they then proceeded to tell me all about it. How it would stretch and you could roll it and it wouldn't get hard if you kept it in the egg. I told them I knew. I had seen it before.

They were appalled. I had never bought it for them! By now I had the newspaper and putty and I flattened it out and laid it on the paper. Matt just knew I had ruined his putty. I pulled it off and showed them the newsprint. Then I stretched it and they were amazed! Where did I learn that?
I told them I had silly putty when I was a kid.
total silence and looks of awe
( I really hate this part!)
Then they recovered their voices.
"REALLY?" they all said in unison.
YES I said, Silly putty has been around since before your grandparents were born!
"Really?" they said.
"did you have play doh too?"
"what about Barbies" Rayely asked
I assured them, I had seen and played with both.
THen they wanted to know what else it could do.
I ALMOST told them it would float, and that it would bounce higher than that bouncy ball that Brett had hidden in his pocket and kept bouncin every time he went into the kitchen or bathroom.
BUT I regained my senses. and instead showed them that it would break, and stretch. :)

I also told them to ALWAYS put it back in the egg. It DOES NOT come out of carpet easy. Well they had lost the egg. I told Matt to just set it on the coffee table and we would find the egg later. He sat it RIGHT on the remote.
for future refrence, it doesnt come off remote buttons either.

Another time I had gotten Bow to sleep. And then all of a sudden Rayley screams from the living room "MOM! somethings wrong with BOW!!" I came running, he started screaming, she is just bouncing and frantic.. I jerked him up, started looking, asking her "whats wrong?" "what was he doing?" I got him calmed down, and made her stop hollering that he 'wasnt normal'.
I asked again, what was he doing? SLeeping, she said.
I told her I KNEW that. He had been sleeping when I went to clean up the kitchen.
"What was wrong with him."
"his eyebrowns" she said, exasperated.
"His WHAT?"
I asked again, this time with a calm I didnt feel. "what exactly is WRONG with his EYEBROWS.?"
"He doesnt have any" she said, showing some attitude.
She woke up a sleeping baby, took 5 years off my life, and made me run the water in the sink over, cause he doesnt have EYE BROWS? I explained that he did, they were just light colored and not quite as visible as hers. and they were called EYE BROWS NOT eye browns!
"OH" she said, "maybe he is normal" and flounced off.

Well if he is, He is NOT kin to her!

To refrence an earlier post. PECKED TO DEATH!

Once bedtime came they went pretty well. Matt had already fallen asleep and I went in to get him up so he could go pee. He got up, and I herded him towards the bathroom. I was on the phone with their dad and he just stood in front of me starting at me. I waved my hand towards the toilet a few times and he just stared. Then he sat on the floor. I asked him what he was doing. He said "I dont know what I am doing in here" I told him to pee. He asked "where?"
AHA! I have it fiqured out! when they go to sleep they loose all sense and some of it never comes back when they wake back up! This explains why I have to repeat everything EVERY day!!
I told him to go in the toilet. Although I really considered telling him to go outside. Just to see if he would relize it was dark and he is scared of the dark. But it was raining and the puddles and wet clothes would just be more work for me.

When I went and told Rayley to go before she fell asleep, she told me "she went that other day and didnt need to." When I started to count Brett whispered to her she better go quick, mom has that look and she's starting to count.

Now they are all asleep. Including dear little Bow, who is smiling and cooing all the time now. And wants to SIT up. he doesnt like to lay down. AT ALL. and he is getting so big! we are filling out 3-6 month clothes really well. We will be in 6-9 months before I know it! I swear, the other kids were just barely into the 3-6 month at 4 months! I know for a fact Rayley wasnt. She wore cabbage patch kid clothes for over a month!

I have a big day tomorrow, and its supposed to rain and storm and get cold. Which will be nice. Wearing shorts in the middle of Feb is just NOT right. LOL The rain and storm wont be nice. but the cold will. I have about 100 miles worth of driving tomorrow and dont want to do it in the rain.

Tomorrow is baseball sign ups. 70 bucks a kid. and the company that sponsers them buys the shirt, socks, and hat. 3 dozen baseballs retail is 100.00. Inmates maintain the grounds. I dont know where it goes. But its pitiful. And this year my kids will be on differnt teams. :( thats twice the running, twice the games, and twice the money!

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